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Part 19 A : Dard Na Jaane Koi (An AR FF )

Riddhima was feeding Ahaan in one of the guest rooms as tears were continuously falling out from her eyes, Ahaan was playing with Riddhima's hair as he took his milk and when Riddhima didn't stop him which she usually do, Ahaan bite her to get her attention. 

Riddhima looked at Ahaan, separating him from her who was giving a naughty smile. Riddhima gave him a smile as she covered herself and took Ahaan for a bath. Ahaan was looking at Riddhima as she didn't scold him for his naughtiness, Riddhima was too lost to realize how his face color drain not getting his mother attention. 

After bath, Riddhima made him wear fresh clothes and also changed her own clothes too. Riddhima knew, she couldn't stay the whole day in the room so she moved out but couldn't see Armaan anywhere. Hearing noises from kitchen, Riddhima moved to see a maid working.

Seeing she had already made breakfast, Riddhima asked her to call Armaan. Riddhima quietly had her food while letting Ahaan playing with his favorite toy. Riddhima was having difficulty but she managed to have her food holding Ahaan in one hand.
Maid: Ma'am, Sir ne mana kardi.

Riddhima look around seeing the maid standing in front of her, Riddhima nodded her head letting her know she heard it. After finishing her breakfast, she asked the maid to make a tray and took it to Armaan room. When the maid left, Riddhima move to Armaan room to see him sitting near the bed. Ahaan got excited seeing Armaan, Riddhima put him on the floor who crawled as quickly as he could towards Armaan. Riddhima didn't move inside, just stood there looking at how Ahaan would get Armaan's attention.

Armaan who was too lost in his own world, heard Ahaan excited voice. Wiping his tears, Armaan looked around to see Ahaan making his way towards him. Small smile formed in his eyes as he looked above to see Riddhima standing near the door. Riddhima wasn't looking at him as her eyes were fixed on Ahaan who was on the floor, Armaan looked back at Ahaan who successfully reached to his father and jumped on Armaan's lap calling him.
Ahaan : Ba..Baa...

Armaan took Ahaan in his arms and hugged him close to his chest, Ahaan excitedly kept hitting on Armaans shoulder. Armaan chuckled with his excitement while Riddhima just felt happy to see Armaan's little smile back on his face. Also Riddhima was happy to see how much Ahaan loves his father. To give them some time Riddhima turned around to leave thinking if she stood there longer, she wouldn't be able to control her emotion. 

Riddhima's heart was already badly broken to several pieces, first because of Armaan's insult and torture, now seeing love of her life suffering for what he has done to her. If anything was stopping her, it was her self respect, which didn't allow her to forget everything. Yes, maybe she had forgiven Armaan long ago, but its not easy to forget everything, which he had done to her.

Armaan who got a smile on his lips, looked toward Riddhima's direction to see Riddhima turning around to leave. He felt somewhere that it would hurt Riddhima to hear their baby calling his father before his mother who had been rising him alone without his father who just abounded that without any fault of his mother.
A: Riddhima...

Armaan stood up holding Ahaan in his arms, Ahaan also looked towards his mother who was leaving but he was too excited to be with his father, just looked back at his father to get his attention.
R: Breakfast tayyar hai. Mujhe tohda kaam hai, tum tab tak Ahaan ke saath rehna.
A: Riddhima, main...

Riddhima moved away without letting Armaan complete, she left the house as soon as she could as she felt suffocation being in the same house with Armaan. She don't want to be in front of Armaan for a second but she was forced to be the sake of her son. She knew she cant be in front of him, because she realized that she is falling weak. 

Every passing second, she is dying to be in his arms. To forget the past and start a new life with Armaan. She misses his body pressed against hers. And she knew, if she will stay any longer, she will definitely give up and run in his arms, to take away his pain.

