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Part 19 B : Dard Na Jaane Koi (An AR FF )

Riddhima was kissing Ahaan's face, she was so happy that Ahaan called her Mama. The way Armaan was smirking, she knew that Armaan must have thought her. She gave him a thankful smile, and Armaan smiled back. Then he got a call from his manager. He informed him, that Sid and Shaina would reach any second to his house. Armaan then looked at Riddhima.
A: Riddhima, meri ek baat manogi?
R: kya baat hai Armaan?
A: Tum aur Ahaan is room me se bahar mat aana.
R: lekin...sab theek to hai na?
A: tum fikar mat karo, ab me sab kuch theek kar dunga, tum bas is room se bahr mat ana, please.

Without hearing her answer, Armaan moved out, leaving Riddhima behind with a confusion. She looked at Ahaan.
R: Bohto mushkil hai tumahre Baba ko samajhna. Me aaj tak samajh nahi payi isko.

Ahaan just giggled and started to jump on the bed. Riddhima smiled at him and made him call her again and again mother.

Armaan moved to the hall and placed a recorder on the table, then he switched off the lights and hid behind a wall, waiting for Sid and Shaina to arrive. He made sure, that the security is tight, so they wont be able to leave so easily.

Armaan knew that neither of them would agree without any prove so he printed the photos which Atul had send to him and Armaan was ready to record their reaction to find each other when they come in front of the other, knowing they would let out the truth being surprised to see each other here at the same place.

It was Shaina who reached first and after few minutes, Siddhant walked in not understanding what was going to happen in their perspective life. Shaina was standing with her back towards Siddhant, who start the conversation thinking she was the one who had ask him to come there.
S: Excuse me...
Shaina turned around and was shocked to see Sidhant standing in front of her.

Siddhant and Shaina were shocked to see each other. Both kept looking at each other before moving their eyes around the house thinking what was happening. They didn't realize, that Armaan was close by watching them while Riddhima was busy in the room with Ahaan unaware of sudden guests in the house.

Neither of them spoke for a while as they weren't able to believe their eyes, they never thought that they would face each other ever again, after the separation of Armaan and Riddhima.
Sh: Yeh ghar...
S: Tum yaha kaise...
Sh: Main toh...
S: Don't even think of blackmailing me Shaina. I know tumne mujhe yaha paison ke liye bhulaya hai.
Sh: What...
S: Kyun, tumhara woh so called boyfriend Raj ne tumhe ditch kar diya hoga. Issiliyeh tumhe paison ke zarurat hogi, lekin let me tell you one thing. humari deal hui thi, and that was, ke me tumhe yaha Australia ka visum dilwau, take tumhe yaha se koi na nikal sake. Aur mene apna deal ka part pura kiya. Iss se zyada umeed mat karna tum mujhse.
Sh: Siddhant, main koi bikari nehi hun jo tumse paise maangne ke liye tumhare paas aaun. Aur mujhe acche se yaad hai, Armaan aur Riddhima koh alag karna tumhara plan tha aur me to Armaan ko phirse sirf hurt dekhna chahti thi.
S: Toh phir mujhe yaha kuy bulaya?.
Sh: What? Maine tumhe nahi bulaya, balke tumne mujhe bulaya hai.
S: no I didn't, to phir kisne...
A: Maine... Maine bulaya hai tum dono ko yaha pe!

Armaan moved in their view, making both of them stare at him as if they had seen a ghost. Armaan sat in front of them as they stood staring him like he might put them in to a burning fire. Siddhant and Shaina looked at each other than looked back at Armaan.
A: Kyu...

Armaans voice roared in the house shaking it, as he demanded for an answer from both of them. Siddhant and Shaina got scared but they controlled themselves as they acted confused about what Armaan was talking.

Hearing Armaan's sudden loud voice, Riddhima took Ahaan in her arms and moved out to see Armaan sitting in front of Siddhant and Shaina who were standing looking at him with fear on their face. Riddhima hide herself from them as she saw the maid come out from the kitchen too.

Maid was about to speak seeing Riddhima who shake her head asking her not to, Riddhima asked through her eyes to take Ahaan in room which the maid did obediently. Now Riddhima understood why Armaan did not want her to come out, he didn't want her to face both Siddhant and Shaina. But she has to do it.

Riddhima stood hiding from their eyes, as she waited to know what was going to happen now. Why Siddhant and Shaina were there, in front of Armaan who demanded for an answer. When neither of them spoke, Armaan stood up throwing some pictures on their face. They looked at the pictures which was all over the floor in front of them as the color drained from their face.
A: Kyunki kiya aisa tum dono ne.

