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Part 15 : Dard Na Jaane Koi (An AR FF )

Armaan felt his cheeks burning with Riddhima sudden tight slap, he wasn't expecting Riddhima to do such a thing but he felt himself that he has gone too far but next second, again he remembered her betrayal making his anger boil inside his body with his eyes turning dark blood color with fire burning in them.

Riddhima was shaking with anger as she had been controlling herself from the day Armaan returned back in her life, she thought avoiding him would lead to make him try and understand she was nothing like a person he thought she is.

She started to thinking about the reason, why she had no right of happiness, no love and no trust in her live. What was her fault? Why she always failed in love, what was her fault that no one wanted to love her.

After Ahaan was born, Riddhima decided to start a new life with him, for him. She never thought her past would come in front of her like that and will keep taunting her every single minute of her, she had no idea, why Armaan was so cruel towards her.

While Riddhima was thinking about the mistake she is unaware of due to which she is getting punished from past two years, Armaan stood thinking why his words were affecting her too much that today she lost her anger on him.
A: How dare..
R: Yes I should have dared two years back when you put that cheap insult on me...

Riddhima roared not giving Armaan a moment to end his sentence, knowing very well he is ready to put any and every single blame on her for their separation. She had enough of his taunts last whole week and she was no longer going to take it when she had done nothing wrong.

Riddhima knew, her love for him was pure and deep. She could never hate him because she had lost her heart to this man who is the father of her child now. She did ask him what her mistake was but he didn't dare to tell it and now she had enough.

Without knowing the reason, Riddhima didn't want him to blame her for their fail marriage. If he didn't say the reason than Riddhima believed that he has no right to blame her like that. He dared to divorce her and now she will dare him to let the reason out of him not trusting on her.
A: Aashiqui tum ladao apne lover ke saath, aur dare bhi tum kare
R: Pata bhi hai tumko, ke tum kiya bol rahe ho. Ab main tumhari kuch nahi lagti lekin tab, tab to me tumahri biwi thi. Itna gatiya ilzam laga ne se pehle ek baar bhi ke kitna ghinona ilzaam laga rahe ho tum. Tumko sharam...
A: Jab tumhe sharam nahi aaye apne lover ke saath ek bistar pe...

Again Armaan got a slap from Riddhima and this time Riddhima didn't leave him but hold his shirt collar moving her face close to his. Armaan was beyond shocked with Riddhima's action, both felt a current pass through their spine but decided to ignore it.
R: Sharam nahi aayi tumhe aisa soochte hue bhi, main biwi hoon tumhari... koi Item girl nahi ke jab mera jee bar gaaye toh dusra dhundu. Tum mujhe samajhte kiya ho, pyar toh kiya tumne lekin shayad barosa karna nahi seekha tumne kabhi.
Maine tab tumse pucha tha ke meri galati kiya thi lekin tumne mujhe insult karke ghar se nikal diya. Jabse aaye ho, bas baat baat pe mujhe taunt kar rahe ho lekin main chup rahi lekin ab aur nhi... Humhare shaadi jaise bhi hui, maine puri koshish ki usko nibane ki lekin tumne?
Ek pal mein sab bikher diya, ek baar bhi mujhe bataya nahi mera kusoor kiya tha. Aur yeh kiya bol rahe ho aashiq aashiq, konsa aashiq haan? Tab mere life mein koi nahi ta lekin aaj, main tumko batana zaruri nahi samajhti hoon koan meri life mein hai aur uski kitna importance hai kyunki tum kabhi nahi samjhoge yeh baat.
Tumne koi bhi personal baat puchne ka hak ushi din kho diya tha, jab tumne mujhe hamare rishte se aazaad kar diya tha. Aur ab main, hargiz nehi chahti ke meri zindagi mein tumhara saaya bhi parhe, kyunki main apni zindagi mein bohot khush hoon. Issiliye hum dono ke liye yehi accha hoga, kaam ke ilawa humhare beech koi bhi baat na ho.

Riddhima pushed Armaan as she wiped her tears falling from her eyes, for the first time Armaan saw anger and hater in her eyes for him. Before it was just pain and love but today this new emotion was killing Armaan inside.

