Friday, 12 January 2018

Part 1 : Change Of Heart

The story begins with a big bungalow at seashore of Mumbai, so many peoples were gathered there wearing white clothes, seems like it was a condolence for anyone.

Black car reached at the gate, a well muscular guy open the gate hurriedly and rush towards the house. As he reached at the entrance he saw his dear uncle, who was no more with them was lying in hall covered by a white sheet. His eyes were filled with tears, he lost his strength as his eyes fall on the person laying there without life, he just sat like lifeless person when Rahul saw him, he ran towards him.

“Ammy, Ammy, listen, idhar dekho meri taraf, Ammy” (yes, he was Armaan Malik) he knew that Armaan was very close to his dad and it could be a shocking state for him.

“Bhai, chachu” he was just able to utter this much and hugged Rahul tightly, both were crying which make others emotional.

No doubt both Armaan and Rahul was very close to Mr. Ravindra Malik (Armaan’s chachu and Rahul’s dad), he was S.P. of Mumbai and both Armaan and Rahul was police officers but no one knew that they were Secret Agents of India. Ravindra had some doubt of being attacked by a Gangster, who was searching for Armaan that’s why he send Armaan to London by making some excuse of work without informing anyone and he himself used his car which was attacked by the goons assuming that it was Armaan inside it.

Rahul got some clues somehow but he was little late coz his dad was attacked till then, he rush to meet his dad in hospital who told him something and gave some clues and left them alone moving to other world.

Since Rahul was bigger than Armaan, he somehow controlled himself as he knew t will be very tough to handle ARMAAN MALIK.

Armaan was doing rituals with Rahul and was silent, which was silence before storm. Billy, Ananya, Nikki tried to talk him but he didn’t say a single word.

Next day, he came down from his room, everyone was worried looking towards his bloodshot red eyes, they knew very well that Armaan was awake whole night. He came straightly towards Rahul, who was sitting sadly holding his head. Armaan hold his hand and drag him towards basement, everyone sighs coz Armaan only goes there to release his frustration.

“I just hope Rahul use sambhal le” Ananya said.

“Don’t worry mom, Rahul bhai unhe sambhal lenge” Nikki said.

On the other side, Armaan bring him inside and standing directly infront of him and asked “HOW?” this was the word which he said after very long time.

Rahul can understand the level of anger boiling inside him, but he would have to control him else he can do anything in anger, afterall it was the matter of his beloved chachu.

“Armaan dekh meri baat sun, aisi koi baat nhi hai jo tu samajh raha hai” Rahul said “mai search kar raha hu na” he said and tried to left from there.

But Armaan was smart enough to guess his lie, he didn’t said anything just start punching his punching bad furiously,which hold Rahul’s step.

He came towards him running and tried to stop him, but he shoved him away and keep on punching.

“Stop it Ammy” Rahul shouted.

“why my chachu bhai? What did he do?” he was in tears which make Rahul emotional.

“he was my dad Ammy” he said and Armaan hugged him tightly.

Both brothers cried their heart out coz they knew they can’t be like this infront of family.

“okay, tujhe jan na hai na kya hua tha, I’ll tell u but u’ll have to control ur anger and we will have to work in a planned way” Rahul said.

“ok” he just nodded.

“Not like this Ammy, I know tu gusse me kuch v kar jayega, tujhe meri kasam tu koi v galat step nhi uthayega ok” he said keeping Armaan’s hand on his head.

“ok bhai” he said being helpless.

“Ammy, tujhe yaad hai that Gangster Rocky, jise hamne drugs k case me pakda tha, uske upar rape cases v the aur jab usne bhaagne ki koshish ki thi to hamne uska encounter kiya tha”

“yeah, to yaha uska kya jikr hai” Armaan said being confused.

