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Part 11: It all Depends on Love(AR)

Riddhima fell on the floor as Armaan went out. "I lost him… He'll never come back… He hates me… He'll never forgive me… Sab khatam hogaya… Maine sab barbad kar dia Atul… You said he'll understand but he didn't… He didn't even give me a chance to explain… He doesn't Love me Atul… main kia karo Atul… Main kya karo…"

Riddhima was crying bitterly… Atul tried his best to pacify her but she was totally uncontrollable… After trying for about 15minutes Atul gave up and looked at Muskaan for help… Muskaan knelt down beside her and cupped her face in her hands…

"Look at me Riddhima… I know how you must be feeling right now… I know you love him… But the truth is what you did was wrong Riddhima… just give him some time… trust me he'll come back… I know he loves you… He is feeling betrayed… and we can't blame him for this… We all hid the truth from him… Trust me Riddhima he loves you… He'll come back…"

"Wo nahi aye ga Muskaan… Wo nahi aye ga… Wo mujhse pyar nahi karta…"

"Karta hai Riddhima… Agar wo tumse pyar nahi karta to ase behave kyun karta…?"

Riddhima stared at Muskaan with hope and Muskaan nodded "Trust me… chalo utho… we'll drop you home…"

"Riddhima… stay with Muskaan tonight." Suggested worried Atul

"No Atul… I need to be left alone… I'll be fine, don't worry."

Atul stopped the car in front of Muskaan Apartment after dropping Riddhima

"She'll be fine Atul… Don't worry." Said Muskaan

"I hope so… But I am more worried about Armaan… I hope he is fine."

"Me too… he is very impulsive Atul… I really hope he is fine... I'll call him tomorrow morning in Mallik mansion."

"Say sorry from my side… He is upset with me too."

"I will." Muskaan paused for a second "I am sorry Atul… I am sorry for what happened because of Armaan… I am sorry you felt embarrassed in front of so many guests because of my brother… I am really sorry."

Atul put his finger on Muskaan's lips "There is no need to say sorry… You know I love you, don't you?"

Muskaan smiled and nodded… Atul came close and kissed Muskaan's eyes… "I can't see tears in these beautiful eyes… Go and sleep… I know you must be tired… I'll pick you up for lunch tomorrow."

Muskaan saw Armaan sitting on in the living room as she entered her apartment.

"Armaan… you didn't go… I thought you…" Muskaan stopped mid sentence as she looked at Armaan's tears strained face… She ran towards him and gave him a tight hug…

"I am sorry Armaan… I am sorry I didn't tell you the truth… I'll never lie to you again… I am sorry… please don't be angry with me… please forgive me… please Armaan."

Armaan broke the hug and kissed her forehead "Sshh… Stop crying Muski… I am not angry with you… I love you."

"I love you too." Muskaan wiped her tears. "And Riddhima… Will you forgive her?"

Armaan clenched his hands… eyes again filled with tears… "No" in a thundering voice "I won't… I'll never forgive her… Never."

"wo tumse bohot pyar karti hai Armaan."

"Wo mujse koi pyar vyar nahi karti Muskaan… Usko pyar ka matlab bhi nhai pata…"

"Ye sach nahi hai Armaan."

"Yehi sach hai."


"Stop it Muskaan" in a warning tone "Stop taking her side."

"I am not taking her side Armaan."

"Oh really! Then what are you doing?"

"I am telling you the truth… She loves you."

"Yeah right…"

"Armaan listen to me… I know it's difficult for you… I know what she did was wrong… absolutely wrong but I know one more thing and that is… She loves you… trust me."

Armaan didn't say anything and she continued. "She will die without you Armaan… Just go and tell her that you love her before it's too late."

"She'll die without me…" Armaan gave her a sarcastic smile and headed for his room "I'll see you at breakfast… Good night."

Armaan locked his bedroom door and sat on the bed with his head in his hands thinking about Riddhima…
'Muskaan is wrong… she doesn't love me… she just played with my feelings… But why? Why did she do this? Oh God! I'll go mad.'