Without giving a chance to Armaan to speak a word, Riddhima left trying to control her tears which were falling out of her eyes again and again. He stood, looking at the empty place as her words rotated in his mind while flashbacks of the incident came across his eyes like a fast-forward film.

Riddhima rushed outside the house and sat in the car, before she could leave she got a call from Atul. Riddhima quickly answer it knowing it would be about Ahaan, Riddhima curse herself for not leaving the moment she got the call from Atul.
At: Riddhima, kaha ho tum?
R: Bas nikal rahi hun
At: Tum directly hospital aajao, main Ahaan koh lekar hospital aaya hoon.
R: Koanse hospital me, main bas poch rahi hun

Riddhima cut the call as she drove away in full speed without caring for anyone else, her heart was paining too much and her eyes just was desparate to see her lovely son, reason of her life to live in this curel world.

As soon Riddhima reached the hospital, she run inside without caring the people around her looking towards her. Her eyes were red due to crying and her hair was little messy but at the moment, she really don't care because her heart just want to see one glimpse of her child.

As Atul mention he was in ER, Riddhima asked one of the nurse to the direction. Without wasting another second Riddhima move to the ER. Without waiting for permission to enter, she just rushed inside to see Atul holding Ahaan as he was crying loudly.

It broke Riddhima's heart to see her son crying so much due to the pain, she moved and took Ahaan in her arms hugging him close to her chest. Fresh tears made their way out from Riddhima eyes, Atul thought she was in bad condition hearing about Ahaan.
At: Riddhima, Ahaan will be fine
R: Haan baby, mama aagayi hai na aapke paas. Bash chup hojao baby, mama yahi hai

Riddhima talked in a babyish voice to get Ahaan's attention so he would forget how the fever was burning inside him. Riddhima could feel the warm of his body as well as breath when Ahaan hide his face on her chest. Ahaan started to rub his mouth on Riddhima breast as if searching for something, Riddhima very well understood what he needed at that moment as the whole day she didn't get a moment to feed him.

Atul also saw how Ahaan was hungry for his mothers milk, as no one was in the room he thought to leave knowing Riddhima wouldn't feel comfortable feeding Ahaan in his present.
At: Doctor tohdi der baad phirse Ahaan koh dekhne aayenge. Fever bohot zyada hai issiliye observation mein rakhne koh kaha, main baahar hoon tum usse acche se feed karo aur usko solane ki koshish karo.

Riddhima was very grateful to Atul for understanding every single thing before she say, she gave him a watery smile as Atul just put his hand on Riddhima head, caring her hair knowing how much worried she was for Ahaan.
At: Mere Rajkumar koh kuch nehi ho sakte, woh fighter hai. Woh jaldi theek ho jayega
R: Thank you bhai, aap nehi hote toh...
At: Kuch nahi hota tum dono koh, kyunki maine tumse promise kiya hai. Main hamesha tum dono ke saath hoon. Aur baar baar thanks mat kaha karo, bhai behen ka khayal nehi rakkhenge toh koan rakhenge right?

Riddhima just nodded her head as she was too emotional to speak at the moment. Atul patted Ahaan's back softly before moving out from the room giving them some privacy to. Riddhima moved to the bed to see Ahaan, clutching her dress in his small fist. Smile formed on Riddhima's lips seeing how Ahaan got calm feeling his mother close to him.

Due to high fever, Ahaan eyes were closed and his face was red, crying for long. Making herself comfortable with Ahaan on her lap, Riddhima started to feed him as she closed her eyes cherishing the moment ones again.

Every time Riddhima feed him, she felt she was living the moment for the first time. She still remembered like it happened few minutes ago, when the first time she hold Ahaan in her arms. After the struggle she faced in her life from last two years, today she was happy but again god brought a new turn in her life with Armaan coming back.

More tears fell out of Riddhimas closed eyes as she remembered the two years she spent, thinking about Armaan and the unknown reason why Armaan suddenly kicked her out from his life when he kept saying that he loved her so much.

When she needs him the most, he wasn't there but it was Atul who try to fulfill all her cravings as much as he could. Riddhima health wasn't too good as some complication came in her pregnancy but it was Atul trust on her that today, she was here with her child.


