Saturday, 13 January 2018

part 21 : All for you love

it was 5 o’clock at morning. Sapna’s sleep broke hearing the doorbell. She got up immediately and ran to open the door but sighed and worried like hell seeing rahul and atul only. She asked in a trembling voice : “bhai kahan hain?”

Atul nodded in na and uttered: “humne kal 2 baze tak dhundha,means jahan jahan wah ja sakta tha,asked everyone and went some places also par wo wahan nahi tha. Mai soch raha hun police me missing report karte hain.”

Sapna nodded and uttered crying : “kuch bhi karo par bhai ko wapas lao atul bhaiya.”

Muskan and anjali was also came. Anjali assured her while holding her hand : “don’t worry sapna,wo mil jayega. Tu janti hai na tere arman bhai ko,waise toh bahut cool hai par gussa aaye toh aisa hi karta hai aur gussa thanda hone par phir wahi cool arman ban jata hai.”

Rahul asked looking at atul : “toh kya hum missing report Karen ya uncle aunty ko pahle inform karein?”

Atul uttered worriedly : “I am also thinking about it.”

Anjali : “I think humey itni jaldi haar nahi manni chahiye,hum aur thodi der wait kar lete hain arman ka,abhi toh subah bhi nahi hua hai.”

Muski uttered : “ek kaam karte hain,mere ghar chalo tum sab,wahin wait karte hain. Mere uncle SP hain aur mere ghar ke paas hi rahte hain,unse hum discuss kar sakte hain,hai na?

Rahul uttered in a praising tone : “right muski.police me report karne se baat baahar aayegi aur log yon hi hazar sawal puchenge.”

Muski uttered holding sapna’s hand : “chal sappu aur dar mat,wo khusat kuch der me ghar wapas aa jayega.”

Sapna uttered : “toh hum yahin wait karte hain na,agar bhai aaye aur phir se us riddhima se fight ho toh?’
Anjali : “arey haan,is chakkar me toh usey hum bhul hi gaye the,kahan hai wo?”
Sapna uttered angrily : “apne room me hai,kal raat ko hi jana chahti thi yahan se par maine kaha jab tak bhai wapas na aaye wo nahi ja sakti.”
Muski uttered angrily : “jane deti usey.ab arman wapas aakar us churail ka face dekhega toh phir gussa hoga,waise kahan ja rahi thi?

Sapna : “don’t know,maine nahi pucha. Shayad dr. shshank ke ghar ya uske bf ke ghar,I don’t care.mujhe bas bhai ki fikar hai.”

Rahul : “par ab to jab sab baat pata chal hi gaya hai,uska chale jana hi thik hai na? and I think jab tak wo yahan rahegi,tension bana hi rahega.”

Atul nodded and addressed to sapna : “agar riddhima jana chahti hai toh usey rokna thik nahi hoga.sapna tu usey kah de ki tu huamre sath ja rahi hai so she can go.”

Sapna uttered angrily : “mai uska face bhi nahi dekhna chahti atul bhai.”

Muskan calmed her : “ok baba,mai hi kah deti hun.”

Saying she came upstairs and got the door was shut. She thought a while and peeped through the window from where she could see the bed,but riddhima was not there. she knocked 3-4 times ,then called her name but getting no response she also got angry and mumbled : “nakhre toh dekho maharani ke,reply bhi dena nahi janti.”

She pushed the door angrily and it opened .she came inside and in a while her scream echoed in the whole house. she came out from the room and ran to the stairs.rahul and atul already ran to upstairs hearing her screaming. muskan stumbled on the stairs and was about to fall but rahul caught her immediately and asked seeing her scared voice: “kya hua muskan?kya hua?”

muskan was not able to speak anything..she only pointed to riddhima’s room and uttered in a trembling voice : “wo..wo..blood..riddhima...

in between atul reached there.rahul left muskan and ran upstairs and stopped on the door seeing the front scene...anajli and sapna also came and numb to see riddhima was lying on the pool of blood unconscious .anjali shrieked : “my god!yeh isne kya kiya!!”where sapna was totally lost her voice. she was looking at unconscious riddhima with wide eyes!

