Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Last part : Look Closer (Arsh)

"The players are coming out!" Shilpa jumped out of her seat and began to cheer for her favorite team. Armaan watched here screaming at the top of her lungs and couldn't resist chuckling. She started to jump up and down as they made their way to the seats right in front of her. "AHHHH! This is so great!" She clapped her hands and continued to jump with a gigantic smile adorning her lips. When she sat down she linked her arm with Armaan's, placing her chin onto his shoulder. Armaan turned his head to look at her and could see the joy she was experiencing in her eyes. They shined brighter than the lights in the stadium. "You are seriously the best!" She got up off her seat slightly and kissed his cheek. Armaan just looked down and smiled. Such a cute smile.

Shilpa heard the people behind her going "Aww" and sat back down in her seat to focus on the game. Or at least try to. She was so overjoyed by all of this. First the fact that he had even gotten tickets to the game, then the VIP passes, followed by meeting her favorite basketball player ever, and now having seats right by the court and players! Her excitement grew more and more. Armaan just observed her. The smile never left her lips, which made him smile as well. His eyes then shifted toward the court and they watched the game begin.


            Shilpa was so engrossed in the game that she didn't even notice Armaan get up a few minutes before half-time. She watched the clock tick down the last few seconds of the second quarter. Her team led by 20 points and she could not be happier! When the buzzer rang, she looked to her side but didn't see Armaan. "Must've gone to the bathroom..." She reasoned and relaxed in her chair. After five minutes Armaan still didn't return, making her worried. She began to look toward the doors that led out to the main entrance. "Hey look she's on the screen!" Shilpa turned to the man behind her and saw him pointing at her. "Look you're on the screen!" Shilpa eyed him in confusion, but slowly turned her head to the giant screens that hung above her. And she became even more confused. She smiled nervously and gave a little wave. She then looked around wondering if they got the wrong person.

            "Shilpa." She looked out toward the court and saw her favorite player walking up to her. He held out his hand and asked her to join him on the court. She placed her hand into his and stepped down from where she was seated. He walked her to the center of the court. "Shilpa, someone very special has something to say to you." He pointed to one corner of the court and there stood Armaan. The camera swung over to show Armaan on the screen as he received a microphone. Shilpa's puzzlement increased. Armaan began to slowly step toward her with the microphone held up to his mouth.

"I don't know what it is about you that makes me catch my breath every time you look at me. Being near your body gives mine this magnetic pull towards you. I've felt crazy feelings before and I've had my share of 'crushes' ' but this, this is no childish crush. Shilpa, I don't know what it is about you. But I can't find a flaw, because even your flaws just make you an even more beautiful person to me. So gentle and so powerful at the same time. And your eyes. You're beautiful green eyes. They shine brighter than the lights in this stadium. When I look at you, there's nothing else. No noise, no other people, no thoughts, no worries. The world just stops and becomes a wonderful place. You are exactly the kind of person I want in my life. You are everything that I want. I love you with all the love I have, and I love everything that you do. Shilpa, life without you, I cannot bear to stand. In marriage, will you give me your hand?"

            As he finished he kneeled down on one knee and opened a small black box to reveal a beautiful ring. His mother's ring. The ring she wanted her daughter-in-law to wear. Shilpa stood rooted to the spot. His words had not only touched her heart, but her soul too.  Tears welled up as Armaan spoke about her in such a way. All eyes were on her now. The whole stadium was quiet and the camera on her awaiting the response. Armaan looked up at her still holding the ring up to her. She had been staring at the ring since he had pulled it out. Armaan stood up. He was about to pull his hand back until he heard her speak.

"Yes." It was almost inaudible as if she was saying to herself. She finally looked up at him and stared right into his eyes with the biggest smile he had ever seen on her. "Yes, Armaan!" She said with complete certainty as she vigorously shook her head up and down. Armaan's happiness knew no bounds. He quickly took the ring from the box and placed it onto her finger. He then pulled her into a hug and spun her around in his arms, completely elated. The crowd went into an uproar for the newly engaged couple. He held onto him tight around his neck as she spun around in his arms. He placed her back on the ground and cupped her face in both of his hands, joining his forehead with hers. "I love you." He whispered as he looked at her closed eyes and smiling lips. "I love you too." She whispered back opening her eyes to see him staring at her with love-filled eyes.

"Everybody let's hear for Shilpa and Armaan!" The announcer screamed into his microphone. The audience went into another cheering fest as his voice blasted in the speakers. "Congratulations." They were interrupted by Armaan's mother who came and placed one hand on Armaan's cheek and the other on Shilpa's. "So happy for both of you." She said with teary eyes. They both engulfed her into a tight embrace. Shilpa and Armaan looked at each other and smiled from behind her. He moved his hand over and placed it on top of hers.

They pulled out of the hug and walked to the area where they were seated. Armaan sat Shilpa down in her seat before sitting himself. He intertwined his fingers with her and lovingly looked at her as she placed her head onto his shoulder. Shilpa admired her hand. Specifically the ring on her hand. She never expected this to happen. Now she understood what his mother meant the day she went to her house. And also why Armaan hadn't talked to her for the past couple days. "Armaan, is this what you were planning?" He kissed the top of her head and then replied back, "Yep. I wanted this to be special, something you would love." He brought their locked hands up to his lips and gave her a kiss. Shilpa pulled the hands over to her lips as well and kissed his hand. "I do love it... but not more than you."

Although they sat through the rest of the game, their minds weren't occupied by it. What was on their minds? Each other. Throughout the whole game they whispered sweet nothings into each other's ears. But that didn't stop them from messing around with each other either. Shilpa stole his cup of soda and kept it to the other side of her. "Shilpa! Give me my drink!" He tried to reach over and snatch it but his mother took it and moved it further away. "Mom! It hasn't even been an hour and you're already siding with her?" Shilpa giggled hearing Armaan whine. "Of course, beta." She said nonchalantly and went back to watching the game. A surprised Armaan leaned back into his chair with his arms crossed and an irritated expression on his face. Shilpa high-fived his mother as they laughed together.

It didn't even take Armaan five minutes to forget being angry at her. The sound of her laughter did it for him. It dwindled away the anger in a matter of seconds and he was back to enjoying the game with Shilpa and his mom. To top off this great day, their basketball team defeated the opponent. Perfect ending to the perfect day.


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