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Part 17 : Dard Na Jaane Koi (An AR FF )

Armaan didn't know where he was driving, he just wanted to get out from there. From his empty house. Everything was eating him up. All the happenings around him. Somewhere deep down his heart, he wanted to believe that Riddhima wasn't wrong, he really really hoped that Riddhima would no be as he believed her to be. He wished so much, that it was him, who was wrong from the beginning. But if its true, how will he face Riddhima then? How will he be able to face her again. He wont be even able to look in her eyes.

Out of all places, he was standing in front of the hospital again. He did not know why he was here again, but he just felt it. Like he belonged here. Not caring anymore, he moved inside, again to the room, where Riddhima was with her son. He wanted to believe, that Ahaan was his, but his mind was stopping him all the time. He was again standing in front of the door, looking inside. He could see only Riddhima with the baby. 

Atul was no where seen. Armaan controlled his fast beating heart and moved inside. Riddhima looked up and was shocked to see Armaan. Instinctively her hands moved to Ahaan, as she again tried to hide him from Armaan. Yes, she had told him about his son, but Armaan was not ready to accept it.
A: Riddhima...
R: kya hua Mr. Mallik, abhi bhi kuch reh gaya tha. Aap mujhe abhi bhi kuch kehna chahte hai? koi aur insult hai.
A: Shut up Riddhima, tumhari saachai to kuch waqt me sabke samne aa jayegi. Lekin is waqt me yaha pe...

Armaan didn't complete his sentence. Instead he started to look towards Ahaan, who was lying beside Riddhima. Riddhima followed his eyes.
R: Soochna bhi mat Armaan.
A: Kyu Riddhima, tumne hi to kaha tha, ke Ahaan mera Beta hai.
R: haa kaha tha mene, lekin shayad tum bhul rahe ho, ke tumne kaha tha ke Ahaan mere so called najaiz Rishte ka saboot hai. To phir...
A: Bas Riddhima, me yaha pe koi behes karne nahi aaya hu. Me bas...
R: no Armaan...

Armaan didn't let her complete her sentence, but moved towards her bed and sat by her feet's. For Riddhima it was like she had lost her voice. She wasn't able to stop Armaan, when he forward his arms and grabbed Ahaan. Armaan moved further to Riddhima's side and picked Ahaan up. His first reaction was pure shock. Just seeing Ahaan's face, Armaan knew that he is his son. Ahaan is his baby. 

The next shock he got, when he looked Ahaan in the eyes, there were the same color as his. And the third shock he got, as Ahaan smiled, his dimple came to view. For Armaan it was like he lost his tongue. Ahaan was a carbon copy of his childhood.

Unknowingly tears started to form in his eyes. He could not believe, that he was holding his own baby in his hands. Armaan could not hold back anymore, so he pressed Ahaan to his chest, and left uncountable kisses on his face. 

Riddhima was purely shocked to see this reaction of Armaan. She thought that maybe he was again here to create a scene. But to her surprise, the way Armaan was holding and caring for Ahaan, made her heart swell with happiness. Today she could finally see them as a family together.

Ahaan giggled at his own fathers touch. With his tiny hands, he grabbed Armaans beard and giggled even more. That made Armaan chuckle and he smiled to his baby boy.
A: Meri Jaan...

Armaan again hugged Ahaan very tightly. Then his eyes moved to Riddhima, whose eyes were also filled with tears. Armaan felt very ashamed of himself, to blame Riddhima. He actually thought that this wasn't his own son. How wrong could he be.
A: Riddhima me...
R: nahi Armaan, maafi mat mangna, kyunke mujhme itni himmat nahi hai ke me tumhe maaf kar du. 
A: lekin Ahaan...
R: me jaanti hu, Ahaan tumahra beta hai. Humara beta hai, lekin is ke ilawa hum dono ke bech me ab kuch bhi nahi ho sakta. 
A: Mujhe mera beta chahiye Riddhima. Already me 2 saal iske bina raha hu. Ab mujhe anew ala har ek pal apne bete ke saath guzarna hai.