His chain of thoughts broke with the loud knock on his bedroom door… Armaan opened the Door to se Muskaan standing with mobile in one hand and other hand resting on her hip… Giving Armaan a challenging look

"What is it Muski? Go and sleep… its 2:30 a.m."

"Are you sure she doesn't love you."

"Oh God not again… yes I am sure… now go to sleep and leave me alone."

"Ok If you are so sure about that then tell me one thing… Why would she cry like this for a man she doesn't love?" She thrust her mobile in Armaan's hands

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Just see this video and tell me if she doesn't love you then why the hell she cried like this after you left… "

Muskaan captured the moment in her mobile when Riddhima fell on the floor and Atul went to pacify her.

"I lost him… He'll never come back… He hates me… He'll never forgive me… Sab khatam hogaya… Maine sab barbad kar dia Atul… You said he'll understand but he didn't… He didn't even give me a chance to explain… He doesn't Love me Atul… main kia karo Atul… Main kia karo…"

Armaan watched the video and sat on his bed "Why the hell did she do this Muski?"

"Go and ask her… give her a chance to explain at least."

Armaan didn't say anything just kept staring at the mobile screen… Muskaan came and sat beside him "Tell her that you Love her before it's too late."

Armaan buried his face in her lap and started crying… Muskaan let him cry… After few minutes when he stopped crying Muskaan asked "What are you going to do now?"

"I… I'll go and tell her… that… I love her."

Muskaan smiled "Good… It's a very good decision… She is a very Good girl Armaan… I am very happy for you."

Armaan played the video one more time and his eyes got filled with tears… He gave Muskaan an angry glare.

"What are you giving me those looks for? What have I done?" asked confused Muskaan

"She was crying so badly… and you were busy making this video… you should have tried to pacify her... you should have told her that I love her…"

"How am I supposed to know about that? Did you ever tell me you love her?"

Armaan glared at her and she smiled "ok I knew that and I told her… when Atul gave up… she was not listening to him then I told her that you love her but she was not convinced though she stopped crying after that but I know she was not convinced."

Armaan stared at the mobile screen and Muskaan continued "You know why I made this video?" Armaan shook his head "Because I know how stubborn you are… I knew I need proof to convince you so I started recording as soon as you left."

Armaan smiled at her "You are a sweetheart muski… thank you."

Armaan stood up, took his car keys and started to leave.

"Where do you think you are going?

"I need some answers."

"Look at the time Armaan… it's too late… she must be sleeping."

"No… She must be crying… I can't let her cry anymore… Bye sweetheart."

Riddhima's Apartment

Riddhima lay on her bed… Wide awake… crying… Mobile tightly clutched in her hand… hoping that Armaan would call her "Please Armaan ek dafa meri baat sun lo… Just one chance… please Armaan… main mar jao gi tumhare bina… Listen to me once… I am sorry for doing all this to you… bas ek dafa meri baat sunlo…just once… please listen to me…"

"I am listening." Armaan was standing beside her bed hands folded across his chest "I am giving you a chance… say whatever you want."

Riddhima sat up… staring at Armaan without blinking her eyes… as if he'll disappear with a single blink…

'How did he come here…? Is he really here? Or am I dreaming…'

Armaan read her mind and spoke "Well… I rang the door bell and your maid opened the door… she told me where to find you and yes I am really here you are not dreaming."

It took a minute for her believe her eyes and ears… she suddenly felt weak with relief and burst into tears… She hid her face in her palms and her sobs increased… Armaan sat on the edge of the bed, pulled her to his lap and hugged her tightly… "SShh… Don't cry like this… I am sorry… really sorry for insulting you in front of…" Before Armaan could complete Riddhima started shivering and her sobs increased… "Riddhima… Please…" Two fat tears dropped from Armaan's eyes… Armaan held her close… His arms tightened around her…"You are again hurting me Riddhima… please don't cry."

After few minutes Riddhima's sobs subsided… Armaan's arms loosened around her… her cheek pressed against his chest… "I am sorry Armaan… I am really sorry … I really didn't mean to hurt you… It all started as a joke then I started enjoying your company… there was only one way… I had to keep this charade going to spend time with you… I am sorry Armaan…I didn't mean to drag this too far."

