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part 10 : It all Depends on Love(AR)

Armaan and Muskaan entered in the boutique to collect Muskaan's engagement dress… A girl came with Muskaan's dress as soon as they entered the boutique…

"Here… it's ready ... you can try it now…"

"Thank you so much Tina… Thank you for getting this ready on such a short notice…"

"That's not a problem dear… Just go and try it on."

Muskaan headed for the changing room leaving Armaan near the cash counter… After few minutes Tina came there and asked…

"Hmm… excuse me… If I am not wrong you came here with Muskaan… Right?"

"Yes" Armaan answered

"I am sorry I forgot to give the chunari… Will you please give it to her before she starts shouting?"

"Sure… I will." Armaan smiled and headed to the changing room…

There were two changing room, when Armaan was about to knock on one door… A girl came out wearing Lehnga… Looking very pretty… Armaan stared at her open mouthed… the moment she steeped out of the changing room…the whole world seemed to have vanished…

'Why the hell is she looking so beautiful…? Oh God! I Love her…'
Armaan told himself and came out of his hypnotized state with muskaan's screaming

"You can stare at this girl whole evening… I don't really care but give me my chunari first…"

"Oh… Huh… I am sorry muski... She is Riddhima… I told you about her… Remember? And Riddhima she is Muskaan… My sister…"

"Hi Riddhima It's so good to finally meet you… Atul talks a lot about you…"

"Hey Muskaan… You are looking very pretty… Atul is very lucky."

"Thanks Riddhima… But I don't think I need to tell you how pretty you are looking… See how my darling brother is staring at you."

"Muskaaaan…" Armaan glared at her with gritted teeth

"Ok… I am sorry…" Muskaan said grinning and looked at blushing Riddhima "So Riddhima if you are done with your blushing… tell me one thing… You came here with Atul… right?"

"Yes… He is in men's section… Selecting his dress for engagement" Riddhima replied shyly

"Oh… Ok … I'll go and help him." Muskaan looked at Armaan and continued "Don't you want something for tomorrow or are you planning to stand here and you know……"

"Don't even say that." Armaan gave her an angry glare "I am coming with you to the men's section."


"I don't like this Muskaan" irritated Atul told Muskaan After trying five sherwanis "Why don't you let me buy that black sherwani… I like that very much."

"I know. I like that too but…"

"You like that?" Atul stared at her open mouthed "Why the hell are you making me try all these dresses then?"

"There is no harm in trying Atul… We may find something better."

Armaan rolled his eyes and started selecting his own dress leaving both of them to settle the matter on their own… He was finding hard to decide between blue and white sherwani when Rddhima came out of the changing room wearing Jeans and tank top

"Blue one is better."
Armaan turned around and saw Riddhima smiling at him

"I said Blue sherwani is better."

"I know… I was going to the blue one… anyway." Armaan snapped and turned around his back facing her "Thank God… She changed that Lehnga…" Armaan murmured under his breath.

"Did you say something?" Riddhima came forward to face him

"No… Tina will you please get this blue sherwani packed for me… Thank you."

Armaan was about to leave when Riddhima said "I want to talk to you Armaan… about us… I wanted to tell you before but…"

"Not here Riddhima" Armaan interrupted "I'll talk to you later please… Tomorrow is Muskaan's engagement. It's a big day for her. I don't want to create a scene in front of her and there is nothing left to say… Is there?"

"Yes Armaan there is something very important I need to tell you… Armaan I am not…"

"Not now Riddhima… Please understand."

Riddhima nodded" I understand but you will talk to me after engagement… It's serious… Promise?"

Armaan nodded "I will… promise… And I am really sorry about all that… Muskaan is a bit out spoken"

"No… it's ok… She is really very sweet."

"Yes she is… Are you done with you shopping?"


"Let's go to Atul and muski then."

"Hey muski… hurry up… will you? I am starving." Armaan said walking towards Muskaan and Atul

"Hmm alright then… we'll take this black sherwani…

"You are impossible Muskaan… you made me try 12 sherwanis but decided the sherwani I tried first… You love wasting time… Don't you?"

