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part 3 : Change Of Heart

You know Armaan, you are the first person who read the emptiness of my eyes in a single meeting which I hide from others. I know I can trust you, may be more than myself, first time in my life as you also know the pain of loosing someone close to you” Riddhima look towards him and said.

Armaan was shocked how much she trust him, he was not getting words to convey his feeling to her, that she was much more than a helpful friend for him, much more than anything else, her tears were affecting him badly and he feel like holding her tight and remove every pain of her life just to see her smile, the sweet and innocent one.

Armaan was busy in his thought when her voice bring him back.


“We were living happily Armaan, the happiest family i think, mai, mom dad, bhai Sid and bhabhi Tammy aur us time Anjie di and Atul jiju v aaye the for my upcoming birthday. We were coming back from a temple happily as my birthday was after 2 days, bhai and dad decided to gift me this bungalow and it was a surprise for me. Suddenly, a car overtake our car and some goon came out and kidnap all of us. They took us to some random place and when we ask who they are?, two men came with gun and sit infront of us they were Rocky and Rohit khanna.

Rohit was looking towards me lustily and bhai, stand infront of me blocking his view.

Rohit said “Dekho Mr.Shashank, mere bhai ka dil aa gaya hai tumhari beti pe aur ham tumhe yaha shadi ki baat karne bulaye hain”

“What? Are you out of your mind, koi aise bulata hai kya shadi ki baat karne, aur mai tumahre jaise goon se kabhi na hone du apni beti ki shadi.” Shashank said in furious voice.

Sid and Atul was also getting angry, but Shashank hold them back.

Rocky said “kitna v uchal lo tum log, but shadi to mai tujhi se karunga aur shadi na sahi lekin suhagr,,,,,,” before he complete his sentence Riddhima slapped him hard on his face.

“Pahle ladki ko repect dena seekho, fir kisi se baat karna” she said pointing her finger on him.

“Teri himmat kaise hui mere bhai ko thappad marne ki” Rohit hold her hairs and Sid shove him away from Riddhima.

Sid and Atul beat some goons and hold their guns, pointing a gun on Rocky and other on Rohit they came outside, they sit inside the car and shove them.

They came at Gupta Mansion and everyone was worried what was gonna happen.

At Rohit’s place ,

“Bhai mujhe wo ladki chahiye, har haal me chahiye” Rocky was very angry.

Rohit was remembering how they kept gun on his forehead. He somehow said Rocky that Riddhima will be his when he will come back from India after doing a work and send him India that day only.

Next day,

Everyone was trying to act normal, Shashank called for security and they were on their way but before that Rohit ask his goon to attack Gupta's in Gupta Mansion and kill everyone present there.

Shashank was getting some bad vibes, he took Riddhima and went towards basement “Ridzi tujhe meri kasam beta, yaha kuch v ho tum bahar nhi aaogi, aur yaha se jab v nikalogi seedha Reema beeji k paas jaogi, tumhe pure parivaar ki kasam, and don’t worry I’ll handle everything here, we’ll be fine he said and shut the door of basement.

Riddhima called him but didn’t get any reply, she somehow open slit of a rooftop and become shocked to see goons, they were shooting everyone mercilessly, her eyes popped out and tears form in her eyes she was standing like a lifeless body, she saw death of her father mother, bhai bhabhi, di jiju and still standing there. Since, goon wasn’t aware of Riddhima’s presence and he was asked to kill everyone presnt there so he thought no one is left and leave the place.

She took oath to kill them and take revenge of her family’s death. She escape from there and called beeji who took her to “BGM” (Beautiful Gupta's Mansion).

Beeji told her that her bhai and dad was going to gift this bungalow to her, she cried whole night and beeji console her somehow.

“nhi beeji, mai unhe nhi chhodungi, I’ll not leave them, aaj se main nhi roungi, mujhe strong rahna hai.” She said and from that day she didn’t shed a single tear.

She made herself strong enough so that no one can take advantage of her situation, she ended her contact with everyone except obe of her pen friend and joined police academy. She was highly influenced by her family’s death which made her more and more strong so that she can take her revenge.


She look towards Armaan who was having tears in his eyes, he was just thinking how this girl bare all these, such a delicate sweet person jise sari khushiya milni chahiye thi, jiske aas paas gam ka saya v nhi hona chahiye wo kaise itna kuch bare kar k itni strong hai.

“Armaan” she softly called him.

“unn?” he look towards her while she wipe his tears and he did the same.

