Friday, 26 January 2018

Part 26 : Remember this (Arsh ff)

Armaan: the call just got disconnected! Lets get out of this room and I'll try again she must be around here somewhere!
Rahul and muskaan followed a very worried armaan out of the room.
Shilpa pitched forward with the force of the pull with which was dragged into the room. She tried to regain her balance and managed to stand up straight, making her look directly into the cold eyes of tayaji. Shilpa felt her throat go dry as she looked at tayaji's cold face her mind screamed: LIE!
Shilpa: I'm ssorry! I didn't mean to disturb you guys (she stammered but looking at his face her mind screamed again: LIE BETTER!) I mean I got lost and I was wondering whom to ask for help…

Shilpa would've rambled on but stopped when she heard a masculine laughter from behind her. Before she could turn around the man spoke up: tsk, tsk, shilpa you know you are a poor liar.
Shilpa whirled around and froze body, mind and soul. The man continued: you haven't improved much from the last time you were here.
Shilpa looked at the face of the man from her nightmares, her breath which had frozen in her lungs came out in a whoosh. Her heart rate accelerated as she looked at his handsome face of the man whom she had seen in her nightmare. She started to hyperventilate as he approached saying: its such a shame though that you had to come back but you know what a greater shame is that you left without saying goodbye.
Shilpa started to back away her eyes taking in his features which were aristocratic like tayaji's but without the green eyes. The perfection of his face was marred by a faint scar running down the length of his right cheek but it was faint enough that it was not visible apparently. He spoke in even tones of a cultured man as if discussing her previous visiting habits but the under tones and the look in his eyes gave his intentions away.
Shilpa while backing away: I think you've got me confused with some one else!(making the man smile, shilpa's gaze darted to tayaji who stood looking at them. Shilpa turned to him) tayaji! You tell him! You know who I am!
Tayaji smiled making shilpa's blood run cold: of course! I do! You've have cost me a lot of trouble! But this is going to end right here!
Armaan walked out of the room and looked around not sure where to look for shilpa. He fisted his hand in his hair pulling at them in frustration: argh!
Rahul: armaan! Lets go down this side! Maybe she got lost and is waiting down the corridor for us to find her.
Armaan nodded in agreement and all three of them walked down the corridor, they stopped and checked rooms which were unlocked.
Muskaan: why don't you try her cell again! Maybe she'll pick up!
As they walked armaan quickly dialed shilpa's number and waited for the call to connect, they were nearing the end of the corridor when armaan's call connected. The shrill sound of the cell phone ringing broke the silence of the corridor jerking heads of armaan, rahul and muskaa in the direction of the end of the corridor where a huge mirror was placed. Muskaan immediately bend down and retrieved the cell phone her face froze into a mask as she saw the incoming call.
Muskaan rejected the call: this is shilpa's!(armaan felt the knot in his stomach get bigger, he looked at rahul and saw his emotions mirrored there)
Armaan: this means! Shilpa was here but somehow she dropped it!
Rahul: but where did she go? The only room here is tayaji's study!
Muskaan: check it! Just to be sure!
Armaan: rahul! Lead the way!
Rahul: fine! Follow me!(he made his way to the study door heard the faint murmur of voices, he placed his hand on the knob and twisted it open)
Shilpa felt as if she had stepped into a nightmare, her heart and mind screamed for armaan, hoping that he would find her and save her somehow. She tried again to reason: I don't know what you are talking about! Plz my friends are waiting for me I need to go(she was about to move forward when the door opened and in came rahul)
Rahul's eyes lighted on shilpa: thank god! You are here! Hey armaan! In here!(armaan and muskaan quickly rushed in)
Armaan: shilpa! what are you doing? I was worried sick about you! (he said while moving forward only to be stopped by the young guy standing in the middle of the room)excuse me!
Shilpa who was also about to run towards armaan was forcibly pulled back by tayaji, whose hard fingers bit into her arm. All shilpa could manage in a trembling voice: Armaan!