Armaan just stood watching Riddhima leaving them, he hugged Ahaan who was busy playing with Armaan's shirt collar but when he got bored, he hit Armaan cheek to get his attention. Armaan look at Ahaan, who was making a cute face.
A: Aapke mama bohot naraz hai apke baba se beta. Lekin aapke baba aapse promise karte hai, ab aapke mama koh koi takleef nehi dunga. Baba aapse aur aapke mama se bohot zyada mohabbat karte hai aur hamesha aap dono ke saath rehna chahte hai. Me aapki Mama ko khud se dur nahi jane dunga.

Armaan kissed Ahaan's forehead and move to have breakfast letting Ahaan play on the floor in the hall. Armaan was keeping an eye on Ahaan while his mind was busy making plans how to make Riddhima talk to him and to seek forgiveness from her. And only one person came to his mind. Atul. So Armaan dialed Atul's number, to get his help.
At: Salam Armaan, bolo kuch kaam tha?
A: W.Salam. Atul me...

Armaan could not talk further, as his voice got stuck in his throat.
At: tumhe saach pata chal gaya aur ab tumhe pashtawa ho raha hai?
A: hmmm...
At: Riddhima yaha pere pas aayi hui hai. Jitni takleef se tum ab guzar rahe ho, Riddhima to 2 saal se wo takleef seh rahi hai.
A: me kaise sab kuch theek karu? Riddhima to mujhse baat tak nahi kar rahi. Mene to usko 2 saal pehel hi talaq de di thi, to wo ab ek na-mehram ke saath kyu rahegi?
At: Tumne usko teen baar talak kyu di, Armaan? Tumhe usko talak deni hi nahi chahiye thi.
A: me janta...wait what? 3 baar? Damn Atul, mujhe hundred percent yakeen hai ke mene sirf ek baar Talak kaha tha. Yeah, mene kaha tha ke Me Armaan Mallik apne puri hosho hawas me tumhe Riddhima Armaan Mallik ko Talaq deta hu. Yes Atul, mene sirf ek baar talak ka tha.
At: Armaan...
A: Lekin phir bhi, talaq to ho gayi nahi.
At: Nahi hui...
A: Huhh?
At: Are pagal, itne bade businessman ho tum, itni si baat nahi jaante. Islam me jab tak 3 baar Talaq na do, tab tak talaq nahi hoti.
A: Matlab?
At: Matlab ke Riddhima abhi bhi tumhari biwi hai. Lawfully and Religiously. Wo abhi bhi Riddhima Armaan Mallik hai.
A: Saach Atul, matlab ke wo ab bhi meri hi hai.
At: Haa Armaan, Riddhima abhi bhi tumhari hai. Sirf tumhari.
A: Lekin Riddhima abhi bhi mujhse bohot naraz hai. Meri himmat nahi hoti ke uske samne ek lafz bhi nikalu. Bohot Sharminda hu me.
At: Armaan, yeh tum kya bol rahe ho? Agar Riddhima tumse hamesha ke liye baat nahi karegi, to kya tum bhi uske samne ek word bhi nahi kahoge? Armaan, tum ek Mallik ho, Riddhima ko, I mean Bhabi ko bata do, ke Armaan Mallik kabhi haar nahi manta. Unko wapis apna banao. Agar wo pyaar se na mane, to phir apni akar dikhao. Akhi us hi Armaan se wo bohot Mohabbat karti hai. Aaj nahi to kal, wo maan hi jayengi. Wo zaroor apna gussa tumpe nikalengi, tumhe marengi bhi, lekin phir tumhe zaroor maaf kar dengi.
A: Atul, thank you. Ab me Riddhima ko nahi jane dunga, chahe mujhe uske bed se hi kyu na bandhna parhe.
At: ewww, pelase yr, i dont wanna know anything about your bedroom life.
A: hahahha, Aacha sun, Riddhima ko kuch mat batana. Me khud usse baat karna chahta hu.
At: Theek hai, ab me jaa raha hu. Office, tumne to yaha aake bhi chutti le li hai.
A: Atul, I am still your boss.
At: lekin us se pehle, you are my brother. Bye.
A: Bye.

After hanging up, Armaan felt a relief. He felt happy, to know that Riddhima is still his wife. She is still his. And he would personally kill everyone this time, who even thinks of separating them. He will get her back, he will win her affection, by hook or crook.

