Monday, 22 January 2018

Part 24 : Remember this (Arsh ff)

Heere moti mai na chahu mai to chahu sangam tera, (Shilpa placed a hand on his heart and with the other tugged his head down towards her and placed her lips on his)
mai na jaanu, tu hi jaane mai to teri, tu hai mera...(2)
mai to teri...
tu hai meraaa...
Shilpa drew back breathlessly and looked up into armaan's eyes who looked back at her with a focused intensity. Armaan gently drew his knuckles across her cheek down to her lips to gently rub against the soft swell of her bottom lip. The lights came back up making shilpa blink against the lights glare making armaan smile: we need to get back!
Shilpa without taking her gaze away from his: I know!

Armaan lightly tracing her eyebrow: I wish we were alone somewhere so that we won't be disturbed.
Shilpa sighed and wrapped her arms around armaan her cheek pressed against his chest, eyes closed: me too.(she inhaled his scent and then pulled away, smiling brightly)ok! Lets go!(pulling armaan with his hand who resisted playfully)armaan! (laughingly) every one must be waiting for us.
Armaan let himself be pulled as they had thought everyone was looking for them, rahul gave them a knowing look as he himself had an arm wrapped around muskaan.
Ananya: there you are! We've been looking for you! Armaan behave yourself!(she scolded, then focusing on shilpa) beta! Muskaan's mom is looking for you. She went in the kitchen.
Shilpa excused herself and went in search of muskaan's mom. Armaan gazed at her retreating back with a smile on his face making billy comment: son! Better control yourself!(making everyone laugh)
Dinner was served, armaan stood with rahul and muskaan having food but his gaze kept following shilpa moving around the hall. Rahul and muskaan were obviously amused with armaan eyes continuously following shilpa.
Muskaan: armaan! My eyes hurt just looking at you following shilpa! give it a rest!
Armaan grinned: then you should ask your friend to stop running around and come here.
At that moment shilpa came up to them: guys! Do you need anything?
Rahul grabbed her hand and pulled her forward: yes! You! Enough of running around.(shilpa was about to argue) have mercy on us! Its painful trying to talk to armaan when he is obviously distracted.
Shilpa laughed as armaan wrapped his arm around her waist bringing her to stand next to him and murmured: see! Every one knows I'm no good without you.(making every one laugh around them)
Suddenly a voice from behind: I hope I'm not interrupting anything!(every one turned to see whom the voice belonged to. There stood dignified elderly gentleman with grey hair and distinguished features) 
The gentleman in question surveyed them with cool green eyes, swiftly moving over all of them. Rahul approached him with a look of amazement on his face: tayaji?
Tayaji: rahul! Congratulations!
Rahul moved forward hesitantly as if not sure of his response: thanks! I'm sorry I'm just surprised that you came.
Tayaji smiled coolly: well! I was not sure I had the time but I had some time to spare so thought I'll come over and see your girl.
Rahul pulled muskaan forward: tayaji! Meet muskaan! My fiance!
They exchanged greetings while tayaji looked her over with polite interest. Muskaan smiled: I'll ask my parents to come over so that they can meet you(she started to move away to do just that but was stopped by tayaji)
Tayaji: no need! I think I met them when I entered the place(he looked around the hall in obvious distaste making rahul stiffen) who is this couple?(looking at armaan and shilpa)
Rahul: you remember my friend armaan!
Tayaji: billy and ananya's son! Hmmm! You and rahul work at the same place!
Armaan politely: yes! How do you do sir?
Tayaji shifting his attention to shilpa: who is this ?
Shilpa looked at him: I'm shilpa!
Tayaji raised his brow inquiringly making rahul intervene: she's my friend!
Tayaji cool gaze again ventured towards shilpa and then back at rahul: why don't you and your friends come to the house for a visit. Tell your fiance about your family in detail(looking around the hall again) plus I'm thinking you should get married at the Garewal mansion, we have a reputation to uphold.
Rahul irritated: thank you for the offer! But I'll have to talk it over with muskaan and her family, let you know what we decide.
Tayaji nodded coolly and lifted his wrist to look down his elegant nose at the watch: well! I've got to go! Let me know what you decide.(with that he walked out the hall)
Muskaan in amazement: wow! What was that?
Shilpa: rahul! Who the hell are you?
Rahul grimaced: ever heard of the Garewal industries?(when shilpa looked blank) well! Its one of the largest  industries of the country.
