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Friday, 5 January 2018

Part 11 : Khuda Aur Mohabbat

Riddhima hesitated in answering the question. She again looked at the door, hoping that Armaan would come and safe her from the torture. The moulvi asked her again.

M: bolo beta, kya aapko yeh nikah qubool hai?

With that Riddhima stood up. She could not bear this torture anymore. She knows that Armaan must be in some difficulties, else he would come and safe her. She just cant leave him alone. He needed her, and more importantly she needed him in her life. she just cant imagine her life without him anymore. He was there for her, when no one else was. He saw through her, when everyone thought that she was happen. And now its her turn. She has to stand up for her love. Once in her life, she has to stand up for herself.

R: Mujhe yeh nikah qubool nahi hai

Everyone was shocked to hear this, especially Sid. his face turned red in anger. He was just looking at Riddhima. He put down his Sehra and stood up. Even Shashank stood up and looked at Riddhima with furious eyes.

Sh: yeh kya bol rahi ho tum Riddhima? Hosh me to ho?
R: Hosh me to ab aayi hu Baba
Sh: Shut up Riddhima, nahi to me bhul jaunga ke tum meri beti ho
R: Me aapki beti nahi hu baba, me sirf Armaan ki ho. Aapne mujhe kabhi apni beti nahi mana, me sirf Armaan ki hu.

Riddhima turned around and run towards the door. Only Anjali was the one who was smiling from ear to ear. As soon as Riddhima opened the door, she saw Armaan staning infront of it. His face was brutally beaten and dried blood was sticking on his swollen places. Riddhima was shocked to see Armaan in this state. She grabbed his face and automatically her eyes got watery. 

A: Riddhima…
R: Armaan…

Both whispered at the same time. Armaan was mesmerised to see Riddhima in that bridal dress. Both were lost in eachother. Suddenly, all Siddhant could see was red. He moved to the door and grabbed Riddhima and spun her towards himself.

S: yeh sab kya hai Riddhima. Me iska kya matlab samjhu?
R: Sid, I am sorry…
S: SORRY? Damn it Riddhima, ek sorry sab kuch change nahi kar sakta. Tumne mera mazak bana ke rakh diya hai!
R: Sid…
Sh: rehne do Siddhant beta, yeh larki to meri beti kehlane ke layak tak nahi hai. Mujhe pata tha, bahar se aayi hai, kuch na kuch rang to zaroor dikhayegi. Aa gayi na yeh apni asli aukaat pe! Mujhe to ghin aati hai, isko apni beti kehte hue! Bas manhoos hai yeh mere liye. Paida hote hi apni Maa ko kha gayi, aur aaj puri duniya ke samne isne meri Izzat nilam kar di. Are isme to zara si bhi Sharam o Hayaa nahi bachi, nahi to jaake chullu bahr paani me doob marti. Mera bas chale to me…
A: BAS!! BOHOT BOL CHUKE AAP RIDDHIMA KE BARE ME! AB ME ISKE KHILAF EK LAFZ NAHI SUNUNGA! Aree aap riddhima ke bare me kuch bolne se pehle apne girebaan me jhank ke dekhiye. Aap to…

Before Armaan could talk further, Riddhima stopped him. Armaan looked at her with disbelief. Eventhough her own father was saying rubbish towards her, she was stopping him. He could never understand this girl. But at the same time, those were the qualities why he fell in love with this wonderful woman. He could not decide if he should be angry at her to take her in a rib crushing hug.

Shashank saw Riddhima holding Armaans hands.

Sh: yehi umeed thi tumse Riddhima. Tumne akhir apne liye aisa hi ladke chose kiya, jisko baro ko respect bhi nahi karna aata. Yehi sikhaya hoga na iske parents ne isko.
S: Aree uncle, aapko pata nahi. Yeh to Armaan Mallik hai, jisne khud apne Mom Dad ko maar diya tha. The most famous Killer in Pakistan.
Sh: Wah Riddhima Wah…

After hearing those words from Sid, Riddhima felt Armaans grip tightening. She felt how tensed he was, he was inches away loosing his control.

