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Part 14 : Dard Na Jaane Koi (An AR FF)

Before Armaan came out of the washroom, Riddhima left the room and was in kitchen to warm up the food. By the time Riddhima arranged the table, Armaan came down looking fresh and more attractive than before. Riddhima avoided commecting eyes with Armaan, who smirked seeing how Riddhima got nervous with his present. Armaan started to eat as Riddhima served him, Riddhima just stood there, not daring to look at him.

When Riddhima neither moved or sat, Armaan stopped eating. For a second, Armaan forgot about her being there as he was so lost in enjoying the yummiest food he had from last two years. After he kicked Riddhima out from his life, he fired Daisy as well so he missed home made food from the ladies who were in his life before he shut himself behind those high walls he build around him being betrayed.

At least Armaan thought so and when the thought came across his mind, that also Riddhima wouldn't have dinner with him after whatever happen between two years ago and just few minutes ago, Armaan pushed the plate away from him as he stood up kicking the chair.

Riddhima who was waiting for him to finish the dinner, got startled with his action. Armaan turned around facing her as Riddhima first looked at the half emptied plate and than back to Armaan. Without another word, Armaan left and moved to his room. Riddhima sighed in relief as Armaan didn't shout on her, because she had no idea how she would have reacted.

Riddhima started to clean everything and made a cup of coffee for Armaan, she took it to his room where she found him working. Riddhima knocked to get Armaan attention who looked away from the file he was reading in before moving his attention back to it.

R: Main aajaun
A: hmm

Armaan was too angry to speak, how much hatred he had in his heart for her still he can't stop himself from loving her more than the hatered. Riddhima slowly moved inside and put the cup on side table, she stood there hoping Armaan would say anything. When Armaan didn't look, Riddhima thought to take his permission and leave. Riddhima didn't wish to stay in same house with him after what happen few minutes ago between them.

Also, she had come to know, still hadn’t Armaan forgiven her, eventhough she still don’t even know her mistake. How much Riddhima wished that there wouldn’t be any misunderdtandings between them, so that they could be a happy family with Ahaan between them. Remembering about Ahaan, tears formed in Riddhima's eyes. She just wanted to rush back home and cuddle with the little one who is everything to her. She still wondered why Armaan so harshly kicked her out of his life, neither he was ready to tell Riddhima her mistake.

Controlling her tears to not let it out in front of him, Riddhima let it fade in her eyes before they could fall. Closing her eyes and making herself ready for any argument which might happen between them, Riddhima made herself ready to start the conversation.

A: I need every detail about those projects which the company is working on now.

Armaan spoke before Riddhima could say a word, knowing it was no need of arguing Riddhima took another file which has the details and started to explain it to Armaan.

While Riddhima was telling him everything like a professional, Armaan just kept staring at her without realizing how he was checking her out. All this time, Armaan was too busy to look at her closely but when she was now standing so closed to him, he couldn't help but kept looking at her while his mind was busy admiring the beauty. Riddhima who was unaware of Armaans gaze, kept telling him and showing the file to him bending a little over him. She didn't realize their closeness was affecting him so much as she continued updating him with the details.

Armaan was busy checking Riddhima face features as he recognized she was glowing more than she had been with two years before. She has grown more beautiful in last two years, Armaan just didn't feel to move his eyes from her face. When Armaan didn't utter a word, or interrupt her for several minutes, Riddhima looked at his face to see how close they were. They could feel each others breath and the moment Riddhima looked at him, their eyes were locked with each others orbs.

Both forgot that they were angry as they could only see love in each other eyes which they were trying to hide. It was Riddhima who break the eye lock and stood straight trying to get a hold on her fasting heartbeat not waiting to let it crash in to pieces once again.

Armaan trace was also broken as he missed the sudden warm of Riddhima breath, he look back at the file he was holding before moving his gaze back to Riddhima.

R: Aapko kuch aur jaan na hai?
A: nahi, I will figure out the rest
R: Can I go than?
A: No…

Riddhima was shocked to hear his cold reply as she knew for some reasons he hated her but again she thought what was her mistake. When Riddhima didn't say another word, Armaan look towards her to see the pain in her eyes which was visible like pure water. For a second, Armaan felt bad for being so rude and harsh towards her. Leaving the file, Armaan stood up making Riddhima move three steps back creating a distance between them. Armaan moved forward which lead Riddhima to step back with him taking each step towards her.

Both were looking each other as their eyes met once again, it didn't take long, as Riddhimas back touched the wall behind her. Seeing Armaan still moving close to her, Riddhima felt her heart stop beating for a second. Armaan was too lost to realize what he was doing, seeing the pain in Riddhima's eyes he just wanted to take it away because it was giving pain to his heart. For the time, Armaan forgot that why he was angry at her.

