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intro & part 1: It all Depends on Love(AR)


My Dear Miss Gupta , I am prepared to give you your company( Sanjivani electronics) back. On condition that you agree to MARRY me....

As if her mother's death was not enough to cope with. Riddhima was shattered to discover the terms of her stepfather Shashank Mallik's will which left the family business in the hands of arrogant ARMAAN MALLIK. Riddhima was determined to take control of Sanjivani back into her own hands... This business was part of her young brother's heritage. But was she prepared to pay the price Armaan Mallik demanded....


After deciding that she is not going to leave her family business in the hand of that Arrogant nephew of his step father Shashank mallik… She started walking towards Mr. Mallik's office.. As she reached the office she stopped outside the door with the name ARMAAN MALLIK on it… She gave a firm Knock and opened the door to go in.

Riddhima stood still and stared at him but it was too late now to go back….Glancing past him, She saw Armaan sitting behind a large desk, a mocking smile twisting his lips.

"Do come in , Miss Gupta" He invited

Slowly Riddhima walked forward, Armaan didn't get to his feet, merely sat back in his chair and looked at her…

"How can I help you Miss Gupta" He asked
"I think you already know what I am here for," she said with the confidence in her voice, " I want my company back."

"I am afraid I can't do that, I have however agreed to pay a considerable financial remuneration."

"That's not what I want. It was my fathers wish that Sanjivani should be passed on to my brother. And it is likewise my own wish and that of my brother."

Armaan Mallik sat forward in his seat again, the shrewd eyes scrutinizing her face, long fingers toying idly with the red pencil. "As an alternative, I have offered your brother a share in Mallik's business and a guaranteed executive position with the company when he graduates from college and a seat on the board when he reaches twenty-five. I would suggest that in terms of compensation either offer would be considered more than generous."

Riddhima regarded him stubbornly. There was no way he was going to sweet-talk her round. "I repeat, that's not what we want, Mr. Mallik. We want our company back."

He leaned back in his seat again, the pencil delicately poise between the tips of the strong tanned index fingers. " In that case, I am afraid I can't help you ," he said

"You can't or you won't?" There was ice in her voice.
"Can't Miss Gupta. Even if I wanted to, such a motive is quite beyond my powers."

Riddhima looked back at him with open skepticism in her eyes," Forgive me if I don't believe it" She happened to know that he ran the company single handed, "Don't try to tell me that such a simple matter as signing a few papers would be beyond your capabilities."

"Beyond my capabilities, no. But beyond my jurisdiction." He replied with a cruel sardonic smile

"How Come?"

A mocking smile touched his lips, then paused for a second before answering to deliberately clear his throat. Instantly a preety girl Anjali Mehra, who had sat silent but attentive so far, reached for the nearest water jug to fill her boss's empty glass and offered it to him with a sweet smile.

She waited until he had finished drinking water and placed the glass aside." Well, you haven't answered my question." She said

"I am about to Miss Gupta, If you'll just give me the chance." He leaned back casually in his seat and began toying with his pencil again.

He began, the Hazel eyes watching her closely as he spoke," My great uncle Shashank, who founded Mallik electronics, was a very family-oriented man. He always desired that the company should remain within the family." He paused for a moment and then continued, " So he inserted the clause in company's charter which prohibits any part of the company passing into the hands of anyone who is not a family member."

Riddhima was staring at him open mouthed. "But that is Ridiculous!" she began. " Our mother was married to your uncle, "she challenged. " Doesn't that qualify me and my brother as family."

He shook his head in mock regret, " Miss Gupta, I am afraid it doesn't."

She stared at Armaan Mallik, hating him , as without sympathy or regret in his voice he told her, " You may take your time in deciding which of my two options you prefer to accept. I trust you will wish to discuss the matter with your brother."

"I don't need to discuss the matter with Rahul. I know I want his company back."

