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Epilogue : Dard Na Jaane Koi (An AR FF )

Riddhima was sleeping being up all night due to sudden back pain, no one else were in the room as she laid on side with a pillow next to her baby belly. Some hair was on her face, covering her glowing face on this condition. She was now 6 month pregnant and her baby belly was showing through the silk night dress as it was hug around her belly.

The silent didn't least for long as the room door open with a head popped inside the room. A beautiful pair of eyes move to the bed where Riddhima was sleeping as a naughty smile form on the gorgeous lips.

Looking around either side, little Ahaan move inside the room not making noise as his small legs to him to the bed where his mama was sleeping. As he just started to walk few months back, he was trying to balance himself without letting him fall.

Ahaan stood near the bed holding it as he look at his mama face as a big smile adore of his face being successful to reach without falling but soon a frown came on his face as he couldn't see a proper few of his favorite one.

Ahaan look towards the door making sure that his baba wasn't following him as he had realized how his baba didn't let him to be so closed to his mama from few days in his absent. Ahaan was too small to understand but he didn't like the fact that his baba was having his share of fun being close to his mama but not letting him do the same.

So when he was sure, he climb the bed and sit on his knees looking at his mama for sometimes before moving close to her. Not caring to take the pillow away, he laid himself on it and gave a big open mouth kiss on his mama cheek.

Feeling something wet on her face, Riddhima open her eyes as she try to adjust her eyes to the light. Riddhima felt a pair of small eyes going around her and she didn't need to look at the little fellow to know who it was.

Smile form in Riddhima lips as she her eyelash got close due to sleep, she put her arms around the little one pulling him close to her chest who sucks her chest craving for her milk.

Ahaan wasn't two years yet but still Riddhima being pregnant, she has stop feeding him so it would be best when she give birth to their second child. Riddhima and Armaan some how keep his mind divert, give milk in bottle or glass so he would enjoy forgetting his mother milk.

It was a hard task for them but every than and now, Ahaan would come to his mother and suck on her chest letting them know how much he still crave for it. Riddhima feel bad to see this but somehow Armaan handle her and the little one on his way.

When Ahaan kept pulling her night dress, Riddhima again open her eyes knowing she needs to divert his mind and keep himself busy in something else. Riddhima wish to sleep for some more time but she still love be with her son.
R: Aapko bhuk lagi hai baby, baba kaha hai.
Ahaan: Baba... No...

Ahaan hide his face on Riddhima chest when she ask about Armaan, knowing his father would take him away from his mother. Riddhima smile with his action and kiss his hair, cuddling the little fellow close to her chest.
R: Baba aapko mujhse alag nehi karenge baby.

Riddhima care his back knowing how he must be feeling when every time Armaan take him or keep him away for a distance from her. Riddhima knows, Armaan was worried for her thinking what if Ahaan accidentlly hit her baby belly.

Riddhima has told Armaan several time that nothing sort of that would happen and if by chance his legs hit her, nothing would happen to her or the baby because Ahaan is just a toddler and he wouldn't have that much strength to hit that anyone might get hurt badly.

Being the possessive husband and father, as it was his first time taking care of his pregnant wife Armaan didn't listen to her. Riddhima felt bad for Ahaan but still she manage to calm down the hyper husband, sometimes with love and sometimes with deadly looks.

Forgetting about the father, Riddhima took the advantage of being close to her son as they cuddle with each other. They knew, soon Armaan would come looking for Ahaan as he very well know Riddhima was sleeping and it happen just the way Riddhima thought as after few seconds, Armaan peep inside the room to check if Ahaan has come there or not.

Seeing how mother son was hugging each other, the little one hiding himself in his mother arms a smile form in Armaan lips as he admire the sight. Even he felt bad to keep Ahaan away from Riddhima but he is worried about Riddhima and the unborn child.

How much he wants to believe what Riddhima says, he couldn't help letting the possessive mode of him on whenever Ahaan is around her. Just like now, when he realized Ahaan missing he knew the first place he should look had to be their room.
A: Without me, not fair.

