Monday, 22 January 2018

part 1 : pyar hua (AR os in 2 parts)

One of the most risky jobs in this world, a job in which, you are supposed to be alert 24 X 7....

Indian Air Force... The only desire of two ambitious flight lieutonants,
Flight Lieutonant Armaan Mallik and Flight Lieutonant Riddhima Gupta...
Today is the day on which, these two best Flight Lieutonants of the Air Force are returning,
after making one of the most complicated missions successful.

Their friends will be looking out for their arrival. Armaan mallik and Riddhima Gupta were good friends, who are so promising and will be there for eachother, during the time of danger.... but yet, they never showed it.  They just tried to prove themselves better as compared to others.
But as the time passed, and as they went on their mission,
Riddhima realised that, she was having certain feelings towards Armaan
and those feeling are nothing but true love...She never confessed them to him during their mission, since she thought that, she will tell him, when they will reach the Air Force base.

She was a bold girl and never cared about the discriminations laid down by the society
between a girl and a boy. Therefore, she decided to pour her feeling for
him, infront of him, even before it is very late....

She entered the party hall, making everyone turn their gaze towards her...
She was looking like an angel, dressed in a pink saree...

click here to see the picture of her saree

She made her way to Armaan, who looked stunned seeing her like that,
 but ignored any internal feelings for her.

Riddhima: Armaan.. Mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai...

Armaan: Arey waah.. Tum.. aur mujhse.. Batao na.. Kya kehna chahti ho BASKET ?

Riddhima: Armaan.. Please.. I am serious... Please try to be serious...

Armaan: Okay angry old woman.. Tell me...

Riddhima: Armaan please.. Kya tum thoda side mein aa sakte ho ?

Armaan: Chee.. Riddhima.. Mujhe kabhie nahi pata tha ki, tumhara dimaag itna dirty hai...

Riddhima: Armaan.. Tum sunna chahte ho ya nahi ?

Armaan: Jo bolna hai, yahan par bolo.. Mein koi side wide mein nahi aaonga...

Riddhima: Armaan.. Please... Samjha karo... Mein seriously kuch bolna chahti hoon...

Armaan thinks that, their bickering already went overboard, and he thought about the thing getting serious again. Therefore, he decided to go outside, in privacy, along with Riddhima...
But suddenly, there will be an announcement, which will make both of them to turn
towards the speaker... Riddhima shows her fake anger, while Armaan raises his brow
and turns his attention elsewhere... As the speech ends, Riddhima keeps walking
towards the food counter, while Armaan follows her..

Armaan: Riddhima.. Tum kuch bolna chahti thi..

Riddhima: Armaan, maine kaha na.. Yahan nahi.. Kya hum bahar chal ke baar kar sakte hai ?

Armaan: Yeah.. Sure.. Come...

They go out, and witness the full moon, which is shining between a group of stars..
The atmosphere is extremely romantic...

Armaan: Kya bolna hai ? Jaldi bolo.. Mujhe bohot bhook lag rahi hai.. You know...

Riddhima: I wont take much of your time Armaan
(This time, Riddhima really gets annoyed at his reckless comments)

Armaan notices the real annoyingness in her voice and bends his head down,
as if he is asking her forgiveness...

Riddhima: Armaan.. Mujhe yeh nahi pata ki, tum mere baare mein kya sochte ho.. Mujhe yeh bhi nahi pata hai ki, tum mujhe kaise samajhte ho.. I even dont know, whether you feel like treating me like a friend or not... Armaan, jab se hum mission par gaye the, tab se, maine har waqt yahi socha, ki, do saal ho gayi hai hamare, Air Force mein join karte hue.. Aur in do saalon mein, hum hamesha, chote chote baaton par ladte the.. lekin, jab hum koi museebat mein hai,
 toh ek doosre ke bohot help karte hai.. Ab mein straightly point par aati hoon...

Armaan.. In teen char mahinon mein, maine yeh realise kia hai ki, mujhe pyaar hua hai..
 Haan Armaan.. Mujhe tumse pyaar ho gaya hai.. I love you Armaan.. and I dont want to force you into anything. Tumhe bhi, apne feelings ko batane ka haq hai.. Agar tum mujhse pyaar nahi karte ho toh, please batao... Humare dosti, hamesha jaise, waisa hi rahegi..
I will never force you.. Please Armaan.. Batao na...

Armaan was shocked to hear this confession from her. He never expected her to confess to him. The point is, he never believed in love. And all he aimed was, to be the best air force officer, and to protect his nation.