Armaan looked at tayaji and then at the other guy: what is the meaning of this?
Rahul: tayaji?(totally bewildered) what are you doing? Akshad! Let armaan through!
Akshad smiling sardonically: sorry! Can't do that cousin!   
Rahul: I don't believe this!(he moved forward trying to push him out of the way when out of nowhere akshad whipped out a gun hitting the butt of it on rahul's forehead)
Rahul wheeled back with shock and pain, blood oozing from the cut on his forehead as muskaan and shilpa shrieked in surprise. Armaan jumped to grab rahul before he went down, shock and anger rolling off him he looked up to see Akshad standing with a gun pointing towards them.
Armaan: what the hell is going on here?(his gaze moved to shilpa who was straining against tayaji's hold on her arm) let go of shilpa!
Rahul: why are you doing this?
Tayaji backhanded shilpa who was trying everything to get out of his hold, the blow made shilpa's head reel making her fall against the desk. As armaan made a threatening sound and move towards shilpa akshad trained the gun on him: one move and I'll blow your head off! Or better yet shilpa's (moving towards shilpa)
He pulled shilpa up by her hair making her wince in pain: you are nothing but trouble my dear!
Shilpa hissed in a breath as he pulled her hair: I don't know what you are talking about!
Tayaji: son! I believe she's telling the truth!
Akshad pushed her away making her fall down the desk making her hit her chin against the edge of the table. Shilpa looked at armaan with fear filled eyes not sure what to do, as she tried getting up her gaze landed on the glass cabinet door. She saw her cut lip and bruised chin in the reflection, as she was about to lever herself up ina standing position her reflection shushed her by placing a finger on her lips.
Shilpa's gaze widened as she saw her reflection slide her hand across the ledge of the desk and press two buttons which were hidden under the decorative carving. Her reflection looked into her eyes silently telling her to press those buttons.
Akshad: get up!(shilpa looked at him) get up! Or I'll pick you up myself!
Shilpa was on the side of the desk, she pulled herself ina standing position stumbling a little bit making her stand behind the desk. She leaned on the table as if for support her hand groping under the ledge searching for the buttons. Her fingers found the button and urgently pressed at them, she had no idea what they were for but hoped for help in some form.
Akshad with an evil smile: now is the time you die, actually you all die(pointing towards all of them) have to create the scene so that it seems that you (pointing towards armaan) were having an affair with muskaan, rahul found out about you two. Rahul shot muskaan, killing her then a struggle broke out between you two(waving his gun at armaan and rahul) where armaan accidently kills rahul. As shilpa stumbles upon them she is also killed by armaan as a way to stop her from telling the truth.
Armaan: and what makes you think that I will go along with your plan or anyone would believe your version.
Tayaji with a mocking smile: because dead people can't talk. Or we can injure you so that you are in coma.
Shilpa stood there horrified listening their plans: but why?(she whispered, she closed her eyes against the throbbing in her head, then in a louder voice)why? Atleast tell me before you kill me.
Tayaji looked at her: you know! If you'd stayed dead 25 years back it won't have led to these people being killed today. So my dear the fault is yours, their blood is on your hands.
Shilpa in shock: tayaji….
Tayaji started to laugh joined by Akshad: you still don't get it! Do you?(shilpa looked at armaan and rahul with terror filled eyes unable to comprehend what was happening) Rahul! Do you remember your bade tayaji? He was killed in a road accident along with his wife and daughter almost 25 years back.
Akshad: unknown to us his daughter survived the accident and was saved by a friend of the family who took her away from here. But 5 years back much to our joy and amazement we found out that she was alive.
Tayaji: so we took matters in our own hands and paid her adoptive family a visit, talked to her adoptive father, tried to reason with him so that he stays away and we'll let them live.
