Monday, 15 January 2018

part 22 : All for your love

riddhima needed more 3 bottles of blood and now she was out of danger but she didn’t gain consciousness. Arman met with dadi and assured her that riddhima would be fine soon. Dr. shshank was stayed in riddhima’s cabin but didn’t talk to anyone.everyone was waiting for riddhima’s consciousness but arman more as he wanted to know what things pushed riddhima to take this
step.meanwhile nikki reached there after a hectic 10 hours journey and at first she punched arman and started barking on him .arman’s friends made her calm. Abhi was also came with nikki.arman and his friends met first time to abhimanyu and liked him.when he told them that instead of busy schedule,he managed to come with nikki because she was very angry on arman and abhimanyu got scared if she would kill him……as nikki announced she is going to kill arman…….” everyone smiled and nikki gave a punch to abhimanyu also and uttered : “dur ho jao tum sab naashpiton! Hum girls tumhare liye kiti fikar karte hain aur tumhe humari koi fikar hi nahi hai..i hate boys..”

muski added : “right,I also hate boys..apne aap ko pata nahi kya samajhte hain,nikki tu shadi toh mat hi kariyo,dekh mai toh ghas hi nahi dalti is rahul ko..”

anjali uttered in an annoyed voice : “right..dekh na nikki,yeh atul school se mujhe line marta tha aur ab shadi ke liye nakhrey kar raha hai..i hate boys..they are impossible!”

arman understood they were trying to lighten the environment with their silly jokes.he uttered sighing..”but I think girls are impossible..unke dill me kya hai pata hi nahin chalta.”

Everybody looked at him but kept quiet.they understood arman was meant to riddhima. Arman looked at them ,smiled sighly then uttered : “coffee pine chalein? I am very tired.”

Muski uttered immediately : “haan yaar,subah se na kuch khaya na piya..bhukh se jaan nikli ja rahi hai.”

Abhimanyu and nikki also joined them but nikki wanted to talk to arman privately so she gestured arman and they came out. Nikki asked : “arman,sach bata usdin tune limit cross kiya tha kya? Why she took this step?”

Arman uttered with a broken voice : “nikki,tu meri best friend hai,tu mujhe nahi janti?tu bhi mujhe hi suspect kar rahi hai?haan,mai shayad kuch bahak gaya tha but believe me,I didn’t lost control and I went from there leaving her.”

Nikki uttered holding arman’s hand : “I know you arman,but I don’t know her. Mujhe lagta hai wah bahut jyada introvert type ki hai,warna koi is tarah itne dino tak itni badi baat dill me chupaye kaise reh sakti hai? And you had told me one incident also which is happened before..tumne hi kaha tha na ammy ki wo pagalon ki tarah ro rahi thi,toh kya is baar bhi…”

She let a sigh and uttered looking at arman : “anyways,I think you should free her . Itna toh pata chal hi gaya ki wo sumit se madly pyar karti hai.”

Arman uttered in a painful voice : “maine usdin gusse me riddhima ko divorce naa dene ki baat ki thi nikki,but believe me,I realized,isse hum sabki life barbaad ho rahi hai..sumit ki,jo pata nahi kahan hai…meri aur riddhima ki bhi..hum koi bhi normal life nahi ji rahe hain…I still love her nikki and don’t see her in pain. Mai khud sir se baat karunga aur riddhima aur sumit ke raste se hat jaunga.”

Nikki smiled and patted his shoulder while uttered : “that’s my ammy..i know tumhare liye kitna mushkil hai but this is the right way …aur tumhe bhi koi mil jayegi jo tumhe bahut pyar karegi..”

Arman smiled sighly and thought in heart : “never..bas ek hi ladki se pyar kiya tha maine…uski jagah kisi aur ko dena impossible…”
Next day arman’s parents also came there.they got to know everything from sapna and sighed thinking about their son but they had the same opinion like nikki that arman should divorce her.

Afternoon riddhima was gained her consciousness.she opened eyes and seeing dr. shshank she closed eyes again. Dr. shshank called her name slowly but she didn’t reply. Dr. subhankar asked her in a low voice : “how are you riddhima?

