Saturday, 13 January 2018

Part 2 : Its Just Another Story (AR Mini FF)

I sat on the bed wondering when he would come in and i could slap him indian soap opera style and yell at him for touching my pure body...However those werent my intenions...I wasent pure in the first place and secondly there was no use slapping him!

I got knocked out my thoughts when i felt the bed getting heavier from a face was covered by the ghoongat and i was actaully waiting for him to touch me..

His fingers shook while taking the chunari off my head to reveal my i thought i give the young chap some help...

"I cant do it!!"

R-what do you mean you cant do it?! i said jumping off the bed taking the chunari off my head..
I looked at him..his face was flushed red and he looked like he had vanished into space..

R-hello!? I said flashing my hands in front of his face..
A-your gorgeous he uttered looking at the ground blushing..
R-omg i married a LOSER! i said..
I walked away from his leaving him stunned..i took the glass form the table.
R-they said something about giving you this and like making you drink it..i have no clue why though? Whats up with it though? I dont watch many indian movies unless forced by Anjali and all but they always drink milk before doing it!?WHY?! i said questioning him...

I took the milk glass towards him..
R-aww..i said pinching his cheeks..i know..its for boys like you who are to shy to make the first move..LOLi giggled looking at him while he blushed harder..

R-SUNIYE!! omg i cant..omg..your a FOB! ..i held my stomach laughing falling on the bed..tears where forming in my eyes..
R-your so cute..umm..
R-awwww...your so cute DESIRE!! i said pinching his cheeks..
R-look if you want to..i can make the first move?
I moved towards his lips and was about to kiss them when he walked away towards the closet..
A-you can sleep on the bed..i on the floor...
R-why? i said sipping the milk and making faces...
A-becuase..i understand how uncomforable you were probably forced and now your acting like a bandar so you can hide your embaresmant...
R-oye! i said pointing my finger at him! First yes i was forced and dragged into this dumb marrige..but NO i am not embarressed or shy! Got it and..FYI..i am not even a virgin! I know you stupied act all shy..and cute..and make dumb promises about how you will always keep us safe and never hurt us! But i wont get creeped into your dumb plan! I have a BF you know..and his name is Abhimanyu..much hotter than you! She said scanning him up and down!.. do have a little more muscels but that doseant matter..she said moving her hands franticlly throughout her hair..I dont care what you do to me!

A-well..he said scanning her..he walked up to riddhima and came close to her..Riddhima could feel his breath lingering around her collar bone and neck..
He moved his face upto her ears...

Riddhima ye tujhe kya hora hai? Her breath was stuck in her throat and her feet stuck to the ground..she felt vibrations running throughout her hands and legs..she had such a good feling in her heart..and beated faster and the little pain however hurt her..she couldent find what...

R-armaan..was what she could utter..
A-riddhima..i do care what i do to say so much..but in the will be hurt..i know you TYPE OF GIRLS..he emphasized(bolded words)

Armaan backed off from her face...
A-gudnight..he said kissing her head gently and passionatly..

Armaan walked back to pile of comforters on the ground and pillows and set up a miny bed on the ground

Riddhima walked back to her bed...The same words kept ringing in her head..Type OF Girls..Is armaan different? Is he actually nice? No forget it..its just a trap..forget it..just watch the next three days your going to be in this same bed..but he will be on top of you.. and taking advantage of me....And then i will be hurt..Just like the all the other times..Just like all those promises this will be fake to..

R-dammit..what will Abhi do when he knows i got married?!?

Like this couple went on thinking..and who know when 9 in the night became 6 am in the morning...

A-gudmorning jee..
R-yeah..whatever..Mini leave me alone..
A-Me mini hoon?
R-riddhima took the pillow off her head and scanned him from top to bottom(crap! riddhima your married) umm..nahi..
A-to me mota hoon?
R-nahi!! she said frustrated with his dumb comments stop annoying me!
A-sorry jee..he said looking down holding a cup of coffee..
Armaan stuck his hand out to give her the coffee still looking down sad..
A-ye lo jee..