atul cheked riddhima’s pulse immediately and uttered looking at rahul : “very slow.... her life is in danger..give me a clean cloth rahul..and call the ambulance…hurry up!

rahul had already taken out a clean towel from almirah and give it to atul .atul tied it tightly around riddhima’s wrist. in between anjali called the some times ambulance came there and they made riddhima lay in it and ran to the hospital.

arman’s sleep broke hearing some noise.he opened his eyes and got himself on a stone bench of the seashore. he tried to remember how he came there and remembered all the incident which had happened previous day with him .he looked around and got a few kids were standing there and looked at him curiously. he understood they were fishermen’s children,who lived near by. his eyes went on a little girl,who was looking at him while sucking her little finger. arman remembered sapna was also used to suck her little finger at childhood.he smiled recollecting the memories.just then a sweet voice came in his ear : ‘bhai,ye uncle yahan kyon soye hain?”

he looked and got that girl was addressing a boy.that boy replied like a mature man : “shayad inka ghar nahi hai mini.”

that girl uttered making a scared face : “par agar raat ko octopus aakar inko kha jata toh?”

arman smiled on her question.she is very sweet like kid sapna....and her name is…arman remembered another mini whom he loved madly..she was an orphan girl,whose parents had left her in the hospital knowing that she is suffering from leukemia …..dr. shshank had taken care of her that time and made her treatment free and now arman had all responsibilities of her.she had the permanent resident of sanjiwani.arman remembered from 2-3 days he was so busy for riddhima’s birthday celebration ,he didn’t meet with mini. His heart damned him…”sirf riddhima hi nahi hai arman ,jiske na hone se ya tujhe nahin chahne se tu ji nahi payega,sapna,mom –dad,dost aur mini ,jo tujhe beintehaan pyar karte hain,tujhe us uparwale ka gift hain yeh sab…kya riddhima ka rahna itna important hai? Nahi..”

he sighed and took out mobile and saw sapna,nikki,atul,rahul..everyone had called him countless times.he went in message box and sighed reading sapna’s message…”bhai,please phone uthao,baat karo mujhse,agar aapko kuch ho gaya toh mai mar jaungi bhai..please ghar aa jao.”

Nikki’s angry message…”idiot,gadha,ullu,dumbo..pagal..agar tune kuch aisa waisa step uthaya toh I will kill you and will go to jail happily..

Atul and rahul’s meassage…”arman,please receive the call..please come back..we ,your friends are always with you…all will be fine arman..

Arman sighed and got up to go to home.he kept the mobile in pocket and got something was there. he took out and smiled painfully seeing the a big size 'bournville raisin & nut dark chocolate bar’.yesterday he had bought it for riddhima knowing that she loved it. He called the little girl and uttered : “yeh aapke liye mini..par apne doston se share karna,okay?”

That girl’s eyes flashed seeing it but she looked at her brother for his permission.arman understood and uttered : “don’t worry,mai chote bachchon se milta hun toh chocolate deta hun.”

That boy smiled and addressed to his sister : “mini,le le..yeh achche uncle hain.”

Mini took it from arman’s hand and uttered in her sweet voice…”thank u uncle….arman brushed her silky hairs smilingly and stepped to his home.
Arman came home but saw the door was locked.he got surprised and called a while sapna picked his call and yelled : “bhai,kahan ho aap? Please ghar aa jao…hum sab bahut pareshan hain bhai..”

Arman : “sorry sappu,maine tum sabko bahut pareshan kiya,mai ghar ke baahar hi khada hun,tu kahan hai?”

But Sapna started crying .she was not able to answer.arman asked worriedly : “ tu kahan hai? Kya hua? Tu ro kyon rahi hai?”

Sapna uttered in a stammering voice : “bhai wo riddhima…usne…usne…

Arman asked nervously : “kya kiya usne sappu…jaldi bata..aur tu kahan hai?”

He heard anjali’s voice .anjali took the mobile from sapna’s hand and asked : “arman,tu thik hai na?”