“Fir mujhe tumhare aur Rahul bhai k aane ka pata chala and I requested the authority to handover this case to me kyunki mai bahut din se taiyari kar rahi thi Rohit ko pakadne ki. Aur aaj jab maine use dekha to ek baar fir sab kuch meri aankhon k samne aa gaya aur mai apne apko control nhi kar pai mai use sach me shoot kar deti aur khud ko v but tumne bacha liya.” She said.

“Tumhe pata hai Riddhima, you are much strong than I thought” he said while she smile on his words.

“meri life me apna kahne ko koi nhi tha Armaan but pata nhi kyu tumse batane me bilkul galat nhi laga, sayad isliye ki tum dusro se alag ho.” She look towards him.

“Riddhima, ek baat bolu?” he was now more than sure that she is the girl with whom he can live his life and for her smile he can do anything like now he really wanted to kill that Rohit Khanna.

Riddhima was going through the same phase, she don’t why but she wanted to show her weakness infront of Armaan, her instincts said that he will support her, fill the emptiness of her life may be with him, just for him she can smile once again but not before her revenge.

“Armaan, mujhe v tumse bahut kuch kahna hai lekin uske pahle mujhe apne family se kiya hua wada pura karna hai, agar mai bach gai to fir bas tumhari hi baatein sun ni hai aur agar mujhe kuch ho gaya to,,,,,” she was stopped by Armaan in middle.

“Mai tumhe kuch hone nhi dunga Riddhima, I promise. Aur ha, ham apni baatein v karenge aur khushiya v milengi, but as you said ham iske bare me baat tab karenge jab ham apna revenge pura kar lenge, shayad tab tak hamara heart change ho jaye aur hame pata chal jaye ki ham kya chahte hain” he said and she smile first time after her parents death with a positivity.

Armaan stood up lift her in bridal style and move inside the house while she was staring him with affection. This guy made her believe that someone is there to care for her, to help her, to make her smile after every hurting truth of her life.

“Riddhima, stop staring” Armaan said to which she giggle.

“I wasn’t” she said.

“Oh!really” he look towards her.

“ARMAAN, bahut raat ho gai hai, ab so jao” she said once he lie her on bed.

“quite good in changing topic, koi baat nhi will see after tomorrow” Armaan said in a final tone.

“means” she asked.

“Nothing, don’t stress your mind, so jao” he said kissing her forehead.

“Armaan, kal meri eklauti friend aane wali hai India se, she was my pen frnd I didn’t told her about anything, I hope use bura na lage” she said as she was attch to her only after her parent’s death.

“koi baat nhi, she won’t get mad on u afterall you are her brave friend” he smile and said “ab so jao, gd nyt” he said and she close her eyes.

He kept staring her with all his love for sometime and left once she sleep in deep slumber.

Armaan Malik was in love with Riddhima Gupta, he was head over heel in love with her, her every pain was hurting him, he was laying on his bed and his mind was roaming around Riddhima.

“bas kal Riddhima, kal kaise v karke I’ll arrest that Rohit Khanna, after that we will always be with each other” with his final decision he slept.

Next morning,

Armaan came in Riddhima’s room, she was still sleeping with a smile her face holding her teddy like a kid, he smile on her and sit beside her.

Slowly Armaan kept his hand on her head “I promise Riddhima, aaj k baad tumhe har khushi milegi, itna ki you will forget all these haunting memories of your life, its Armaan Malik’s promise” he whisper slowly and kissed her forehead then left her room.

As he left, two lone tears roll down from Riddhima’s eyes, yes she was awake and hear whatever Armaan said. She was living with fears and revengeful heart being very alert that a single step sound could wake her up and here Armaan was sharing his heart’s feeling.

She got freshen up and was coming down when her eyes fall on the entrance, her friend was coming with a big smile. She thought to came down but become shocked as her friend who was none other than Muskaan saw Rahul and was shocked like hell.

She ran towards him and hugged him tightly, he was equally shocked how Muskaan came here, they can’t even inform their family on which mission they were.

But when she hugged him, Rahul become emotional, he remember his father's death and his eyes become moist.

“Rahul, tune mujhe kyu nhi bataya? Kya mai tere liye itni v important nhi hu? Can’t you share this news, mujhe kuch v nhi pata chala and I haven’t seen dad last time, how could you do this to me” she said hitting Rahul continuosly.

“Muski, listen , meri baat suno, dekho tum v to papa ko leke out of country thi for his treatment, tumhe pata chalta to tum sab kuch chhod k wapas aa jati, and after Dad I don’t wanna loose Papa, that’s why tujhe nhi bataya.” Rahul was feeling guilty but he was right at his place.

