Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Intro : Kuch Pal (mini ss)


Sitting on the beach silently he was lost in memories, the distant noise of waves crashing amongst the rocks filled the atmosphere.

5 years had passed and not one moment had he not missed her, her laughter, her smile, and her eyes; the things that made him fall in love with her. Wiping his tears he made his way back to the house, packing his bags he got ready to leave. Sitting in the cab he watched the rain fall down, colours of grey filled the sky.

As he entered the hospital a familiar face welcomed him, 'Armaan!' smiling he shook hands, 'Champ!.. kaise ho?' 'fit and fine'Welcome to Seattle Grace'.' he said laughing 'chal main tujhe Hospital dikhata hoon.' As both talked about their internship days back in Sanjeevani, stopping infront of the final ward something happened to him; an old feeling crept upon him. 'yeh hain Paediatric Ward''

Files in her hand she walked out of the ward, putting her stethoscope back in her pocket she turned to see Atul with someone else, Atul noticed her and a smile came upon his face; 'Riddhima!' he called out, hearing her name Armaan turned around; both stood still shocked at what was in front of them, emotions ran wild, 'come here'' she collected her self and walked to them, that stride in her step had been lost, that spark on her face had been lost. No one knew what they had been through, the long lonely nights, the teary eyes; the pain and the suffering they had gone through with their distance. 'hi'' she said softly putting on a faint smile, 'Hi'' he replied back in the same manner, Atul was confused; what had happened? He knew Riddhima had gone through a lot but if he remembered right Riddhima and Armaan had always been close what happened? Brought out of his thoughts by his pager he excused himself and left, silence filled the air between them 'kaise ho?' asked Armaan, 'theek hoon'' she said looking away, saying she had work to do she left to go to her cabin.

'wapas kyun aaya Armaan? Kyun?' she asked herself as tears ran down her cheeks, in the past 5 years she had gone to Hell and back; no one knew what she had gone through what they had gone through.

Armaan sat in his new cabin, playing with a pen he recalled seeing Riddhima again, the feelings were still there; they were never going to go.


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