"Why did you come there? To find a job?"

"No… Atul send me to rest for two months."

"Instead of which you worked your butt off at the mansion."

"Hardly work Armaan…A vacation as compared to what I do here."

"Yeah right… Miss Riddhima Gupta."

There was a silence between them… Riddhima sitting in that same position on Armaan's lap… She was getting impatient with that silence
'Why isn't he saying anything?' she thought…then finally asked…"Why have you come here, Armaan?"
"To tell you that…" he didn't complete and there was again silence in the room…

After few moments Riddhima asked "To tell me what?"

"To tell you that…" he held her face in his hands, "I Love You Riddhima and can't live without you… I don't care you are eighteen or twenty-four… I don't care you are a maid or UK's most successful business women… I love you and want to spend my whole life with you."

There was dead silence. Their eyes met, but neither of them moved. He because he was waiting for her reaction, she because she was surprised… shocked… overwhelmed with his confession…

"I am aware that whole thing was a charade for you… but for me it was" he paused for a moment, his hands still cupping Riddhima's face. "What I mean is, I didn't realize what was happening to me until I…" He cleared his throat and began again "I made myself fight my feelings for you because I believed you were only eighteen, but I wasn't too successful as you know." He paused as if waiting for her to speak but when she didn't he exploded "Dammit, Riddhima Don't you know what I am trying to tell you? Didn't my kisses make it plain?"

"You warned me once not to read too much into your Kisses." She reminded him

"I was lying… A desperate attempt to fool you and myself as well." He again waited for her to speak but when she didn't he shook her "How can you sit there so calmly? Say something… Will you?"

"Why didn't you tell me about your feelings before?"

"I already told you the reason." Riddhima smiled at him but didn't say anything. Armaan left her face and turned his face away from her "Go on, laugh at me, I deserve it."

The pain in his voice was too much for her, she clasped her arms around his neck and Armaan stared at her with questioning eyes. "I Love You Armaan… I Love You from the moment I met you."

He groaned and pulled her close. "What a lot of time we have wasted." Their lips centimeter away from each other… Bodies trembling as he spoke. "Riddhima… these past few hours have been hell for me."

"For me too." Riddhima answered huskily

She lifted her face and his head lowered to hers. Their lips met… their touch tentative at first but as their mouths remained closed and his breath mingled with hers, the urgency of their desire for each other surfaced. Their hands moved to touch, legs to twine, bodies to merge… and suddenly they were devouring each other with long, drugging kisses as tongues explored and sweet moisture was absorbed. He slid his tongue along her lips then dipped his mouth to the hollow of her throat. He groaned as he tasted her, sliding his hands down her back to linger at her waist. When she put her hands on his chest she could feel his heart pounding under his shirt, beating against his palm.

With a groan Armaan pushed her away, though he kept his hands on her. With one shaking hand he brushed the hair away from her face, looking into her eyes. "Baby, I don't want to stop but I need to know if you are sure. Is that what you want?

She licked her lips and nodded slowly

Without a word he laid her on the bed. Then he stretched out next to her. He leaned over her and she opened her mouth for his kiss, but to her surprise all she felt was his hand tangling in her hair.

"Why don't you leave your hair loose… like this all the time?" he asked softly.

His hand brushed over her scalp and stroked through her hair. Just that slight touch made her quiver. "I love you Riddhima" he murmured against her temple "I love you too Armaan."

He moved from her temple to her mouth, kissing her with a drugging sweetness that took her breath away. She opened to him helplessly, craving the taste of him. His tongue swirled through her mouth, caressing her with an urgent rhythm that had her aching to get closer to him.

Breaking the kiss he trailed down the neck to the edge of her night gown. He kissed her collar bone gently and raised his head… He trailed the finger down the neckline of her gown. Pausing for a moment to stare at her face. Slowly he pushed the strap of the gown off one shoulder… He bent his head and gently bit her shoulder… "Armaan" she gasped… staring into her eyes, he pulled down the other side of her gown until she was bare to the waist. "Riddhima" he breathed… Reaching up with one hand he caressed her body, his hand resting on her belly… She reached down and pulled his shirt out of his waist band then slid her hands over the hot skin of his back. He froze, then lifted his head and took her mouth again.