Riddhima felt a pang of hurt and jealousy towards Ahaan. She knew he was their baby, but still, it hurts her to know, that Armaan just wanted to spent his life with Ahaan. He did not even mentioned her name.
A: Aaj ke bad, tum dono mere saath rahoge. Mere ghar me.
R: huhh?
A: me apne bete ko apne pas rakhna chahta hu. Tumahri marzi hai, agar tum Ahaan ki zindagi ka hissa ban na chahti ho, to humare saath aake reh sakti ho.
R: Armaan tum pagal ho, yeh mera bhi beta hai, tum Ahaan ko mujhse cheen nahi sakte. Jaan hai yeh meri.
A: tumhari himmat bhi kaise hui, Ahaan ko 2 saal mujhse dur rakhne ki?
R: tumne apne aap ko dekha hai Armaan, 2 saal pehle nahi, lekin jab mene tumhe 2 saal ke bad bataya ke hum dono ka ek beta hai, to kya tumhe tumhara reaction yaad hai, ya phir wo bhi yaad dilwau?
A: Shut up Riddhima, me tumse yahe be behas nahi karna chahta, mujhe mere bete ke saath rehna hai, by hoock or by crook. Aur agar tum araam se nahi mani, to phir mujhe na chahte hue bhi lawfully Ahaan ki custody leni hogi.

Riddhima was shocked to hear his words. Is he really legit? How could he even think, to take his own son to court. How cheap could he sink?
R: tum aisa nahi kar sakte Armaan...
A: tabhi keh raha hu, ke chup chap humara saath reh lo...

Before they could discuss anymore, Armaan got a call from Atul. Armaan moved out of the room to answer the call. He gave Ahaan to Riddhima.
A: Haa Atul, bolo kya baat hai.
At: Armaan, tum un tasveeron ke bare me baat kar rahe the na. Mujhe wo dekhni hai.
A: kyu?
At: just trust me Armaan, please.
A: mere ghar me hai, mere suitcase me. Tum jaake le lo.
At: tum kaha ho is waqt.
At: I know, Riddhima aur Ahaan ke pas ho. Akhri kahi na khai, dil to tumhara bhi uske liye tarap raha hai. Bohot saha hai Riddhima ne Armaan, usko had se zyaada dard na dena, ke us ki bardasht se bahar ho jaye.
A: bye Atul...

then Armaan hung up and moved back. Ahaan was still lying in Riddhima's arms, but as soon as Armaan came back, Ahaan forwarded his hands towards him. Armaan smiled seeing his antics and grabbed Ahaan and put him on his lap. Ahaan was jumping very happily. Even Riddhima was surprised how Ahaan was so suddenly attached to Armaan.
A: bas ab bohot dur reh liye tum apne Baba se. Ab tum bohot jald wapis aa jaoge. Me jaake doctors se baat karta hu. Puchta hu ke tumhe kab discharge karenge, aur phir tum apne Baba ke saath rahoge. Hamesha ke liye
Ah: hehehhehe...

Armaan kissed his forehead. He was beyond happy. He just could not believe, that he was holding his own baby in his hands. He could not even believe, that Riddhima had kept it a secret, but somewhere in his heart he did understood her decision. 

As soon as Ahaan was discharge, Armaan wanted to take them to his house. Even though Riddhima was not willing to leave with him, but she had to, because of Ahaan. During the car drive Riddhima decided to call Atul, so she could inform him about the new turn in her life.
At: Haa Riddhima, sab khairiyat to hai? Me aa jau tum dono ko lene?
R: wo actually bhaijaan...
At: Kya hua Riddhima, sab kuch theek to hai na?
R: Bhaijaan wo Armaan...