Due to the sudden change of life, Riddhima was too broken to think about her health, Riddhima didn't tell Atul about her pregnancy till one day Atul found out when he brought the family doctor to the house as Riddhima was down with fever. Riddhima's body was very weak and doctor informed that if she didn't keep proper care of herself, she may have a miscarriage.

It was than that Atul promised to himself that he would never let anything happen to Riddhima or her unborn baby. Like a big brother, Atul took good care of Riddhima. Atul knew due to the divorce, Riddhima was broken but he wanted her to live for the child because it wasn't the baby's fault than why to punish the little soul for some cruel person who didn't give a damn to Riddhima's emotion.

Till complete of the last month of Riddhima pregnancy, Riddhima had been getting very sick but all the time Atul was on her side without letting Riddhima feel the absent of the baby's father. Soon the day came and Riddhima was taken to the hospital. till the date Riddhima keep vomiting which leads the baby heartbeat to reduce and also Riddhima BP low. Doctor was scared because they could only save one of them.

When the doctor asked Atul to take a decision, he looked at Riddhima and told the doctor to save the mother which Riddhima refused instantly. Doctor asked Atul to talk with Riddhima and let them alone for few minutes.
R: Bhaijaan, please mere bacche koh bacha le...
At: Riddhima yeh tum...
R: please bhaijaan, main apne bacche se bohot pyar karti hoon. Main chahti hoon woh is dhuniya mein aaye. aur aap usko ek accha insaan banaye.
At: Main kaise...
R: Bhaijaan, mujhse promise karo. Aap mere bacche ka khayal rakhenge. Mere aur uske baba ke hisse ka pyar aap denge.
At: Riddhima, aise baatein nahi karte. Tum dono koh kuch nhi hoga...
R: Tik hai phir aap, Doctor se kehdo bacche koh bachaye. Main bach gaye toh hum dono milke isse paalenge nehi toh...
At: Riddhima, please aise baatein mat karo. Tum isse pyar kari hona, to phir tumhe haar nehi maanna chahiyeh. Tum zarur apne bacche koh bade hote hue dekhogi
R: Aap koh yakeen hai toh, please aap doctor koh kehdo is bacche koh kuch nehi hone de.

Atul didn't understand what to do, he knew how much Riddhima had suffered after her broken marriage, still she loved her ex husband and the child. The unborn was the reason for Riddhima living her life and even he don't want Riddhima to lose the baby.

When the doctor came, Atul looked at Riddhima who plead from her eyes. Atul told the doctors to save the child but it hurt him to think Riddhima might leave them. Soon Riddhima was taken to the OT, Atul gave a smile to him caring her hair.
At: Jaldi apne bacche ke saath mujhse milna.
R: Khuda kare ga, toh zarur milungi.

After two hours, Riddhima was laying in a private room bed with Atul sitting next to her. Atul was caring her hair as a smile playing on his lips feeling happy to see both mother and son were fine. Today, Riddhima was blessed with a baby boy.

Riddhima opened her eyes as she came around, they gave injection to put her to sleep so she wouldn't feel the pain. When Atul felt Riddhima movements, he kept looking at her to open her eyes.
R: bhaijaan...

Riddhima couldn't speak more as her throat has gone dry, Atul just stood up seeing Riddhima slowly open her eyes. Seeing Atul, Riddhima also give a smile small to him, Atul bend and gave a kiss on her forehead.
At: Mubarak ho Riddhima, beta hua hai.
R: beta???
At: haan Riddhima, mera rajkumar bohot handsome hai.

Riddhima smiled hearing this, she moved her eyes around the room to get a glimpse of her child. Understanding what Riddhima was searching for, Atul moved to the cot which was kept on one side of Riddhima bed. Taking the baby, he moved close to Riddhima, and laid the baby on Riddhima's arms.