With a weary gesture, he shook his head, "I have already explained to you why that is not possible"

He turned away and glanced down at the papers his secretary had laid down in front of him. After going through the papers, he gave some instructions to his secretary and asked her to leave. As Anjali rose from her seat her boss instructed, "Once you are finished, just wait for me in the car, I'll be out in a couple of minutes."

Anjali smiled sweetly, "Very well, Mr. Mallik."

Riddhima felt jealous, "Mr. Mallik, indeed! I'll bet its Armaan or Ammy in Private."

As the door closed they were left alone, Armaan Mallik turned to her, " How are you Riddhima, It's been two years."

"I know Mr. Mallik, Two long years." She rose from her feet to avoid any other discussion. As she was walking towards the door she heard him say, " If some solution occurs to me, I might give you a call."

"You will be spending the night at home, I take it?"

"May be, Danny and I will probably having a quiet evening in for a change."


The first thing Riddhima did that evening when she got home was to take the phone off the hook and switched her cell off."

As she kicked off her shoes, Danny was lying curled up on the sofa. She bent to give an affectionate tug in his ear. " So its just you and me, as usual." She said with the smile as the big ginger cat yawned lazily, then went back to sleep.

Suddenly her lips pursed as she remembered the look of surprise on the Armaan's face when she had casually dropped in Danny's name.


She went to the bedroom and quickly undressed. Then in the adjoining bathroom she glanced at her reflection in the mirror as she switched on the shower. Beneath the sober, businesslike suit and the plain blouse, her slim figure was surprisingly curvy, with firm high breasts, a tiny waist and legs that were long and shapely and slender.

After turning the shower off, she rubbed herself dry and slipped on a lose Red night gown, letting her long dark hair fall loose to the shoulders and stuffed her feet into leather mules, she returned to the living room.

Great fully she slumped down on the sofa beside Danny and reached for the TV remote control. She'd watch her favourite show for half an hour, then stick the TV dinner in the microwave. No cooking tonight. Just a lazy, relaxing evening in front of the box. She could start reconsidering her strategy regarding Rahul and his future tomorrow, after a good night's sleep

She had just poured her self a small glass of orange juice and was sinking back against the sofa cushions when to her dismay, the door bell rang.

Damn! Who could that be? She hurried reluctantly into the hall, when she opened the door her Dismay turned into horror as her eyes met those of the tall dark figure standing at the door step.

"Good evening, Miss Gupta." He said with a smile
She demanded rudely,"What do you think you are doing here?"

He was wearing a different suit from the one he had worn that afternoon, Mid grey, slightly informal, with a light blue shirt and Royal blue Tie. With total poise, he leaned in the door way and surveyed her unhurriedly up and down, his dark hair gleaming in tha bright lights, "Its your lucky night, Miss Gupta," he told her, " I have come to take you out to dinner,"

"What a preposterous idea!" Riddhima's eyes narrowed as she told him curtly, "Then I am afraid you have wasted your time. I already have other plans for dinner."

"With Danny?" a mocking smile curled round his lips. " Surely he could spare you for just one night."

Riddhima straightened defensivey, " My plans are really none of your business. I have already told you , you have wasted you time and immediately she started to close the door."

"Hold on just a minute Miss Gupta, not so fast, I have a proposition I think you might be interested to hear."

"What proposition?" She wanted to know

"The proposition I intend to discuss over our business dinner, my invitation is strictly in the interests of business not pleasure. Surely you don't think I would give up my evening just to enjoy your gracious company."

When she continue to hesitate, he asked her, " Are you going to invite me in , or must we conduct the conversation on the door step, Miss Gupta?"

Reluctantly, Riddhima stood aside and watched him with irritation as he strode past her into the drawing room.

"I tried to call you a couple of time but your cell phone was out of reach and land line was constantly busy," He stared at the table where phone was over the hook. "Now I understand why."