Armaan jumped in: lets say! Our boy rahul here is filthy rich!
Shilpa looked surprised: really! Rahul you've been holding out on us.(making rahul grimace) don't worry we love you inspite of your being rich.(ananya called shilpa) see you guys later!
Armaan punched rahul in the shoulder: chill man! Forget about tayaji!
Muskaan amused: but I would love to see the garewal mansion!
Both armaan and muskaan kept making jokes and teasing rahul. Sometime later armaan looked around in search of shilpa and saw her standing talking to a guy looking pale. Immediately armaan crossed the room to her side as he approached her he saw her rubbing her forehead.
Armaan pulled shilpa towards himself: whats wrong?
Shilpa tried smiling: just a little headache! Don't worry! I'll be fine.
Armaan concerned: sure!
Shilpa smiled: yes! Now go! Here comes maa!
Armaan left but he didn't go far keeping an eye on her from far. Finally the guests started to leave armaan again looked towards shilpa who looked paler than before. Armaan was next to her in no time, he ran a hand through her hair: hey!(making shilpa close her eyes) shilpa!(worry coloring his voice)
Shilpa her voice not so steady: armaan! I don't feel so good!
Armaan: whats wrong? Shilpa! honey! Tell me!
Shilpa lifted a trembling hand to her head: my head! Its hurting worse than before! Plus I'm feeling breathless! Like there is a pressure on my chest!
Armaan: I'm taking you home!(motioning rahul and muskaan towards him, seeing armaan worried they hurried towards him)rahul! Muskaan! Shilpa is not feeling well I'm taking her home. 
In no time armaan had shilpa in the car driving back home, through out the drive armaan kept giving shilpa worried glances who sat there looking pale, head resting back and eyes closed. When they stopped infront of the house shilpa still hadn't moved, armaan hurried out of the car and went to unlock the door first, he then came back and opened shilpa's door who continued to sit in the pose he had left her. Armaan scooped shilpa into his arms and carried her through the door inside the house, he continued down the hall to his bedroom where he deposited her on his bed making shilpa open her eyes and look at him.
Shilpa: what am i doing here?
Armaan: you are going to rest here but first you need to change.(as he was speaking they heard a car coming to a stop and then the sound of feet entering the door and moving swiftly towards them. Armaan smiled as he saw his parents along with rahul and muskaan entering the room looking worried)
Ananya immediately moving forward: beta! Whats wrong? Rahul said that you are not feeling well!
Shilpa trying to smile and reassure: its nothing maa! Just a headache I'm sure I'll be fine after I rest for a while.
Meanwhile armaan was taking shilpa's blood pressure with rahul, muskaan and billy breathing down his neck. As he took the stethosscope  out of his ears rahul pounced on him: well?
Armaan: her blood pressure is normal. Her pulse is slightly escalated than usual other than that I don't see anything unusual.
Muskaan: lets make her comfortable so that she can rest. Shilpa! I'll help you change!
Rahul: shilpa! have you eaten anything?
Shilpa shook her head: there was just not enough time plus I'm not really hungry I just want to go to sleep.
Armaan: first you'll eat so that I can give you something for your headache.
Shilpa: but I don't feel like eating anything!
Armaan: maa! Didn't you make rice pudding today!(ananya nodded in affirmative) shilpa try maa's rice pudding you'll love it. I'll get the medicine and pudding while you change.
He came a little while later to see shilpa propped against the pillow sitting on the bed wearing a pair of cotton pajamas with t-shirt. Her color still looked pale her green eyes looking shadowed with pain as ed tArmaan handed her the rice pudding: now eat up! So that I can give you medicine for your headache.
Shilpa took a tentative bite: its good!(she took another small bite while muskaan directed their attention towards her)
Muskaan: what medicine are you going to give her armaan? Considering her history you need to be careful!
Armaan: I know! Rahul and I discussed and weve settled on a mild painkiller with a sedative which would help the pain and ease the tenseness also.(Armaan turned his attention to shilpa and saw her playing with her pudding) shilpa! why aren't you eating?
Shilpa: I'm not that hungry! Honest!(she placed the bowl back in the tray)
Armaan picked the bowl himself and extended the spoonful of pudding towards shilpa's mouth: open up!
Shilpa rubbed her hand across her eyes: armaan! I'm not trying to be childish I can't eat right now.