(Riddhima..omg..whats up with his jee's? Like seriously i feel like i have stepped into some dumb black and white movie! Get into the 21'st century..)

R-dekho..if tumhe ye relationship ko bachane hai tho ye jee mat bolo..teek hai..Riddhima..or Riddzie..magar no JEE!..
A-me superman nahi hoon...He said still looking down..

(Riddhima he blushes so much! but he is cute..Just adorable..God i wanna kiss him so so hard..His lips are so red and juicy and hsis body..god even Abhi doseant have a great body like him..its all toned..and perfectly taned and..OMG! Riddhima snap out of it..Your literally mind raping the poor dude...)

R-thanks for the coffee..(she took the coffee form his hand..placing her fingers on his..Vibrations went through her well as Armaan..he looked up at her..and noticed her brown chocolate eyes..She looked at his Blue eyes..He stared at her..He felt bad for looking at her this way..but in his heart he knew for some reason that she was his..only his..)

R-did anyone ever tell you your adorable? she said pinching his cheeks and kissing them hard,,
She walked out the room drinking her coffee and taking out her clothes..

A-no but they did say i was HOT..he whispered..
R-did you say something?
A-nahi..bilkul nahi..apne kuch suna jee..i mean..riddhima?
R-na..(Kuch Kuch Hota Hai style)

She put her coffee down and went into the shower..
Armaan plopped onto the bed..
A-god..she thinks i am an idiot..hmhm..he said brushing his hands into his hair..Work.comeone..


Armaan had left for work..Riddhima was all one at home and bored... do people live here? Theres nothing to do!! I will call Abhi! Yeah..anyways it better that he gets pissed now then later..

Ring Ring..Ring Ring..

Other side..-Abhimanyus House..

Ring ring...Abhi's phone rising..
Day and night (what, what)
I toss and turn, I keep stressing my mind, mind (what, what)
I look for peace but see I don't attain (what, what)
What I need for keeps this silly game we play, play
Now look at this (what, what)..Abhi pick up the phone you dumba***
Madness to magnet keeps attracting me, me (what, what)
I try to run but see I'm not that fast (what, what)
I think I'm first but surely finish last, last God he is such fu***** dumba**

Ab-ahhh..whose calling me at 12:30 in the morning?..(he took his hand off the girls chest next to him)
R-hey..its me..
Ab-and it me too..Now who the hell are you?
Ab-wow..hey babe you know my name? he said in a husky tone.,.
R-its Riddhima!?
Ab-oh yeah..sup?
R-why cant you remember my name ever baby?
Ab-because your name sounds like those black and white movies Tina is a cool name..dont you think?
R-no..i like my name,,
Ab-look did you call me to annoy you?
R-no i called you because(she stopped)
Ab-....(awkward silence)...cuz??
R-i am married..
Ab-WHAT!!Angry he said jumping off the bed causing the other girl too fall off the bed..
Other girl-oww! Whats wrong with you!!?!?
R-what was that Abhi baby? she said upset..
Ab-my sister..
R-you dont have a sister she said standing up from the sofa placing her hands on her hips..
Ab-my know cousin sister..there all the tell me..when did you get married?!?
Ab-and you tell me this NOW?
R-i am sorry..i wasent even expecting to get married,,.mujhe maaf kardo..please..
Ab-i am coming over..where do you live now?
R-543 Toothpaste Street ..

Line Disconeccted

Other girl-Abhi baby..where are you going..she said tracing her finger down his chest..kissing him gently on his neck..

Ab-away from take a shower and yeah..leave..he said putting his shirt on
Other girl-Abhi what are you talking about?
Ab-god! Why did you make these girls so STUPIED..he said looking up and throwing his hands frantically.. what dont you understand? It was a one night stand..if you dont know what that means then go look it up..okay..he put his jeans on and head out the door leaving the girl crying..and pulling the sheets tighter to her body..disgusted with herself

Knock Knock

She opened the door and saw Abhi ....His hands were tucked into his pocket..She could smell his strong cologne from the distance they had..His shirt was halfway open as always and he had that stupied grin as always..She never knew what made her like Abhi..or even say yes to him..when he asked her out infront off the college girls bathroom..