Armaan move inside breaking the silent and making Riddhima open her eyes. Both smile looking each other and seeing Riddhima eyes still filled with sleep, Armaan felt bad how uneasy she was feeling in this condition. Armaan laid on Riddhima's side putting his arms on her baby belly, he drop a kiss on her forehead as he move the hairs away from her face to get a clear view on her beautiful glowing face.

Armaan felt himself falling in love over and over again every morning seeing the glow, glow of carrying their child inside her who was breathing and would be coming to their life in just few months.
A: Morning wifey.
R: Morning Armaan.

Riddhima move her one hand up to his cheek, just to feel him with her other hand still protectively holding Ahaan who move out hearing his parents talking. Armaan hold Riddhima hand and kiss it before snuggling close to her, resting his chin on her shoulder.
A: How are you feeling.
R: Better.
A: Khane ke liye kuch laun.
R: Abhi nehi, tohdi der baad please.
A: Yeh shaitaan yaha kaise poch gaye.

Armaan look at Ahaan, who was giving a naughty smile to his parents. Riddhima also look at him and rubbed her nose with his little one making him giggle as it ticklish him. Armaan and Riddhima smile hearing his laugh echo around the room, it gives a warm feeling to them.
Ahaan: Mama. Thop (Stop)

Ahaan cupped Riddhima face in his small palms making Riddhima stop, Armaan chuckle hearing his word as Ahaan has just started to learn small words but couldn't pronounce it well. Riddhima pout hearing him and Ahaan just copy knowing his mother was sad.

Armaan was watching them and to make the pout leave his mother face, Ahaan gave a open mouth kiss on Riddhima chin which make his little tooth's touch her skin making it ticklish. Riddhima smile feeling the sensation as she left a giggle making Ahaan believe his mother was no longer sad.
A: Not fair, saara pyar mama ke liye. No love for baba.

Armaan pout very well knowing Ahaan would fly over Riddhima to him to let his father knows he equally love him. Ahaan look towards him father for a second before sitting up on the pillow, then he look down at Riddhima baby belly where Armaan hand was resting.

Armaan and Riddhima wait to see what he was going to do, he surely understand that his sibling was growing in his mother womb, thanks to his father who make him listen with his ears on his mother womb just like his father do whenever he talk to the unborn one.

Ahaan move Armaan hand off from Riddhima belly making Armaan raise his one eyebrow as if asking why he was doing that, Ahaan touch his small palm on the spot where Armaan hand was few minutes back. Riddhima just wait, enjoying this moment as she very well what was going to happen next.

With the two guy, she loves most in the world now it was going to take another round of argument that who loves who most and what not. Armaan and Riddhima both love, how Ahaan keeps speaking with his babyish language which they really didn't understand but the small words he make, they complete his sentence what he wants to tell them.

Riddhima just laid back with her back resting on Armaan chest, she could feel his warm as well the unborn baby moving in her womb feeling Ahaan touch indicating that he/she was awake.
Ahaan : haa lob babi (Ahaan loves baby).

Ahaan kiss Riddhima's belly showing his love to his sibling making his both parent smile. Riddhima move her hand on his hair, caring with love in her eyes for the little fellow. Ahaan put his ears on her belly as beautiful smile adore on his lips.
A: Dekha, maine kaha ta na. No one loves baba.

Armaan hide his face on Riddhima neck as he acted he was hurt and crying. Ahaan gave his naughty laugh as he stay on that position not falling for his father trap very well knowing Armaan was trying to make him move away from his mother.
R: Mama loves u both, haina baby.

Ahaan nodded his head as he stay like that not wanting to move away, Riddhima felt Armaan leaving a kiss on his neck taking the chance of being so closed to her. Riddhima smile feeling his lips and just let herself relax in Armaan arms.
R: I love you.

