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Part 13 : Khuda Aur Mohabbat

Armaan felt the stink of her her hand. Riddhimas hand was hurting like hell, but she decided to ignore the pain. She grabbed Armaans collar and pulled him towards himself.


Tears were coming out of her eyes, she pushed Armaan back and wipped those tears. She does not want to fall weak infront of Armaan. She does not want him to see her like that.

A: Riddhima…

Armaan whispered her name, but Riddhima put up her and to stop him from talking more. She turned around and that caused her pain, and blood started to zoom out of her wound. She clutched her wound and hissed in pain. Armaan saw the blood and got panicked. he moved to her and made her sit forcefully on the couch.

A: tum yaha kya kar rahi ho Riddhima, abhi abhi tumhe hosh aaya hai, aur tum yaha…

Riddhima did not let him talk further. She needed answeres and only Armaan could give them.

R: tumne hospital me yeh kyu kaha ke tum mere husband ho?
A: what?
R: tumne suna jo mene kaha…
A: wo actually mujhe bata nahi rahe the ke tumhari condition kaisi hi, isi liye jhut bolna parha.
R: Jhut? To kya is jhut me zara si bhi sachai nahi thi?
A: No…

Armaan looked away from her, he could not look into her eyes. He has to made her hate him, so it would not pain her that much. He left from there and got the bandage. He pushed Riddhimas hospital shirt up too see her wound. He wanted to clean it up.

Riddhima could see the pain for her in his eyes, and above all she could see the love in them. No matter how much armaans wants to denie it, she knows that he is madly in love with her. And she wont let him leaver her that easily. She wont let him alone, she wont let him go, no matter how hard he will get. Riddhima grabbed his hand and made him look into her eyes.

R: tum mere saath kyu nahi the Armaan, jab me uthi, tum waha pe kyu nahi the?
A: riddhima me…
R: tum kya Armaan, me sab se pehle tumhe dekhna chahti thi, lekin tum nahi the. Tum mere saath nahi the. Tum kyu nahi the?
A: kyunke me darr gaya tha…
R: darr gaye the…matlab?

Armaan decided not to answer her and just got back to her wound. He cleaned it totally up and bandaged it. As he was about to put her shirt back, he could not hold himself back and kissed her bandage. He was about to pull back, but Riddhima put her hands on his head and pulled him towards herself.

Armaan again kissed her wound and then moved to her belly button. He wanted to get as much as possible access to her. Instead of stopping him, Riddhima motivated him to do more and carry on. Soon she was moaning his name passionately…

R: Armaannnnnn….

That broke the spell for Armaan. He got up and looked at her closed eyes. He closed his eyes and thought:

A: Me kisi mazoor ke saath apni zindagi nahi guzarna chahta tha, isliye me waha se chala gaya.
R: huh...

Riddhima opened her eyes and looked at him with disbelief. He was ready to lie to her, just to safe her life. Her love and respect for him just increased.

R: me nahi manti…
A: tumhe man na hoga Riddhima, kyunke yehi saach hai. Shayad mera Pyaar tumhare liye itna bhi strong nahi hai, jitna me soochta tha.

Armaan stood up and turned around from Riddhima, so that his back was facing her. Riddhima also left the couch.

R: don’t you dare Armaan, tumhara pyaar bohot paak aur saaf hai.
A: no Riddhima, you should be not with me.
R: lekin me tumhare saath rehna chahti hu.
A: are kaisi ladki ho tum? me tumhe hospital ke bed pe akela chod ke aa gaya, is darr se, ke kahi mujhe ek mazoor ladki ke saath saari zindagi na guzarni pade. Aur tum idhar keh rahi ho…
R: lekin me mazoor to nahi hui na. I am still fit, ab to hum dono ek saath reh sakte hai na.

Armaan turned around. He grabbed her shoulder and pulled her towards himself.

A: tum samajhti kyu nahi ho Riddhima. Meri baat sun kyu nahi leti, meri baat maan kyu nahi leti? Me tumhare saath nahi rehna chahta. Mene sirf tumhare saath time pass kiya tha. Tum meri baat ka yakeen kyu nahi karti?
R: kyunke tum ek pal kuch kehte ho aur dusre pal kuch aur…
A: Riddhima…

Armaan left her and turned around again. He went through his hair with his hand. Riddhima was making everything more difficult for him. He has to push her away. He has to, so he wont be a danger for her life anymore.
Riddhima moved forward to Armaan and strechted her hand out. Armaans phone was on her hand. Armaan was literally shocked to see his mobile in her hand. He checked his own pockets to make sure, that it was really his phone.