Once again Armaan asked, demanding to know the truth, he somehow had a feeling that it was for revenge but but the question here is why? What had he done that they broke his marriage and made him hate his own wife for no reason, insult her every single time that it was impossible for him and for Riddhima to forget everything and make a new start.
S: Bhaijaan.
A: DON'T YOU DARE SIDDHANT. Nehi hoon mera tera bhai. Mujhe ghin aati hai jab tum mujhe bhaijaan bolte ho to. Kaise bhai ho tum Siddhant, jo apne sage bhai ke saath itna behuda suluk kiya. Itna kaise gir sakte ho tum, sirf issiliyeh kyunke maine Riddhima se shaadi ki.
S: Main...
A: Jhut bolne ki koshish bhi mat karna Siddhant. Maine tum dono ke baat sunli hai aur record bhi kar lihai. Tum dono ne mujhe aur Riddhima koh alag karne ke liye yeh saara naatak kiya tha. Tum dono ne apne photo's edit karki, aur is giri hui ladki ke jhaga Riddhima ke photo daali taake mujhe yeh lage, ke woh tumhare saath ek affair chala rahi hai?
Tujhe tohdi bhi sharam nahi aayi Siddhant, yeh jaante hue bhi ke Riddhima mere bacche ke saath pregnant thi tumne aisa kiya. Kyun kiya tumne aisa Siddhant, itna behuda Kaam kaise kar sakte ho tum.
S: Kyunki main Riddhima se mohabbat karta hoon. Main usse kissi aur ke saath nehi dekh sakte, chahe wo mera saga bhai hi kyu na ho. Maine apni galati maanke usse apnane ke liye haat badaya, lekin usne ek din tak mera inthizaar nehi kiya aur aapka haat thaam liya. Mohabbat ke naam pe mujhse kitne vaade kia the usne, lekin sab jhute the, koi mohabbat nahi ki usne mujhse.
A: Tum jaante bhi ho ke mera aur Riddhima ke nikaah kin haalaot mein hua tha, Shaadi ke bohot time ke bad, we realised that we actually had fallen in love with eachother. Woh kabhi tujhe dokha dene ke baare mein soch bhi nehi sakti ti, lekin tu usse us din chod ke chala gaya, jis din woh tera inthezaar kar rahi thi, apni shaadi ki dress me.
Jab tum waapas aaye, tab woh already meri biwi thi. Wo kaise ek aisi insaan ke liye apna hasta khelta ghar barbad kar deti? Aur wo bhi aise insaan ke liye, jo usko dulhan bane hue chor ke bhag gaya. Tum usse agar sacchi mohabbat karte toh tum use khushi khushi jeene dete Siddhant, na ki uske zindagi narak banate.
S: Usne aapke saamne meri insult ki, meri mohabbat ka mazak baya aapke saamne. Aur aap hi bataye ke main itni aasaani se usse kaise Khushi khushi jeene deta, never. Sirf usne nehi, aapne bhi mujhse mera khushi cheena, issiliye maine Shaina ke saath yeh sab kiya.
A: Tumne khud apne haaton se apne khushi koh chor diya ta Siddhant, tab mujhe majbur hokar tumhare khushi koh apna na pada aur kuch mahine baad woh meri khushi bangayi. Jis din tum aaye the, Uss din bhi main usko jaane deta, agar wo jana chahti to, lekin hum donot already ek dusre ko accept kar chuke the, aur wo bhi pure dil se. Woh kabhi tere saath khush nehi ho paati.
S: Agr Riddhima mere saath kush nahi hoti, to phir main aap dono koh kaise khush rehne de skta tha. Aur waisa hi hua, jaise hum dono ne socha tha, right partner.
Sh: Right, so Armaan Mallik. Kaise chal rahi hai tumhara life.

Shaina smirked seeing Armaan, she really hoped, that he would suffer, just like he made her sister suffer. Her little sister, Sukaina, was in love with Armaan since Childhood. She would do anything for him, but Armaan did not even noticed her, not even once.

Armaan was not a bad boy or any famous personality in school, but still Sukaina was deeply in love with him. She would always talk about him. But then, one day, when Shaina returned back home, she saw Sukaina lying on the bed. In her own blood flood.