R: You know what Sid, Armaan jaise bhi hai, wo tum jaisa ghatiya Insaan to nahi hai. Dusro ko dhoka to nahi deta, dusro ke samne aacha insaan hona pretend to nahi karta. He is honest. Aur tum kya jaante ho Armaan ke bare me. Armaan jaisa bhi hai, perfect hai. You know why? Kyunke ME Armaan ke saath hu. Me Armaan se Mohabbat karti hu, uski past jaanke. Aur mujhe Armaan ki past jaanke koi fark nahi parta. Balke meri mohabbat aur izzat Armaan ke liye 100 times barh gayi hai. At least wo tumse to bohot zyaada aacha insaan hai.

With that riddhima turned around. She was about to leave the Masjid, but Shashanks voice stopped her.

Sh: Agar tum is Masjid se Armaan ke saath bahar gayi na Riddhima, to tum mere liye hamesha ke liye marr jaoge. Agar tumne aaj Sid se shaadi nahi ki na, to me samajh jaunga, ke meri kabhi koi beti hi nahi thi.

Riddhima faced her father with a lot of hurt in her eyes.

R: me aapke liye ushi din marr gayi thi, jis din mama is duniye se gayi thi.

With that Riddhima left with Armaan. Siddhant wanted to follow them, but Shashank stopped them. Sid thought in his head:

Yeh aacha nahi kiya tumne Riddhima. Me is insult ka badla zaroor lunga. Armaan ko to marna hoga. Tumne Siddhant, Mujhe, us ek Killer ki wajah se chora hai. Bohot battar haal karunga me Armaan ka. Tum bohot pashtao ki Riddhima bohot pashtaogi. Ek bar Armaan marr jaye, phir me dekhna tumhare saath kya karta hu. Ek ek pal tum marne ki dua mangogi. Apni Zindagi ke har ek pas se tum nafrat karogi. I will make sure of that. Wait and Watch Riddhima Gupta.

As soon as Riddhima and Armaan were far inside Armaans house, Riddhima collapsed in Armaans hands. Armaan panicked and took her bridal style to his room. Ignoring his own pain. He made Riddhima lay on the bed. He looked clearly at her angelic face. Today this woman did something for him, which no one has ever done. She actually stood up for him. She took his side. He moved and sat beside her. He tapped her face.

A: Riddhima, please wake up…

His voice was very shivery plus shakey. 

A: Riddhima…
R: Armaan…

As soon as he heard her voice he sighned in relief. Riddhima opened her eyes and looked into his. She saw a lot of fear in his eyes. Fear and Pain. She stroke his face with her hands and armaan closed his eyes. She felt his bruises. As her hand reached his lips, armaan held her hand there and kissed her hand. Riddhima gasped for air.

R: Armaan…
A: mujhe laga ke mene tumhe hamesha ke liye kho diya. I am sorry ke mujhe itna time laga. Me aa raha tha Riddhima, lekin Raj ne…
R: shhhh. tumhe kuch bhi kehne ki zaroorat nahi hai Armaan. Main yeh hai, ke me aur tum ab saath hai. Mujhe ab is duniya ka dar nahi hai. Meri duniya ab tum ho. Sirf tum armaan.
A: i love you Riddhima, me tumhare bina nahi reh sakta.

Riddhima smiled and stood up. She took of her jewellery and put down her dupatta. All the while Armaan was looking at her very intensly. riddhima could feel his eyes burning in her back.

R: stop looking Armaan…
A: cant help myself…

Riddhima smiled and went into the washroom. She came back with a bowl with hot water and a napkin, to wash off Armaans wounds. Armaan was sitting on the bed and saw Riddhima coming back, her hairs open. He was lost in his beauty. Riddhima came and stood in between his legs. Then she started to clean his wounds. all the while Armaan was starring in her eyes. Riddhima blew air on his wounds to lessen the pain. suddenly he grabbed her waist and pulled her closer. Very close....

Meanwhile Sid went out, to plan something. Out of nowhere someone came and said.

M: I can help you to kill Armaan.

This woke Sid`s interesset.