Armaan without moving: I'm not trying to be stubborn but you need to eat so that you can take the medicines. If I give you the medicines without there being any food in you you'll throw up. So eat!(he added firmly)
Shilpa opened her mouth reluctantly and swallowed the spoonful of pudding. Ananya sat there looking at her son feeding shilpa with a focused intensity that she had never seen him display before. When shilpa had eaten half the bowl: enough! I just want to sleep!
Armaan placed the bowl back I the tray and handed her a tablet with a glass of water. She took them quietly making armaan ask: so how's the headache?
Shilpa: on a scale of 1 to 10 it's a 9.
Billy: I think we all should clear out, let shilpa sleep!
Armaan to shilpa: close your eyes! I'll come by later to check on you!
He walked out where others were waiting for him: I think we should all turn in! its been a hectic day.
Ananya: yes! I'll stay with shilpa in case she needs anything during the night.
Armaan: no you're not! You are going to sleep in your room and I'll look after shilpa!
Ananaya: but…
Armaan: you know if you don't sleep properly your blood pressure would again rise plus you are the only one who can sleep through dad's snores.(making everyone laugh)
Rahul: armaan! We better also head back! Let me know if there is any problem, no matter what the time!
Muskaan: armaan! I can stay over with shilpa!
Armaan laughing: guys! Why do you people forget I'm a doctor also, I can look after her. Plus I can control myself when she is obviously not feeling well.
Finally every one left, armaan quickly ducked into the bathroom to change in his house clothes. When he came out he checked shilpa who was sleeping, lying on her side her arm extended on the other side. Armaan pulled up a chair next to the bed for his night vigil with a medical journal to read. It was close to midnight when shilpa started tossing in her sleep with a frown on her face. Armaan waited for her to calm down on her own but soon she started to mumble and toss, kicking the sheet covering her off her.
Armaan got up from his chair and picked up the sheet to cover her again, he sat beside shilpa on the bed and smoothed back her hair from her face. She started to mumble to which armaan tried to soothe her by smoothing her hair: sshhh! Go to sleep! I'm here with you!
To his absolute surprise she calmed down, whenever she started to be agitated armaan managed to soothe her, his voice had a calming effect on her. Armaan sat on the bed propped against the head board and he nodded off. He jerked awake as shilpa was again tossing in her sleep, armaan tried soothing her but noticed that she was shivering. Armaan immediately covered her with a blanket and lowered the cooling of the room. He continued to sit with her hoping for her to get comfortable again but she continued to shiver.
Armaan sat by for a few minutes looking at her shiver then got up and made his way to the other side of the bed. He took of his shoes and slid beneath the cool heets of the bed and folded shilpa into his arms. Shilpa immediately burrowed in his warm body her cool body coming in sharp contrast with his warm one. He rubbed his hand over her arms to warm them up, her cold feet lay between his warm one, her face buried in his chest.
Armaan took in a breath inhaling her sweet scent and closed his eyes against the pang of desire he felt on feeling her soft body against the hard length of his. She murmured again in her sleep, her lips moving against the skin of his chest, he pulled her closer to him and closed his eyes hoping for the oblivion sleep would bring.
Ananya walked back to her room making billy sit up: is she alright?
Ananya: yes!(but there was something in her eyes which made billy ask)
Billy" then whats wrong? Why are you worried?
Ananya: I'm worried about armaan! Did you see how focused he was on her? like no one else existed in the world but shilpa, he even fed her.
Billy: he loves her!
Ananya: I know! She's his life! And that's what worries me what if something happened to her, he'll never get over it.
Billy: you're thinking of ridhima!
Ananya: you remember how he was after they broke up just imagine what he'll do if something happened to shilpa!
Billy: nothing will happen to shilpa! armaan won't let it happen! Come on now! Go to sleep otherwise you'll feel unwell in the morning.
Shilpa woke up with a start her heart pounding, mouth dry and body covered with sweat. She looked around the room and recalled she had slept in armaan's bed. She threw back the covers from her sweat covered body and her mind went over the nightmare she just had. She couldn't recall all the details but the feeling of being chased and imminent threat to her life loomed in her mind. Just thinking about it her heart rate accelerated and he could feel the sweat forming on her body. She closed her eyes and tried calming herself.