"HUH" Muskaan stomped her foot and moved towards Riddhima "I and Riddhima are going to Beauty Parlour after lunch."

"Lunch? At 6:30?" Armaan asked Muskaan with an arched eye brow

"6:30… Oh God! I have an appointment at 7:30….."

"But Muskaan" Riddhima interrupted "I am sorry but I can't join you… I have something…"

"I am not asking you sweetheart I am telling you that you are coming with me."

"But Muskaan that is not fair I'll get bored without you… When will you come back?" Armaan said pouting

"Don't use these tricks" Muskaan said "You can go and play Basket ball with Atul… He loves playing Basket ball… You know he is a Basket ball champion…" Muskaan said proudly

Armaan smiled at Atul "So what say champ… Ladies are going to the Beauty parlour… and I need to spend sometime with my sister's fianc."

"Sure dude." Atul gave him a sweet smile.

"So it's settled then." Muskaan said "Come Riddhima let's wait outside… Atul and Armaan will take care of the bill… And please Atul hurry up… you have already wasted lots of time…" Before Atul could defend himself she was out of the door.

Later that night after a fantastic basket ball match with Atul, Armaan sat on his bed thinking about days' events…

'What am I going to do now? It's getting impossible with every passing day to hide my feelings for her... Now I don't care she is younger than me… I'll go and tell her that I LOVE HER… yes I'll tell her… tomorrow… after engagement… I'll wait for her if she wants time for higher education… I'll tell her tomorrow… Then everything will be alright… I'll always keep her happy… I love you Riddhima… I really do…"

Riddhima and Atul reached the venue on time but Armaan and Muskaan were late… Riddhima was getting restless with every passing minute… 'kahan ho Armaan… Please jaldi aao… I want all this to end today… I want to tell you the truth… Every thing will be alright… I know you love me… you are not confessing because of this silly game of mine… I'll tell you the truth tonight… Please come soon."

Riddhima's chain of thoughts broke when Armaan said "Let's start the ring ceremony."

Muskaan and Armaan were standing in front of Riddhima and Atul… Armaan, looking unbelievingly handsome… Riddhima stared at him without blinking and Armaan gave her a mischievous smile… Riddhima looked down to hide her blush… Armaan came closer and whispered "If you are done with you thinking, staring and blushing can we start the ring ceremony?"

Riddhima gave him a surprised look "Yes of course… Let's exchange the rings."

"Exchange rings? I don't have a problem with that… but its Atul and muski's engagement… how can we exchange rings." Armaan said with naught smile

"I know… I meant Atul and Muskaan." Riddhima answered with gritted teeth

"Ahem… ahem…"Muskaan interrupted "Guys we are feeling left out here… It's our engagement… remember? I'll be glad if you give us a bit importance."

"That's what I was telling her that it's your engagement" Armaan said grinning "Right Riddhima?"

"Right!" Riddhima said glaring at Armaan

"Don't tell me you are going to start your ring ceremony without me Atul" A voice came and they all turned around to see a tall girl wearing saree and staring at Armaan "What are you doing here" Both Armaan and that girl asked at the same time… She came forward and gave Atul a hug. "I know we are not very old friends but how could you forget you invited me."

"I didn't forget dear."

"Do you mind introducing us Atul?" asked Muskaan

"She is my fiance Muskaan… and Muskaan she is my friend… Do you remember I told you about a girl I met in Italy two months ago…?"

"Oh yes… So she is Anjali… right? Hi Anjali… Nice to meet you"

"Same here… I didn't know you know Armaan, Atul… He is my boss… I work for him"

"He is Muskaan's brother."

"Oh really? I didn't know he has a sister."

"A beautiful little sister." Armaan said kissing on Muskaan forehead "can we start the ring ceremony now?'

"Of course" Atul said "Riddhima… Muskaan's ring please."

