Thursday, 25 January 2018

part 2 : Look Closer (Arsh)

"So, how was the date?" She questioned through the phone as she flipped through the TVchannels at home. "Horrible! She has no personality whatsoever! All looks no brain!" Shilpa held the phone away from her ear as he roared into the phone. "Well, I did ask if she was normal..." She recollected yesterday's events and giggled into the phone. "Yea. I can definitely say I will NOT be seeing her again!" He heard Shilpa laughing on the other end. "Shilpa, shut up." She calmed herself, "What? You have to admit its funny!" "Whatever, are you doing anything right now?" Armaan asked. "I'm very busy sitting on the couch and flipping through channels." She responded with a serious tone. "I'm coming over then." She immediately sat up on the couch. "Wait, Arma-" She heard the dial tone buzzing into her ear. "Great." She got up and started to tidy up the house.

           "SHILPA!" Armaan screamed behind the door as he knocked. "SHILPA!" She paced toward the door, frustration clearly written all over her face. "Armaan, seriously! Is this any way to get someone to open the door?" He gently pushed her aside and walked in. "Not someone, it's how to get you to come to the door." He plopped down onto the couch. She walked over and stood in front of him. "So Shilpa, are you doing anything tonight?" She dropped down next to him. "Nothing. Probably going to go for a jog or something and rest."

He turned his leaning head toward her, "Then it's settled. You're coming with me. Go get ready!" She turned to him surprised, "What? Where?" He pointed to her and then himself, "You and me. Going to the club. Go get ready!" He pulled her off the couch and pushed her to her room. She fought against him pushing back. "I'm not going to the club. Last time I went with you, some creeper guys wouldn't leave me alone while you danced away with that European girl." She explained with a sickened expression. "She was hella hot." He drifted away into her thoughts. "She couldn't even speak English!" Shilpa bellowed back at him. "You're just jealous because you get the old creepy guys hitting on you! You need someone who approaches you with a decent pick-up line. Like the ones I use." He stood with his hands on his hips and a proud look on his face. "Please. Pick-up lines don't work on me. I have replies for all of them." She sat back down on the couch. "Even yours."

"Definitely not!" He stood behind the couch staring at her. "Try me." She challenged him.

"I know how to please a woman." Armaan said. "Really, Armaan? How many times has that worked?" She questioned him with an eyebrow cocked up. "Not the point. Reply." Shilpa sighed, "Then please leave me alone."

"Fine. What about: Haven't I seen you someplace before?" Shilpa shook her head. "You have no clue how many times I've heard that one. The reply is always the same: Yeah, that's why I don't go there anymore."

"You smell so good. What is it?" "Hah at least have a decent one. These are so old. 'It's called soap. I'm guessing they don't have that where you come from.'"

Armaan stared at her incredulously. He was about to speak but was interrupted by Shilpa. "Don't even try the 'Can I have yo number?' one." She placed her feet on the coffee table in front of her, content with her responses and Armaan's reaction to each of them.

"Okay. You can't possibly beat this one. What's it like being the most beautiful girl in the club?" Armaan presented his most successful line. "Easy. What's it like being the biggest liar in the world?" She watched Armaan look at her disbelievingly. "Are you done? Or shall we continue?" She smirked at him. "We're still going out. Go change." He said defeated.

"Fine. But we're not going to be staying late. My work for my classes has made me sleep deprived." Shilpa got up and headed to her room. "Can't guarantee anything." Armaan said back. "Exactly what I'd expect from you..." She muttered under her breath as she walked away. "I heard that!" Armaan turned to her and shouted. "GOOD!" she uttered before slamming the door shut behind her.


"Ready!" She walked out of her room with a pair of red heels and black clutch in her hands. "I'm not killing my feet before I get there." She looked up to see Armaan still sitting on the couch. "Aren't you going to change?" She walked over to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water. She walked out to see Armaan pulling something out of a bag. "I'm covered. No need to worry." He unfolded the cloth to reveal a black vest that he put on over his white shirt. "See? It took me less than a minute. Unlike a certain someone..." She glared at him for making such a comment. "You. Male. Me. Female. We take longer BECAUSE of you guys." He walked to the door opened it. "Excuses are for the weak Shilpa." He smirked back at her.

She grabbed the keys to lock the door and then went out. As she passed him she let out a grunt followed by a "Loser" comment directed to Armaan. "Why do you hang out with me then?" He questioned her cheekily as she locked the door with her keys. "Because I feel bad for you. No one wants to hang out with someone like you and I wanted to be nice!" She countered back to him. They sat in the car and drove toward a local club.