Armaan was now pissed at Riddhimas hesitance. So he grabbed her phone and put it on his ear.
A: Atul, Ahaan aur Riddhima aaj ke bad mere saath rahenge. Ahaan mera beta hai, I want him near me. Every second. 
At: Aur Riddhima?
A: Riddhima Ahaan ki Mama hai, agar wo chahe to mere aur mere bete ke saath mere ghar me reh sakti hai. Aur agar nahi, to Ahaan phir bhi mere saath hi rahega.
At: Armaan tu theek nahi kar raha...
A: Don't lecture me Atul, aaj tak mene kabhi kisi ki suni hai, jo aaj me tumhari suno. Aur me galat nahi hu, bohot jald tumhare samne bhi Riddhima ki sachaai aa jayegi.
At: dekhte hai, ke yeh ane wala Saach kisko torta hai, tumhe ya phir Riddhima ko. Aur ha, mene wo pictures le li hai. Aur ek baat Armaan, Riddhima ki Aankho me agar ek bhi ansu aaya, to phir me bhool jaunga ke me tumhara bhai hu. Agar tumhara Rishta Riddhima ke saath tuta, to phir tum mujhe bhi bhool jana.
A: is bare me saachai samne ane ke baad baat karenge.

Without hearing Atul's answer, Armaan ended the call. Riddhima who sat sitting next to Armaan had heard all the conversation. But now she had enough, she wont cry anymore. She will do everything for Ahaan's happiness, even if it meant, to share a home with Armaan. But she wont talk to him, she would avoid him as much as possible. 

As soon as they reached his house, Riddhima came out of the car, she was about to take Ahaan out from the backseat, but Armaan came before her and took Ahaan in his arms. Riddhima felt a pinch of pain in her heart. She knew this pain was useless, but it also meant that now she had to share Ahaan with Armaan. Before it were just Riddhima and Ahaan, but now even Armaan wanted to a part of Ahaan. And somewhere Riddhima was scared, that Armaan would throw her out of their life.

They all moved inside the house, and Armaan moved with Ahaan in his hands to his bedroom. Riddhima was just standing in the hall, looking around. She could not believe, that she will live her again, and that too with Armaan. But to be honest, she was scared. She was scared to hell. Not that Armaan could hurt her physical, but she knew that Armaan could destroy her emotionally. He is capable to heal and break her heart all over again. With much courage, she moved to his room too.

Armaan put Ahaan on his bed and put pillows around him. He stood there admiring his son. He knew, that his son must be just like him. A man with brain, looks and too handsome to handle. Armaan chuckled by his own thoughts. At the same time, Riddhima came inside, and his smile vanished from his face.
R: Armaan, mujhe nahana hai...
A: i think tumhe pata hoga, ke shower kaha pe hai...
R: wo to pata hai, lekin kapre...

Riddhima was blushing, thinking that she had nothing to wear. But she really wanted to take a shower now. The whole day was too much for her. She just wanted to relax and take a soothing bath, to wash away all the tension from her.
A: tum jao, me kuch arrange karta hu.
R: hmmm...

Then Riddhima went into the attached washroom, and took a shower. Armaan on the other hand was thinking what to give her to wear. Then suddenly an image popped up in his mind. He remembered Riddhima in his own shirt, and how hot she looked in it. He tried to push that image away, but it was next to impossible. As he closed his eyes, he could see her. 

As he opened his eyes he again saw her in just in his shirt. It all was frustrating him too much, so he just stood up and went to his cabin. He took out his shirt and put it on the bed. He he heard the water shut down, he stood up and moved to the door.
R: Armaan...
A: darwaza kholo...

Riddhima grabbed the towel and covered herself with it. She then moved to the door and opened it, but she made sure, that she stood behind the door, so Armaan could not see her. She took the cloth and was shocked to see his shirt. She gasped for air.

They both knew, that they both have an uncontrollable attraction towards each other. All the memories from the past came back rushing and Riddhima could feel the heat in her body. She cant wear his shirt, she wont be able to control herself is she wore his shirt and went infornt of him.
A: aur kuch nahi hai, bas yehi hai...