Armaan: Riddhima.. Mein.. Kya bataoon.. I never knew that..
Seriously.. I am unable to frame my sentences either.. I never thought about love Riddhima.. Nor I believe in it.. I dont know.. But I will never fall in love Riddhima.. Not with you nor with anyone... I am so sorry Riddhima.. Mujhe mere career ke siwa, aur kuch nahi dikhta.
I am sorry if my words have hurt you..

He expressed his feelings in a crystal clear manner,
making the tiny crystal tears fall from Riddhima's eyes..
He turned back, to see her crying.. He had never seen her cry.. Not even when the bullet pierced right into her leg during their mission.

Riddhima: Its okay Armaan.. I understand.. Everyone will have their own opinion..

Armaan: Riddhima.. Tum ro rahi ho.. Please dont cry Riddhima..
Hum shayad, kabhi ek saath, khush nahi rahenge..
Lekin ek baat toh zaroor kehta hoon.. Jab se maine Air Force join kiya, bohot logon se milta raha.. Lekin, un sab logon mein tum sab se special ho aur mere sabse achchi dost ho..
I am so sorry Riddhima... Maine kabhi nahi socha tha ki, I would be the reason for your tears...

Riddhima: Dont worry about me Armaan.. mein bhi na.. Pagal hoon.. Theek ho jaoongi..
You know, time heals everything.. I thought, this relationship would work out but we never know na... Things happen in their own way...

Armaan: I really like this quality of yours riddhima.. Thanks for being so frank...

Riddhima just makes her way out of the party hall. She just got a refusal from the love of her life.. Just like in her career, she was successful in making herself strong infront of her love even...

The next day was usual for each and every air force officer except for Riddhima.
Armaan assumed that, she would have forgot all the things that happened last night.
As she saw her walking inside, he granted her with a big smile while she did the same
but yet, he noticd that, it was a fake smile, but was helpless and was unable to do anything.

Soon, she crossed him and made her way to the meeting room and made herself comfortable.
As Armaan entered, he noticed that, his place, which was just next to Riddhima was occupied by someone else and the other person was chatting with Riddhima. He was in his Air Force uniform and looked like, one of the fllight lieutonants.. Armaan frowned at this and made his way to the seat infront of Riddhima and Sapna.

Sapna: Shashank sir kahan hai ? Unhone humein meeting par bulaya tha..
But he himself is not there.

Riddhima: Woh.. Kya hai na Sapna.. Papa abhi CM ke saath kuch confidential baaten kar rahe hai. I think it will take him some time to come. Waise, Rishab, meet Flight Lieutonant Sapna Shah, my best friend.. She is awesome in shooting and researching about war planes...

Rishab: Hello Sapna..

Riddhima: And this is flight lieutonant Armaan Mallik, good at everything...
(gives a giggle) and is one of my greatest friends too...

Rishab: Hey Armaan...

Riddhima: Guys, this is Rishab.. Rishab Mehra, from Delhi. He is a new flight lieutonant and
from now on is a part of our team and will be there for us in each and every mission of ours.

Rishab: Thanks a lot Riddhima...

Riddhima: You welcome Rish....

Armaan did not like the way she called Rishab and Rish.. And their unfinished thank you was bugging him so much that, he was unable to stop from clearing his doubts by asking Riddhima..

Armaan: Rishab, thanks kyun ?

Rishab: Bohot purani story hai yaar.. Actually, me and Riddhima know
eachother since our childhood days.. so...

Armaan: Really ? So, you guys were family friends ?

Rishab: Exactly. I am really happy to work with Riddhi here...Finally, we are back together..

Riddhima: Exactly.. Lekin, hum jaise school mein mazaak karte the, we are not
going to do the same here okay. We have to get responcible now. Not like those old days.

Rishab: Okay ma'am..

Meanwhile, Shashank enters the cabin, making everyone alert.

Shashank: Good Morning Officers..

Everyone: Good Morning Sir.

Shashank: Well, you all would have introduced yourselves by now, but yet, it is my responcibility to introduce flight lieutonant Rishab Mehra to all of you.
Welcome to Mumbai FL (flight lieutonant) Rishab Mehra...

Rishab: Thank you sir.

Shashank: Officers, I have requested you to assemble here, inorder to
discuss something important.

Armaan: Yes sir.. Please go ahead.

Shashank: This mighht be a shock for most of you but the issue is, FL Rishab Mehra is here to replace one of you.. This is because, we seriously require a very experianced and a strong FL at our Delhi base and therefore, we need to make a replacement here even...