Riddhima was boggled whats going on with Rahul bhai and Muskaan, how they know each other and she was hugging him as if they share very special bond with each other.

Meanwhile Armaan came and smile looking towards Riddhima “Kya hua? Why you are standing here?” he asked.

“Nothing, I was just going down, my friend came and,,,,,” before she complete her sentence Armaan too saw Muskaan and ran downstairs holding her hand.

“OMG! Muski , what a pleasant surprise, yaha kaise?” he asked hugging him sidewise.

“Armaan tum v,,,,?” Muskaan was really surprised.

“Muski, I thought tu mere ghar pe mujhse milne aai hai but I guess you are sooo busy right” Riddhima said pouting to which Armaan and Rahul giggle.

“oh No, Ridzi, how could I forgot that, bas achanak se dekha dono ko to I was shocked” she said hugging her while Riddhima was still confused about them.

“Ye log to apne kaam se aaye hain yaha but how,,,,,,,” before Riddhima could complete Armaan said in between “Muski and Bhai are engaged” making her shocked.

“you mean tune jo engagement k bare me bataya tha and teri baato me jo ladka tha wo Rahul bhai the?” Riddhima was happy by the news.

“Kaisi baatein Riddhima?” Rahul asked looking towards Muskaan while Muskaan urged Riddhima to shut up.

“Unn,, bhai, wo kya hai na she love you since childhood but kabhi bataya nhi isne apko, then your family select her for you so inhone aage v nhi bataya apko apne pyaar k bare me” Riddhima said dramatically while Muskaan glared her.

“Really Muskaan,?” Rahul asked.

“Really k bachhe ruko tum, khote kahi ke, ek baar v apne bare me kuch batana nhi hota tumko aur meri saari baatein janni hai ha.?” Muskaan said while running towards him and he ran to save his life.

“Wow,,,, they are really sweet na?” Riddhima said.

“Ya! But they can be really dangerous for each other, bahut ladte hain dono. But love each other also.” Armaan said.

Suddenly Armaan remember something and left excusing himself while Riddhima smile looking towards him.

After sometime, Armaan and Rahul came discussing something and they were quite serious while Muskaan and Riddhima were waiting for them for breakfast. They came and have their breakfast in light environment but Armaan’s seriousness makes Riddhima worried.

She don’t know why his every single thing affects her, either its closeness or care or may be it was his love for her but she don’t wanna accept her love for him till she fulfill her revenge, she don’t know whether she will be alive or not but the way Armaan showed his trust she was quite positive towards her relationship with Armaan.

Once they finished breakfast, Armaan came inside Riddhima’s room and stand very close to her making her breath got struch in her throat.

“Riddhima, do you trust me?” Armaan asked and she looked towards him why this question.

“Listen Riddhima, I know you trust me upto some extent that’s why you shared you feeling but what I’m going to do today was really risky but that’s needed so you’ll have to be with me and I promiseI’ll protect you always” Armaan said with a confidence and she smile nodding her head.

“okay then get ready, we’ll have to leave in few minutes.” Armaan said and left.

Rahul came towards him when Muskaan went to fresh up “Ammy, did you called him?”

“ha bhai, I did a computerized call of Rohit’s voice to his goon and asked him to bring the file of his every illegal work to this address alone.” Armaan said and showed him address.

“Okay, we’ll have proof against him, I’ll take that file from that goon don’t worry.” Rahul said “And what about you?”

“Bhai, what I’m going to do is risky but trust me I’ll do that work not because we want Rohit but it’s also the matter of Riddhima now.” Armaan said making him confuse.

“Matlab?” he asked.

“Bhai, I love her don’t know how, when and why but I really love her, her life was miserable since few years and after today’s work I’ll surely propose her. I want her to be with me forever.” He said smiling and Rahul hugged him as his dear brother got someone with whom he wanted to spend his entire life.

Armaan told him everything about Riddhima and Rahul was hell shocked by the news “I swear Ammy, aaj to is Rohit ka the end karna hi padega, he’s a devil in disguise of human.” Rahul said being angry.

“yes bro” now you handle that work and I’ll handle this, they wish each other the best and Armaan left with Riddhima.

When Rahul was trying to leave Muskaan too came alongwith him, as she was not ready to leave him for a second. And being helpless Rahul had to take her away with him.

Meanwhile in car “Rahul, Ammy called Rohit’s goon through computerized voice what if Rohit himself call his goon?” Muskaan asked when she came to know about everything.

“Muski, we are tapping Rohit’s call, his every call will be received by either Armaan or me.” Rahul said.

“wow,,, I’m impressed.” Muskaan said.