Riddhima uttered slowly : “fine..

Subhankar uttered : ‘good,dekho aapke papa aapse baat karna chahte hain.”

But riddhima didn’t reply .dadi,who was sitting beside riddhima,uttered holding her hand in her..”riddhu  beta,sab thik ho jayega.”

Riddhima’s eyes filled with tear and she uttered in a weak voice : “mujhe kyon bachaya? I want to die only..”

Dr.shshank got up and went from there while dadi uttered caressing her hand: “na beta,aisa nahi kahte.ab jo tu chahegi wahi hoga beta..par aisa kabhi mat kahna.”

Arman and his friends were looking everything through the window glass. Dr. subhankar looked at there and asked to riddhima : “riddhima,aap kisise milna chahogi?”

Riddhima nodded in na and closed eyes. Dr. subhankar gestured dadi not to talk and came out then addressed arman : “dr. arman,she is fine but don’t want to meet anyone.sorry..”

Arman uttered sighly : “its ok sir,bas wo thik ho jaye…”
2 days went.riddhima is now good but doctors wanted to keep her in the hospital for some days more .dadi was there for most of time but dr. shshank didn’t come after that day. he tried to make busy himself in works . dr. subhankar was giving details of riddhima’s health to dr. shshank everyday. ananya and billy also came to meet riddhima and riddhima behaved with them normally.

One day when riddhima was alone in her room,arman came and uttered :" hi..

Riddhima looked at him once and then started looking other side.arman kept quiet for sometime then uttered : “sorry for misbehaving that day…I am really sorry..”

Riddhima looked at him once and again started staring other side.

Arman cleared his throat and uttered : “I know its my fault. Mujhe us din aisa nahi karna chahiye tha. From that day I am blaming myself only and begging apologize …

Riddhima looked at him and uttered : “but I am not blaming you..tumne jo kiya ,wo normal tha..anyone could lost control..and I am sorry…maine tumhe dhokha diya.”

Arman was shocked hearing it!! he uttered surprisingly : “toh phir tumne aisa step kyon liya riddhima?”

But riddhima didn’t reply only stared him once.arman uttered again : “I promise ,I will divorce you..tum apni marzi se ji sakti ho..”

But not getting response he sighed and uttered : “riddhima,kya tum mujhe apna dost nahi maan sakti? Kya mai tumhare problems solve karne me help nahi kar sakta?”

Riddhima smiled painfully and uttered : “nahi…mai ab kisiko takleef nahi dena chahti…”

Arman stood there for sometime then came out .nikki,who was waiting outside for him,asked eagerly : “kya hua?”

Arman nodded in na and uttered slowly : “she is not blaming me..i am not responsible for her this step but she don’t want to open her mouth about it.”

Nikki uttered : “tune pyar se baat ki na? friendship karne ki koshish ki?”

Arman nodded in yes and replied : “jaisa tune sikhaya maine waise hi baat ki nikki..par usey shayad mai hi pasand nahi.”

Nikki thought a while then uttered : “dadi se maine baat ki thi,she told me she don’t know about sumit,but I think she was telling lie..kuch toh hai jo ye chupa rahe hain..”

Arman uttered with a bit anger tone : “kya karun kuch samajh nahi aata,. Riddhima phir kabhi aisa step le sakti hai and I can’t bother it.”

Nikki smiled and uttered : “you are a true lover arman..yah jante hue bhi riddhima tujhe nahi chahti ,tu uske liye kuch bhi karne ko ready hai.”

Arman smiled sighly and replied : “bas usey khush dekhna chahta hun.”

Nikki thought a while then uttered : “wait! Riddhima ka mobile kahan hai bata.”

Arman : “shayad ghar me hoga..

Nikki uttered hurriedly : “ghar chal arman,we should check her calls..shayad kuch mil jaye.”

Arman nodded and they went to arman’s house.
“see arman…yahan sumit ka number hai,par isme sirf riddhima ne call kiya hai,sumit ka nahi hai…

"And she got last call from any sunil…” nikki checked the call list and uttered : “see..she called constantly someone lina but they were failed and last one is sunil….she called sunil 2 -3 times…and their last conversation is long..about 10 – 15 minutes …and after that riddhima didn’t call anyone.

