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Part 16 : Dard Na Jaane Koi (An AR FF )

Atul was shocked with Armaan sudden appearance, also the way he was talking with Riddhima. He knew Armaan didn't like girls but Atul never knew that Armaan knows Riddhima before. Ignoring Atul, Armaan stood facing Riddhima who just stood like a statue on the spot without daring to move. 

Atul was trying to understand what had happend while Armaan was shooting daggers to Riddhima whose eyes showed only hurt and pain. When neither of them spoke, Atul stepped between them breaking their look as he couldn't see the pain and hurt back in Riddhima's eyes. 

Armaan moved his eyes away from Riddhima as his view was blocked by Atul, seeing Atul's expression Armaan knew he might be unaware of the relation Armaan had shared with Riddhima. Armaan looked at Riddhima who just stood hugging the baby and looked at him without blinking her eyes.
At: Armaan, tum yaha?
A: Accha hi hua, main aaj yaha aagaye Atul. Nahi toh mujhe pata hi nahi chalte ke Ms. Gupta koh office ke alawa koansa itna important kaam hai. Uske pas itna time nahi hai ke wo ek professional ki tarha behave kare.
At: Woh toh...
A: Waise I am shocked to see her with you Atul, tum jaante bhi ho yeh kaisi ladki hai. Oh, tum kaise jaanonge, I am sure Ms. Riddhima ne bataya hi nahi hoga tumhe. Kyun Riddhima, tumne Atul koh bataya ke kaise tumhe logon ke feelings ke saath khelna pasand hai. Kaise logo koh use karna pasand hai.
At: Yeh tum kiya bakwaas kar rahe ho Armaan, Riddhima aisi ladki bilkul nehi hai.
A: Toh kaise ladki hai tum batao mujhe? Jaante kitna ho tum Riddhima ko Atul?
At: Jitna bhi jaanta hun, mujhe itna to pata hi hai ke jaisa tum soch rahe ho Riddhima waisi bilkul bhi nahi hai.
A: Oh come on Atul, shayad tum aisa issi liyeh bol rahe ho kyunki woh tumhare bacche ki Maa hai, lekin asal mein yeh sirf ek s**t hai. Isko ameer logo koh phasana aata hai aur phir unko use karke, dokha dena.
At: Armaan, mind your tongue.
A: Why should I mind my tongue Atul, tum jaante nahi ho yeh koan hai. Iski bholi shakal dekh kar tum dokha kha sakte ho lekin me nahi. Main acchr tarahse jaanta hoon yeh kaise ladki hai. Pehle Siddhant is se shaadi karne wala ta, lekin shukar hai ke woh bhaag gaya. Lekin mer badqismati ke iske shaadi mujhse hui, kyunke jab Siddhant waapas aaya yeh mere peet peeche uske saath ek bistar pe... Chee, mujhe toh sharam aate hai yeh kehte hue lekin isko toh sharam bhi nehi aaye, ek bhai ke patni hote hue dusre bhai ke saath najaaiz rishta banate hue. Aur ab jab ke maine isko chod diya toh isne tumhe apne jaal mein phasa liya hai..

Atul stood staring at Armaan as today, he got to know it was Armaan who was Riddhima husband. Riddhima never told him the name of her ex husband. Atul was really shocked to know this but his heart didn't want to believe a single word Armaan just said. Atul turned around to Riddhima who was just looking at Armaan, the pain was back in her eyes, visible like pure water. 

From last two years, Atul got to know how much Riddhima loves Armaan and their unborn child. Ahaan, remembered the little soul, Atul understood now why Riddhima request him not to tell Armaan why she was taking off from work and about Ahaan.

So Armaan wasn't aware of their child and Atul felt pity on him but somehow Atul felt Armaan deserved it for thinking so cheap about his own wife. Than Atul realized, maybe there was some misunderstanding because Riddhima told him she even now doesn't know the reason why her husband divorced her. 

