Thursday, 11 January 2018

last part : Kuch pal (mini ss)

"license says Abhay Malik…." The words just kept ringing in his head, was it really his dad? Though he had wished for his father to be dead he didn't really meant it did he? And like they say be careful what you wish for cause it just might happen. Never in his life would he have thought this would have happened.

"Dr Malik…Dr Malik…" yelled the nurse beside him, "is there anyone you would like us to call for you?" this time he wasn't the doctor he was the patients family, coming out of his thoughts he stared at the nurse, "no… just get Dr Joshi here now…" he spoke softly yet his voice was full of pain.

As they pushed him into lift to take him up to the ER to help him, armaan quietly followed, his head bent looking down at the floor he tried to keep the tears in.
"Armaan…" he looked up when he felt her hand sliding in to his, he looked into her eyes asking for answers, answers to see if his father was going to be alright? "he'll be fine… don't worry… chalo andar jaiye.. maine ma ko phone kar diya hain… she knows what's happening.. Nisha theek hogi… chalo…" he just looked at her and nodded, as they stepped into the lift they got out at the cardiology floor and sat in the waiting room for any news.

The clock ticked away, hours had passed and no news at all; 'how freaking long does it take to do some tests?' armaan thought, "armaan woh kehte hain na… ke no news is good news…" "that's a load of bull riddhima… it means there's something majorly wrong we both know that… we're doctors for crying out loud…" "dekh armaan… atul andar hain na… it will be fine… don't worry…." He just let out a deep sigh and fell back onto the couch closing his eyes.

Hearing a faint knock on the door they both looked up to see Atul, as he pulled of his stethoscope he looked unsure of what to say, "atul… don't hesitate… just tell us out straight what's wrong?" Atul looked at armaan, he knew him so well; armaan could just read Atul's face knowing there was something wrong.

"armaan… he's unconscious at the moment and the tests we've done have shown that…." armaan looked at him, "that?" "that… he's got cardiomyopathy…" "what?" armaan spoke in shock, he's father had always been so fit and healthy, how did this come along, "it's the deterioration of the heart muscle and it can happen for nay reason…. Its unknown…" "so is this the cause of the attack?" asked riddhima standing up, "we're not sure… it could be stress…" "but?" asked armaan looking up from his hands, "well… from the test reports… its not new… he has had cardiomyopathy for a while now… I've got in touch with Dr Lakhani at sanjeevani and your dad's known about this for a while now…" "he knew?" Armaan spoke up, "he knew all along that he's sick?... unbelieveable… how come he didn't say anything…" "armaan I know this may not be my place to say but… when he first came here maybe that's what he wanted to tell you….and you… well… jumped to conclusions…" armaan looked at him surprised at Atul's words, could this be true? All were brought out of there thoughts when Atul's pager rang, "I'll have to go… seems your dads playing up again…" leaving out the door in a rush armaan looked at riddhima, "could it all be my fault?... could I have caused him all this pain?"
"armaan you can't blame yourself… if its written in his destiny then its supposed to happen ok?" "but still Riddhima… when I wished for him to not be in my life… I didn't literally mean it… it was all out of anger…" "armaan I know that… but you have to be strong…tumhare papa ke liye…" he looked at her with tears in his eyes, giving a faint smile they walked over to Abhay's room to see if there had been any improvements.

"how is he know Atul?..." armaan asking pushing his hands further into his pockets, "not to good armaan… but I need you to do something for me…" "kya hain?" "can you please take some tests armaan…" "par kyun?" "cardiomyopathy is a hereditary disease…" "kya?" "yeh… but there could be a chance you don't have it… I just want to make sure…" "as if things can't get any worse…" armaan said shaking his head.

"do you want me to tell Riddhima for you?" asked Atul, "nahin… we'll wait till the results are back…." Nodding atul let out a little sigh, "you can go inside and see how he is now if you want…" nodding armaan walked out the door and went towards the room where his father lay.

Looking through the window with Riddhima by his side he couldn't control the emotions within him, looking at his father attached to a heart rate monitor, oxygen mask and various other machines he never imagined his father in that position.
He had grown up to see people in the hospital, but when it came to his own flesh and blood it seemed as if the world had moved beneath his feet crashing all dreams and hopes in front of his eyes.
"He'll be okay Armaan…"riddhima spoke holding him from the shoulders, "all he needs is you…." armaan nodded, he lifted his hand and placed it on the glass in front of him closing his eyes his childhood flashed through his memory; when his dad taught him how to ride a bike for the first time, to his first basketball match with his dad by his side. All the good memories had taken over his mind.

