Wednesday, 3 January 2018

PART 1 : : Kuch Pal (mini ss)

The sun crept up the horizon and shone through the windows of Seattle Grace, doctors entered the hospital for their daily routine. Riddhima turned the handle of her cabin and stepped in, sitting down on the chair she rubbed her tired eyes. As she lay in bed last night; sleep didn't come upon her she was lost in memories of Armaan and herself.

Armaan stood at the reception reading files, but his mind was lost somewhere else. "Armaan…" called out a voice, "Armaan…" turning his head he saw Atul, "kaha kho gaya tum?" putting the file down he looked at Atul, "no where…" "Armaan… yesterday I saw the awkwardness between you and Riddhima… kya hua?" no reply came from Armaan, " you two were close… what happened Armaan?" "Atul… sometimes life comes in between all of these things" saying that he picked up his patients files and made his way to his rounds; Atul stood their confused at what his friend had just said.

While checking his patient his mind was diverted, as he looked out of the window he saw Riddhima talking to an elderly patient, her hair fell on her face and as she smiled a smile came upon his face, that glow in her face was there; looking after her patients was only one of the things that brought back her smile. She tucked her hair back behind her ear and something caught her attention, she turned her head and saw Armaan looking at her; she gave a faint smile, there was no point in ignoring him, he was part of her life there was no way she could ignore that.

Rushing in the Ambo's (Aussie Slang for Ambulance Officers)  pushed the stretcher, both Armaan and Riddhima ran to the emergency; checking the pulse rate and heart beat both hurried to save the helpless life. "we need to operate" she called out giving a nod he told the nurse to get the OR ready. Scrubbing up they put the mask on, as they went in they forgot about the awkwardness and went to do their job. "scalpel…" as the nurse handed him the equipment he lifted his eyes and saw Riddhima monitoring the heart rate, " tweezers…" carefully pulling the bullet out he watched the heart rate to make sure the heart was beating normally.

Washing their hands, they recalled their internship days of working together; Atul came in, "good work guys…" both of them looked at him, "it's our job champ…" patting Armaan on the back and laughing he was happy that at least they weren't mixing their professional lives with their personal.

Both of them went to check on their patient, meeting his distressed wife as they entered the door; "Doctor… is he going to be ok?" she asked, "yes… he will be fine…" "we'll just have to monitor his heart rate for few days.." put in Riddhima, the lady nodded her head and listened to the instructions given by the nurse.

Riddhima checked her watch and immediately a smile came upon her face, which was seen by Armaan; leaving the room she made her way to her cabin. Dialling a number into the phone she held the handset to her face, as it rang she waited patiently, "Hello!" said a sweet little voice, "Ishu…" a smile came upon the little girls face, you could feel the excitement in her voice; "Mama…" "when did you get home?..... Nani hain na?" "haan mama… we got back  15 minuthes ago… I've got loths of stories " "really? When I come home you can tell me all bout it…ok.." "haan ma…" "Ishu…please Nani ko phone dena…" she waited for the phone to be given to her mum, hearing her voice she spoke into the phone "Hi Mum!" "beta…sab kuch theek hain na?" "haan ma..i just called to see you got home fine…Nisha wasn't to much trouble was she?" she heard a laugh, "kabhi nahin…" Riddhima smiled, it wasn't much but this was her family; a small sweet family. "ok..maa.. main rakhti hoon…" "bye beta.." in the background she heard Nisha call out bye, "bye…" hanging up she sat back in her chair. Nisha was her life, if it weren't for her she may not be here today, Nisha was her strength her guidance, he will to live.

There was a knock amongst her door, she was confused at who it could be; as the door opened stepped in a young lady, dressed in Jeans and a simple top her hair fell loosely on her shoulders; "di…" Riddhima said standing up, "Riddhima…" hugging her cousin who was more like a sister, Anjali sat down in the chair, "tumne mujhe bataya kyun nahin…" once again Riddhima was confused, "Armaan wapas aagaya…" Riddhima lay back in her chair, Atul must have told her after all he was Anjali's husband, "haan di...phir se Armaan ne meri zindagi main wapas aagyaya… I don't want to give him anymore grief" "Riddhima, if everything is like you said then he would understand… when life gives you a second chance you should grab it…" "but di… you don't know Armaan…" "yeh I might not know him like you and Atul but again from what I have heard… he will understand everything…" Riddhima just shook her head.

The Den was a place for Interns and Doctors to hang out after their long day at work, with a pool table and couches it was the ultimate relaxation place; sitting on the couches were Armaan and Atul, "Atul… I've been here for longer than two days ab mujhe meri bhabhi se milao…" Atul chuckled, "woh Riddhima ko dekhne gayi hain…she should be coming…" Armaan just smiled, sitting back on the couch he picked up the remote to the LCD, putting on the IPL, Chennai Super Kings Vs. Kings XI Punjabi; both were glued to the TV when Anjali and Riddhima walked in, "Yes! Go Dhoni…chak de!!" yelled out Armaan, the other nurses and doctors just looked at him strangely; Atul laughed out loud, Armaan and his love for cricket. The ladies laughed when they saw Atul teasing Armaan, seeing Anjali Atul stood up same with Armaan; as Atul introduced Armaan, Anjali knew quite a lot about him without  a single meeting; Riddhima just stood their quietly. The evening came around and the group were still sitting and chatting away in the Den. As the others planned to go out for dinner, Riddhima looked at her watch; seeing the time she thought of Nisha. "umm…. Sorry…par mujhe ghar jana hoga…" Armaan looked at her confused, "par kyun? Tum dinner pe nahin aaogi?" "umm…woh…" Anjali understood what Riddhima was trying to say and gave a nod, "Armaan chod do… next time yeh?" Riddhima gave a little smile and left.

Armaan looked at her as she walked out, what was wrong? He knew there was something missing but why wasn't she saying anything to him?

Turning the lock to the door she stepped in, a little girl aged 4 ran towards her; with dark black hair and her mother's eyes she smiled, hugging her mother's legs she held on tight. Riddhima put her bag and keys on the table and bent down to Nisha, caressing her cheek she smiled, planting a sweet kiss on her forehead. A lady walked on crossing her arms, a smile on her face; Nisha was the spitting image of her mother, she was glad her daughter had that bit of happiness even after so much. Riddhima looked up to see her mother, carrying Nisha she walked over to her mum. "kaam kaise the beta?" "fine…" she remembered her afternoon with Armaan everything felt right in a way but different at the same time.

That night she sat in bed with Nisha, as she read a story she thought of Armaan her story from what they were to what they were now. Life had played a big game and broke them apart but did they have the strength in themselves to pull it all back together.


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