Ab-hey sexy..he said pecking her lip and making his way towards the sofas in the living room..he through his phone on the sofa next to him and layed down..

She liked Abhi..but somethings always irratated her...his stupied way of manners and the way he flirted with every girl even though she was there...And his strong seriously there was a LIMIT! and his AHH!Angrythere was a list and theres no point of going through it..

Ab-come sit down..he said pulling her hand and making her fall into his lap..
Ab-where is that as*hole? he said carressing her thigh..
R-he isent home..and please dont call him an as*hole..
Ab-whatever he said kissing her hard...
R-abhi please..she said breaking the kiss... have become one of those indian girls..
R-abhi i was always indian..
Ab-yeah you were..but not those salwar wearing know..the ones that stay virgin till marrige..and blah blah
R-i am not..i am still the same Ridzie..
Ab-same what?
R-same Tina..she said depressed
Ab-gud..well if you are the same..then comeone..lets go inside..
R-i dont want to go inside...
Ab-alright the sofa is perfectly fine for me babyWink
R-no abhi! she said putting her hand on his lips..I want to Talk..
He said pushing her off her lap moving to the other sofa..

R-i dont think we should meet anymore.
R-because..he seems so sweet and it seems bad to hurt him..
Ab-wow..your such a bi**** called me so you break up with me!Angry
R- no abhi..your taking me wrong.she said trying to calm his down..i am not breaking up with you..
Ab-then what does we shouldent meet anymore mean?.. dont you think we should end this...she said sad..
Ab-look..does he touch you? did he say that he will give you your free space and all?
R-kinda...she said
Ab-well there you go..he said coming back on the sofa putting her on his lap..We can still meet and all.and he doseant care..he gived you your free space..he knows you didnt want to marry chill sexy..come to daddy...

Abhi brought his lips closer to get..he kissed her gently first until he started kissing her harder..(Abhi please..riddhima whispered)..(Shh.. he said) he stuck his tongue into her mouth..trying to taste her even harder..he layed her down on the sofa..with him ontop..his hard toned body..crushing her fragile body.. he brought his hands up and down her legs and carefully slipping them into her mini skirt..he took the straps off her shoulder and carressed her bossoms..pulling her tank down..

Ab-your so hot..and i love you...
Ab-i love you....

He started digging his hands into her skirt more carressing her thighs and grabbing her skin into his hands..he went into her inner thigh..and brought his mouth down from her lips to her stomach kissing her softy..he came back up and started kissing her throat and neck..givin her small love bits..her dragged his lips hungry for more from her throat to her lips he catched her lips with his ..small pecks at a bit and chewed on her bottom lip sensually..he carressed her chest harder and started to open up the skirt zipper when someone came at the door..

Riddhima and Abhi shot up off riddhima and started fixing his pants and shirt..while riddhima put back her tank top on and fixed her skirt

R-arr-maaa--nn yyy--oo---uu? she said a cold chill hit her..she felt her legs tremble and his mouth shook with fear..

Abhi looked at riddhima who was shaking..(whats wrong with her..and why am i scared..screw this guy..he interupted such a hot moment)

Ab-who the f*** are you? and dont you have cant just walk in like this...
A- i am Armaan Mallik..her husband..and you are with my wife now get out or..
Ab-or what??? he said placing his hands into his pocket

Armaan looked at him..he was so angry todayAngry never in his life had he been so angry..
He walked up to Abhi and looked at him straight in the eye

The next thing Abhi knew or actually saw was a first flying towards his eye...

Ab-you! before abhi could hit any further armaan hit his hand with a brief case and punched him hard in the stomach..Abhi held his stomach in pain while Armaan hit him harder with his heavy brief case..hitting him everywhere in anger until Armaan pushed him hard towards the him child like spankys on the butt with his brief case...

A-you run..yeah..Meine ma ka dood piya hai! Ja apne ma ka pike a!! yeah...whose you mommy now! He said dancing with his brief case and kissing it..

He turned out around and saw Riddhima looking at him stunned..!!


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