Everyone looked at eachother faces. Everyone, including Rishab knew that, Armaan and Riddhima are the best amongst all the younger sub groups and either of them would get replaced....  Riddhima just wished that, she must be the one, because, since last night, she is not being able to meet Armaan's gaze. While at the same time, Armaan felt that, Riddhima must not go.. And he also should not go... He thought about the life without their daily bickering and routine silly fights and arguements. Sapna was quiet and confused. Both Armaan and Riddhima were her best friends. She will be loosing one of her friends and will be having a 100% effect on this decision... On the other side, Rishab never knew that, he is here in Mumbai, to replace some other Flight Lieutonant... He felt sad that, if Riddhima will go there, he will get alone.

Shashank: We have discussed the same issue with all the senior officers and after working so much on this issue, we have come to a conclusion that,

Flight Lieutonant Riddhima Gupta is the most suitable person..

Armaan's world shook and he felt like millions of bullets are piercing in his heart at the same time. It has not even been 24 hours since he had rejected her. But his heart and brain are now thinking about her only. He smacked himself mentally and went back to his normal, and just wished Riddhima a plain good bye.. As she left, he thought about his life without her and was unable to give it a second thought. He then thought about what love actually is....


After 2 years...

Riddhima has settled and adjusted in Delhi. She is now a practical person like Armaan.
She has removed her emotional side a long time ago. She thought of living a new life in Delhi.
She started living her life, to her will and in her own terms. She even started drinking occassionally, when she recollects what all happened in her past and how her first love rejected her... . She still had the emotional Riddhima on one side of her heart but she never showed it. She never made any co FL's her friends. She used to do her work and, used to go back to her home, without saying a single word to anyone. She has made her life a timetable,
where everything goes according to the schedule....

Here on the other side, Armaan misses Riddhima a lot. Well, he had finally realised that,
his life is kind of empty without her.. He realised his love for her but never had the guts
to call her and confess himself in all these two years. He is missing her badly...
He felt shameful for thinking so bad about the values of love...

Today, Armaan and Sapna are supposed to travel to Delhi and meet the other Delhi FL's
since there is an important mission coming up and would require all the FL's from Mumbai and Delhi. They are really happy that, they will be meeting and will be talking to Riddhima
after whole 2 years, beacuse, after she left to Delhi, she was on many missions
and they never got the time to talk to eachother...

As Sapna, Armaan and Rishab entered the Delhi base, everyone greeted and hugged Rishab.
They were happy to see him back after a pretty long time. They missed him a lot.
The eyes of these 3 people, kept searching for Riddhima and god fulfilled their wish by bringing Riddhima infornt of their eyes. Riddhima walked towards them, and behaved professionally...

Riddhima: Good Morning. This is Flight Lieutonant Riddhima Gupta. Welcome to our Delhi base. I will be there to guide you through the base and if there is any assistance required,
I will always be available in the quarters at the back of the base.
Well, I would like to show you around...

She keeps moving and talking while all the other three follow her with utter shock.
They expected a hug and a warm welcome from her instead of all the formallities.
Armaan was the one who was more hurt as compared to the others..
But when she addressed in a serious manner towards Sapna and Rishab,
he kept quite and followed her, assuming that, she might wish him later, personally...

Riddhima: This is the gym, cafeteria, library and then, some recreation rooms for the FL juniors
and this recreation room is for us... and yeah.. here we come.. there are our quarters.
Well, I stay in the first room. The second room is for you Flight Lieutonant Armaan Mallik.
The third one is for Flight Lieutonant Sapna Shah and the fourth one is for
Flight Lieutonant Rishab Mehra.

She is suddenly distracted by one of her juniors, who will be getting trained under her.

Saniya: Good Morning Mam... I have some information regarding our new jet plane mam.
there were some faults while I fixed them and.....

Riddhima: Flight Lieutonant Saniya Singh.. You know, I want everything to be in an order.
First of all, I would like you to clear up those marks on your uniform.
Especailly on your badge. just do it NOW

Saniya: Sorry FL Riddhima Gupta. I will do it right away...

she left scared and made a face like slapping herself for not being proper and getting cought by Riddhima. Everyone on the other side, were shocked to see Riddhima so strict.
They never saw this side of Riddhima.. She always had a softcorner for everyone...
But now, she was not the same. Her physical appearance also changed. She seemed to look
more firm and stronger as compared to before.

Riddhima: Okay then. It is nice meeting you all. I am sorry but please excuse me. I need to attend an important meeting. And I would like to inform all of you about the meeting,
which we will be having in another 2 hours. Thanks.

she leaves from the place, leaving everyone shocked...


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