Sapna was hearing nikki opening her mouth.nikki laughed seeing her expression and asked : “dr. ne kya bataya tha? Appromaxily when she slit her wrist?”

Sapna : “its around 12: 30.”
Nikki eyes shined. She uttered excitedly : “see,she finished her last call at 12 : 20…means..

Arman uttered excitedly: “that means,that guy sunil is the culprit..i want him nikki..want to spoil his face..

Nikki uttered : “ruk ja bachchu..itna excited mat ho. I am not James Bond,maine sirf andaja lagaya hai.”

Sapna : “but you are great nikkidi.ho sakta hai is sunil ko kuch pata ho.”

Nikki nodded in yes and adderessed to arman: “isme aur bhi kuch numbers hain,shayad riddhima ke friends hain,pata laga is sunil ka ,we have to meet with him as soon as possible.”
“sach batata hun dr. arman,god promise ,mai kuch nahi janta riddhima ne aisa kyon kiya..”

Arman looked at sunil angrily and uttered : “u know sunil,mere paas proof hai ki usdin last call tumne kiya tha..

But before arman could complete,Sunil uttered in a nervous tone : “nahi sir,maine nahi..riddhima ne kiya tha.”

Nikki smiled and uttered : “toh chal ab bata de kya bata hui thi usse.”

Sunil uttered looking at nikki : “aap toh aise kah rahi ho mano maine riddhima ko suicide karne ko kaha..arey,wo ladki pagal hai bilkul,samjhane se nahi samajhti..”

Arman smacked him and uttered angrily : “I am warning you dr. sunil..phir se aisa kaha toh!...

Sunil looked at arman and uttered : “toh kya kahun dr. arman..maine usey samjhaya ki dr. arman tumahar husband hai and he is a good person,ab sumit ka khyal chod de par wo sach me bewkoof hai.”

Arman looked at him straight and asked in a serious voice : “tumne aisa kyon kaha? Sumit kahan hai?tum kya jante ho uske bare me?”

Sunil thought a while and narrated everything which he had told that day to riddhima then uttered : “ab aap batao isme meri kya galti hai?”

Nikki : ‘par ye sumit achanak kahan gayab ho gaya aur usne aisa kyon kaha? I mean jahan tak tumhari baton se pata chala wo aisa ladka nahi hai jo girls ko ditch karke bhag jaye,phir aisa kyon hua?”

They are sank in deep thought. Now only sumit would solve it but where was he? Arman uttered worriedly : “agar sumit na mila toh riddhima ji nahi payegi..usey dhundhna hi hoga.”

Sunil smiled and uttered : “riddhima is lucky jo aap jaisa insaan uska husband hai warna koi aur hota toh…..”he left the word incomplete.

arman looked at him .

sunil cleared his throat and uttered slowly : “I think you should ask dr. shshank.. most probably he knew everything..

arman looked at him with a jerk!

Sunil uttered : “dr. arman ,you are such a good person…so I want to help you…sumit ke sath maine dr. shshank ko kai baar milte dekha tha..mai uske next room me hi rahta tha.par maine kabhi dhyan nahi diya unpar.”

Arman was totally dumbfounded hearing it! He had understood dr. shashank had forced riddhima for this marriage but why he separated sumit from her? He knew riddhima would be happy with only sumit then why he had taken this step and also hid everything from arman?

He saw,Nikki got up ,shook hand with sunil and uttered : “thank you sunil. Chal arman.”

Arman asked nervously : “kahan?”

Nikki : “dr. shshank ke paas..he knew everything and you have to ask him only.”

Arman uttered in a weak voice : “no nikki,wait…mai sir se aise sawal nahi kar sakta,please ruk ja.”

Nikki gave him an angry look and uttered : “ok,tu sirf mere sath puchna hai mai puchungi. Mujhe 2 din me wapas jana hai aur mai is matter ko aise nahi chod sakti..

love u all

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