Riddhima whisper knowing Ahaan was busy listening to his sibling who has started to move in Riddhima's womb. Armaan move out looking at Riddhima and smile seeing the love in her eyes for him. Armaan couldn't help but gave a quick kiss on her lips.
A: I love u too.

Armaan just kept looking at her beautiful face as they were lost in each other eyes, Ahaan was busy taking full advantage of being close to his mother and unborn sibling as his father was busy with his mother without giving attention to him.

Riddhima felt a shiver run down her spine seeing the unconditional love in his eyes for her, she still couldn't believe how Armaan prove his love to her in last few months. He didn't leave a second to make her feel how much he loves her and she only belongs to him.

When Armaan kept staring her like that, Riddhima move her gaze away from him as her cheeks turn its color just like a newly bride. Armaan smile seeing how his one gaze still make Riddhima blush as it was the first time he look at her like that.
R: Aapko office nehi jaana.

Riddhima break the silent as he she move her gaze to Ahaan, being a early raiser it was making Ahaan eyes closed as it was his time for a nap in this hour of the day. For Armaan, being the boss he has no fixed time to go work now.

Most of the work, he would be doing staying in home but if he has to attend a meeting, Armaan make sure that Daisy be always around Riddhima and Ahaan so in his absent Riddhima wouldn't have difficult to take care of Ahaan.
A: Nothing important today so I took a off.
R: Kyun, aap aise har din chutti lenge toh office kaise sambhal paenge.
A: Har din nehi leti hun aur waise bhi I m the boss. I can handle work being anywhere I want.
R: Boss hai toh kiya huva, office toh jaana padega na.
A: Riddhima, kal puri raat tum dard ke wajahse nehi sopayi. Main kaise tumhe chod kar office chala jaun.
R: Daisy haina, woh kitni acche se dyan rakhte hai meri.
A: I know but I want to be with you in every second Riddhima. What if its our second child, but I m living this moment with you for the first time na.

Armaan felt his throat go dry remembering the heart-wrenching years of separation, he felt tears form in his eyes but he lower his face not wanting Riddhima to see those tears. Riddhima very well understand how much in past few months Armaan was regretting every moment of his days thinking about those hurtful days of their life.

Riddhima was glad that, she decide to forgive him because Armaan has truly shown her how deep his love is for her and their child. There wasn't a day that Armaan cry about his deed, which make him realized how harsh and bad he has behave with his wife when she was never wrong or it wasn't her fault.

It makes Riddhima felt so bad seeing Armaan still break down remembering those days, it makes her heart pain just the way Armaan's heart bleed thinking because he didn't trust his wife, they had to live separate and miss the most amazing and beautiful days of their life when Riddhima was expecting their first love bud.
R: Armaan.

Riddhima call him making him look towards him, Riddhima felt her heart forgot to beat for a second seeing the regret and guilty in his eyes. Riddhima has accept that how much Armaan felt guilty for not trusting her than and try not to know about the full truth for two years until they met once again after separation.

Now, Riddhima believe that those memories make him regret every moment of their life they stay away from each other and it was his punishment but she don't want him to spend the coming days of their life together in this guilt when everything was turning beautiful.
R: Jo huva, woh khuda ka marzi ta Armaan. Aur ab, humein us waqt koh bhul kar aage aane wale palon koh jeena chahiyeh. Main khush hun aapke saath, humhare bacchon ke saath aur main chahti hun aap bhi hamesha khush rahe. Na koi guilt, na koi regret.
A: Riddhima main. Main chahkar bhi apne aapko us baat ke liye maaf nehi karpaunga. Tum bohot acche ho issiliye mera dard nehi dekh paate. Lekin main kaise khud koh us gunah ke liye maaf karun, maine kitna insult ki tumhe, tumhare character pe ugli utayi phir bhi tum mujhe.
R: Mohabbat karta hun aapse, us dard ke baad bhi aapne mujhe jeene ke liye wajah diya. Haan tab shayad main jee nehi paate tab Ahaan meri paas na hote toh lekin aapne dur hokar bhi mujhe jeene ki wajah diya. Aur aapne kaha ta na, aap sab tik kardenge. Dekho, sab tik hi ho raha hai.
A: Kash main uswaqt apne gusse koh control karte.
R: Jo khuda humhare kismat mein likha hota hai, hum chahkar bhi nehi mita sakte Armaan. Itna dard ke baad bhi aaj mujhe itna mohabbat mil raha hai toh sirf aapke wajahse. Maine aapko maaf kardiya aur aap bhi khud koh woh guilty se aazaad kardo. Main nehi chahti, humhare aane wala future mein humhara past ka saaya bhi rahe.
A: Main vaada karti hun tumse Riddhima, main kabhi woh past kabhi humahre future pe mushkil bankar nehi aayenge.