Then Armaan turned around and went again to Ahaan. He sat beside him on the bed. Ahaan stirred in the bed, informing Armaan that he was about to wake up. Riddhima on the other hand was in a very difficult dilemma. She had only two options. 

One, to wear Armaans Shirt, which was clean and smelt like him. Second, he could wear her old clothes, which were almost stinking. She just closed her eyes, and put on Armaans shirt, as soon as his shirt landed on her body, she had the feeling that Armaan was just beside her. She clutched his shirt and smelled on it. then his name came out of her mouth as a moan.
R: Armaan...

Armaan was getting desperate, why Riddhima was taking so much time, to finally come out of the bathroom. If he was true to himself, he was dying to see Riddhima in his shirt, but as stubborn as he was, he would never accept it, not even to himself. Finally the door opened and Riddhima came out, taking tiny steps. She was feeling so unsure, but more that that, she was feeling scarred, of how Armaan would react. Armaan looked up and his breath stuck in his throat. 

For a second, he forgot how to breath. He looked at her, from head to toe. Her sexy legs, her tiny waist, her big breast, and above all, his shirt was white, so he could easily see her undergarments beneath the shirt. He continues his journey of her body, and moved to her long neck, her full lips. As soon as his eyes landed on her, she was already looking back at him, she let out a gasp.

Armaan stood up, Riddhima could see how his eyes darkened. she knew that this situation was getting out of their hands, but still she made no attempt to change the fact, that she was standing almost naked in front of Armaan, he ex-husband but still the love of her life. She hated him, but loved him even more.

Armaan started to take tiny steps towards her, even he did not know why he was doing so, but he felt, that it was much needed. He took steps towards her, and she started to take steps back. With his each step forwards, she took each step back, till her back collapsed with the washroom door. But Armaan did not stop, he moved forward and pressed his body with her. 

At that moment, both of them let out a breath, which they both were holding. A electric shock passed throw their bodies and Riddhima closed her eyes. Armaan put his hands on each side of her head.
A: open...

When Riddhima didn't respond, he said it again, but this time with more authority and a loud voice.
A: open your eyes Riddhima.

Hearing his command, her eyes automatically opened. she noticed that he was bending down. Armaan looked down at her lips, which were inviting him each passing second.
A: I want to kiss you.

He murmured and Riddhima stilled as she noticed how his face was bending down more and more, till it was only millimeter away from hers.
R: Armaan...

Riddhima moan-whispered. She was feeling very hard to control herself, no cut that, she wasn't able to control her when he was with her. That never happened, not even once.
A: say yes...

Armaan looked up into her eyes, begging her to say yes. He wont force her, yes he still wanted her, but at the same time, she hoped that she would back out, she would stop it, else he wont be able to stop himself. Riddhima shut out everything in her head and whispered those words, which were dying to come out of her mouth, which he was dying to hear.
R: yes...

Riddhima could barely take a breath, as his lips instantly attacked hers. Riddhima could only moan as she had missed this. She had missed him a lot. Even Armaan felt like he was in heaven, finally. He grabbed her waist and pulled her body in him and her hands automatically found his neck. He kissed her aggressively and Riddhima kissed him back with the same passion. 

After a while he pulled his head back, both were painting for air. But soon his eyes were again on her lips, but this time, he kept looking into her eyes. As Riddhima was closing her eyes, he pinched her waist and her eyes shoot open, looking into his. this time, the kiss was slow, passionate, hate, love, the separation, the wait, ever single emotion was putted in this kiss.

Finally when Armaan left her lips, he put his forehead on hers. She was still pressed again him. both closed their eyes, to just enjoy the feeling. Above all, none of them were feeling guilty. Not even a single bit.

A voice brought them both back to the world. It belonged to none other than Ahaan. But what was surprising, was that this time, he actually said a word, his first word, and it was not a typical word, it was...
Ahaan: Ba...Ba...

Take care...
Love you all...

With Love,
Rihoo & Amna...

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