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Last Part : Khuda Aur Mohabbat

Armaan pulled Riddhima to his chest and kissed her forehead.

A: you are mine, forever and always. Hum dono ko koi kabhi alag nahi kar sakta.
R: kabhi bhi nahi.

Riddhima kissed his chest and soon sleep took over them.

1 Month later

Armaan just came back home from work.

A: Riddhima…

As he did not get a response he got tensed. Normally Riddhima would always greet him on the door. He run to his room, thinking the worst. There he saw Riddhima lying on the floor, unconscious. 

A: riidddhiimaaaaaa

Armaan run over and took Riddhima bridal style. He moved with her to his car and got her inside. He drove as fast as possible to the hospital. Reaching the hospital, the doctors took Riddhima in and came out after some time.

D: Mr. Mallik, aapki wife ab theek hai. Aap unse jaake mil sakte hai ab.
A: Lekin Riddhima ko hua kya tha?
D: better hoga ke aap unse khud puchle

with that the doctor left from there, leaving a confused Armaan behind. He went inside the room and saw Riddhima lost in some thoughts. He sat beside her and took he hands in his.

A: riddhima sab theek to hai na.
R: kuch bhi theek nahi hai Armaan, sab kuch change ho jayega.
A: change ho jayega, matlab?
R: hum dono ke beech me koi aa jayega Armaan. hum dono ke beeck me…
A: kabhi bhi nahi, me kabhi kisi ko bhi hum dono ke beech me nahi ane dunga. Khud Khuda bhi hum dono ko alag nahi kar sakta.
R: lekin already koi hum dono ke beech ma aa chuka hai Armaan.
A: koun hai wo Riddhima, me khud uski zindagi apne haatho se khatam kar dunga.
R: kya tum saach me hamare baby ko…
A: haa agar wo….WHAT??

Armaan looked with shock at Riddhima and she started to laugh, at the same time tears were running out of her eyes.

R: tum baba ban ne wale ho Armaan.
A: oh my god

Armaan looked at her with questioning eyes and Riddhima nodded in a yes. Then armaan bent down and kissed her belly.

A: I promise to be the bestest father ever, and the bestest Husband. Thank you riddhima, thank you soo much.
R: thank you Armaan.

9 Months later

Today was finally the day of Riddhimas delivery. Armaan was in his car, rushing to the hospital. He remembered the past 9 months with riddhima. They have been a hand full, but he enjoyed every single bit of it. And he was ready to relive them again and again. They both did not know the gender till know, they wanted to get a surprise.

But one thing was stressing Armaan, latetly he got msgs from Raj, he tried to ignore them. He knew that his bodyguard would tell him if Raj will be near them, but still it tensed him, because of Riddhima and their baby. He cant let anything happen to them.

Finally reaching the hospital Armaan put Riddhima on the wheelchair. some nurses came out hearing Riddhima crying and shouting at the same time. They were about to move inside when suddenly they all heard a loud gun shoot.

They turned around and armaan and riddhima got the biggest shock of their life. There was standing sid with gun in his hand, pointing at Armaan.

R: SIiiddddddd
S: yeh tumhari saza hai Riddhima, mujhe dhoka dene ke liye. KHuda tumhe kabhi maaf nahi karega.
R: siddd noooooo

Without hearing anything, Sid shoot, Riddhima shouted at the same time. She only saw Sid running from there to a car, followed by their bodyguards. She looked beside and got horrified. Armaan was sinking to the floor, blood coming out from his heart.

R: armaaaannnn..

Riddhima stretched her hand to grab his hand…armaan also tried to grab her hand, but both lost their conscious at the same time.

Much later as Riddhima finally got up, the doctors put a new born baby on her chest. Feeling her baby in her hands Riddhima sighned in relief and kissed her babys head.. Suddenly Armaans thought came to her mind. She looked up to the doctor.

R: docto mere husband, Armaan…
D: I am sorry mam, lekin hum apke husband ko nahi bacha paye. bullet unke heart pe lagi thi, it was too late.

Saying that the doctors left from there, leaving Riddhima alone in grieve. She came out of her thought, as her baby suddenly started to cry. Feeling the pain, she also let loose and cried out. She clutched her baby to her chest and cried more and more.

R: armaaaaaannnnnnnnn

Suddenly she saw Armaans sitting infornt of her kissing her forehead.

A: be stron Riddhima

Then he disappeared. Leaving Riddhima all alone.

R:I am sorry, I am sorry. Armaan, me tumahre bina kaise jiyungi.

She took her baby and got out of the ward. She moved to the nursestation and asked about Armaan. They took ther to the morgue to ARmaans body. Seeing armaan lying there lifeless made Riddhima dye thousands deaths. She put their baby near armaan.

R: me wada karti hu Armaan, me bohot strong banungi, hamare baby ki liye. Me hamare baby ko yaha se bohot dur le jaungi. Bohot dur. Armaan me....tum...i am sorry. Armaan...

She took her baby and sunk on the floor crying her heart out.

R: please wapis aa jao.

Some days later

Today Armaan was buried in a graveyard in Kashmir. Riddhima was standing infront of his grave with their son Asad in her hands. 

R: hamara beta hua hai Armaan. Aur iska name Asad hai. Hamara Sheer. Me isko yaha se bohot dur le jaungi. Bohot dur. Me ispe koi aanch nahi anedungi. Me tumse wada karti hu Armaan. Me Asad ko uski manzil tak poncha du, phir me bhi tumhare pas aa jaungi. Yahi pe, tumhare saath. Kyunke Riddhima sirf Armaan ke saath belong karti hai. Aur kisi ke saath nahi.

Both Sid and Raj got arrested and sent to the jail for lifelong, there awaited them pure torture.

Today was also the flight of Riddhima, back to Birmingham.


25 years later

After such a long time Riddhima came back to Kashmir. Asad was all grown up and got recently got married. Ofcourse it was hard fo her to rise a single child. but she did it, her promise to Armaan held her strong. 

R: beta, hum sab se pehle tumhare Baba se milne jayenge.
As: je mama.

They drove to the graveyard. Riddhima, Asad and his Wife Zoya. Before they could enter Riddhima stopped him.

R: abhi nahi, tum dono theek 10 mint ke bad aana.
As: Lekin mama`?
R: please Asad. Aur tumhe meri baat yaad hai.
As: jee mama, sab yaad hai. Agar aapko kuch bhi hua, to aap Baba ke saath hi sona chahti ho. Aap fikar mat kare, Aapki jagah sirf baba ke saath hai.

Riddhima nodded and moved inside the graveyard. She was standing infornt of ARmaans graveyard.

R: me aa gayi Armaan. mene kaha tha ne ke me Asad ko uski manzil tak poncha du, phir me tumahre pas aa jaungi. Asad ki shaadi ho gayi hai, Zoya bohot aachi ladki hai, ab me saare rishto se azaad hu. Ab me tumhare pas aa sakti hu Armaan. Is pal ka mujhe kab se intezaar tha. Apni Riddhima ko apne pas bula lo Armaan.

Riddhima went and laid beside his grave. She put her hand on his grave and closed her eyes.

R: Me aa gayi Armaan. I love you, forever and always.

After about 15 minutes Asad came with Zoya, he was shocked to see his mother lying next to the grave of his Father. He went beside her and grabbed her shoulder, he turned her around and checked her pulse. he checked her nose for her breathing. Then he let out a cry.

Asad: Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Then End.

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