If anything matterd to him at this moment, that would be the pain which was showing in Riddhima's eyes which make his heart bleed. Riddhima gape feeling Armaans body touched her's, feeling his warmth against her body, Riddhima felt her knee giving up as her heartbeat raise to such intention that it might come out breaking her rib cage. Not only Riddhima's but Armaan heart was beating fast too, as he was cutting every single distance between them. Not having control on his heart, Armaan just stood close to Riddhima trying to believe she was with him.

Just to make sure she wouldn't dissapear like a dream, Armaan moved his face closed to her as their breath mingle. Riddhima closed her eyes as her lips parted feeling the emotions wake in her which she has locked deep down in her heart.

Before either of them could move, their moment was disturbed with Armaans mobile. Both open their eyes with a jerk as Riddhima pushed Armaan making him inbalance but he hold on his place before he could fall. They look at each other as Armaan saw tears swimming in Riddhima gorgeous orbs. Before Armaan could say anything, Riddhima just run out from the room as she tried and hold her tears back.

Armaan just stood not realizing what did just happen, when the moment replyed in his mind he felt the anger raise in his ones again. His fist got tight on his grip as he hit it on the wall, letting it bleed without caring how much it hurts. Armaan heard his mobile ringing, he looked around as it was on the bed. He moved to check who it was who was daring to disturb him at this time of the hour, Armaan heard a door bang making him aware that Riddhima just left the house.

Riddhima left as soon as her legs could let her out, the moment she was out from the room tears started to fall on her cheeks. Quickly, Riddhima wiped them as she rushed out from the house and sat in her car driving away from the house. As it was late at night, she reached soon home hearing Ahaan crying. Taking a deep breath and controlling herself, Riddhima rushed inside to see Atul walking and holding Ahaan in his arms. Ahaan was crying rubbing his eyes, Atul was trying to put him sleep.

Seeing his crying getting louder every passing second, Riddhima move ahead making Atul turn towards her hearing the footsteps. Riddhima took Ahaan in her arms and cuddle him close to her making him cuddle in her chest.

At: Riddhima, tum
R: Main isko sola deti hoon

Riddhima cut Atul as she knows she wouldn't be able to give any valuable reason to him for her sudden present. So rocking Ahaan in her arms, Riddhima moved to her room leaving Atul back to wonder why the pain was back in her face. After Ahaan was born, for a moment Atul didn't see those pain in her eyes which he used to see from the day he met her two years ago. Atul knows that Riddhima was married but divorced too, he don't know with whom or what was the reason for her divorce, because he didn't feel to ask her to give her pain remembering about it.

Atul has called Armaan a while ago when Ahaan didn't get calm only to know that Riddhima has just left. Atul thanked him because he called Armaan, only to ask him to let Riddhima come for some emergency. Atul didn't mention about the baby because he didn't feel it necessary. Also, Armaan was just here for work so he didn't feel to let him involve with Riddhima or the baby because they were his responsible now, no one else. Even Armaan did not know, that Riddhima was living with him.

While Atul was thinking what might happen, Riddhima was in room feeding Ahaan as he drowned into deep slumber feeling his mother touch and love. Tears were continuously falling from Riddhimas eyes as she tried not to let the sound come out. Seeing Ahaan sleeping peacefully in her hold, Riddhima kept looking at his face which was just a copy of his father. More tears falled from her eyes realizing his father never knew about his birth.

R: I am sorry Armaan, but main kiya karti. Us din tumne mujhe bohot galat kaha, mujhe apni zindagi se nikal diya. Main kaise batati tumko, ke tum Baba banne wala ho. Aur ab jab maine tumhare bina jeena seekh liya toh kyun aaye ho wapis, kyun mushkil mein daal rahe ho mujhe

Riddhima kept crying holding Ahaan close to her who was sleeping without knowing what was happening around him. Riddhima left several kisses on Ahaans face as she pulled him close to her chest.

R: Main tumko hamare bete se dur nehi rakhna chahti lekin main majboor hoon. Main nehi janti ke tum kiya karoge yeh jaan kar. Shayad ek aur ilzam lagauge, is baat ka dar hai mujhe. Kyunke aaj tak main yeh nehi jaan paayi ke tumne mujhpe itna bada ilzam tab kyun laga tha, jabke maine sirf tumse mohabbat ki thi. Pure dil se, tumhare siwa kissi koh meine apne itna paas nehi aane diya. Shayad... Shayad tumhe mere pyar par barosa nehi tha, na bhrosa ki main tumse kitna pyar karti hoon

Riddhima kept staring at Ahaan face as her voice got blocked due to crying, she tried to control her cry but she can't help it because the emotions she had hidden for years, were coming out in form of those tears.

