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part 2 : Change Of Heart

They reached at the location quickly coz Riddhima took a shortcut and enter inside, it was a bar filled with many teenagers, they were dancing crazily on music. 

Armaan Riddhima sneaked inside as only couples were allowed while Rahul wait for them in car, he was almost ready to start the car as anything could happen there so they will have to rush fast.

Inside, Riddhima showed a man to Armaan and signed. They both hold their glass and Riddhima act like a drunk girl, she stumble near the chair of that goon and Armaan apologies him making her sit near by chair. Goon smile looking towards her and gets a call suddenly. She asked Armaan to get a drink while herself tried to listen his conversation. 

After having enough information she left the place, goon saw her leaving with Armaan in quite stable state and become surprised but soon leave that thought and enjoy himself.

They left the place and Armaan was smiling remembering Riddhima’s act.

“What?” Riddhima ask through eyes.

“Nothing” he just shook his head.

“C’,mon Armaan spell the beans ok” Riddhima said while glaring him.

“Arey, means you acted very well. Mujhe nhi pata tha ki tum itni achhi acting kar logi and the way you were listening his conversation, Thank God kisi ne nhi dekha warna pata nhi kya hota” Armaan said and she smile on his comment.

“thanku but kuch jyada nhi hota bas thoda sabak sikhana padta un log ko then back to work” Riddhima said with a smile and Armaan again get lost into her beautiful smile.

They reached guest house and discuss their next step.

“ok guys, kal Rohit sham 5 baje milne wala hai is goon se at Sienna Bar aur hame waha pahuchna hai 4 baje but uske pahle ek kaam aur karna hai.

“kya?” Armaan asked.

“Wait” she called someone and talk for few minutes “ok then, I’ll be there beside you but ye baat kisi aur tak nhi pahuchna chaiye, ok bye” 

“what????” Armaan and Rahul both were looking towards her with a frown.

“Nothing, just a way to enter inside the bar” she said “ok then, see you guys tomorrow at bar, I’ll be there in my own way.” and left from there.

Next day, Armaan and Rahul get prepared for their first encounter with Rohit Khanna. Since Rohit knew both of them thus they change their disguise. 

Both reach at the Sienna Bar on time but become little tensed as Riddhima was nowhere to be seen. Rahul become doubtful whereas Armaan was looking around to have a look of Rohit Khanna.

“Ammy, Ridhhima abhi tak nhi aai” Rahul said.

“C’mon bhai, she said na she will be there, I’m sure wo aa chuki hogi yaha” Armaan said.

“tujhe bada pata hai” Rahul again teased him.

“Yeah, atleast uski baato se nhi lagta ki wo aise time pe cheat karegi and,,,” before he could say anything else some dancers came on stage and start dancing.

Ridhhima was among one of them, she saw them and smile lightly while Armaan also saw her.

“Dekho waha hai wo” Armaan said pointing his finger towards Riddhima.

“OMG! This girl is really something.” Rahul said.

“Ha bhai, hame to bas aaj Rohit ko dekhna tha and proofs chahiye the uske illegal works k, uske liye Riddhima ko itna kuch karne ki jarurat nhi thi.” Armaan was also getting confused.

Riddhima came towards Rohit while dancing when he was sitting with his mens holding drink in his hand. He tried to touch her but she left in a swift.

Armaan was smiling looking towards her moves how sensuously she was dancing meanwhile protecting herself from that Rohit Khanna. 

“oye! Armaan get focused, tu yaha Chachu k murderer ko pakadne aaya hai, don’t get distract.” He scolded himself in mind and look towards Riddhima.

Suddenly he saw the same goon coming towards Rohit and a point struck in his mind that Riddhima hasn’t done any makeover, she might get caught.

Same happened, that goon recognize her when she dance around Rohit and said something in his ears.

Armaan become alert atonce and ask Rahul to start the car fast and come behing the building and himself ran towards stairs.

Meanwhile Rohit stand up infront of Riddhima and she stop dancing pointing a gun towards him while he laugh on her.

“OH! Riddhima Gupta, it's you, sorry kafi time baad dekha to pehchan nhi paya, tum abhi tak jinda ho and I was told that your whole family died, galat news mili mujhe” and he shot the goon standing beside him coz Rohit asked him to kill Riddhima’s family.

“No one can touch me Rohit Khanna until I kill you” she was pointing a gun at him glaring him with bloodshot red eyes.

“Kamaal hai, mere bar me, mere aadmiyo k samne khade hoke mujhe dhamki, not bad.” Rohit chuckles.

“Jyada khush mat ho Rohit Khanna, this is your last day.” Riddhima said in a stern tone.

Meanwhile Armaan reached at top and didn’t listen any conversation going on between them.

Rohit men pointed gun towards Riddhima circling her but before they shoot her Armaan came down holding a rope and pick her up and push roller button which pull them up. She closed her eyes in fear of get shot but feeling a secure hand around her waist she open her eyes and become shocked to see Armaan there.
“Armaan tum,,,”

“not now Riddhima” he said in a cold tone while she bend her head.

Rohit’s goons were boggled who was her savior and ran towards terrace meanwhile they came down from other side with the help of rope where Rahul was waiting for them.

They sat inside and fasten the speed. Goons were boggled to see them running away from there.

“get her news fast” Rohit said while drinking wine.

“bhai, move towards guest house fast.” Armaan said as he saw Riddhima got some wound while escaping away from there.

“Nhi Armaan, we can’t go there. Ab tak uske goons waha pahuch gaye honge aur abhi ham kahi aur contact v nhi kar sakte.” Riddhima said.