Arman replied : “haan anji,kya baat hai,sapna itna ro kyon rahi hai?”

Anjali heaved a sigh and uttered : “tu ek kaam kar,sanjivani aa ja..riddhima attempted suicide..

But before she say more,mobile fell from arman’s hand. Anjali’s voice echoed in his ear…..Riddhima attempted suicide….she attempted suicide!!but why!! Arman remembered their fight…he had gotten angry on her ,lost his temper and tried to abuse her..but at that moment he got his sense back and left her. Then why riddhima took this step? Did She get scared of arman? But she was here since 6 months and should have know that arman was not that type of.if she wanted to go ,arman would never block her way.

His trance broke with the mobile ringing.atul was other side..”arman,please sanjivani aa ja,yahan teri jarurat hai.”

Arman zoomed his bike to the he came inside,saw his friends were standing there with a worried face. Seeing him,sapna ran to him ,hugged him and started crying.she was uttering in her cry..”bhai,aap kahan chale gaye the?aap thik ho na?”

Arman uttered caressing her hairs : “I am fine sappu..riddhima kahan hai?kaisi hai?”

Anjali uttered : “ICU me hai,she is still unconscious. Bahut khun bah gaya hai…

Atul : “she slit her wrist at midnight..and we knew about it at morning..thank god ,its clotted and stopped bleeding,phir bhi …2 bottles blood already diya gaya hai but I think she needs more…”

Arman asked worriedly : “who is her attending doctor?”

Rahul : “don’t worry arman,dr. subhankar is there and dr. shshank is also there.

Arman nodded and asked in a low voice : “par usne aisa kyon kiya?”

Sapna uttered in her cry : ‘nahi janti bhai,aapke jane ke baad mai jab ghar gayi,wo wahan se jana chahti thi,she came to me..maine kaha bhai aaye tab jana.”

Atul uttered : “leave it arman,riddhima ke hosh aane par reason pata chal jayega,tu tension mat le.”

Arman looked here and there and asked : “dadiji aayi hai kya?”
Anjali : “haan,but she was not feeling well so muskan took her in dr. kirti’s cabin.wahan dr. kirti unhen sambhal legi.”

Arman nodded .
Anjali suggested : “arman,tumhe riddhima ke paas jana chahiye.”

Arman uttered in a sad voice : “shayad meri wajah se hi usne aisa kiya hai,mai kal bahut gusse me tha,uski baton se mai bahut hurt tha..i insulted her and….

But he stopped seeing dr. shshank was coming out from the ICU.he was looking broken. Atul hurriedly came to him and asked : “sir,how is riddhima?”

Dr. shshank only nodded but what he mean,they didn’t understand. He lifted eyes and seeing arman,uttered in a shaken voice : “dr. arman,please go there…I am in my cabin..”

Saying he went with an unstable leg. Atul uttered: “arman,tu riddhima ke paas ja,rahul..come ,we should take care of sir also.i think ,he is not well.”

Arman said anjali and sapna to sit there and came in riddhima’s room and saw dr. subhankar and dr. suraj was there.they were talking in a low voice.arman eyes went on the bed where riddhima was lying.her face was pale and it was covered with an oxygen mask,where blood was going in her body through IV.

arman sighed and stood there silently. dr. subhankar noticed him and uttered slowly : “she is still in danger dr. arman..24 hours se pahle kuch nahi kah sakte..and please collect blood for her,she needs more blood.”

Arman nodded and was about to go but dr. suraj uttered : “aap yahin rukiye dr. arman,I will tell your friends for collecting blood.”

Arman nodded and sat on a chair. His mind stopped to he was only thinking about dr. shshank and dadi.they would surely blame arman for it. Arman mumbled looking at unconscious riddhima…”riddhima,please wapas aa jao…I promise,I will free you..mai tumhe kabhi nahi rokunga…and I know you will be forced surely by sir to marry me..but from now nobody can force you for anything..if you want to go with sumit…I will be the first person..who is with you always....but please come back…

Love you all

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