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Part 12 : Khuda Aur Mohabbat

Armaan called the ambulance with still Riddhima in his hands. He realised that her heart beat was sinking. It felt like his own heart was stopping. The ambulance came very fast and took Riddhima to the hospital. Armaan was all the while with her. Reaching the hospital the nurses took Riddhima to the OT. After some time one came out and Armaan run to her.

A: nurse, wo Riddhima.
N: Aap unke kiya lagte hai?

A: me…me
N: dekhiye agar aap unke relative nahi hai, to hum aapko kuch nahi bata sakte.
A: are aise kaise nahi, me hi to Riddhima ko leke aaya hu.
N: dekhiye sir, jo rules hai…
A: to hell with your rules, I am her HUSBAND, we just recently got married.
N: Oh I am sorry sir.
A: Come to the point, Riddhima kaisi hai?
N: abhi kuch kaha nahi jaa sakta, unki halat bohot critical hai.

The nurse left from there and Armaan was still in a shock. His Riddhima was in a critical state, just because of him, just because she wanted to safe him. If anything would happen to Riddhima, he wont forgive him. He wont every forgive him. She has to survive. She has to survive for them, for their love. For Armaans new hopes.

In that moment a doctor came out and Armaan rushed over to him.

A: doctor meri biwi…
D: dekhiye aapko bohot himmat se kaam lena hao. Unki halat pehle se zyaada kharab ho gayi hai. hume foran operation karna padega.
A: aap operation kare, paiso ki fikar mat kare.
D: nahi nahi, paiso ki baat nahi hai. Baat yeh kai, ke yeh operation bohot riski hai, only 1 out of 100 people can survive. Is se pehle ke hum Operation kare, we need your permission, your signature.
A: matlab Riddhima…
D: I am sorry sir, lekin agar humne operation nahi kiya, to Miss Riddhima ki jaan jaa bhi sakti hai.
A: aur agar Operation ho gaya to….
D: operation ho gaya, tab bhi unke bachne ke chances bohot kam hai. Aap ab bas sirf Duae kar sakte hai. Shayad wo Khuda meherbaan ho jaye.

With that the doctor left from there, to get ready for the operation. Armaan was still in kind of a shock. his thoughts:

Yeh sab kya ho raha hai aye Khuda. Pehle mom dad, aur ab riddhima. Nahi aap mere saath aisa nahi kar sakte. Aapko koi haq nahi hai mujhse meri mohabbat cheene ka. Koi haq nahi hai aapko.

Armaan sunk on his knees and put his hands together. his thoughts continue:

Please aye Khuda. Meri Mohabbat ko mujhse dur mat karo. Kehte hai ke jo Mohabbat insaan ko Khuda ke pas le aaye, wo Mohabbat bohot paak aur lajaawaab hoti hai. To Mujhe to Riddhima hi aapke pas leke aayi hai. riddhima to aapko bohot manti hai, agar aap mere liye nahi, to uske liye hi usko usko zindagi wapis de de. Aapne bhi to Mohabbat ki thi ya Rab. Aapne to apne Mehboob ke liye yeh puri kainaat banayi hai. Aapko ushi mohabbat ka wasta, mujhse meri mohabbat mat cheeno. Riddhima ko mujhse mat cheeno.

in that moment the nurse came to take signatures of Armaan, so that they could start the operation. At first Armaan hesitated, but then he decided to sign the paper and let Allah do his work. Soon the Operation started and Armaan was waiting patiently outside of the OT. It felt like eternity for him. But finally the doctors came out of the room.

A: doctors, meri biwi.
D: dekiye mr. Mallik. Operation to successful raha, but ab sirf intezaar hai, ke unki body kaise react karegi. We can only wait and hope that she is the one person out of the 100.
A: kya me Riddhima se mil sakta hai.
D: jee zaroor, hum unko ICU me shift kar rahe hai, aap unse waha pe jaake mil sakte hai.
A: thank you doctor.

Armaan went from there to the ICU and looked through the window. He saw Riddhimas lifeless body lying there on the bed and it felt like someone has stabbed him with knifes. He was aobut to enter the room but suddenly his mobile rang:

Abhi bhi tujhko sukoon nahi mila, apne parents ko to maar diya, to ab kya Riddhima ki bhi jaan lega. Tu samjah kyu nahi jaata Armaan, Riddhima tere liye nahi hai. Agar tu uske saath rahega to usko sirf takleef hoegi. Agar tu saach me Riddhima se mohabbat karta hai aur usko khush aur zinda dekhna chahta hai, to usko chor de. Tu hamare pas aaja wapis. Apne aap ko hamare hawale kar de, aur hum Riddhima ko kuch nahi karenge. Me aur Sid tera intezaar karenge. hamare old spot pe. I hope ke tu is baar sahi decision lega. Warna aage jo kuch bhi ho, us sab ka zimedar sirf or sirf tu hoga

Armaan somehow felt that Raj was right. He was hurting Riddhima since day one. This cant go on like this. If he wants Riddhima to he happy, then he has to give up himself to Raj and Sid. He could do anything for Riddhima. Anything.

A: Mujhe aapka ishara mil gaya ya Rab, me ab Riddhima ke kareeb nahi aaunga. Bas ek akhri bar usko dekhna chahta hu, ek akhri bar usko touch karna chahta hu. Phir me apni Zindagi Raj aur Sid ke hawale kar dunga. Riddhima se bohot dur chala jaunga, bohot dur. Bas ek akhri bar apni mohabbat ko dekhna chahta hu.