R: isliye yakeen nahi kar rahi me tumhara.

Armaan looked up to see an angry and hurt Riddhima.

A: riddhima..
R: No armaan. Tum aisa sooch bhi kaise sakte ho. Kya hamari Mohabbat itni kamzoor hai?

Armaan went and sat on the couch. He put his head on his hand.

A: to me aur kya karta Riddhima. Me darr gaya tha. Tumhe us hospital bed pe aise dekh ke. Doctor ne bhi kaha tha ke sirf 1 out of 100 people survive kar sakte hai. Aur kahi na kahi yeh meri hi galti thi. Wo bullet meri liye thi. Us bed pe mujhe hona chahiye tha, tumhe nahi.
R: armaan…

Riddhima moved over to him.

A: nahi Riddhima, me saach me bohot dar gaya tha. Me nahi chahta tha ke tumhe kuch ho. Aur tab hi raj ka msg aaya…
R: aur tum ne man liya, ke raj jo keh raha hai wohi saach hai?

riddhima then grabbed his hands and put them beside him. She then climbed on his lap and sat on him. She took his face in her hands and make him look into her eyes.

R: me tumhare bina nahi reh sakti Armaan. Marte waqt bhi tum the, jo mujhe zindagi ki taraf wapis leke aaye. Tumne yeh sooch bhi kaise liya ke me tumhare bina safe reh sakti hu? Kaise armaan? Agar me aaj Zinda bhi hu, to wo sirf tumhari wajah se. Aaj me apni Zindagi apni marzi se jee rahi hu, wo bhi sirf tumhari wajah se. Tumne mujhe jeena sikhaya hai, tumne mujhe saanse lene sikhaya hai. To tum sooch bhi kaise sakte ho ke mujhe tumhari wajah se kuch ho sakta hai. Tum mere Zinda rehne ki wajah ho Armaan.

Riddhima kissed his forhead. Then she kissed both of his eyes.

R: Tum meri Khushi ho.

She then kissed his both cheeks.

R: me tumhe apne aap se kabhi alag nahi hone dungi.

She then pecked his lips.


She pecked his lips again.


She pecked his lips again.


She pecked his lips again.


She pecked his lips again. As she was about to move back, Armaan held her in place and deepened the kiss. He grabbed her waist and pulled her closer. His lips were devouring her lips so roughly that she had no choice but to submit to him. She started to kiss him back and this motivated Armaan to kiss her even more harder and harshly by biting her lip. Riddhimas hands moved to the back of his head and pulled him closer while the other one got lost in his hair. She grabbed a fistful of his hair which aroused Armaan even more. he broke off the kiss and looked her into the eyes.

A: I am sorry.

He did not let her speak anything but crashed his lips back on hers. Armaan bit her lip hard making her gasp and he used this opportunity to enter her mouth with his tongue. He kept exploring her mouth with his, and Riddhima thought that he wont let her go any soon. Riddhima felt his finger dig ruthlessly into her waist which made her whimper.

Riddhima then slowly parted and put her forehead on armaans.

A: I love you
R: I love you too. I need a favour Armaan.
A: jo tum chaho.
R: mene kuch soocha hai and I need your support.
A: me hamesha tumhare peeche khada hu Riddhima, tumhara jo bhi faisla ho.
R: great, to tum jao, aur jaake ready ho jau.
A: ready? kis liye.
R: kuch sawal mat karo Armaan, lekin jaaki ready hojau. Tumhe time ke saath sab kuch pata chal jayega.

Armaan nodded and then pecked her forehead and left form there. Riddhima called then Anjali.

R: Anji, I need a favour yaar. Tu ek kaam kar, Rahul, Sapna aur Atul ko bhi saath leke aana. Kaam yeh hai ke….

After discussing everything with Anjali, riddhima waited for them to arrive. Hoping that everything that she is doing, would just do perfect.

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