Only then Anjali noticed Riddhima standing besides Armaan "What are you doing here." Anjali asked rudely

"I am Atul's best friend." Riddhima answered with confidence and Anjali gave her an angry glare... 'Huh… best friend… my foot… cheap maid.' She murmured under her breath

Muskaan and Atul exchanged their rings and hugged each other… Atul gave Muskaan a quick kiss on her lips and Muskaan blushed… Armaan came forward and hugged Muskaan tightly… Both had tears in their eyes… Armaan broke the hug and kissed Muskaan on her forehead and said "Promise me you'll take care of her Atul… Promise me you'll never make her cry… she means the world to me… Promise me you'll always love her and keep her happy…"

Atul smiled and nodded "I promise… I'll take care of her… I love her Armaan… trust me."

"I do" Armaan said and both hugged "Ok now I'll cut out this emotional drama here…guests are waiting to congratulate you guys personally… I'll go and have something I am hungry."

Riddhima was standing in one corner felling very nervous… 'I'll have to do it… and do it fast… but what will I say? I am sorry I am not 18 but 24 years old… I was just making you fool… oh God! What do I do? Please God help me… Please help me choose right words to make him understand… Please God help me…"

"What's wrong Ridzi? You look upset… Is everything all right?" Atul came to her asked in a concerned tone

"As if you don't know… I am going to tell him the truth Atul."

"That's good… just do it then"

"It's not that easy Atul."

"Why not? Telling the truth is always easy Riddhima… Trust me."

"How will he react?"

"Hmm… It'll not be easy for him to digest… but I am sure he'll understand… He is a good guy."

"Understand what? There is no justification for what I did."

"Listen Riddhima… I know what you did was absolutely wrong… But the truth is you can't hide this truth forever… can you?"

Riddhima shook her head

"So its better you go and tell him the truth before it's too late… before anybody else discloses your true identity… Just go and tell him the truth Riddhima and leave the rest to God…"

"I am scared Atul… I love him… I don't want to loose him… I can't live without him Atul." Riddhima said sobbing

Atul hugged crying Riddhima "Don't worry Riddhima… everything is going to be alright…"

"Can we talk Armaan?" Riddhima asked Armaan whose mouth was filled with lasagna

"Aren't you hungry? Have something… there is plenty of time to talk."

"It's serious Armaan… please… you promised me that you'll talk to me after engagement… now the engagement is over I really want to talk to you… and I am not hungry… Thanks for asking"

Armaan placed his plate on the table and held Riddhima by her shoulders "Before you say anything Riddhima I wan to tell you something… Riddhima I L…"

"Please Armaan… It's really important… Let me tell you the truth first... please"

"But Riddhima… what I want to say is more important than anything else."

"Armaan please I beg of you let me say first." Riddhima said in a watery voice.

"What's wrong Riddhima?" Armaan asked in a concerned voice "tell me… what's bothering you so much."

"Armaan." She paused a took a deep breath "Armaan I am not what you think I am."

"I know you are not a thief Riddhima… I know you didn't steal Miss Gupta's bracelet… I know you didn't steal my proposal file…I trust you… And I am sorry… really sorry for accusing you for all this…"

"Armaan, do you know Miss. Gupta's first name?"

"No." Armaan gave her a confused look "why?"

"Armaan my name is Riddhima G…" She started only to be interrupted by Anjali

"Hey Armaan." Anjali said "I just came to say bye… I am leaving… When will you come back? We have a meeting with Garewal's after two days and there are few thing we need to discuss before that."

"I'll talk to you on phone and let you know about my plans." Armaan was in no mood to discuss business with her that time… He just wanted to tell Riddhima that he love her

"Ok then… see ya… bye." She looked at Riddhima and said "See you Miss Riddhima Khanna." She paused for a second then continued "Or shall I say Riddhima Gupta."

Riddhima stared at Anjali with shock… horror filled eyes… Her knees shaking… She felt as if she's going to faint… She reluctantly looked at Armaan… whose expression changed from disbelief to shock… to hurt and then anger… Riddhima wanted to say so many thing but she was not getting courage to open her mouth… Armaan was staring at her with hatred in his eyes…

Anjali looked at Armaan and said "I heard her conversation with Atul. Who knew our eighteen years old maid is actually RIDDHIMA GUPTA… most successful business woman of London… only God knows why she did this…"

Armaan and Riddhima didn't say anything… just stared at each other… with guilt in Riddhima's eyes and hatred and anger in Armaan's.

