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Last part : TO FEEL LOVED mini (ARss )

Everyone waited patiently for the doctor to come out of the ER. This was a crucial time for everyone. Armaan was still kneeling in front of the door. Ridzi had been in surgery for eight hours straight and everyone is beginning to worry. The men went out to get something for everyone to eat. Armaan  stayed where he was. Soon enough, they returned with food and gave some to Armaan , but he refused to eat. At around 3 a.m., the 'in session' lights went off and everyone jumped up from their seats. Two seconds later, Doctor came out of the ER and walked towards the Gupta family. He sighed and put his hand on Mr. Gupta shoulders. He didn't look at him in the eyes. He kept his gaze straight ahead of him. Everyone watched as Doctor struggled to tell them of the news. He took a deep breath and faced her parents head on. ridhima's father searched his expression for something positive, for hope tha tridzi  will be alright.

"Mr Gupta , your daughter is in a critical condition right now. We have tried our best, now it's up to her. But…I want to tell you that she is fighting for her life. She is trying her best to keep going. For the last 8 hours, she still hadn't stopped fighting," he said and walked away without looking back. Armaan  fell onto the floor. It wasn't true, it can't be true.

He turned and stared at the door. 'radhima you have to stay alive. You must fight for your life. I can't lose you.' He thought to himself. Everyone sat on the benches and waited for them to wheel Ridhima out. Ten minutes later, she was wheeled out. Everyone got up and followed the nurses to her room. Once she was settled in her room, then nurses left and let her family and friends be alone with her. Armaan ran to her side and held onto her hand. He didn't want to leave her. He wanted to be there when she wakes up.

Everyone was growing tired, so they drifted to sleep. At noon, Doctorcame in and asked her family to go into his office. They followed him out of Ridhima 's room, leaving the rest of them inside her room.Rahul  and Muski came in with some food and handed them out to others. Rahul  walked over to Aarmaan  and handed him a sandwich and juice. Armaan  refused to take it and smacked rahul'sarm out of his view. Rahul  grabbed onto his collar and pinned him against the wall. The others just watched in amazement.

"Armaan , what is wrong with you?! Everyone here is worried about her, but we are eating. You don't need to starve yourself. You need to put some food in your stomach. DO YOU WANT RIDHIMA  TO SEE YOU IN THIS STATE?! DO YOU THINK SHE'LL FEEL HAPPY KNOWING THAT YOU HAVEN'T EATEN ANYTING IN THE LAST 24 HOURS?! HOW CAN YOU BE SO SELFISH? I DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU AT ALL. SHE'S TRYING TO FIGHT FOR HER LIFE, BUT YOU ARE WASTING YOURS?" he shouted at Armaan

"I don't need to live," he whispered. rahulpunched him and he landed on the floor. Rahul grabbed his collar again and punched him again. By then, everyone had ran up to them and pulling them away from each other. Rahul was able to get a hold of Armann  once more and punched him again, before rohan  pulled him away from Armaan. Anji, Muski , and Calvin aided Armaan , while Rohan Jiro and Atul  aided Rahul They knew that Armaan n the wrong to say what he had said, but it was also wrong for Rahul his anger.

, why did you suddenly punch him?" Atul. Rahul  just glared at Arman, who was being taken care of by the other three.

"Atul , let's not ask him any questions at this time," said Rohan He nodded his head and rubbed him hoping that he will feel better.

Across the room,Anji  was rubbing some ointment on Arma's face. It was so unlikely for Rahul  to hit someone like that. He was usually a calm person, just like Raj  . Muski  crossed and uncrossed her arm. Calvin, on the hand, was watching Muski  in confusion.

When Anji   was done with the ointment, she broke the silence upon them, "Muski , will you stop doing that? Arman, who did you say that Rahul I mean, I don't agree with him punching you, but you must know that you're not he only one who's worried about her. We all are. Arman, just eat something. I know that you're hungry."

"I'm not hungry," he said. Muski  was about to protest, but Anji  and Calvin stopped her. They knew how stubborn Armanwas and that it was going to take a lot of effort before he'd listen to them. Thirty minutes later, the Gupta's came back into the room. Their heads were hung low. Everyone got up from where they were and walked over to them.

"Sir, what did Doctor say?" Rahul Asked?

"He said that if she doesn't wake up in then next two days, we will have to take her out of life support," said Mr.gupta  a low whisper. Everyone turned and stare at Ridz They were all hoping that she will wake up soon.Rohan turned and stared at Arman. He had on the saddest expression that rohanhad ever seen from him. He sighed and walked over to Arman. He put his hand on his shoulders and tried to comfort him. Arman looked atrohan and gave him a weak smile.rohan smiled back and patted his back.