Riddhima looked at him and just kept staring to see how he was resembling a lot like his father. The moment Riddhima caressed his soft cheek, he smiled in his sleep as if feeling his mother touch. The Dimple on his cheek didn't go unnoticed by Riddhima, baby moved in her arms with the sudden disturbance and slowly opened his eyes looking around the new world. It was than, Riddhima saw the color of his eyes and Riddhima felt so blessed to have her child look exactly like a copy of his father and love of her life.

How much Riddhima wanted to hate Armaan, still she couldn't do it because she knew, her love was too deep for him. Tears started to fall from her eyes as she remembered about Armaan, how she wished to have Armaan by her side at this moment of her life but sadly, nothing was going on like the way she dreamed.

Atul was standing in a distance, looking at the mother son. Tears form in his eyes to see how Riddhima was silently crying probably remembering about the father of her child. Atul knew she loves her ex husband a lot.
Nurse came to check the baby and seeing both mother son awoke, she asked Riddhima to feed the baby.

Atul moved out giving privacy to Riddhima who with the help of nurse, started to feed the baby.. The moment, the baby started to take the milk, Riddhima closed her eyes feeling the bless. Bless of having her child in her arms after long months of waiting, feeling of the love which was getting deeper in her heart for the little one, who is the whole world to her and first, last priority of her life.


Riddhimas trace was broke hearing a knock, she looked at Ahaan who was now sleeping. Covering herself, Riddhima looked at the door to see nurse standing waiting for Riddhima to give permission. When Riddhima nodded her head, she let the doctor inside who moved to a sleeping Ahaan to check him.

After checking Ahaan, doctor asked to stay for some days till the fever reduce. When the doctor left, Atul moved inside and smiled seeing Ahaan has gone to sleep. Riddhima was still holding him close to her heart as if thinking he might vanish if she left him.
At: Ab tik haina?
R: Haan bhaijaan, ab aap ghar jaakar araam karo.
At: haa, ab rajkumar ki mama haina. Tum fikar mat karo Riddhima, Ahaan jaldi tik ho jayega. Tum bhi sone ki koshish karna, tumhe bhi araam ki zarurat hai, tum teek rahogi toh tum Ahaan ka bhi khayal rakh paogi.
R: Bhaijaan, main araam karlungi.
At: Chalo phir main nikalta hun, kuch bhi hua toh mujhe inform kardena.
R: Jee, bhaijaan.

Caressing Riddhimas hair and touching Ahaan little body, Atul turned to leave. Riddhima who was looking at her baby, thought of something and looked at Atul. Atul was just about to leave the room when Riddhima stopped him.
R: Bhaijaan...
At: Kiya hua Riddhima?

Atul turn around quickly hearing Riddhima urgent call, Riddhima gave a small smile to him seeing his concern towards her baby. Riddhima knew like a big brother Atul loved her and her baby a lot.
R: Woh jab tak Ahaan theek nahi hojate, main uske paas rehna chahti hoon.

Atul understood what Riddhima was trying to say, as she had to be with Armaan all the time till he is here it would be difficult for her to work when her son is sick. Riddhima knew Atul would help her out to be away from Armaan for some days at least.
At: Of course, main Armaan ko inform kardunga aur tumhare jaga kissi aur koh bhejdunga.
R: thank...
At: Not again Riddhima, main samajh sakta hoon, Ahaan needs you. Tum fikar mat karo, Armaan bura nahi maanenge.

Riddhima nodded hoping Atul wouldn't tell about Ahaan to Armaan, seeing Riddhima worried expression Atul knew something else must be worrying her but what, he didn't understand what it could be?
At: Kuch aur kehna hai...

Atul asked getting Riddhima attention who was lost somewhere. Riddhima looked towards Atul who was still waiting at the door. Riddhima thought for a moment but she knew it would be best to hide about it from anyone they could.
R: Woh aap, apne bhai koh mat batana Ahaan ke baare mein. Aap jaante haina, main logo koh Ahaan ke baare mein nahi batana chahti.
At: Bas itni si baat. Riddhima tum jaanti ho na, main aisa kuch nehi karunga.
R: I know bhaijaan but woh aapka bhai hai toh...
At: Tum fikar mat karo, main Ahaan ke baare mein nahi bataunga.

