Friday, 19 January 2018

part 2 : TO FEEL LOVED mini (ARss )

It had been two years since raj's death, and ridzi hasn't been the same. Everyone saw her change and tried to set her up on dates. She closed herself out of the world and became a workaholic. She hardly goes out with her friends and never has gone out on a date with another man. They all wished that she would just grief with them, instead by herself, but they knew that she didn't want to grief wit them. Soon enough, ridzi has become a living ghost, but she wasn't alone.

In another part of town, Armaan , the heir to Malik Incorporated, is living the same live as Ridhima. He, however, has a different story to tell. Two years ago, his girlfriend broke up with him, because she chose to follow her dreams. She feels that he was tying her down and that she wasn't able to continue on with her dreams, so she decided to break up with him. But, he has a different approach to his situation. Instead of becoming a workaholic and shutting himself down, he went on as many dates as possible, in hope that he will find his special someone, but in the end, he had found no one of his liking.

One summer day, both Ridzi and Armaan  received a wedding invitation from Rahul. They had not heard from him for a really long time. Ridzi refuses to talk to raj's family or see them. She feels that if she was to face them, she would break down. Armaan, on the other hand, just lost contact with his friends after the breakup. Ridzi i read the invitation to herself as she sat in her office. She sighed. She wasn't sure if she was going to go to his wedding, but she did mark the date onto her daily planner and calendar, just case she decides to go.

Armaan stared at the invitation and decided to mark the date. He was planning on going and wishing rahul the best of luck. This is how the two strangers meet and how their story begins, with a simple invitation to a friend's wedding.

After reading the invitation, Gidzi put it away and continued with her work. She was now working for her father as a Planning Manager. She stared at the many emails from Mrs. Grewal . She never read them nor do replies back. She also received letters from the grewal family, but she chose to ignore them. She didn't want to interact with them for fear of letting them see her weak self. She had also lost contact with most of her mutual friends that had known raj The only two that she kept contact with are muskaan  andAnji. They always visited her on the weekends and tries to set her up on dates, but she always blow them off. She sighed, maybe it was time for her face his family again. It had already been two years, since she kept in touch with them.

Two months later, Ridzi was at Muskaan  house to prepare for the Rahul'swedding. She had on her favorite dress. She had her let her hair down and had on slight make up. She didn't want to overdo anything, since she wasn't going to rahul's wedding to pick up guys. She was going to congratulate him and muskaan. She took one last look at herself, before grabbing her bag and walking out of muskaan's  room with Anji. They walked to Anji car and pull out of her drive. On the way to the wedding hall, Ridzi was nervous and scared. She didn't know how to face his parents or him. She sighed a few times and took deep breaths, but she was still nervous as always.

After a thirty minutes drive, they parked their car in the car park of the wedding hall. ridzi took a deep breath and out of Anji's car. Anji  walked over to her and squeezed her hand. She knew that Ridzi was nervous and scared, but she wanted to let her know that Muskaan  and herself was going to be by her side and that she didn't need to be nervous or scared.

They walked into the wedding hall together and met up with Atul . Together, then three of them walked over the bride's room, they had wanted to congratulate first,muski  then rahul. Muski opened the door and they walked in. muski smiled at them and greeted them with a hug. She gave Ridzi a long hug, since it's been forever since she had last saw ridzii at raj  funeral. Muski and anji  smiled as ridzi and Atul  embraced themselves in a hug. ridzi felt like crying, but she forced herself not to cry at Muski's wedding. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, before pulling away from the hug.

"How have you been?" asked Atul.

"I've been doing fine," Ridzi answered faintly. She wasn't going to lie to anyone.

"That's good to hear. I heard from anji that you have been busy working since raj's death," she said.

"Yea, I don't really know what to do, so I just busied myself," she didn't bother to deny the fact.

"Ah ridzi, why didn't you contact me or rahuli? I know that you are scared to face us and I can tell that you are really nervous about coming here, I even doubted that you'd come, but why didn't' you just rely on us? I heard from  aunty  that you never replied back to her letters or emails. ridzi, why couldn't you let us mourn with you?" he asked with pain in her eyes.

"I—I didn't want to bother anyone. I…I couldn't face Aunty. I couldn't face you or rahul .or my parents, it hurt so much knowing that you guys are so close to him. I...I don't know what to do anymore, so…I closed off everyone," she said.

"Ridzi, I'm not anyone to you. I'm your friend and so is Rahul  Ma , Bs are both your parents. ridzi, we're not going to hurt you by talking about him.Ridhima, did you know how much we had missed you since his funeral? Since the day you scattered his ashes into the sea? We had all missed you and wished that you would give us a call. Did you know that  Aunty  waited for your phone call, your emails, and your letters? She waited for you, but you just let her down. Don't you know that she is the only other person who can help you overcome this pain?Ridz, why couldn't you rely on us?" he asked, with sorrow and pain. ridzi couldn't face him anymore. She didn't know what to say anymore. She didn't want to be at the wedding anymore, so she turned and ran out of the room.

muski and Anji  were about to go after her, but atul  stopped them; "she needs to be alone right now. We can't do anything to heal her wound. She needs to learn how to face the fact. I know that for the past two years, she's been using work as an excuse to escape from the truth." Muski and Anji  closed their eyes and sat down an empty couch. They knew that Atul  was right. She does need to be alone and face the truth. raj had been dead for two years already and she needs to acknowledge the truth sooner or later. They sighed and helped muski  re-do her makeup. Ridz out the door and didn't know where she was going. She ran out of the wedding hall and onto the garden outside. She didn't know if she could do this. She wasn't sure if she can face the fact. She wasn't sure if she could face his family. She fell to her knees and cried. She hated herself for not being strong enough. She just sat there and cried. Arman was walking in the garden, when he saw a girl kneeling down crying. He panicked and ran up to her. He pulled her into a hug and embraced her. Rdz didn't know how he was, but she naturally wrapped her arms around him and cried into his chest, soaking his tuxedo with her tears.


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