"She'll wake up,"Rohan whispered to Arman. It was half past twelve, when they all went home, all but Arman. He stayed her side refusing to leave.rohan sighed and called his parents to let them know that Arman was not going home that night. They understood rohanand sent one of their maids to pack a set of clothes for him so that rohancould pick it up the next morning. Arman held onto her hands and dozed of to a sleep.

The next morning,Rohan drove to his house and picked up his clothes, and then to the hospital. When he got to her room, Arman was still sleeping. He quietly walked in, not wanting to wake him up. He placed the set of clothes and a file on the night stand and left. He took one last look before shutting the door behind him. Arman heard the door shut and woke up. He got up and walked to the door. He stuck his head out, but he was too late. The person that had walked in was already out of sight. He went back inside and saw a set of clothes and a file on the nightstand. He walked to it and picked up the file. There was a note on the cover, so he read it to himself.

'Arman, I know that you are worried about Rid but you must not neglect your work. Here is the file that I want you to look over. It's about the new proposal. -Dad-'

He opened the file and scanned through the papers that were inside. He wasn't in the mood to work, but he knew that his father was right. He must not neglect work at all cost. He sighed and put the file onto the bed. He picked up the set of clothes and read the note on it.

'Arman, here is a new set of clothes for you. I'll visit ridz later and drop of some clothes for you. I heard from roha that you have not been eating, so I'll also bring you some soup. –Ma–'

Armaan took the clothes and walked into the bathroom. He changed into his new set of clothes and folded his old set. He walked out of the bathroom and back to Ridzi's side. He sat on the chair and picked up the file. He was reading the proposal, when he noticed that the proposal was proposed by Ridzi. He looked up at Ridzi in confusion, then back down to the file. He finished reading the file and realized that this was the collaboration that his father had been talking about. He put the file back onto the night stand and walked out of the room.

He shut the door behind him, causing Ridzi to open her eyes. She stared at the ceiling and touched her head. There was a bandage on her head and she tried to get up. As she was getting up, pain shot up from her side, causing her to wince in pain. She lay back down and stared at the ceiling again. She scanned the room. Images of the accident flashed before her and she cried out loud, causing the nurses to come in and check up on her. Armaan was going back up to Ridzi's room, when he met up with the rest of the people. They walked to Ridzi's room and saw that the door was open. They ran up to the door and heard someone screaming. They all recognized that voice. It was Ridzi, she was finally up.

They ran inside and Ridzi turned to look at them. She was happy to see them, but she was in so much pain. It hurt her so much to sit up. She was crying from the pain. The nurses tried to be gentle with her, but she was still in pain. Her mother rushed to her side and held onto Ridzi's hand.

"You'll be alright. Just hold on for a little bit. The pain will go away," she said, trying to soothe Ridzi and calming her down. When she was finally sitting up, the pain was starting to subside. The nurses left and her mother sat on the chair that was next to her bed. She strokes her daughter's hair and smiled at her. Ridzi smiled back, but it wasn't a big smile, like her usual one, it was a small, weak, lifeless smile. Armaan stood where he was. ...Ridzi...looked at him and gesture him to come up...he slowly moved toward her and everybody left them as guessed it was time for them to have talk.....

i was so scared ....why did you had to leave...haven't you thought about your parents....rahul, muskaan, Anjali and atul and also me this all happened because of me...if heer wouldn't had ascused you this none would have happened  said armaan bowing her and suddenly he felt as if he was being pulled and he was shocked when he felt her lips on his lips....slowly he started kissing her back they pulled back when they were out of breath....
you talk a lot and i just wanted to i love you armaan i really do...aid ridhima..while looking at him....
armaan smiled ...and slowly it got widder
i love you too and now my turn....said armaan while getting up and moved toward her almost on top of her kisewd her forceablyyyyyy........until she was breathless..
I didn't knew you could kiss like that she said while coming out of the kiss.
There are alot of thing i could do that you don't know.....................he said winkig at her...
She blushed ..
and One more thiing ...said armaan lying in same postion before...she looked at him questionally
That Ridhima GUpta Will You become Ridhima Armaan MAlik....he said near her lips...
She nodded..
I am stilll waiting..................said armaan ..
She looked at him just as she opened her lips he kissed her lips again...............

And then after she got dicharged they told everyone that they wanted to marry..and Later 5 months they were married .........And Guess What ..........THEY lived happyly ever after.............


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