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Part 14 : Khuda Aur Mohabbat

Anjali entered the house followed by her friends. Everyone greeted Riddhima. Anjali handed over the package to Riddhima.

An: Are you sure Riddhima?
R: never been so sure before.

Then Riddhima went to Armaans room. She heard the shower running and put his package on his bed. Then she went to the guestroom and dressed herself up. Both Armaan and Riddhima came out at the same time. Armaas was mesmerized to see Riddhima in a bridal dress. He himself was shocked at first as he saw his groom dress on his bed, but then he understood Riddhimas plan. Armaan moved to Riddhima and took her hands.

A: Riddhima, hum koi jaldi to nahi kar rahe na?
R: mujhe to lagta hai ke humne ab tak bohot der kar di hai, its finally time.

Armaan kissed her forehead and then took her by hand. They both moved down. Where Anjali and the gang had already decorated the hall. Between the two couches they put up a veil. The priest was standing there holding a Quran in his hands. At the one side were Atul and Rahul, witness of Armaan. And on the other side were Anjali and Sapna, witness of Riddhima. Both Armaan and Riddhima went and sat on their places. Then the priest started his questioning. By asking Riddhima, she answered:

R: Qubool Hai, Qubool Hai, Qubool Hai.

Then the priest asked Armaan, and he also answered with

A: Qubool Hai, Qubool Hai, Qubool Hai

Then finally the veil was taken away and Riddhima and Armaan could see eachother. The Priest took the signature of the bride and groom and then from the witnesses. Finally Riddhima was married to Armaan and no one could separate them. Then Rahul and Atul dropped the priest back, meanwhile Anjali ordered something for them to eat.

As Rahul and Atul came back, Armaan and Riddhima had already changed. They all were sitting in the all and enjoying the food.

R: thank you so much guyz, hum dono ko support karne ke liye.
Anj: come on Riddhima, isme thank you ki kya baat hai, what are friends for afterall?
Ra: aur nahi to kya Riddhima, au wese mujhe Armaan se bhi sorry kehna chahiye. Hum sab ne tumko bohot galat samjha.
A: past ko past me chor de Rahul, ab jake finally sab kuch theek hua hai. I am greatfull ke mujhe itne aache friends mile hai.

After some time they all left, leaving Armaan and Riddhima alone back. Armaan grabbed Riddhima by her waist and pulled her towards himself. He kissed her forehead.

A: thank you soo much Riddhima. Thank you fo everything.

Riddhima hugged him and hid he face in his neck.

R: thank you for completing me. Me tumhe kabhi akela nahi chodungi Armaan. Kabhi nahi.
A: mene faisla kar liya hai Riddhima. Hum dono wapis Kashmir chale jayenge. Me nahi chahta ke Raj aur Sid ka saya bhi hum dono ki new Zindagi pe parhe. Lets move. Un dono ko me khud dekh lunga. Afte all I am the Armaan Mallik.
R: jaha tum waha me.

Then Armaan took Riddhima bridal style to his own room. He made her lye on the bed and covered her with the blanket. He did not want to do anything, because riddhima was still in pain. Eventhough she did not tell him, he could feel her pain. He knew that her stitches are still very raw. He will take care of his princess.

2 weeks later

Its been 2 weeks since Riddhima and Armaan got married. They moved the next day to Kashmir. leaving everything behind, to never look back. Only their close friends knew where they are. Armaan made sure that they had a protection 24hours. Riddhima felt like she was in heaven. Armaan was taking so much care of her.

Riddhima finally came back from the store. As soon as she entered the house, she noticed that it was very dark inside. She tried to switch on the lights, but the button was not working. Slowly Riddhima got panicked and she called out for Armaan.

R: Armaaaannnnnnn

But she heard nothing in response. Now Riddhima was really panicking. She thought that may, just maybe Raj and Sid have found them. Unknowingly tears started to run down her face.

R: armaaannn…
A: shhh riddhima

Finally she heard him, and it felt like some had given her back her life. she has finally found her soul back. Armaan came and hugged riddhima from behind. it was still dark. He put his face in her neck.

A: close your eyes Riddhima.
R: lekin…
A: please…

Riddhima closed her eyes and Armaan kissed her cheeks. Then he moved Riddhima to the middle of the room. Then armaan went and lit on some candles.

A: ab aankhe kholo Riddhima.

Riddhima opened her eyes and was surprised to see a cake with candles on it. it was written:

Happy Birthday baby

Riddhima was literally surpriced to the cake on the table. She looked up at Armaan with tears in her eyes. As soon as thei eyes connected, Armaan pushed a button and the hall got lightened. Riddhima looked around and saw that the room was a lot of ballons and glitter and gifts. Armaan is actually pampering her a lot.

R: Armaan yeh sab..

Armaan moved forward and took her by hand.

A: happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Riddhima, happy birthday to you.

He kissed both her hands and then her forehead.

A: happy birthday baby.
R: tumhe yaad tha?
A: tumse realted har baat meri liye bohot important hai.
R: I love you
A: I love you too, lets blow the candles.

Then Armaan made Riddima blow the candles.

A: make a wish sweetheart

Finally they ate the cake together. After sometime Armaan asked her about her wish.

A: kya wish kiya tumne Riddhima?

Riddhima felt like teasing him a little bit.

R: me kyu batau…
A: hawww, Riddhima that’s not fair yr, please batau na.
R: armaan agar mene bata diya to meri wish puri nahi hogi.
A: areee, aise kaise puri nahi hogi, me puri karunga tumhari wish.

Riddhima smirked and then moved forward to him. she grabbed his shoulder and then moved her lips to his ears.

R: I want you to take me, mark me, ravish me, make me your

Armaan gasped in surprise. he pushed Riddhima back and looked into her eyes. They both could see the fire in eachothers eyes.

A: are you sure Riddhima.
R: very sure.
A: I don’t know if I can be slow.
R: I don’t want you to be either…

His eyes darkened even more if possible. He grabbed her by her hand and pulled her towards their room. He pushed her inside and closed the door. He pushed her against the wall.

A: tell me what you want now. Tell me that you are ready for me.
R: I want you, deep inside me. I want you to ravish me. All of me.
A: dammit Riddhima.

Armaan could feel the rise and fall o fher chest as she breathed faster. Armaan stepped even close so that he was pressed against her and she had to tilt her head back to maintain eye contact. Angling his hips, he pushed his erection into her stomach.

A: Riddhima, I don’t know if I could hold back anymore.
R: then don’t..

She whispered huskily. Armaan bent and sucked her neck, her jaw, he run his hands unter her dress to feel the smooth skin of her thighs.

A: tell me to stop if I move to fast

her hands moved into his hairs and pulled him even closer. Armaan kissed up her hcin to he mouth, sucking an dlicking, tasting every milimeter of he soft lips and sweet hungry tongue. He stabbed back, long enough to pull off their clothes and throwing everything on the floor. With a flick of his finger, her bra came undone and she shrugged out of it, stepping into his arms. Her breasts pressed against his skin.

R: armaan…

She pushed his back and took his hands. she moved with him to their bed.

R:I have thought about it so many times.

Her hands run up her stomack, she cupped her breaths and sent a wink towards armaan.

A: not a good move Riddhima, stop teasing me.

He moved forward and pushed her hands aside. He grabbed her face and gave her a lingering passionate kiss. Then he pushed her on the bed and looked at her with pitch dark eyes. He bent down above her. His hands rested on the each side of her head.


with loads of love Amna 

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