If the heart is always searching,
Can you ever find a home?
I've been looking for that someone;
I'll never make it on my own.
Dreams can't take the place of loving you;
there's gotta be a million reasons why it's true

"jao armaan…" he turned to look at her, cupping her face in his hands he lightly kissed her on the forehead, "I love you…" she spoke with a smile on her face.

When you look me in the eyes,
And tell me that you love me.
Everything's alright,
When you're right here by my side.
When you look me in the eyes,
I catch a glimpse of heaven.
I find my paradise,
When you look me in the eyes.

Pushing open the glass door, he walked into the dim room; pulling a stool to the bed he sat down resting his elbows on the bed, he buried his face in his hands; through the window riddhima smiled.
'at least this way he will talk to his father…' she thought, looking back at him she walked in the other direction to check up on Nisha at home.

How long will I be waiting,
To be with you again
Gonna tell you that I love you,
In the best way that I can.
I can't take a day without you here,
You're the light that makes my darkness disappear.

"armaan…" he looked up to see Atul walking in holding a bunch of papers, "reports aagaye…" armaan waiting patiently for the results, "sorry armaan… the reports have shown that you have it as well…" "ohh…." He said disappointed, "there are things you can do to prevent the disease from getting worse… you have to be careful now… don't stress out to much… not only for yourself, but for riddhima… and Nisha…" armaan nodded, letting out a sigh he accepted what God had wished for him.

Maybe this was to put Armaan through hardships to see how much faith he had in God and whether having this faith would fix everything.

When you look me in the eyes,
And tell me that you love me.
Everything's alright,
When you're right here by my side.
When you look me in the eyes,
I catch a glimpse of heaven.
I find my paradise,
When you look me in the eyes.

"riddhima kaha hain?" he asked, "umm… I think waiting room main Padma aunty ke saath baat kar rahi hain…." Nodding armaan stood up and left the room to go look for Ridz.
"riddhima…" he spoke, looking up she hung up the phone and looked at him confused; "kya hua armaan?" "we need to talk…" "kya?" he went and sat down beside taking hold of her hands in his, "kya hua armaan?" "ridz… atul ne mere saath few tests ki thi… cardiomyopathy ka…." "par kyun?" she interrupted confused, " it's a hereditary disease ridz…. And the reports came and…." "you have it too…." She ended his sentence for him, letting out a deep sigh she looked at him with tears forming around her eyes.
"it's alright…. We can get through this…" "I know we can Ridz… but what if Nisha has it too?" " we'll have to get her checked up on that… but armaan we can't let this ruin our lives now… ok?... we have to be stronger than ever now… for everyone… especially for us… ok…." He nodded pulling her in for a hug, he slowly whispered the three magical words in her ears

More and more, I start to realize,
I can reach my tomorrow,
I can hold my head high,
And it's all because you're by my side.

When you look me in the eyes,
And tell me that you love me.
Everything's alright,
When you're right here by my side.
When I hold you in my arms
I know that it's forever
I just gotta let you know
I never wanna let you go 


"dad aapki medicines…" spoke riddhima handing over to large tablets and a glass of water over to Abhay as he sat on the breakfast table, "thanks beta…"
The heart attack had drained all the strength out of Abhay for the first few days and as he started to recover he realised all his mistakes, asking for forgiveness from both Armaan and Riddhima he became a changed man.

"papa…mama….yeh dekho…" said Nisha running over to the table where they sat for breakfast, "kya hain Nisha?" Riddhima asked turning around to see their angel dressed in white, "Anjali masi ki baby ki picture…" "kya?" "haan…masi ne mujhe abhi diya…" "kaha hain tumhari masi?" Padma asked walking out of the kitchen, "umm…" Nisha turned around pointing at a heavily pregnant Anjali and a content Atul standing at the entrance laughing.

3 years had passed in a moment, memories were shared, jokes were laughed at and relationships that had been broken were made stronger.
Each moment spent had been etched in everyone's minds, hardships were forgotten only to be covered with happy memories.

We shouldn't dwell over the past, we shouldn't think about what's happening tomorrow; but whatever happens today is the result of yesterday and what ever is going to happen tomorrow will be the result of today. So don't think about just live life in the moment, take each day as It comes because we never know when we are going to run out of time.
aaj ek zindagi aur jeelo .aaj ek hasin aur baathlo,

aaj ek sapna aur dekhlo , aaj ek aason aur peelo

aaj ek dua aur maanglo ... AAJ ...kya pata....... kal ho na ho…

The End...


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