Seeing Riddhima was in no state to speak a single word, Atul thought to get some answers from Armaan because he knew, Riddhima could never use a person for money. When first Atul met her, she clearly denied and even when she agreed to stay with him, it was because of her unborn child. 

Also, that is the reason that Riddhima was working with him so she could earn and spend on her responsible without letting Atul do it for them. Neither Atul's heart or mind were ready to believe this bull shit Armaan was saying about Riddhima. Atul also made sure, to take those matters in his own hands. He knew how stubborn Armaan and Riddhima could be. 

There was a silent around the room for a minute, so Atul took the chance of clearing things between them knowing how much Riddhima still loved Armaan and Ahaan also needs his father.
At: Armaan, I think you should calm down and talk.
A: Ab kehne sunne ke liye kuch rehgaya hai kya.
At: Armaan, main nhi jaant tum Riddhima ke baare mein aise kyun soch rahe ho. Didn't you ever love her.
A: Wohi toh galati hui hai mujhse, maine isse itna pyar kiya lekin ab usse zyada nafrat karta hoon me is ladki se.
At: Tumne Riddhima koh ek baar bhi bataya ke tum kyun usse talaaq di?
A: Itn bhi bholi nahi hai yeh ke main isko reason bataun, lekin phir bhi tum sunna chaahte ho toh aaj main tum dono koh bata deta hoon. Maine isko issiliye talaaq di kyunki yeh mere absent mein, mere kamre mein, mere bistar pe Siddhant ke saath...

Before Armaan could continue, the sound of slap echoed around the room. Armaan was holding his cheek while Atul stood in front of him. Riddhima stood a few steps behind them holding Ahaan still in her arms who was slowly going to slumber. She was still hiding his face from Armaan, as she did not want Armaan to see his face.
At: you don't ever deserves to be loved by anyone Mr. Armaan Mallik, get out from our life.
A: Tumne iske liye mujhpe haat utaya.
At: Haan, not because she is my wife or the child is mine. 
A: Phir kis rishte se tumne uske liye mujhpe haat utaya.
At: Jo rishta ek bhai behen ke beech hota hai us rishte se. Armaan, mujhe sharam aate hai yeh sochte hue bhi ke tu mera bhai hai. Itna gatiya kaise soch sakte ho tum ek ladki ke baare mein, woh bhi apne biwi ke baare mein.
A: Jo maine dekha, uske baad mujhe yakeen karna pada.
At: Aisa kiya dekha tumne jo tumne apne biwi pe itna gatiya ilzam lagaya.
A: Pehle mujhe yakeen nehi hua lekin iske aur Siddhant ke photo's dekh ke mujhe yakeen karna pada.
At: Kaise photos...
A: Dono ko, bina kapdo ke, ek hi bistar pe. 
R: bas Armaan...

Finally, Riddhima spoke not being able to listen any more insult. True, she was badly broken from inside but Riddhima didn't let a single tear fall from her eyes. Atul and Armaan looked towards Riddhima who made Ahaan sleep on the bed and put pillows around him. 