S: kaise? Koun ho tum?
R: Raj, tumhara dost, Armaan ka dushman.
S: to kya plan hai tumhara. Me Armaan ko mara hua dekhna chahta hu, lekin Riddhima ko kuch nahi hona chahiye, usko me khud torture karna chahta hu.

Then raj explained everything to Sid and both smirked evily.

Back to Riddhima and Armaan.
Armaan held Riddhimas waist and pulled her closer. He buried his face in her stomach and inhaled her fragrance. It would always calm him down. Then he kissed her navel and riddhim moaned his name which turned him on even more.

R: Armaan…

Then Armaan turned and put her on the bed, he on top of her. He looked deep into her eyes.

A: do you trust me Riddhima.

Riddhima didn’t answered, she just nod her head.

A: say it, mujhe sun na hai.
R: I trust you.
A: I need you right now. Nahi to me pagal ho jaunga.

With that he burried his head in her neck. Heat suddenly rushed throughout her body.

A: tum meri ho Riddhima. Na Sid ki aur na hi kisi aur ki. Tum sirf meri ho. Tumne MUJHE apna dil diya hai aur MUJHE apni ruh di hai. Sirf mera haq hai tumpe Riddhima. Koi bhi tumhe mujhse alag nahi kar sakta. Koi bhi nahi.
R: sirf tumhari Armaan. Sirf of sirf tumhari. Sirf tumhara haq hai mujhpe.

Both Riddhima and Armaan declared and then Armaan crashed her lips with his, aggressively and demandingly. Riddhima felt her whole body heated from the kiss. Her hands automatically snaked around his neck and pulled him closer. Her tongue paired with his. A lot of soft moans left her lips when Armaan sucked her tongue. Hearing her moan Armaan groaned and took the kiss in control, consuming her totally. 

After the breathtaking kiss Armaan starred in her eyes. As if asking once again for her permission. then his hot wet lips trailed down to her jawline and then to the crook of her neck. he planted small kissed which turned electrifying, burning Riddhimas whole body. Her body quiver with anticipation. But before it could move on they heard a knock on the door.

A: shit..
R: hehehe

Riddhima giggled and pushed Armaan away. Armaan was so glad to hear her giggle. He kissed her forehead.

A: I love you
R: I love you too

Then armaan went down to open the door. Meanwhile Riddhima was still in the room when she heard a noise. Someone send a msg. She took her mobile and checked the msg of Raj.

Agar ho sake to apne Armaan ko bacha lo, nahi to tumhara Ex-Sid aaj Armaan ki jaan le lega. Jaldi karo Riddhima, Sid neeche hi hai, Armaan pe gun point kar raha hai. Dont worry, i am not joking. I am very serious. And you know how I know all this. Kyunke yeh mera hi plan tha.

Riddhima was beyond shocked. She threw her mobile away and run out of the door. She could see Sid pointing a gun at Armaan. She run down.

R: Armaan.
A: shit, Riddhima, tum wapis upar jao.
R: NO. Sid yeh sab kya hai?
S: upps. lagta hai ke mene tumhari Suhagraat kharab kar di.
A: Shut up Sid. Whats wrong with you. Tum jaante nahi ho me koung. hu? Mera bas chale, to ek second me tumhe khatam kar du.
S: really tum mujhe khatam karoge. I will kill you, you bastard. And then I will destroy Riddhima, slowly and painfully.
R: sid please, yeh koi solution nahi hai.
S: really now Riddhima. Tumhe to ab is sab ki adat ho jani chahiye na. AFterall to ek Criminal se pyaar karti ho.

Then Sid triggered the gun and pointed it to Armaan. A loud sound was heard. Riddhimas eyes went wide with shock. But Armaan was the most shocked. Because out of nowhere, suddenly Riddhima was standing infornt of him. Taking the bullet for him. Blooed rushed out of her body and she collapsed in his arms.

Seeing this Sid run away from there, leaving Armaan alone in grieve.

A: RIDDHIMAAAAA. NO…no, please. Please Riddhima. Tum mujhe aise chor ke nahi jaa sakti. Me tumahri bina nahi jee paunga. Please Riddhima.
R: i love you Armaan. Always will…

She caressed his face and then her eyes closed slowly.


lovee you all  Amna

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