Thursday, 11 January 2018

Intro & Part 1 : Its Just Another Story (AR Mini FF)

Riddhima Gupta(kash,kasu,kajen)-chilled laid back,party type of girl..can go through a list of ex's..Hates indian tradtition..hates marrige..just wnats to get a career and get are just such thing as love

Armaan Mallik-traditional indian guy..not much of a party alcoholic..Smartest guy in college..never dated one girl in his life..craves for love..hates the thought of money...

Dear Diary,
Well it was a normal saturday morning..Well actually not really..Becuase on normal mornings you dont have your 7 year old sister jumping on your bed throwing pillows on your head telling you your going to get married!!

R-Mini what the hell is wrong with you!!
M-your getting married b*****!! And i get your room now!
R-shutup!! I said throwing her 70 pound body on the floor....
R-Anjali di what the hell is she talking about!!
A-riddhima..i am sorry your getting married...she said cupping my face into her hands
R-what! why!?!? i said throwing her hands off
A-your 20 and your really not doing any good in college and no use at and dad are getting tired of your late night parties..just..she swallowed hard..and thew a red salwar at my face..put this on and come downstairs..there going to be here in 20 minutes...
R-but di! i said running to the door..AHHH!! i the damn door! i am not getting married!

However i had no choice..i put the red salwar on put my make-up on and and came out walking with a stupid tray of 6 coffee mugs..Like seriously how do u expect a 20 year old girl to be carrying a huge tray of coffee mugs and not fall? so i spilled it..All over my so called "husband"

Accidently i guess..

SO then we were pushed into the kitchen..door shut..and were supposed to get to "know each other"

But how can i get to know him when "WET PANTS" LOLwont even look at me!! So we stood there i texted my friends for the next 30 minutes complaining how awful my life is and how i wished god hit me with a thunderbold in the next 5 seconds and he well lets say.."he fell in love with the ground"

So after the non-stop rituals and haldi ceremony and all this stupid indian tradition i am sitting on my wedding bed waiting for his a** to rape me!!!!

ARGHH!lets see hows this night..oh crap he is here..bye diary.

P.S- he is HOT!

Luv Anisha 

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