Than Riddhima faced Armaan, who was putting cheap blames on her without giving her a chance to tell her side of story. Not that day and not even today Armaan was willing to hear her out and clear the matter.
R: Sahi kaha tha maine, pyar karna asaan hota hai lekin bharosa karna tumne kabhi seekha hi nahi zindagi mein.
A: Bharosa to un logo par hote hai jo log barose ke layak ho.
R: Sahi kaha tumne, aur tum kuch tasveeron ko dekh kar yeh believe kar sakte ho ke main aisi hun. Itna jaana tha tumne mere baare mein. Itna hi bharosa tha apni Riddhima pe.
A: Sirf tasveer koh dekha hota toh bhi shayad believe nahi hota Riddhima. Lekin us din jab main ghar gaya, maine tumhe Siddhant ki baahon mein dekha, woh decoration, sab kuch is baat ke gawahi hai ke tum dono ke beech ek najaiz rishta tha.
R: Chee Armaan, tum itna gatiya soochoge mere bare me, maine kabhi socha bhi nahi tha. Aur kis tasveeron ke baat kar rahe ho tum, kisne tumhe woh tasveere bheji?
A: Kissi ne nehi, balki Shaina ne...
R: Wah Armaan wah... Shaina ne us din tumhare saamne aakar meri tasveer dikhaya aur usmein Siddhant ta. Shaina... Wohi haina jisne tumhare pyar koh tukraya, wohi Shaina haina jisne pure collage ke saamne tumhe insult kiya. Aur Siddhant, wohi jo shaadi ki raat mujhe chodke chala gaya. wohi Siddhant waapas aakhe mujhe apnane ke liye maanna chahta th, lekin mujhe aapke saath rehn tha. Bohot Mohabbat karti hu me aapse. Isliye Sid ko ushi waqt mana kar diya. lekin sach jaanne se pehle hi, sune bhi meri itni insult ki yeh socha ke maine usse dokha diya. Lekin dekha jaye, to dokha toh mere saath hua hai, dil toh mera tuta hai. Ek baar nehi, balki baar baar. Us waqt bhi, aur is waqt bhi. Tab Nikaah ke din, aur phir...

Riddhima stopped for a moment as her heart was painning so much today, after knowing why Armaan had left her. She always had this fear that Siddhant might create problem between them but she didn't know, it would be that day when she was going to tell Armaan she was pregnant with his child. 

The hug Riddhima gave to Siddhant, it was a hug of sister in law and brother in law share of the happy news but who would think, the person who sees them like that would mistook about the hug.
R: Us din woh sab decoration, maine humhare liye kiya. Mujhe tumse bohot zaruri baat karni thi. Siddhant ke mujhse baar baar puchne pe maine usko bataya main...

Riddhima stopped as Armaan waited for her to tell what she was going to tell two years ago, she moved her face and look at the little one who was on the bed sleeping peacefully. Riddhima moved to him and sat, caressing his hair. Armaan stood there not understanding anything but somewhere in his heart, he got a signal that the child was related to him.
R: Main tumko pehle batana chahti thi, lekin jab Sid ne kaha usko lagta hai humne usse abhi tak maaf nehi kiya toh maine usko bataya ke main pregnant hu. Woh news sunke Siddhant ne mujhe hug kiya, is liye nehi ke meri aur uske beech koi najaaiz rishta hai.

Riddhima was all this while looking at Ahaan who was sleeping with his thumb in mouth as he sucked it. Armaan also looked at the baby who was sleeping not being aware of his father present in the room at the moment. But he still wasn't able to see his face. Atul stood quietly letting them clear all the misunderstandings knowing it was needed to be done now.
R: Maine tab tumse pucha tha ke mera kusoor kiya hai lekin tumne mujhe ghar se nikal jaane koh kaha. Shayad mera hi pyar kamzor tha jo tumne ek baar bhi mujhe batana zaruri nehi samjha ke mujhse kiya galati hui thi. Nafrat karna chahti thi, aur karti bhi hu, lekin phir bhi tumhari Mohabbat is dil se khatam nahi hui, Ahaan ke wajah se. Lekin afsos is baat ka hai, tumne mujhpe barosa nahi kiya balke un dono pe yakeen kiya jinhone hum dono ke emotions ke saath khela.

It was than, Riddhima couldn't hold the tears back anymore in her heart. She started to sob as she felt her heart couldn't hold it anymore, Atul moved close to her and Riddhima hugged Atul around his waist while Atul caressed Riddhima hair. Armaan stood with tears in his eyes as he got to know he has a child who he was unaware till today but than Siddhants image came across his eyes which made him think something else.