“Thanku, now just sit silently and plz Muskaan don’t do anything until I said.” Rhul said and she nodded.

Armaan and Riddhima reached Gupta Mansion, where that shootout took place, Riddhima become emotional when her eyes fall on that place, she remember everything happened there and she closed her eyes feeling pain in her heart. But now she had Armaan with her, he hold her close and sooth her while hugging “C’mon Riddhima, you are very strong baby, it’s just for today, trust me” he said and she composed herself.

“But Armaan, how could you be so sure ki Rohit yaha aayega?”she asked.

“Use aana hi padega Riddhima, I tapped his calls wo aaj yaha apne kuch trusted goons k sath aayega.” Armaan said.

Meanwhile on other side, Rahul reached at the place and waited for goon to come. After sometime a black car came and stop upto some distance. A goon came with a black suitcase and tapped on his window. Rahul send Muskaan to back seat and wear a hat so that his face remain hidden, he sign goon to sit beside him in car.

“Rohit bhai, why this file, it’s very important file na, apke sare gairkanooni kaam to ham dekhte hain fir apko iski kya jarurat hai, ye file bahar rahna safe nhi hai apke liye.” He said looking towards the file.

“isiliye to nikalwaya hai” rahul said looking towards him and he become shocked.

“kaun ho tum? Where is Rohit bhai? Stop the car I said.” He said keeping a gun near Rahul’s head instantly.

“Tere Rohit bhai ki to, gadhe ulle k pathhe, tune gun kaise rakha uske upar ha,?” Muskaan said and kept a gun behind his head and continuously hit him by her other hand while Rahul giggle at her instant act "waaah Mer sherni" he said with a wink.

“chalo abhi file idhar do” she demanded and he gave her without any protest as he was on her gunpoint.

Rahul handed him over to police and gave file to Authorities then called Armaan to give news.

“Ammy, I got file and gave it here where are you?” Rahul asked.

“Good job Bhai, mai Gupta Mansion k samne hu, Rohit just abhi abhi aaya hai, with some goons, we are going inside, call you later.” He said and disconnect the call.

“Ammy, ruk, sun to,,,,,” Rahul said but call was cut till then.

“shit,,,, Muski tujhe Gupta Mansion ka address pata hai?” he asked.

“yeah, Ridzi told me once, wait” she said and search in her cellphone. “yeah, here it is.” She showed him.

“thank God, he instantly rush towards his car followed by Muskaan.

Armaan and Riddhima enter inside through window and kill goons one by one without makng noise.

Since both were trained police officers, they did this work excellently without a making a sound.

Riddhima hold goons mouth while putting his hand backwards and Armaan hit them with his hands or twist their bone so that they become unconscious.

They were making goons unconscious one by one when only 3 were left and they were caught.

“Ohoo, Riddhima Gupta, I knew tum yaha jarur hogi, but ye naya insaan kaun hai, kise pakad liya tumne.” Rohit said while clapping.

Armaan was much furious while Riddhima again remember everything and look towards him with bloodshot eyes.

“that’s none of your buisness ” she said while glaring him.

“everything matters to me baby, tum kaise itni strong ban gai?” he said while trying to touch her face.

Which was enough to boil Armaan’s blood, he beat the goons while lifting himself up and ran towards Rohit Khanna “how dare you to touch her” he beat him badly but again get caught by one of his man.

“Ohoo,,,, kya baat hai, I just touched her aur tumne mere upar haath v utha diya, itna pyaar.” He mocked them and came towards Riddhma.

She hold her gun and pointed towards him, “bas Rohit Khanna bahut hua tmhara game, now its time to finish it.” She was standing infront of him keeping gun on his forehead.

While he slapped her hard, on the other side Armaan beat that single goon which was left and ran towards Riddhima.

Rahul and Muskaan reached Gupta Mansion and were shocked to see goons falling here and there. They informed police and ask them to reach fast while moving inside.

Rohit pointed the gun towards Riddhima and said “Bachane k liye aaya hai na wo tujhe, bahut pyar karta hai na wo tujhse, tujhe to marna hi padega tab use marte hue dekhunga.”
He was about to shoot Riddhima, she closed her eyes in fear of being shot but felt a push on herself and fall down. She open her eyes with the sound of bullet.

Rohit shot the gun which hit Armaan while Armaan shoot all bullets in Rohit's body due to which he died on the spot.

Riddhima saw Armaan falling with blood oozing out of his wound where bullet hit him, meanwhile Rahul and Muskaan also reached there and saw Armaan falling.

“ARMAAAAAAAAAAN” Riddhima, Rahul and Muskaan shouted simultaneously and rush towards him.

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