Suddenly he reached down and swept her night gown down her legs and tossed it on the floor… She stiffened in stunned surprise then began trembling as he stroked her thighs… Exquisite sensations coiled through her, and she reached for him blindly and began unbuttoning his shirt… When her fumbling hands couldn't push the buttons through the tiny holes, he pulled the shirt over his head, revealing his strong chest… She watched as he reached down and unbuttoned the black pants and peeled them off…

Sliding over her, he braced his elbows on the bed and cupped her face in his hands. "Are you sure Riddhima?" Riddhima smiled at his concern and nodded......


They lay on the bed together for what seemed like eternity, arms tight around each other. Armaan's head was buried in her hair and her cheek was against his chest. The steady thump thump of his heart gradually slowed down but Riddhima refused to loosen her hold on him

Armaan had to struggle to free himself from her arms, but he was afraid he was crushing her. Shifting his weight off her he rolled over and pulled her close to him.

"Riddhima" he whispered

"What Armaan?"

His pressed her closer and stroked one hand down her back. "I Love You."

"I Love You too." She curled into him, pressing a kiss against his chest.

Riddhima awoke first, her tummy rumbled and she became aware of being hungry… The bedside clock showed 6:30… She was pretty sure Armaan was also going to be hungry when he awoke… She carefully slid from the bed and went into the kitchen.

After few minutes Riddhima came back to her bedroom with chicken sandwiches and coffee… She saw Armaan getting up as she entered the room…

"Where were you?"

"I went to make sandwiches and coffee for us… I am hungry… Are you?"

"Hmm… I am starving."

Riddhima placed the tray on bedside table and sat on the edge of the bed…Armaan pulled her on his lap and nuzzled closer to her neck… "You smell so good, Baby."

"Armaan please… I am hungry."

"So eat…I am not stopping…" he took one sandwich and started feeding her with love. She gave him his coffee and both finished their breakfast sitting in the same position

"Tell me one thing" Riddhima asked "You were so angry… you went from there without even listening to me then why did you come here… How come you realized that you need to give me a chance to explain?"

"Say thanks to Muskaan."


"Yeah she made the video when you were crying."

"She did what?" Riddhima stared at him with shock

Armaan smiled "Yeah she recorded the whole thing… you crying and Atul trying to pacify you."

Riddhima hid her face in his chest "Why did you cry like this baby?"

"I was feeling so help less Armaan… you were so angry with me... I saw hatred in your eyes… I was so scared… I thought you'll never come back."

Armaan kissed her head "I can never hate you Riddhima… I was so shocked to think straight and when I saw that video… I nearly died to see you crying like that…"

"I deserved that"

Armaan cupped her face in his hands and stared in her eyes "Promise me you will never cry like this again… Promise me Riddhima."

"I promise" she hugged him tightly

"Listen" Armaan whispered kissing her earlobe "As you know I have a very important meeting with Garewal's day after tomorrow… I need to go back today… But I'll be back after two days…"

"I'll miss you" Riddhima said kissing his chest

"Me too sweetheart… I need to ask you something very important."


"Not now… I'll ask you after two days…"

Riddhima lifted her head from his chest and his mouth covers her… After few minutes when he broke the kiss both smiled and hugged each other tightly



"Will you please bring my stuff when you come back? I'll call Mrs. Mehta and tell her to pack my things… you just have to bring my suit case here."

"Of course sweet heart... not a problem."

"I'll be joining office from today."

"Ok but don't over stress yourself."

"I won't."

"And don't miss me too much… I'll be back soon"

"I can't promise that."

Armaan broke the hug… held her face with his hands… stared into her eyes and said "I Love you Riddhima… with all my heart."

Riddhima smiled with tears in her eyes "I Love you too."

He once again covered her mouth with his to give her a long passionate kiss………


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