Atul kept trying to stop Riddhima crying but she kept weeping like a child. Atul had never seen Riddhima broken down like that, not even when Ahaan was down with fever three days ago. He knew instantly, that Armaan has a very special place in her heart.
A: Phirse ek aur jhoot, aur yeh baccha. Yeh tumhare aur Siddhant ke najaaiz rishte ka nateeja hai.
At: Bas Armaan, aur kitna giro ge tum.
A: Yeh tum mujhe bol rahe ho Atul, yeh ladki kahaniya bana rhi hai aur tum iske baaton pe believe kar rahe ho.
At: Tumhare paas kiya prove hai is baat ka yeh kahaniya bana rahi hai. Tumhare paas apna dhimag nehi hai sochne ke liye. Jo bhi tumhare zindagi mein huva hai, woh kissi ne jaan bhujkar kiya ho. 
A: Kissi koh kiya milenge hum dono koh alag krke. 
At: Badla, tum khud socho Armaan. Shaina woh ladki ta jo tumhe sabke saamne tukraya. Aur Siddhant, jiske rishta Riddhima se hone wala ta lekin tab tumhara biwi ti toh Riddhima ne dubara usse rishta jhodne se mana kiya ho toh tujhe nehi lagta usse insult laga ho is baat pe kaise Riddhima ne apne zindagi mein usse peeche chod ke aage bada woh bhi uske bhai ke saath.
A: I don't believe it, Shaina ne mujhe tukraya toh phir usko meri zindagi barbaad karke kiya milega. aur Siddhant kyun karegea aisa.
At: Woh ab tujhe pata lagana hai Armaan, woh tum ho jisne un dono ke baat pe believe kiya. Riddhima ne tumhe apni nazariya bataya hai ab teri baari hai. 
A: Tik hai, main sach ka pata laga ke rahunga. Lekin main abhi bhi kehta hoon, yeh ladki dokhebaaz hai, characterless hai. 
At: Shut up Armaan, tumhe koi hak nhi hai Riddhima koh aise insult kare. Tujhe itna problem hai Riddhima se toh kyun uske peeche aaye ho. Tumhare paas iska jawab hai...?

Armaan stood shocked hearing Atul words, he was himself surprise to know why he was interfering Riddhima life when she was no one to him. It was him who ask her to leave, who divorce her than why he was being helpless to know what's happening in her life.

Atul leave Riddhima as she move out from the hug feeling Ahaan moving, Riddhima took Ahaan in her arms and hide him from the world. Armaan look at them to see the baby face hiding in Riddhim chest. Riddhima wasn't even looking towards him but his every words were reaching deep down in her heart.

Atul look at Armaan who was still standing looking at Riddhima and Ahaan, he move in front of Riddhima blocking them from Armaan who look at Atul still with confusion in his face.
At: Koi jawab nehi hai tumhare paas, lekin mujhe pata hai kyun. Tumhe Riddhima par barosa nehi haina, toh chod de uska peecha karna. Jitna main Riddhima koh in doh saalon mein jaanta hoon, shayad tum utna bhi nehi jaan paaye usse. Chala ja Armaan, Riddhima koh tumhari zarurat nehi hai ab. Uska bhai hai usko sambhalne ke liye.
A: Tik hai Atul, lekin main waapas aaunga. Prove lekar ki yeh ladki barosa karne ki layak nehi hai.
At: Jis din tumhe sach pata chalega, us din tum kissi koh galat ya sahi prove karne ki haalat mein nehi hoga Armaan. Tum bohot regret karo ge jaise tumne Riddhima ke saath behave kiya kyunki mujhe apne behen par pura barosa hai woh aisa kuch nehi kiya ya kabhi karenge. 
A: Dekhte hai, tumhara barosa jeet te hai ya nehi.

Saying so Armaan left in anger while Atul stood helplessly seeing how Armaan wasn't going to give up so soon and accept his mistake. Atul look at Riddhima who just sit holding Ahaan in her arms rocking him slowly so his sleep wouldn't break.