Shaina was shocked beyond anything. There was also Armaan's name written with her blood. Sukaina was just 15 at that moment, and Armaan was 16. Shaina was also the same age as Armaan. As she saw her little sister lying in her own blood, she made a promise to herself, that she would destroy Armaan Mallik, she will turn his every single moment in horror.
A: Kyun mere peeche padi ho tum, jitna insult collage mein kiya woh kya kam, kyu mere zindagi narak banana chahte ho tum dono.
Sh: Actually Armaan, shayad tumhe yaad ho ya phir na ho, lekin me Sukaina ki badi behen hu. Yaad hai tumhe Sukaina? tumhari bachpan ki dost. Us waqt tum mujhe nahi jante the, kyunke me apne Dad ke saath alag rehti thi. Lekin Sukaina ko to tum jante the na? Bohot Mohabbat karti thi wo tumse, apni jaan se bhi zyada, lekin tum ne to kabhi uski taraf dekha bhi nahi.
Aur meri bechari behen ne, apni jaan de di. Khud Khushi kar li Sukaina ne.Tab se mene kasam kha li thi, ke me tujhe kabhi khush nahi rehe dungi. Zindagi barbad kardungi me tumahri. Aur jab mujhe pata chala, ke tum nikaah karke bohot khush ho, to main aisa kaise hone de skti hun right. I mean meri wajahse tum ladkiyon se nafrat karte aaye ho lekin achanak us Riddhima ke wajahse tumne Zindagi me aage barhne lage. Not happening right.

Armaan was shocked to hear this. Yes he was friends with Sukaina, but he never knew that she committed suicide because of him. Her mother told him, that Sukaina has shifted to her dads place, and then he never saw her again. Never in his wildest dream had he thought, that Sukaina must have committed suicide and Shaina was her elder sister. Tears were coming out of Shaina's eyes, as she wiped them away furiously.
S: Ek baat samajh mein nehi aayi bhaijaan, do saal lag gaye aapko yeh pata karne mein ke yeh sab ek plan ta. tzz tzz, ab kiya karenge aap jaanke. Riddhima to kabki aapse dur chali gayi hai.
Sh: Aur I m sure woh kabhi tumhare paas waapas nehi aayenge. Not after you put such a cheap blame on her. Me to Dua karti hu, ke tumhe Zindagi me kabhi sukoon na mile. Jaise meri behen tarpi thi, waise hi tum bhi tarpo.
S: Koi bhi ladki itni insult hone ke baad aise aadmi ke saath rehna bilkul pasand nehi karenge. Aur hum yehi chahti thi, aap kabhi khush na rahe apne zindagi mein aur thadap thadap ke jiye. Sirf aap nehi, Riddhima bhi.
Sh: Ab tum dono ke paas, apne pyare bhare memories ke alawa kuch bhi nehi hai.

Both Siddhant and Shaina were laughing evilly at Armaan seeing his expression, Riddhima who was watching them from a distance saw how Armaan face expression went pale, very well understanding that he must be thinking about Sid's words.

Never in her life had Riddhima wanted Armaan to feel unwelcome or unwanted. She is just not able to see the pain in Armaan's eyes, even after he had done so much to her. Somewhere in her heart, she knew that Armaan is innocent, it was all a plan of Sid and Shaina. But still Armaan could have asked her. She knew, that she wont be able to forgive him so easily, but she also knew that her heart was already melting and she was hoping with a future with Armaan again. But was it too soon?

Seeing how shamelessly the two were laughing on her Armaan, Riddhima moved towards them. Riddhima's anger was boiling not only because of them but because of Armaan too. Thinking how could he believe them and not try to dig about the truth two years before. And now, because he was just silent and not saying anything.

Riddhima knew now Armaan did everything to prove her wrong but, it could have been much better if he did it two years ago, than maybe, maybe they could be together living as a happy family. Riddhima was in so much rage thinking all this, she didn't know when her hand hit on Shaina's face, making her feel the pain in her palm.

The laughter died as every person present in the hall was looking at Riddhima with a surprised and shocked expression. Riddhima's eyes were moving from Shaina to Sid, as fire was burning in her orbs with her fist tight as a ball.

Shaina was holding her cheek as she felt the burn agaisnt her skin, before she could recover from the shock, again Riddhima rise her hand and this time it was Siddhant who was holding his cheek with the sudden slap from Riddhima.