Atul looked towards Armaan, Riddhima and Anjali and sensed tension… He asked Muskaan to come with him and both moved towards them…

"Is everything ok?" Worried Atul asked

Riddhima and Armaan didn't say anything just kept on staring at each other.

"Tell me what the hell is going on here." Muskaan asked and shook Armaan

Armaan looked at Muskaan and then Atul "You knew about all this?"

Atul nodded feeling guilty

"I must say you are a true friend Atul. I thought you are a good man… I gave my sister permission to marry you and what you did… cheated me… cheated us… played a silly game with your best friend."

"What the hell are you saying…? Atul didn't cheat us."

"Yes he did… his best friend is not an eighteen years old maid… she is Riddhima Gupta… She lied to me muski and so did Atul."

"Listen to me Armaan." Muskaan said in a loud voice "Listen to me carefully… Atul didn't lie… I knew the truth… he told me everything about Riddhima and you before our engagement… Riddhima promised me to tell you the truth before our engagement."

"You knew all about this?" Armaan asked in a hurt voice

"Yes I knew."

"You all cheated me… I trusted you all and you all cheated me… Oh God! Why Muskaan… Why you did this to me… ever since Ma and Pa died you are my only family… Shashank uncle always gave me money… but he didn't have time to give me love… It was you whom I trusted blindly and what you did… Why Muskaan why…" Armaan said with tear filled eyes

"Armaan it's nobody's fault but mine……" Riddhima finally got courage to say something but couldn't complete.

Armaan rounded on her… his eyes glittering with anger and hatred… "Yes it is… Will you tell me why you did this?"

"Initially it was just for fun but later……"

Armaan interrupted her "You started enjoying with you silly charade… Right?"

"No Armaan… I wanted some time to…"

Armaan again interrupted her "You wanted time to play with my feelings… You wanted time to see me loose control in front of a teenager… You wanted time to…"

"NO… NO… NO…"this time Riddhima interrupted him "I wanted to tell you Armaan but I didn't get the chance. You didn't give me a chance to tell you the truth."

"I didn't give you a chance… when I didn't let you tell me the truth… tell me when… when I came in the kitchen to have breakfast with you for the first time… I talked to you for about 20 minutes… Did I stop you to tell me the truth then? You could have told me when I kissed you for the first time… Did I stop you to tell me the truth then… You could have told me the truth when I came to your house and we almost made love on your couch… Did I stop you to tell me the truth that night? I stayed with you for more than an hour… tell me Miss Riddhima Gupta… When I didn't give you a chance to tell me the truth… Whenever we were alone I always mentioned about our age difference… didn't I? But you never told me the truth… because you didn't want to tell me the truth…"

"It's not like that Armaan… I wanted to tell you… I didn't mean to hurt you… trust me."

"Trust you… Huh… do you have any idea how I felt when I accused you for stealing your own bracelet… I hated myself after accusing you for stealing my proposal file… You have no idea how it felt… YOU HAVE NO IDEA DAMMIT RIDDHIMA… WHY DID YOU DO THIS RIDDHIMA? WHY?" Armaan said with louder voice and eyes filled with tears

"I wanted to tell you the truth yesterday… I told you I want to talk to you but you said you don't want to spoil Muskaan's engagement day."

"It's already spoiled… thanks to you… My sister is crying on her engagement day…" Armaan looked at crying Muskaan "I am sorry Muskaan I never wanted this to happen."
Muskaan opened her mouth to say something but Armaan said before her "But that doesn't mean I am not angry with you… you should have told me the truth… I didn't expect this from you. I am going back… Bye… Take care...Come Anjali Let's go…"

"Armaan please let me explain… please listen to me once."

"There is nothing left to explain Miss Gupta… I don't want any explanations from you now… GOOD BYE… FOREVER"

And without backward glance Armaan went out of the Hall… Anjali gave a nasty smile to Riddhima and followed Armaan…


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