Armaan pushed the door and went inside. He moved to Riddhima and saw her face. He grabbed her hand and sat by her. He put his mobile on her bed

A: please riddhima, tumhe uthna hoga. I know bohot mushkil hoga, lekin tumhe mere liye uthna hoga, tumhe hamare liye uthna hoga. Yeh alag baat hai, ke me tumhare saath nahi hounga tab, lekin tum to har waqt mere saath mere dil me hogi. Me tumse dur hoke bhi hamesha tumhare saath rahunga. Please Riddhima, please wake up.

Armaan wipped his tears and kissed her forehead. He put her hairs behind her ear and kissed both of her eyes.

A: apna bohot zyaada dhyaan rakhna. Me chah ke bhi tumahra khayal nahi rakh paya. I am sorry. Me chahke bhi tumhe wo khushiya nahi de paya, jinki tum haqdar ho. I am sorry. Mene tumhe day one se sirf or sirf hurt kiya hai. I am sorry. I am very sorry Riddhima. Please wake up and take care of yourself. Me nahi janta, ke me jo karne jaa raha hu wo sahi hai ya phir galat, lekin me yeh zaroor janta hu, ke me jo kuch bhi kar raha hu, wo sirf tumahre liye hai. Sirf tumhare liye.

Armaan kissed once again and left from there, leaving his mobile behind. he rushed out of the room, all the while saying “Me sab kuch theek kar dunga Riddhima!”. Unknowing to him, a nurse had heard him. And she looked at him with confusion.

Riddhima felt someone grabbing her hand and saying something, but she could not point out. She wanted to opend her eyes and say something, but she wasn’t able to. The then felt someones lips on her forehead, and she automatically knew that it was Armaan. And then she heard a noice from the back of her head.

V: Armaan ko bacha lo Riddhima, Armaan ko bacha lo. Utho Riddhima, Armaan ke liye utho. Bachao usko Riddhima, Uthoo Riddhima. Uthooooo

As soon as the door closed (as Armaan left) riddhima opened her eyes and just one word left her mouth

R: Armaan….

She looked here and there but she could not find armaan. She was so sure that Armaan would be here, but he wasn’t. At that moment the nurse came in to check on her, and she was literally shocked to see Riddhima awake.

N: aap uth gayi, yeh to Khuda ka koi moijzaa hi haii.
R: Armaan…
N: Oh apke husband, wo to abhi abhi yaha se gaye hai. Wo bas yeh keh rahe the ke me sab theek kar dunga Riddhima, me sab theek kar dunga.
R: mera Husband, Armaan.
N: jee, wohi abhi bahar gaye hai. Bohot jaldi me lag rahe the.

Riddhima looked confusingly at her. She suddenly felt thirsty.

R: paani..
N: jee ek mint.

The nurse came forward and gave Riddhima the water. as she was about to leave, she saw the mobile on the bed and gave it to Riddhima.

N: Shayad aapke husband yeh yahi pe bhul gaye. Me doctors ko inform karke aati hu, ke aap theek hai. Wese aap bohot lucky hai, aapke husband aapse bohot mohabbat karte hai. Shayad uski duao se hi aap is waqt theek hai, warna aapke bachne ke chances to 1% bhi nahi the.

Then the nurse left from there leaving Riddhima with the mobile. Suddenly Riddima remembered the voice in her head, just before she woke up. The voice telling her to take care of Armaan, to safe Armaan. She suddenly got curious and opened the mobile, maybe she could find something important in it. And then when she saw Rajs last msg, it took the breath out of her. Automatically tears started to come out of her eyes.

R: no, me tumhe aisi bewakoofi nahi karne dungi Armaan. ME tumhe aisa nahi karne dungi.

Without taking care of her healt, Riddhima took out the needle out of her hand. She suddenly felt so much stronger. she got up form the bed, at first her body shivered but soon she focused and stood stabil. She was about to take a step when the door opened and the doctors came in. All of them looked towards each other with shock.

D: yeh aap kya kar rahi hai. Please rest, apke wounds abhi heal nahi hue hai.
R: nahi, mujhe jana hai.
D: What? aap nahi jaa sakti. Shayad aap janti nahi hai, lekin aap bohot lucky hai…
R: abhi lucky hu, lekin agar me nahi gayi, to wo kuch bohot galat kar deha.
D: dekhe mrs. Mallik. you have to relax, please lay down.

riddhima did not want to hear anything. She looked around and found a knife on her side table. she took the knife and pointed it towards her wrist.

R: Dekhiye aap please samajhne ki koshish kariye. Mera is waqt jana bohot zaroori hai. Nahi to qayamat ho jayegi.
D: mrs…
R: nooo, agar aap mere kareeb bhi aaye to me apne aapko mar dalung.

the doctors backed off and Riddhima took the chance to escape from the hospital. It wasn’t easy. everywhere were doctors and she felt how her body was slowly giving up. She also felt the blood zooming out of the stitches. Outside the hospital she hired a cab and went to Armaans house. Somehow her heart knows that Armaan must be there. He must be still at home.

Reaching his house she run inside….


she looked around but could not find him….then she suddenly heard his voice from her behind. She turned around and saw Armaan standing in front of her, looking like a mess. She did not thought for long she went forward and slapped him very hard on his face. Armaans face went to the side.

here you got the next part. keep reading and commenting. 
 with love Amna 

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