Riddhimas worried expression turned soft hearing this, Atul gave a look if it was ok which Riddhima blink in answer. Asking to inform if any important thing come up, Atul left hoping that soon they would take the little one home.

Three days past, Armaan was getting restless as he didn't get any information about Riddhima. Armaan didn't dare to ask Atul when he inform that Riddhima wouldn't be coming for work due to some personal issue which let Armaan wonder what must have happened. How much Armaan tried not to think about Riddhima, still her absent was eating him inside.

After the conversation that happen three days ago, Armaan thought of what Riddhima said. He felt guilty because Riddhima was saying the truth when she said he never trusted her. Armaan understood Riddhima was saying right when she said it was easy to love but not trust. He has also love her but just because of an outsider, he has destroy his own world which was like heaven being with Riddhima for those few days of his life.

Thinking about Riddhima, Armaan didn't realized it was just three days as it seems like three years to him. He tried to keep himself busy but he couldn't concentrate thinking what issue might have come in her personal life that she took off from work like that.

Armaans trace was broke hearing a knock and it was almost time for lunch, he looked at the door to see Riddhima standing as she kept watching the time on her wrist watch. Armaan gave permission to her to come in, so she rushed inside and forward a file to him.
R: Atul ne kaha aapko de dun...

Riddhima cleared why she was offering him that file, seeing the name on it Armaan understood which file it was about. As soon as he hold the file, Riddhima let it go and turn around to leave.
A: Ms. Gupta.
R: Riddhima. Sirf Ms. Riddhima...
A: Main puch sakta hoon aap kaam par kab waapas aayengi?
R: sure Sir, but I think Mr. Joshi must have already informed you about it.
A: Riddhima main...
R: Please Mr. Mallik, isse zyada aapko mere life ke baare mein jaanne ki koi zarurat nahi hai.

Before Armaan could say anything, Riddhima's mobile rang and she answered it telling the caller she is coming. Armaan got curious to know to whom Riddhima is going to meet so when Riddhima left without giving a glaze to Armaan, he also moved out behind her.

Seeing Riddhima driving off in her car, Armaan also drove out following her. Armaan was wondering where she must be going in such a hurry and when he saw she stop in front of the big hospital building, Armaan was surprised thinking why she must have come here.

Not wanting to lose Riddhima in the big hospital, Armaan also quickly moved out again following her in the hospital keeping a distance and not letting Riddhima realize she had been followed by Armaan.

When Riddhima moved into a room, Armaan stood back hearing Riddhimas chrispy voice as she talk with someone happily. Armaan looked through the glass window and was shocked to see Riddhima hugging Atul before taking a baby in her arms and cuddling him.

Atul gave a one arm hug to Riddhima letting her hold Ahaan as he beamed with happiness to see his mother. Ahaan gave Riddhima his toothless smile as Riddhima nuzzling her nose with his smile one making him laugh.

Unaware of Armaan witnessing the scene, Riddhima was enjoying her time with the little one while Atul just stood admiring the mother and son relationship. While outside, Armaan was shocked to see Riddhima with Atul and the baby.

Seeing Riddhima smile and how she was cuddling and showering kisses on the little one, Armaan stood rooted on the spot not understanding what this meant. He never thought Riddhima would move on her life so easily that today, she is a mother. Soon the shock was replaced with anger,

Armaan hand curved it to a fist as he try to control his anger which was boiling and might explode any minute. Seeing Atul move to them and standing so closed to Riddhima, Armaan couldn't hold himself but moved inside banging the door getting their attention.
At: Armaan?

Atul and Riddhima were shocked while the little one hide himself in Riddhima arms with the sudden bang. Riddhima moved her eye to Ahaan who was hiding his face in Riddhimas neck and holding her tightly. Atul also moved his eyes to see how Ahaan got scared with the sudden bang.
A: Toh yeh ta tumhara personal issue Ms. Riddhima or should I say Mrs. Riddhima Atul Joshi.

Armaan moved closer to Riddhima who stepped back not wanting him to be closer to her. Riddhima was scared if Armaan might come to know Ahaan is their child but hearing those words coming out from his mouth, Riddhima felt her heart sank and broke once again, realizing that Armaan misunderstood her, once again.

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