It was late evening when Riddhima returned home, Armaan didn't question her as Atul inform him that Riddhima was in his house, locked in the room the moment she has come. Armaan was so happy to see his wife in front of him. Yes, she, as in Riddhima Armaan Mallik, his WIFE. 

As soon as Riddhima entered the house, Ahaan moved towards her crawling. Riddhima took him in her arms who put his small hands around her neck sucking her chin. Riddhima gave a small smile to him and moved towards the guest room without giving a look at Armaan. Armaan was watching Riddhima face as he saw her bloodshot eyes due to crying whole day, her face was pale and it seemed like she had not eaten any food after breakfast.

When Armaan saw Riddhima moving to the guest room, he thought to wait for her to have dinner but when she didn't come out from the room for an hour, Armaan moved to the room and enter slowly not making a noise to see Ahaan sleeping next to Riddhima, who was slowly stroking his hair. Hearing footsteps, Riddhima looked up to see Armaan standing at the door. Looking at Ahaan and finding him in deep slumber, Riddhima was about to take him when Armaan stop her.
A: Usse sone doh, tum dinner karne aajao.
R: Mujhe bhuk nehi hai, main Ahaan koh tumhare kamre mein lejaati hun.
A: Riddhima, uski zarurat nehi hai.
R: Armaan, main nehi chahti meri wajahse Ahaan apne baba se dur rahe. Aur tum yeh kabhi mat sochna ke main tumhare saath ek kamre mein rahungi. Jo bhi hua, uske baad to bilkul nehi. Maine tumhe clearly kaha, aur phirse kehti hun. mere aur tumhare beech agar koi rishta hai toh sirf yehi hai ki hum Ahaan ke parents hai, usse alawa koi rishta nehi hai aur na kabhi hoga.
A: Riddhima, main maanti hoon mujhse bohot bada gunah hua hai. Please don't do this to Ahaan, usko apne mama se alag mat karo. Usse saza mat doh, tumhe saza dena hai mujhe doh, humhar bete koh nehi.
R: Main koun hoti hu, kisi ko bhi saza dene wali, aur tumko lagta hai mujhe tumhe saza dena hai toh yehi hai tumhari saza hai Armaan. Me ab kabhi tumhari biwi nahi ban sakit, aur na hi tumhari zindagi me aa sakit hu, kyunke uske liye mujhe Halala karna hoga, aur wo me kabhi nahi kar satk. Me kisi aur ko apne kareeb... 
A: Riddhima.
R: Please Armaan, chale jao. Main aur nehi sehpaungi. mujhme itni himmat nehi hai ke main aur dard sahun. Tum agar mujhe zinda dekhna chahte ho toh please, meri saamne mat aana. Kyunki jab bhi main tumhe dekhti hun, mujhe woh sab yaad aate hai jo main yaad nehi karna chahti, wo yaade jo mere dil koh bikar deti hai. Mera Dil itni had tak tut chuka hai, ke ab koi umeed bhi nahi hai uske theek hone ki. Tum agar meri zara bhi respect karte ho, to mere samne mat aana. Main Ahaan koh tumse dur nehi karungi. Jitna mera haq hai Ahaan par, utna tumahra bhi haq hai. Jab chaahe aap Ahaan koh apne saath rakh sakte hai. Kyunki woh tumhara hi khoon hai.

Riddhima took Ahaan slowly and rocked him in her arms before taking him out from the room. She went to Armaan's room and made Ahaan sleep on Armaan's bed. Than she moved back to the guest room without exchanging another word with Armaan and shut herself so Armaan couldn't hurt her.
R: Kyu mera Dil tumse nafrat nahi kar paa raha? kyu itni takleef hoti hai tumhe dard me dekh ke. Kyu me tumhare samne hamesha kamroor parh jaati hu. Kyu Armaan, kyuuu?