Armaan move ahead and place his lips on Riddhima lips, lingering it in a promising kiss to never let their past come in their present or future. Riddhima close her eyes, feeling the love in that simple kiss as smile form in her lips and letting the tears fall from her eyes which was in her eyes seeing how much their past was breaking their hearts.

They break the kiss and rest their forehead against each other, Armaan move his hand up to her cheek and care it softly as he wipes her tears very well knowing it was mean to come out so they could move on letting their past and live in their future.
Ahaan: Mama. Baba.

Ahaan break their moment as he was feeling sleep and neither of them was giving him attention. He really didn't like when his parents get lost in each other forgetting him, he is the little attention seeker in the house who keep every single person on their toes to fulfilled his demand and give him full attention.

Armaan and Riddhima look at Ahaan, who rubbed his eyes. Riddhima smile and pull him close to her letting his head rest on her chest and his hands move on her neck holding her close to him.
A: Riddhima, tum fresh hojao. Tab tak main Ahaan koh sola deta hun.
R: Nehi Armaan, mujhe Ahaan ke paas rehne hai.
A: Riddhima, tumhe bhuk.
R: Nehi lagi, mujhe apne bete ke saath sona hai.

Riddhima cut Armaan as she kiss Ahaan forehead and swing him slowly in her arms to let him sleep. Armaan knew it was no use of making Riddhima move out from the bed and eat anything when she is in no mood. If he force her to eat when she don't like, she would end up throwing every little thing in her body.

Seeing how the mother son was enjoying each other warmness leaving him alone, Armaan move close to them hugging both. Riddhima smile as she closed her eyes feeling Armaan warm and having two most loving people in her life close to her.
A: Main akele kiya karunga jhaag ke.
R: Kisne kaha aapko jhaagne koh, chup chap sojao. Mujhe aur mere bete koh bhi sone de.
A: Ok madam.

Armaan said kissing her temple and hiding his face on her hair, inhaling her scent. Riddhima smile got wide feeling Armaan inhaling her scent, just to make him believe that she was surely in his arms. They closed their eyes, thinking about their beautiful future with the little naughty son and one more to add their small family.

Few months later, Riddhima and Armaan was bless with a baby girl. Ahaan was two when they welcome his sibling and he was on cloud nine to have a little angel in their family. They name the little one Arima and she was a copy of Riddhima.

Armaan was the happiest person the moment first he hold their daughter, he couldn't stop thanking Riddhima for making him as a proud and happiest father in the world by giving a baby girl whom he always wish to have after Ahaan, so he could spoil the little one.

As promise, Armaan make everything as beautiful as he could for Riddhima and their kids. Armaan didn't leave a moment to show how much he loves Riddhima and the kids, he didn't give a chance to Riddhima because before she knows, Armaan fulfilled all her needs.

Both were happy in their life after the painful days of their life, they learn no matter what but at the end if two people belong to each other, than everything would fall in their right place. Just like they met once again after the separation, their relation got stronger than it was at the starting. Now they are one happy family, who have a naughty son and a adorable sweet daughter who is the universe of their life's.

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