As Riddhima came to stand before him in the centre of the room, he nodded in the direction of dozing ginger cat. " So that's Danny." He observed with one of his amused, superior smiles.

"Somehow I suspected he would turn out to be a cat or a dog, but one thing I was certain about that he wouldn't be a man, That's because I know you so well… Right?"

"No you don't" she replied with arrogance," You said you had some kind of proposition, you could just get on and tell me what it is."

"I have already told you we will discuss it over dinner."

"And I have already told you that I have no intention of getting dinner with you," she stepped forward confronting him and folded her arms across her chest," If you have something to say, you can say it here. And once you have said it you can go."

His tone when he spoke was that of long suffering parent addressing a particularly stubborn child," Look Riddhima I am very tired, I have had a long day and I have not eaten properly since breakfast time. With or without you I am going to have dinner. If you want to hear my proposition, come along, I can assure you." He added in a sarcastic tone, " I am not planning to try and seduce you over dinner."

"Ok I'll go and get dressed." She dropped her arms in gracious defeat and started to move in the direction of her room.

He watched her go with a smile and added "Leave your hair down, the way it is. I prefer it like that."

She picked out a favourite long sleeved Knee length dress, slipped her feet into plain black stiletto and regarded her reflection in the mirror. She was almost ready to appear… Well Almost… with a smile she twisted her long dark hair to the back of her head and secured it in a neat bun, "So he preferred it loose, did he? The desert would blossom with water lilies before I adjust my appearance to please him!"

As she walked back into the drawing room, Armaan was already on his feet. He gave her a scrutinizing look, irritating her and making her blush. "A bit severe, but it'll do." he said.


After reaching one of the most expensive restaurant in town they seated themselves at one of the better tables in discreet corner with a view out over the restaurant.

She leaned across the table and demanded boldly, " Perhaps you would like to spell it out?"

"First things first." As the waiter chose that very moment to arrive soundlessly at their table, "Lets order first, shall we? I hate talking business on an empty stomach."

They ordered food and the waiter left, but the instant they were left alone again Riddhima returned to press her point, " Your proposition, Mr. Mallik. I want to hear it,"

Armaan Mallik sat back slightly in his seat and ran long fingers across his short, dark hair. His deep voice was low and sincere as he began to explain, "To be perfectly honest, I have no idea what private agreement might have existed between your mother and my uncle when he took over Sanjivani. Though I have tried, I have been unable to track down any records of the deal, I cant understand why."

I will tell you why, Because it was theft. One doesn't normally keep records of one's crimes."

"There is one thing I do know that my uncle was an honest man.He could never harm your mother or her family in any way. That's why I have offered you what I considered to be generous compensation."

"Let me tell you something Mr.Mallik, I met your uncle Shashank once. He was one of those charming, honey tongued men who find it all too easy to manipulate women….."

He simply smiled, " I have a feeling Miss Gupta, that you are passing judgement on a subject you know nothing about." He stared at her and continues, " Let's talk business now, you really want your company back?"

"Of course… Did you really need to ask?"

"All right then, there is a solution…… As I already explained to you, my uncle's clause is water tight. Only family members may hold any part of the company… It covers brothers, sisters, nephews. Cousins and….. he paused for a moment then continued, and wives.."

Wives? She repeated once again with the shock in her voice, "Wives?"

Armaan continued to watch her, the expression in the deep hazel eyes was unreadable. "If you were my wife," he clarified, "You would qualify under the clause."

A mixture of horror and mistrust went through her at the very thought, "But I am not." She said at last.

"You could be."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"My Dear Miss Gupta, what it means is that I am prepared to give you your company back on one condition." He paused. "On condition that you agree to marry me."

"Look Armaan," addressing him informally after a very long time, "Whatever happened between us two years back is……."

"This proposal has nothing to do with our past," he interrupted

"Are you out of your mind." She demanded

"I don't think so." He said with a smile

"You are seriously proposing that I marry you in order to get Sanjivani back?"


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