Armaan just stood staring at the closed door, he understood it would be tough task to make Riddhima believe that he felt really ashamed of what he has done with her. Somewhere in his heart, he knew that his heart belonged to her, and only her. And also, that her hearts belongs to him. 

Even Ahaan had suffered as much as Riddhima. Neither Armaan or Riddhima slept that night, Armaan was thinking how to make everything right while Riddhima was silently crying feeling the pain of her broken hurt. Riddhima was feeling lonely, having a son still she felt she was alone in this cruel world.

Next day, Riddhima sleep was disturbed by the sound of knock. Riddhima opened the door to see Ahaan smiling in Armaan arms. As soon as he saw Riddhima, he jumped on her. Armaan on the other hand was smiling too, which confused Riddhima.

As soon as Riddhima took Ahaan in his hands, she kissed his cheeks, Ahaan giggled at her antics. Armaan got a naughty smile, and moved forward and kissed Ahaan's other cheek. Ahaan clapped with happiness. Riddhima was about to turn around as Armaan grabbed her waist and pulled her into him. 

Riddhimas eyes got wide with horror. Before she could say anything, Armaan pressed his lips on her forehead, and then let them linger there for a while. When he stepped back, he saw Riddhima's shocked expression and winked towards her.
A: good morning, love. Mene kal puri raat bohot sooch, jo tumne kaha. Aur me is faisle pe aaya hu, ke tumhe mera hone se koi nahi rok sakta. dil to tumhara me jeet ke rahunga, by hook or crook. Aur pata hai kya, isme mera beta mera saath dega. Kyu Ahaan.
Ahaan: Baba...
Ahaan clapped his hands with happiness.
A: is baar hum dono ko koi alag nahi kar payega. So be ready Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Mallik.

Before Riddima could utter anything, Armaan just turned around and left from there. Riddhima looked with pure shock at Ahaan.
R: Beta, lagta hai ke aapka Baba aaj saach much pagal ho gayi hai. Aapne unke saath kuch kiya kya?

Ahaan giggled and Riddhima took him inside the room, to feed him. After she had feed him, she saw Armaan coming inside the room, with a tray full of food. Armaan placed the tray on the bed and held Riddhimas hand, as she was about to stand up.
A: Kaha jaa rahi ho, breakfast to kar lo.
R: mujhe bhook nahi hai...
A: Areee, riddhima. Agar tum dhyaan se kahna nahi khogi, to phir Ahaan ko ek sister and brother kaise dogi?
R: what? me...Armaan.
A: what?
Armaan looked towards Ahaan and took his hands in his.
A: Baby, aapko little siblings chahiye na? Dekho, Ahaan bhi haa keh raha hai. To isliye tumhe time pe kahna hoga. Right baby?

Ahaan giggled and crawled on Riddhima's lap. He kissed her cheek and put his head on her shoulder. Riddhima also hold him close to her body. To be honest, Armaans behavior was scaring her a lot, but Ahaans next words took the breath out of her.
Ahaan: Ma...Ma...

Riddhima widen her eyes and looked towards Ahaan. she took him in his hands and looked at him. Tears formed in her eyes. She did not know when Armaan suddenly moved closer to her.
R: phirse kaho...

Riddhimas voice was breaking each second. She looked over at Armaan, who was already looking at her smiling. Riddhima got confused seeing him smiling. Armaan took Ahaan in his hands and whispered something in his ear.
Ahaan: Mama...Baba

Riddhima then again looked at Ahaan. Tears started to flow out of her eyes. She took Ahaan in a rib crushing hug, which soon followed by Armaan hugging both of them.
R: Armaan, tumne suna, Ahaan ne mujhe Mama kaha. Unse mujhe pukara.
A: i know baby.

Armaan kissed her forehead and then wiped her tears. He hugged her again and thought.
A: me sab kuch theek kar dunga Riddhima. Ab tumhari Aankho me sirf Khushi ke aansu aayenge. Bas. Tumhari Zindgi me Khushi se bhar dunga, chahe uske liye mujhe tumse zabardasti hi kyu na karni pade. I will make sure that you will get what you deserve. 

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