Armaan moved to Riddhima, pulling her back but Riddhima didn't move her eyes from Siddhant and Shaina who was shocked to see sudden appearance of Riddhima. They never imagined in their wildest dream that they would find Riddhima and Armaan under one roof. Together.
A: Riddhima...
R: SHUT UP. Just shut up Armaan. Ab tum kiya saabit karna chahte ho haan. Aur tum dono, kiya lagta hai. Aise cheap game khel kar tum dono mujhe aur Armaan koh alag kar sakte ho. Dekhliya tum dono ne, hum dono aaj bhi ek saath hai, ab nikal jao yaha se. Aur kabhi waapas mudkar bhi mat dekhna. Dekha toh mujhse bura koi nehi hoga.
S: Riddhima tum...
R: Kyun, shock laga mujhe yaha dekh ke. Tumhe kiya laga tha Siddhant, main ro ro kar mar jaungi Armaan se alag hokar. Shayad tum bhul sakte ho lekin main nahi ke mere paas jeene ke liye wajah thi. Lekin tum kaise samjhon ke yeh baat. Tumne to kabhi mujhse saccha mohabbat ki hi nehi. Aur tum Shaina, tum khud ki life sambhal nahi sakti, to dusro ki life me interfere kyu karti ho?
Aur rahi baat Sukaina ki, to pyaar ka matlab hota hai dusre ki Khushi dekhna, nake khud apni Zindagi khatam kar den. Are agar meri jagah tumahri Behen Sukaina khadi hoti, to kya tab bhi tum aisa hi karti? Kabhi soocha hai tumne? Kyun sochenge tum log. tum dono badle ki aang mein itna pagal ho chuka hai, ke kiya sahi hai aur kiya galat hai tum logo ki samajhse baahar hogaya hai.
Dekh lo ab, tum teeno dekhlo ab. Khush haina mujhe tut te huve dekh ke, mujhe itna takleef dekhe khush haina. Sukoon milgaye tum log ke dil mein. Acche se dekho, main beyhadd tak tut chuki hoon ki ab koi kitna bhi koshish kare, meri dil kabhi pehle ke tarah jod nehi paaenge. Khush sab ya abhi bhi kuch baaki hai.

Riddhima was trying not to let her tears fall from her eyes but even her tears betrayed her just like those people, specially her ex husband who is her love. Riddhima looked at them, waiting to know if anyone has anything more to say.
R: Bohot kuch kar chuke ho tum log mujhe todne ke liye aur main tut bhi gayi hoon. Ab please, mere zindagi se chale jao, mujhe koi nehi chahiyeh apne zindagi mein. Jo bhi mere saath us din se aajtak hua, woh meri badkismat ti. Aur uski saza mil rahi hai mujhe.
A: Riddhima...
R: bas Armaan, maine aapse kaha ta. Mujhme aur himmat nehi hai. Is sabki koi zarurat nehi thi kyunki jitna yeh log gunegaar hai meri is haalat ki, utna tum bhi ho. Main kabhi tum logo koh maaf nehi karungi, kabhi nehi..

Riddhima turned around and was about to leave, as Armaan grabbed her hand and stopped her. He turned her towards him, and looked her eyes with his. Shaina looked at Armaan as she felt bad for him for the first time in all this years. She realized, Armaan had never done anything bad for her or her Sister, but she had break his life just because she wanted to take revenge for her Sisters stupidity.

Siddhant also kept looking at the direction where Riddhima and Armaan were standing, he felt bad to see how broken Riddhima was. She was right, due to that incident till now. She is the one who is only suffering, just because they wanted revenge from each other.
A: Out...

Shaina look at Siddhant being helpless, they realized they were wrong. Sensing the increasing anger through his voice, the both got a little It scarred.
Sh: Bhaijaan.

Armaan pulled Riddhima closer to himself, as he saw how her expression changed from hurt pain to scary. So without creating anymore drama Sid and Shaina left leaving Armaan then shouted for the Maid. The maid came with Ahaan in her hands.
A: tum Ahaan ko lekar Atul ke pas jao, me aur Riddhima, thori der me aa jayenge.
M: jee sir.

The maid left from there, leaving Armaan and Riddhima alone.
R: Armaan yeh sab, chodo mujhe...
A: kabhi nahi. Mene tumhe tora hai na, to phir me hi tumhe jorunga. Saari sachai jaan ne ke baad bhi tumhe lagta hai ke mene jaan puch ke kiya hai.
R: Mana ke us waqt tumhe sachai nahi pata thi, lekin tum mujhpe bharosa to kar sakte the na?
A: Riddhima...
R: Nahi Armaan, tum tab bhi mere pyaar ko nahi samajh paye the, aur na hi ab...Tumne to kabhi mujhse pyaar kiya hi nahi.

Armaan pulled her more closer to himself, pinning her hands at her back.
A: meri mohabbat pe shak mat karna Riddhima.
R: shak na karna, come on Armaan, aaj tak tumne aisa kiya hi kya hai, ke me tumhare pyaar pe yakeen karu. Nahi hai yakeen mujhe tum pe ya phir tumhare pyaar pe.

That was it for Armaan. Riddhima finally pushed his triger point. He tightened his grip on her hand and dragged her towards his room. He pushed Riddhima inside the room and then moved in behind her. He turned around and closed and locked the door. Then he turned towards Riddhima, who was looking at him with a horrifying expression.
A: Abhi yaaken dilwata hu me tumhe apne pyaar pe...

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