“Uska ek bada bhai hai, Rohit khanna, wo Bangkok ka ek bahut bada don hai, sab drugs ki supply wahi karta tha Rocky k through India me aur waha pe ladkiyo ko le jata hai yaha se and sell them out. Tujhe yaad hai, hamne accidently ek van ko pakda tha jisme se kuch ladkiya mili thi, we send them to their homes but wo kaam Rohit ne karwaya tha. Uske bhai ki death and then ye loss ki wajas se wo hamare upar najar rakh raha tha, hamare har ek move k bare me pata tha use, hamari sari details thi uske paas and he was planning for our death. Use laga tu nhi rahega to ham weak ho jayenge then it will be easy for them to kill us, Dad ko kahi se pata chala is baat ka but unke paas time nhi tha ki wo kuch kar sake isliye tujhe bhej diya London. Mujhe kuch doubt hua to maine investigation ki and I got to know that Gaikwad ne use sari information di thi aur Dad ka cell v off kar diya tha, mere paas koi rasta nhi tha Dad tak pahuchne ka and we lost him” Rahul told him everything.

Armaan was hell shocked how his chachu risked his own life for him “Sorry bhai, ye sab meri wajah se hua hai” Armaan sit beside pool blaming himself.

“Shut up ok, aisa kuch nhi hai. Bhai hai tu mera samjha, bas hame itna karna hai ki hame un kamino ko sabak sikhana hai” Rahul said.

“I promise u bhai, we won’t leave them” Armaan said and they both promised each other.

“Ammy, ghar me sab pareshan hain, so hame normal rahna hoga warna uncle v pareshan honge ok” Rahul said.

“ok bhai” Armaan said unwillingly.

After a month,

Armaan gather many information about Rohit through Gaikwad, he beat him black and blue and suspend him while Rahul filled a case against him. After that he was send to central jail for lifetime imprisonment.

Family was coming back to normal life, all thanks to Billy Malik who explained them that Ravindra only want to see them happy and safe, so if they loved him they will have to fulfill his wish. Which act as positive vibe for them, and they slowly came back to normal.

But Armaan still become restless sometimes.

They were very careful for their family, thus they arrange security for them. One day they were sitting together having tea time, when suddenly Armaan stand up with a smile and said “I’ll be back after sometime hopefully with good news” and left everyone confused.

He went to sea shore and called his informer to confirm something, after that he traced a ship coming there and asked his officers to surround it, they captured everyone present in that ship as it was of Rohit, he signed his special officers who kept more weapons and drugs in the ship and he smile before media came.

He told everything what they get in ship and soon he was called by Commissioner who knew him very well.

“Dekho Armaan, Rohit Khanna bahut teji se India me drugs ki supply kar raha hai, and we have few more cases against him aur aaj to itni jyada quantity me cheeje mili hain I was hell shocked but the point is we are not able to trace him till now. May be tumhare uncle k upar attack me v usi ka hath ho, so I want u and Rahul to take charge of this case. Being a secret agent u’ll leave for Bangkok tomorrow and I’ll make sure that u’ll get help from police of Bangkok. Make sure to gather information and catch Rohit Khanna, I hope I’ll get positive result coz u are the best person in our system” Commissioner said to which he smile.

“I’ll try my best Sir, aur ab to ye baat chachu se judi hai, Rohit Khanna ko kaun bacha sakta hai ab” he said and left from there after saluting hm.

At Malik Mansion,

“Ammy where were u? kuch bataye bina kaha gaya tha” Rahul asked as soon as he reached home.

“Relax bhai, u’ll get to know tomorrow” Armaan replied and went towards his room.

Next morning, Armaan came back after jogging and was sipping orange juice in garden when Rahul came towards him and kept newpaper on table meanwhile he was continuously looking towards Armaan.

“to ye sab tumne kiya?” he wanted a reply.

“unh?” Armaan asked petending to be unaware of the topic.

“Stop pretending Armaan” Rahul was getting impatient.

“ohooo bhai, realx. See hame Rohit ko khojna hai har haal me, and aise ham dono ek sath ja nhi pate so I just manipulated few things and now we both are going to Bangkok” Armaan said.

At the same time Rahul gets a phone call and Armaan smirk with his so called “I Told You” look.

Commissioner called Rahul to give information about Rohit Khanna. Soon they discussed few things and left to pack their bags, they will have to leave today only.

At Airport,

“Okay Now, Armaan, Rahul, see it’s a very risky mission and very confidential, so be alert. I got to know that Rohit Khanna was involve in your Uncle’s accident so catch him as soon as possible, specially before he might hurt you guys. He is very dangerous.” Commissioner said coz he knew both of them very well and was a close friend of Ravindra.

