Thursday, 4 January 2018

Part 2: Kuch Pal (mini ss)

Sitting in her own bed, she leaned back on the head board tears rolled down her cheeks, closing them a memory flashed in front of her eyes…

"Riddhima…." lifting her chin up she looked into his eyes, "I don't know when this happened but every time I'm not with you I feel like being in your arms, your smile brightens each and every day of mine…" he looked at her lovingly, "what I'm trying to say is…" she interrupted him, "I LOVE YOU!" he looked at her shocked giving a cute smile both of them looked into each others eyes getting lost in them…

Lehraati Huwi Raahein, Khole Huwe Hain Baanhein
Ye Ham Aa Gaye Hain Kahaan

He hugged her from the back resting his chin on her shoulder, she gave the same love and affection back at him…

Palkon Pe Gehre Halke, Hai Reshmi Dhundhalke Ke
Ye Ham Aa Gaye Hain Kahaan
Aa… Ye Ham Aa Gaye Hain Kahaan

Walking along he stopped and pointed to a distance, grabbing her hand he held her tightly…

Woh Dekho Zara, Parbaton Pe Ghataayeind
Hamaari Daastaan, Holle Se Sunaaye

Playing in the flower beds she pulled him closer…

Suno Toh Zara, Ye Phoolon Ki Waadi
Hamaari, Hi Koyi, Kahaani Hai Sunaati

he hugged her tightly…

Sapnon Ke Is Nagar Mein, Yaadon Ki Rehguzar Mein
Ye Ham Aa Gaye Hain Kahaan
Haan.. Ye Ham Aa Gaye Hain Kahaan

The next day as she stood on the balcony looking at the sunset, she rubbed her arms as the night started to chill but instead of needing a jumper she felt Armaan's arms take hold of her…

Jo Raahon Mein Hai, Rut Ne Sona Bikhera
Sunehra Huwa, Tera Mera Savera

Sitting by the fire that night, wrapped under the one shawl they looked at the shining stars that filled the sky above them..

Zameen So Gayi, Barf Ki Chaadaron Mein
Bas Ek, Aag Si, Jalti Hai Do Dilon Mein

Hawaayein Sansanaayein, Badan Kaanp Jaayein
Ye Ham Aa Gaye Hain Kahaan
Haan Ye Ham Aa Gaye Hain Kahaan

Feeling the rain drops fall on them he pulled his hand through his hair as he smiled watching Riddhima dance in the rain…

Ye Barsaat Bhi, Kab Thamein Kaun Jaane
Tumhein Mil Gaye, Pyaar Ke Sau Bahaane

Again looking at the night sky they hugged each other while the rain fell on them…

Sitaaron Ki Hai, Jaise Baaraat Aayi
Hamaare Liye, Raat Yun Dagmagaayi
Sapne Bhi Jhilmilaayein
Dil Mein Diye Jalaayein
Ye Ham Aa Gaye Hain Kahaan
Haan Ye Ham Aa Gaye Hain Kahaan

Haan Ye Ham Aa Gaye Hain Kahaan

Those 10 days they had spent in Lonavla had been the best days of her life, her time alone with Armaan made her understand him, their relationship everything became clearer for her; she knew what she wanted in life, something she had questioned for a while now being here with Armaan had opened her eyes and heart to a whole new world.

Tears rolled down her face, she fell on the bed and cried her heart out; she missed him so much, every single day she missed his smile he jokes the presence of having him there the security she felt in his arms. Padma walked in the room to see Riddhima crying on the bed, she hadn't seen her daughter like this for ages. "Riddhima…" patting her shoulder she called again, "beta…kya hua?" Riddhima sat up and hugged her mum, wiping the tears off her face Padma asked again what happened, sniffing she looked at her mother, "Armaan…" Padma waited for her daughter to finish, "Armaan… wapas aagya ma…I thought I could handle it but I can't…I just can't" again the tears started rolling down her cheeks Padma didn't know what to say she knew how much her child loved him and how much both of them had sacrificed but all she could do was be there for her. Riddhima fell asleep in her mothers lap crying her hearts content out at how much she had missed Armaan.

The next day at work Armaan sat in his cabin lost in thoughts, interrupted by his pager he made his way over to the patients. Not noticing where he was going he felt something bump against him, losing balance they both fell down as he grabbed onto the persons waist he looked up to see Riddhima, both were lost in each others eyes; realising their surroundings they came out of their dream land, gathering the papers that had fallen  she lowered her eyes out of Armaan's gaze, he helped her pick the papers up when his hand brushed against hers a spark ran through their bodies looking up again Riddhima blushed, Standing up Armaan apologised to her there was still this awkwardness between the two and the question WHY? Kept coming into his mind, why was this invisible wall between them evident? 

"Armaan…." "Riddhima" respective names were called out at the same time giving a cute smile Riddhima laughed, he hadn't seen this for so long, how he missed it.

There was this certain urge to forget all the wrong doings of the past and move on, last night Riddhima realised how much she still loved Armaan, the feeling of being in his arms, the security she wanted to feel all of that again and the only way it was going to happen was to start from the start; square one: Friends.

"Coffee?" she said with a pleading look, Armaan wondered what this sudden change was but he was happy, he knew that they had to turn to a new chapter and if both were in it together then everything in the end was going to work.

He gave a nod and both walked to the canteen, sitting down she insisted on getting the coffee, not all secrets and reasons were going to be brought out in the open yet but she had to know whether he had forgiven her or not, whether he too was ready to  start new.

Their talk was not like old friends, or past flames it was more of an acquaintance but it was a start, small talk and small jokes it made the atmosphere lighter but still both avoided the topic of why she had left, and what had happened to their almost perfect relationship.

Being brought back to work, they were disrupted by the sounds of their pagers going in their respective direction they said bye with smiles on their faces.

Later that night with unfinished work stacked on his table he needed help, Riddhima was the only one who would have been of use to him, but to his bad luck she had left stupid of him he had not asked for a mobile number or even a home phone number. Calling the receptionist he asked for her contact number, trying her mobile there was no answer, she must have left it somewhere he thought; dialling the home number in he waited patiently for a answer, hearing a young voice on the other hand he spoke in, "umm… can I please speak to Dr Riddhima Gupta?" "mama not home…" said the voice back, Mama? Silence struck him, Riddhima-Mama? Hearing a back ground voice form the other side of the phone he listened in, "Nisha? Koun hain beta?" "pata nahin nani… some man…" handing the phone over to Padma she spoke in, "hello?."

Armaan's phone dropped out of his hand, Riddhima a mum? He couldn't believe it, putting the phone back on the receiver he sat back in his chairs as tears formed in his eyes.


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