Shilpa closed her eyes as the pain in her head reached its peak, she spoke in a trembling voice: why? Just give me the reason
Akshad surprised: why of course of the money! The oldest reason in the world! With you out of the way and rahul quickly following you, we'll be the sole heir to the inheritance. But you my dear cousin can't stay put, even after we tok care of your father, you still came here.
Shilpa felt as if her head was going to explode with the rage that threatened to erupt in her, she clenched her fist forcibly controlling herself. Tayaji smiled as he looked at her face sensing her turmoil: even when you came to us we tried to reason with you, we proposed a profitable partnership
Shilpa waited for him to continue and akshad spoke: it was a good bargain! You and I get married claim our inheritances! Well who is to know that in a couple of months time you are to meet with untimely demise.
Shilpa: obviously I wasn't agreeable to the idea!
Akshad moved closer to shilpa, making armaan stiffen as he ran the gun down shilpa's cheek: you would've come around but you have a bad habit of eves dropping, you found out about our plan and like they say the rest is history.
Rahul: it has been you who've been trying to kill shilpa all along
Akshad: brother! You are slow but finally you caught on! But too late as you have to die also.
Muskaan: you honestly believe that you'll get away with killing four people
Tayaji: you stupid girl! We've already gotten away with it!
Shilpa: let them go! Its me you want to kill!
Armaan: shut up! Shilpa!
Akshad: touching! But how about this! You agree to marry me shilpa and I'll think of letting them go!(he ran his thumb across shilpa's bottom lip) what do you think? I'm a reasonable man! Lets bargain!
Shilpa could suppress or hide the loathing she felt for him: don't hold your breath!(she could see rage color his face as he backhanded her again making her stumble and fall against the side of the cabinet in a loud crash.
Akshad: why do you make me hurt you?(he laughed an evil laugh)
 Tayaji had also moved to the centre of the room with his back towards armaan and rahul.
Akshad standing over shilpa: shilpa! remember this we are the garewals we always get what we want(shilpa tried to stand up stumbling a little)
Shilpa in a voice which started tremulously but gaining strength: but you keep forgetting one thing akshad!(her back still towards him) my name is shilpa malhotra and I don't tolerate jerks(with that she turned around swinging one of the canes lying in the corner, hitting akshad squarely at his temple.)
His finger pulled at the trigger in the reaction narrowly missing shilpa who swung around and hit him again on the head. Armaan who had been standing on the balls of his feet waiting for an opportunity, pounced on to tayaji who had his back towards them. He managed to get thegun out of his hand landing a hard blow across his face making him crumple to the floor.
Shilpa was in throes of uncontrollable rage she kept hitting akshad with the cane, even when he went down she kept hiting him across his shoulders and legs.Armaan crossed the room over to shilpa and tried stopping her: shilpa! he's unconscious now!(but shilpa was beyond listening)
Armaan put his arms around shilpa from behind trying to restrain making shilpa struggle who screamed at the still form of akshad: DIE!(trying to kick him)
Both rahul and muskaan made their way to a struggling shilpa and armaan who was shaking her to bring her to senses. Before they could talk the cavalry arrived who took one look at the scene and decided to arrest all of them. Armaan tried to reason with them but they were not listening, as the constable approached to handcuff them.
Shilpa: hold it one second! Before you make any arrests first look at the surveillance tape of this room. There is a hidden camera in the room which was recording everything I suggest you have a look at the tape.
The inspector in charge went in search of the surveillance room when muskaan asked her: are you sure about this! Or were you bluffing?
Shilpa's lips twisted in a wry smile: I switched on the camera myself so no bluffing!
Rahul: you knew! But how?...(he was interrupted as the inspector came back into the room)
Inspector: we found the tape and what you said was true. We'll be calling you later to the police station for your statements as at present you all need medical attention. Please if you could give me your names.
As he wrote down armaan, muskaan and rahiul's name, he stopped and asked shilpa who responded as if in a daze: I'm shilpa! Shilpa Malhotra(saying she collapsed, armaan barely had the time to catch her)


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