“then? Ab ham kaha jayenge?” Armaan asked looking towards her.

“ek safe place jiske bare me use nhi pata.” She said and showed him way.

“and what was that stupidity Riddhima, can’t you think about yourself for once.” Armaan was scolding her.

“kya hota, meri maut na, use marne k baad hi marti mai.” She said.

“are you crazy? Aise step kaun uthata hai.” Rahul also said.

“Arey apne bare me na sahi to apni family k bare me socho.” Armaan said looking towards her.

“Unhi k bare me to soch k kiya ye sab, bina sabkuch jane kisi decision pe nhi pahuchna chahiye.” She said slowly and turn her face to other side to hold her tears.

Armaan didn’t said anything but he got clue that something bad happened with her and decide to ask her ones they reach to a safe place.

Their car enter inside a big bungalow “BGM” , it was a very beautiful mansion surrounded with beautiful garden, flowers and a big royal entrance. 

Rahul was quite impressed, he was looking around while Armaan also smile as he enter inside coz the thing catches his eyes was beautiful floral swing at the center of garden.

“wow,,,, nice bungalow” Rahul said.

“ha but ye hai kiska? Riddhima tum kaha le aayi ho.” Armaan asked.

Suddenly a woman came from one side “Aa gai tum Riddhima beta, itne din baad yaad hai meri tumhe” a middle age lady came and hugged her.

“Beeji, I’m really sorry, kaam jyada tha na isliye, aap maid se kah k guest rooms set kara dijiye, ye log kuch din hamare sath rahenge” she said simply and left.

“Aap log ko yaha koi problem nhi hogi, please feel comfortable here. Aage ka kaam ham kal discuss karenge.” She tried to control her tears and left from there.

“Ri,,,,,” Armaan tried to ask something but she left till then.

“Aa jaiye beta aap log, bahut din baad koi guest aaya hai yaha, warna to bas hami log aur tanhai.” She said and took them to their rooms.

“Aunty, ye kiska bungalow hai?” Rahul asked.

“Riddhima k papa Shashank Gupta ne bahut pyaar se ye ghar uske liye banaya tha lekin yaha aane k pahle hi unki,,,,,,” before she could say anything Riddhima called her and she left.

“bhai, aap fresh hoke neeche chalo tab tak mai v aata hu” Armaan said and went towards his room.

After some time Riddhima came and sat with them with a smile, she was looking much better and composed now. Armaan tried to read her face but she was hiding her tears smartly.

“Riddhima agar ye tumhara ghar hai to tumne hame bataya kyu nhi? And they will be knowing about this home na, then how is it safe?” Rahul said.

Before she said anything once again Rahul continued “Riddhima, I’m elder than you, I don't know what you think about us but I would really like you to call me bhai.” He said and Riddhima look towards him affectionately with visible tears.

“You okay Riddhima?” Armaan asked as now he was not able to hold himself any longer.

“yeah” she nodded “And thanku Rahul bhai, I’m really touched, mujhe nhi pata tha ki sach me ek bhai mujhe aise mil jayega” she smile “Ye ghar mere dad aur bhai ne banaya tha aur wo mujhe gift karne wale the mere bday pe.”

“oh!” Rahul said.

“and don’t worry, jab mujhe hi nhi pata tha iske bare me to un goons ko kya pata chalega” she smile weekly and left from there.

“What did she mean?” Rahul said to which Armaan also shook his head as he also didn’t get anything.

After having dinner, Rahul went to sleep while Armaan was still awake, he was confused by Riddhima’s behavior. The way she was pointing gun at Rohit, her revengeful eyes, without any fear, her home which was still unkown for them, how. He was feeling very restless as her eyes conveys pain of her heart and Armaan was feeling her pain as if there was some connection between them.

He thought to ask her next day and went towards back side of house near swimming pool but he saw some moving shadow near a room. 

He become suspicious and follow her, it was Riddhima she enter in a room and cried her heart out looking towards pictures of her family.

Armaan didn’t get whats going on, he thought to get some water for her as she as getting hiccups till then.

He came there with a glass of water but she wasn’t there which boggled Armaan. He went towards swimming pool and saw her sitting there, keeping her legs unger water. He came near her and forward his hanky towards her, she look towards him being surprised but didn’t said anything as she was feeling so tired.

She slowly took hanky and wipe her tears away meanwhile Armaan too sit beside her keeping his feet under water. 

Armaan gave her water which she drank silently both were sitting like this for sometime, when Armaan feel she was quite normal now then he look towards moon and said “Pata hai Riddhima, kabhi kabhi hamari life me aisa kuch ho jata hai jise ham kabhi expect nhi kiye rahte lekin wo baatein hame life me aur majbut banati hain, aage kisi v gam se ham pareshaan na ho” 

“Aur tab kya kare jab koi ek incident apse apki life me jeene ki sari umeed chheen le” Riddhima said with tears in her eyes.

He involuntarily wipe her tears and hold her face “share it Riddhima, may be tumhe achha lage.” 
She bend her head down.

“Tumhe pata hai Rohit Khanna ne mujhse mere jaan se pyare chachu ko chheen liya, mai yaha pe bas isliye aaya hu ki use mai maut se v dardnaak saza du and I swear I’ll do it. But the way you were pointing gun at him make me shocked. Kya tum mujhpe trust kar sakti ho?” Armaan said holding her hands.

She look towards him “Maine trust karna chhod diya tha Armaan, mujhe lagta tha sab ek jaise hote hain, kisi se kuch nhi bataya but,,,,,” she stopped.

Armaan look into her eyes and her tears were affecting her badly, he hugged her sidewise and sooth her. 

to be continued

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