They walked in to see hundreds of other people dancing like crazy. Just the sight of how they were dancing appalled her. "You couldn't have picked a better club to go to, Armaan." She commented sarcastically and made her way to the bar. Armaan shrugged and trailed behind her. "One apple cider." Shilpa told the bartender as she sat on a stool. "Two Jager bombs" Armaan added as he sat next to her. "I'm surprised you aren't all up on the girls by now." She grabbed the glass of apple cider and turned toward him. "Nah. I got to scope out someone first." He took his first shot and turned a full 180 degrees in the stool to have a view of the dance floor. He began to eye the girls from afar. "Ugh.. This place is making me sick." Shilpa turned to the counter and held her head. "It looks like they're having sex, not dancing." Armaan chuckled at her description. He gestured the bartender to make her another drink as he took his second shot. "I found one." He leaned to her and said as his eyes followed a girl on the dance floor by herself. Shilpa turned to see the target Armaan had in mind. "You have such horrible taste, Armaan." She remarked as he walked away. Shilpa took a sip of the second drink Armaan had ordered for her and began to feel light-headed after a few minutes.

She called over the bartender, "What the hell was this?" "That man ordered a tequila shot for you." She mentally began to curse Armaan. He knew she didn't like hard liquor. It got to her quick. Really quick. Even one sip sent her into a world of frenzy. In a matter of minutes, Shilpa had a playful smile on her lips and she was swaying to the music in her seat. "Would you like to dance?" She turned to a man with profound grey eyes and sharp features. "Sure!" Shilpa stated, jumping out of the seat and placing her hand in his. He led her to the dance floor and pulled her close. She placed her hands around his neck and began to swing her body in his arms. She brought her head to the side of his so he could hear her over the crowd and music. "What's your name?" He brought his hands around the whole of her back and pulled her closer. "Rahul, what's yours?" "Shilpa."

Armaan watched Shilpa from a distance getting exceedingly close to a guy. He knew she wouldn't have done that if she didn't have the tequila. But she needed to loosen up and have some fun, according to him. He kept his eye on her the as the night went on, making sure she doesn't do anything stupid.

As the time was minutes away from midnight, Armaan decided that it was time to go. He got the number of the girl he'd been dancing with and then went to Shilpa. "Shilpa, let's go." She held onto Rahul, "Noooo! I don't want to go Armaan!" She whined into his shoulder. He jerked her head up and moved aside still having a hand around Rahul. "Armaaaaan." She said with a sweet voice. He cocked up his eyebrows. The shot had seriously gotten to her. "This..." She pointed to the man. "This is... This is Rahul. And... And Rahul..." She pointed toward Armaan but almost fell over. Armaan quickly grabbed her before she fell onto the floor. She began to giggle in Armaan's hands. "Rahul...hehehe...This is Armaan. My beeeeeeestest friend ever!" Armaan smiled at her state. "Hi Rahul." He simply nodded back. "Hope you don't mind, I have to get her home." He was about to turn away, "Nooooooo! I don't want to!" She pouted at him hoping it would change his mind.

Without any further thinking, Armaan picked her up in his arms and took her away as her giggling persisted. "Armaaaaaan." She giggled as he walked out the door. "Huh?" She spread her arms wide, "You're soooo CUTE!" She squealed, which was followed by more of her giggling. He placed her into the passenger seat and buckled her in. "I seriously hope you remember everything you're saying." He chuckled as she complimented him for the first time. Armaan shut the door and went over to the driver side and got in. Armaan didn't notice but Shilpa had unbuckled herself and rolled the window down while he was pulling out of the parking lot. "WEEEEEEEEEE!" Shilpa squeaked. Armaan turned and was left with widened eyes as he saw Shilpa with one arm and her head out the window, laughing irrepressibly. He grabbed her other hand and pulled her back in. "Shilpa! Stay in the car!" All she could do was laugh even more at Armaan's facial expression. "Hehehe... Look at you!" She pointed toward him, making her voice high-pitched. She poked his cheek, "Angry Armaan! Angry, angry, angry!" She poked his cheek some more. "I know never to give you hard liquor again! No matter how funny it is, you're so annoying." "Look, Armaan! I fell!" "How the hell did you fall-" He turned to see her leaning the back of her seat down as far as it could go. She brought the seat back up and then let it down again. "I'm falling!" Shilpa snickered as she moved up and down.

Luckily for Armaan, he had reached her house. He grabbed her clutch and pulled out her keys. He left her in the car playing with the seat as he went to unlock and open the door. When he returned he saw her smiling, almost asleep. Armaan picked her up and brought her inside the house and to her bed. "Good night." She mumbled as she got comfortable to the soft bed. He placed the blanket over her and walked out of the room turning the lights off. Armaan took a deep breath as he left the house and walked to his car to head home.


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