R: Ab aur nahi Armaan, main tumko mujhpe aur ilzam lagane ke moka nehi dungi.. Main ab aur bardast nehi karungi apni insult. Ab tum mere liye sirf aur sirf Atul ke bhai ho, mere boss ho aur kuch nehi. Jitni main aapse nafrat karne ki koshish krti hoon use kai zyada aapse mohabbat kar baithti hoon. Lekin tab bhi maine yeh baat dil mein daba ke rakka hai aur aaj bhi rakhungi. Main komzor nehi padungi ab. Me strong banungi ab, Ahaan ke liye.

Riddhima cleared her tears as she felt her pain little less as she let all those emotions out. Riddhima was determine not to let Armaan insult her anymore. Riddhima decide what she had to do and to show Armaan she is not weak and never would be.

Next day, Riddhima left early in the morning before Armaan left for the office. She made breakfast and took out his cloths for him as he was in washroom by the time Riddhima reached there. Riddhima waited for Armaan to come down and have breakfast, after breakfast they left for work in their separate cars as Riddhima didn't want to travel with him. Armaan also didn't speak a word all this time, he was looking at Riddhima who was avoiding him.

Armaan took over the work while Atul was in home with Ahaan, Riddhima was with Armaan all the time he was in work and also back in home after working hours. When Armaan finished the work for the day, it would be late but still Riddhima left without caring how risky it would be for her to travel at late night. Neither Armaan attempt to stop her but Armaan was getting curious to know why Riddhima left every night when she could easily stay back and rest in his house. He thought of taunting her but leave it thinking he don't want to make any unnecessary argument with her.

A week past, after a busy day in office, both came back home and Riddhima started to make dinner. when she got a call from Atul to know if she is free. Riddhima asked what happen as he sounds worried, she felt something must be related to Ahaan.

At: Woh Ahaan koh bukaar charh gaya hai Riddhima.

Riddhima paniced hearing this, it was the first time that she was away from him and now he was down with fever. As she has just finished cooking and setting the table she quickly moved to Armaans room to get his permission if she could leave early.

R: Main abhi aati hun.

Riddhima cut the call and hurriedly knocked the door waiting for Armaan reply, as soon as she got permission she moved inside to see Armaan sitting on the bed. Seeing Riddhima, Armaan look waiting for her to speak why she dare to disturb him when he didn't come down. Usually Riddhima would wait downstairs until he goes down, she wouldn't make a move and ask him to have dinner but seeing her early in his room, Armaan rise his eyebrow asking what happen.

R: Mr. Mallik, mujhe urgently ghar jaana hai
A: Kyun?
R: Woh, ghar mein…

Riddhima stopped not knowing what to say, when Armaan is unaware of their baby. Riddhima didn't know how to break this news to him. Seeing Riddhima worried expression, for a moment Armaan softed but didn't show it from his face.

A: Ghar mein kiya Riddhima?
R: Meri zarurat hai ghar mein…
A: Kisko, tumhare aashiq koh. Ek din tum jaldi ghar nahi jaogi toh woh mar nahi jayega tumhare bina…
R: Armaannnnn...

Riddhima scream as her anger took over her tension for her baby, Armaan stood up as he move towards Riddhima. Riddhima just stood on the spot, feeling disgust with his thoughts about her.

A: Chillaao mat Ms. Riddhim. Yeh mat bhulo main tumhari boss hoon
R: Boss hai toh boss ke tarah behave kariye Mr. Mallik, mere Husband ban ne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai aapko
A: Mujhe mat sikhao ke mujhe kya karna chhiye aur kya nahi
R: Main koan hoti hoon aapko kuch bhi sikhane wali Mr. Mallik. Mere paas itna waqt nehi hai aapse behes kar sakun. Main jaa rahi hoon.
A: Tum mere permission ke bina nehi jaa sakti?
R: Kyun nahi jaa sakt?
A: Kyun tum mere employ ho?
R: Aap mujhe working hour ke baad kaam karne ke liye nehi rokh sakte.
A: Itna important hai tumhe ghar jaana tum apne boss ke nahi sun rahe.
R: Haan zaruri hai jaana abhi. Mene aapse pura week shikayat nahi ki. Lekin aaj mere jaana bohot zaroori hai.
A: Aur aaj achanak itni jaldi kyun jaana hai. Aashiq ki yaad aa rahe hogi.
R: Armaan, mind your language.
A: Why should I when you didn’t stopped sharing a bed with your lover when you were still my wife.

Armaan screamed on top of his voice thinking it woul scare her to death but it return, he got a tight slap on his cheek from Riddhima. Armaan stood holding his cheek while Riddhima stood with fire in her eyes and tears continuously falling from it.
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