She opened her eyes and looked around the room to distract herself, her gaze landed on the empty side of the bed beside her. Her gaze travelled u from the wrinkled sheet to stop on the pillow which had an indent of the head. Without being told she knew it had to be armaan, suddenly her mind conjured up an image of her armaan twined together in sleep, waking up in his arms looking at his beautiful eyes open sleepily full of desire for her.
Shilpa sat up on the bed with her back towards the side where armaan had slept. She could feel the warmth starling over her body which a moment earlier had been chilled at the memory of the nightmare. She stood up trying to run away from the memory of armaan's lips against hers, the feel of his hand running down her arms and her back pushing her forward till her breasts touched the hard expanse of his chest.
Shilpa felt her skin go hot and sweat pool on her neck making her hair stick, making her realize that her clothes were sticking to her body. Shilpa rubbed a hand over her face and ecided to take a bath to get fresh. She walked into the bathroom and quickly got into the shower, as the cool water sluiced over her she closed her eyes and tried to empty her mind of all thought. She quickly shampooed her hair and rinsed it and tried to recollect what time it was. Once done she wrapped the towel around herself and realized she had not brought in any clothes for her to change into. She looked around the bathroom for a bathrobe but found nothing, not even an additional towel for her hair.
Disgusted with herself she walked out into the bedroom where the blinds were still drawn against the window. It took her eyes  a minute to adjust to the dim light of the room, a minute before she realized that she was not alone in the room.
Shilpa gasped: armaan! You scared me!
Armaan instead of answering her walked to the windows and opened the blinds letting the sun stream through the window. Shilpa's eyes recoiled against the bright sunlight and she threw up her hand to shield her eyes. Before she knew it armaan was next to her pulling away her hand and looking at her face intently.
Armaan: how are you feeling?
Shilpa smiled: I'm fine! No more headache! I told you I'll feel better after I get some sleep. Now look I'm as good as new.(the moment she said the words she realized her mistake)
Armaan's gaze immediately dropped and did a leisurely survey of shilpa from her wet tangled hair to her bare shoulder on display, to the top swells of her breasts which spilled over the top of the towel and then the silky smooth thighs which were exposed as the towel ended just mid thigh. Armaan's gaze traveled all the way down to her delicate ankles to her bare feet which had the toes painted pink and then back up all the way to her face to look at the delicate flush which tinted her cheeks to her eyes.
Shilpa looked into armaan's eyes and took an involuntary step back only to have it countered by armaan who moved forward ending the distance between them. The cool air coming from the air conditioner and armaan's smoldering gaze had goose bumps doting shilpa's arms and shoulders. Armaan raised a hand pushing back the wet tangle of hair and tilting shilpa's head so that their lips were just a breath apart.
Armaan: do you have any idea how much of agony and turmoil I had to go through last night.
Shilpa looked up startled: I'm sorry! But I told you I would be fine.
Armaan smiled: but you didn't tell me that I would be in agony.(shilpa looked up at him questioningly, armaan caressed her cheek lightly) first I was worried sick thinking of all the possible scenarios that could make you have headaches. (shilpa started to interrupt only to have stop her by placing a finger on her lips) second do you have any idea how difficult it is for me to keep my hands off you after sleeping the night with you wrapped in my arms.
Shilpa stared at him with eyes wide open not sure how to respond. Looking at her stumped expression armaan gave a crooked smile while his finger traced her lips: trying to sleep with your scent wrapped around me, the feel of your silky skin under my hands(his hands slid across her shoulders down to her arm back up to trace the goose bumps that spread across her chest)so you can see my problem(bringing her mouth near to his and lightly touched his lips to her)
Shilpa opened her mouth to say something but could manage only a gasp as his mouth fully covered hers, his tongue sliding into her mouth to stroke against her tongue. Shilpa felt herself drown in the kiss as his hands smoothed down her arm to move back to her back pushing her forward towards himself. Armaan deepened the kiss further only when their lungs started to burn against the lack of oxygen did he end the kiss. He rested his forehead against hers letting their breathing return to normal.
Shilpa: I think we both have a problem!
Armaan smiled and raised her hand to his lips and noticed the rubber ring on her ring finger: you are still wearing it.
Shilpa surprise: why wouldn't I be wearing my engagement ring?
Armaan: I don't know why I ask such stupid questions(he smiled as he traced a finger down her cheek and kissed her ring finger)
Shilpa: yes! I wonder that too! If you don't mind I need to get dressed so please leave. 


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