“Don’t Worry Sir, we’ll be careful” Rahul said.

“yeah, and I had a conversation with Bangkok Police, they will help you in every way they can, to receive you guys there will be R,,,,,,” before he can complete his sentence their flight was announced and they left.

At Bangkok,

Both came out of airport and start searching for someone who came to receive them.

“Bola tha Sir ki baat sun le, but tu mujhe kheech k leke chala aaya, now what? We don’t even know who will come to receive us” Rahul scolded Armaan.

While he was busy playing Candy Crush carelessly.

They tried to move towards taxi stand when suddenly a high speed car came towards them and before they can react, it took a turn drifting around and Armaan was really impressed by the move of car. He was continuously looking towards the driving seat trying to figure out who was driving it.

The person sitting inside the car lower down the window and Armaan was totally mesmerized by the beauty sitting inside the car with big black glares looking towards them,her perfectly shaped lips were making her more beautiful and some curls were falling over her face. He was looking towards her without blinking his eyes while Rahul wonder why he become like statue.

She open the door and came towards them while keeping her glares over her head. She was wearing a white western dress that perfectly suits her body and yeah a decent yet confident attitude was visible when she came towards them which clearly says she is not a random girl.

“Hello Mr.Malik, I’m Riddhima Gupta, I’m here to help you guys in this case.” She said with a confident tone which impressed both of them.

“Case? Which case?” Armaan said with a frown.

“Mr.Armaan Malik, you know that very well and yeah standing at airport if you want to discuss about the case then it won’t affect me but that might be problematic for you.” She said looking straight into his eyes.

“Are Ammy chal na pahle” Rahul drag him towards the car.

They sat inside and Riddhima joomed off the car.

“what problem you were saying” Armaan ki sui wahi atki thi.

“Mr.Malik, jis airport pe aap khade the uske aas paas bahut se aise log rahte hain jo Rohit Khanna ka naam sunte hi apko utha sakte hain, he is not a small gangster, he’s don of Bangkok moreover it’s not India.” Riddhima said with a stern face.

“Ohh!!, by the way you drive very well” he said with his dimple smile ignoring her words.

“thanku so much Mr.Malik” she said.

She left them at guest house after meeting some authorities and discussing the case.

Armaan and Rahul was making plan how to catch Rohit Khanna but they haven’t seen him not even for once. Thus, leaving the plan to be discussed in presence of Riddhima, they slept.

“Bhai lets call Riddhima first” Armaan said once they get free from breakfast.

“Kya baat hai Ammy, tera bada mann kar raha hai Riddhima se milne ka” Rahul teased him.

“Aisa kuch nhi hai, but uski aankhon me kuch alag baat hai, kuch khaalipan dikhta hai” Armaan said unaware of her presence.

Yeah, Riddhima came just now and she was about to knock when she heard her name and stopped. She was hell shocked how Armaan feel the emptiness of her eyes in just a single meeting. She prepared a wall around herself which she thought was unbreakable.

“Achha” Rahul said.

“Yeah and,,,,,,” before he could say anything Riddhima knock the door.

“yess” Rahul said and she enter inside with a smile trying to avoid eye contact with Armaan.

“Thank God Riddhima tum aa gai, we really need your help” Rahul said and they start their work.

After sometime when they were ready with the plan, they sat together. Armaan once again become impressed by her ideas.

“Umm, Riddhima its very risky case to aap kyu involve hona chahti hain isme” Armaan asked when Rahul went to call Billy.


“You can call me Armaan also, formality is not needed” Armaan don’t know why this girl was pulling him towards herself.

“Armaan, being in this field risk to har jagah hote hain. Aur hame apna kaam sahi se karna hota hai taki dusro ko darr na lage” Riddhima said.

“Yeah, but apki family,,,,,,” Armaan was about to ask something which was interrupted by Rahul.

“Ammy, I just got information about one of Rohit’s goon , lets go” Rahul said.

“ok bhai” Armaan said getting up and Riddhima relax her breathe as he didn’t asked anything about her family.

Suddenly Armaan moved towards Riddhima “Are you ready Riddhima? It’s quite early u know” he asked.

“Don’t worry Armaan, it’s our work I’m ready. Being an Indian I’ll be really gliad to help you in this case.” Riddhima said getting up.


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