Atul put his hand on Riddhima head, making Riddhima trace broke. Riddhima look around to see Armaan no where to be seen, Riddhima look back at Atul with unconditional pain in her eyes.
At: Riddhima, main jaanta hoon tum galat nahi ho. Na pehle tum galat thi aur na ab. Armaan mera bhai hai lekin tum bhi meri behen ho. Well, ab to Bhabhi ho tum meri. Main tumhre saath kabhi galat nahi hone dunga.
R: Woh kabhi nahi manega apni galati. 
At: Ek na ek din toh usko maanna hi padega Riddhima, jab sach uske saamne aayenge woh khud koh tumse zyada waqt dur nahi rakh payega. 
R: Bhaijaan, main nehi chahti ke ab Armaan mere zindagi mein waapas aaye. Aaj, mera dil itni hadd tak tut gaye main ke me usse kabhi maaf nahi karpaungi. Chaahkar bhi main usse maaf nahi karpaungi. Isliye nahi ke usne mujhepe trust nahi kiya, balke is baat ke liye ke usne har bar mere character pe ugli utaya. 
At: Riddhima, yeh tumhare haat mein hai tumhe usse maaf karna hai ya nahi. Jo bhi tumhara faisla hai, main usmein tumhara saath dunga.
R: Thank you bhaijaan. 
At: Kitni baar kaha hai, bhai koh thank you nehi kehte. Abhi tum tohdi der araam karo, Ahaan utjaenge toh woh ek second bhi tumhe dur nahi jane denga.

Riddhima nodded her head as she looked at Ahaan, Atul kissed Riddhima's forehead and caressed Ahaan's hair before moving out from the room to give them sometime alone. Atul left to meet the doctor and asked when they could discharge Ahaan, knowing it would be best to take them home now. 

When Atul left, Riddhima looked at Ahaan who was still in his deep slumber. Riddhima started to leave several kisses on his small face making him frown with the sudden disturb.
R: Mujhe maaf kardena beta, na chaahkar bhi maine tumhe tumhare Baba se dur kardiya aur shayad... Shayad main kabhi aapke Baba koh maaf nahi karpaungi lekin tum... tum zaroor apne Baba ko maaf kar dena, unse kabhi nafrat mat karna aur hamesha unki izzat karna. Kyunke kahi na kahi, aaj bhi tumhari Mama ki Jaan tumhare Baba me basti hai.

Riddhima laid on the bed holding Ahaan close to her heart, she closed her eyes as fresh tears again fell out on her cheeks with her heart bleeding and paining too much she is scared if it would ever mend or not. 

Armaan was driving as fast as he could to reach the house as he kept looking at his mobile which was on the passenger seat. As soon as he reached home, he banged the door. Without caring if the building shake with the loud bang. 

Armaan was angry as he dialed someone furiously when he wasn't answering. It took sometimes him to connect the call and he demand for result as he has asked his manager to find out about Siddhant and Shaina's whereabouts.
A: Get them here as soon as possible, I don't know how. I want them by tomorrow in front of my eyes. Don't tell them I m the one who wants them here. Just make some stories but I want them here any how.

Armaan cut the call without hearing his managers reply, he threw the mobile in rage which leads to broke in to several pieces. When his anger wasn't calming, he took a vase and crashed it on the floor broking it to pieces.
A: Main kabhi galat nahi ho sakte, aur main prove karke rahunga ke main galat nahi hoon. Just wait and watch Ms. Riddhima, main tumhari haqeeqat Atul ke saamne laakar rahunga.

Armaan marched out from the house as he took the wheel and drove out from the house. He was so angry, he just wanted to prove that he was right and no one could ever make him wrong. His blood was boiling thinking how could Riddhima always be the good person in other peoples eyes, when she is the one who betrayed him and his love.

Just few more hours and he would find out the truth, all the secrets are about to come out and Armaan has faith that whatever he was thinking and had done was right, only he didn't realized what will happen when the truth will come out, which would shatter his life badly.

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