Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Part 1 : Look Closer (Arsh)

Sitting on the edge of her seat, she anxiously watched as the last few minutes passed. Her eyes were wide, moving left and then right; then left again. She followed everything that was going on. She jumped out of her seat and began to scream and yell from the audience, "COME ON!! That was definitely a foul!! Give them the free throws!" All of the avid fans around her joined her in screaming at the referees who were reviewing the video before they made a call. "Damn it! FOUL!" She screamed getting irritated at how long they were taking. She just wanted to run down there and slap them in their faces.

            "Shilpa, calm down!" She felt a tug on her arm which annoyed her more. "DO NOT tell me to calm down Armaan! Everyone saw that was a foul! I wish I could just go and tear their heads off!"  She gritted through her teeth. Armaan gave up. It was impossible trying to get her to sit down when something like this happened at the basketball games she went to. He leaned back in the chair with his head in one of his hands and let out a deep sigh.

            She began to move left and right trying to look over the people in front of her who stood up as well. She got all the more aggravated as the referees went to the center of the court and continued to talk it over. "It does not take this long! It's an obvious FOUL!" She screamed loudly joining the other thousands of voices yelling throughout the stadium.

            She listened intently as the referees talked. "THANK YOU!" She, along with the entire stadium cheered as their favorite team would get the free throws. She turned around to grab her soda to rehydrate her throat and saw Armaan's irritated expression. "Don't look so down Armaan! Have a little fun! What's your problem?" She looked up at the scoreboard. "We're winning now! WOOOO!!" She shrieked as her team took the lead. She did a little dance before she sat back down in her seat and took a sip out of the cup. "You're the problem." He mumbled under his breath. "Huh?" Armaan straightened himself, "Nothing." "You're just mad because your team is losing! So HAH!" She stuck her tongue out and then started to dance in her chair.

            Shilpa was back on her feet during the last minute screaming for her team and Armaan stood next to her screaming for his. She watched one player on the opposing team who continuously made 3 pointers, closing the 10 point gap between the two teams. "Noooo! He needs to miss!!" She stood with her arms crossed against her chest. Armaan turned to her and stuck his tongue out doing his own little dance to frustrate her. "Who's winning now Shilpa?!" He circled his arms around in front of him and swayed from side to side in the small space in front of his seat. She squinted her eyes and glared at the joyful Armaan next to her. Boiling with anger, she gave him a harsh smack on the side of his arm. "OW! What the hell was that for?" She placed her hands on her hips and retorted back, "We can still win! Don't get your hopes up!!" She turned toward the court and screamed like no tomorrow. The gap between the numbers on the scoreboard quickly grew and Armaan grew more and more ecstatic. "Will you guys play some real basketball DAMN IT!!" He laughed at the infuriated Shilpa next to him who was growing angrier every second. As the buzzer rang throughout the stadium she slumped back down in her seat and Armaan jumped up and down. "IN YOUR FACE!" Armaan yelled into her enraged face. "What now Shilpa? 'We're winning! We're winning'" He mimicked her with an extremely high pitched voice that didn't match her at all.

            "Whatever." She hoisted up her bag and pushed Armaan out of the way while he danced to his own tune. "Whoa! Trying to kill me?!" He said as he jumped down to the row below theirs in order to let her pass. "Maybe." She snapped back at him throwing the foil ball at him before walking to the exit. Armaan swiftly ducked down before it could hit him in the face and then ran after her.

            "Yo! Shilpa! Wait for me!" He hurried behind her trying to get through the crowd. She already made her way out the door and he was stuck behind a couple of elderly folk who were moving awfully slow. "Why do they even come at this age? Slow pokes..." He whispered trying to get around them. Making it out of the arena he looked around for Shilpa. "She's so freaking stubborn, man!" He darted down the stairs leading down to the main walk way. Not finding her there either, he pulled out his cellphone from his pocket and dialed her number. "She's not picking up either." He took a deep breath and started walking to where he parked his car. As he approached the vehicle he saw a girl leaning on the passenger side door with her arms crossed and an exasperated expression on her face. "Took you long enough. Open the damn door." Armaan tried his best to contain his laugh as he pulled out his keys and unlocked the doors.

            She got into and slammed the door waiting for him to get in. Armaan let out a few snickers before he composed himself and sat down in his car. It took all his control to not laugh at her expressions. He pulled out his car from the spot and drove out of the parking garage and onto the main street which was flooded with vehicles. As they slowly edged forward in traffic, Shilpa leaned over and turned on the radio. She flipped through the stations trying to find one that wasn't talking about the game. "Stupid radio." She pressed the last button and leaned back into the seat. "Don't you have any CDs or something?" Armaan smirked, "Nope." He heard her sigh and lean the back of her seat all the way back. "Wake me up when you reach the house."

            "Oh come on Shilpa. Don't leave me in silence." He took one of his hands and shook her from her shoulder making sure she didn't sleep. "Armaan! Stop!" She pushed his hand away. He brought his hand to the side of her body and tickled her while still gazing out onto the street watching the slow moving traffic in front of him. Every time he glanced at her he saw her trying to conceal her laughter with a frowning face. "You know you want to laugh." He continued to tickle her. He knew she would explode any second now. And just like that, she began to giggle uncontrollably. "That's cheating! I was doing great before you started tickling me. You suck." "Correction, you do." Shilpa turned to look at him with a confused expression. "What?" Armaan just snickered as he drove down the highway heading home. About half an hour had passed before Shilpa's eyes widened with realization. "EWWWW!!!!!" Armaan looked questioningly at her. "EWWWW! You're disgusting!!" "What the hell are you talking about?" She distorted her face just at the thought of it. "Armaan Mallik! You damn right know what I'm talking about!" Armaan played innocent with a sly smile on his lips. "No, I don't know what you're talking about." "Well too bad! I'm not going to repeat it! EWWW!" Disgust occupied her face throughout the whole care ride home.

            "Armaan I want ice cream." Shilpa blatantly stated just as Armaan turned onto her street. "You're not getting ice cream now. You should have told me before. I need to get home anyways, I have a date tonight." He replied with a cheeky grin.  Shilpa saw the look on his face, "What's with the cheesy grin?" He pulled onto the driveway. "She said she likes my smile." Shilpa spat out the sip of water in her mouth and laughed hysterically. "Watch it! You got the whole dashboard wet!" He grabbed the tissues that were in one of the cup holders and began to clean it. "Haha... did she seriously... say that?!" She managed to say in between her laughing. "Yes she did! Any problem?" Armaan bunched up the wet tissues and placed them in a bag. "The only problem I see in the situation is her brain. Are you sure she's not insane?" Her laughing persisted as she unbuckled herself from the seat and got out of the car. "Very funny, Shilpa." She leaned down through the door, "I know! I'm just hilarious!" She shut the door and began to walk away. Armaan rolled down the window, "And modest, too!" he added sarcastically.


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