Saturday, 20 January 2018

part 3 : TO FEEL LOVED mini (ARss )

Arman strokes her hair as if he was familiar with her. He didn't know why, but it seems as if he had known her forever. She had this familiar feeling to him which brought forth warmth. He didn't care if people passing by would stare at them; he just wanted to hold her in his arms. After a few minutes of crying, ridzinally pulled away from him. Arman let her go and smiled at her. She stared at him and sighed.

"Sorry," she said, "I didn't mean to get you all wet."

"It's okay. So, why were you crying?" he asked her.

Rid looked up at him with the saddest eyes he had ever saw. She took a deep breath and answered him, "I…I…can't face them." He stared at her in confusion.

"What do you mean? Did something happen between you and them?" he asked.

"Sort of, it's a long story. rahul's brother was my fianc but he dead in an accident two years ago. After his funeral, I just disappeared from their lives. I couldn't face them, so I shut them off from my life as well. Two months ago, I receive their wedding invitation. I was debating if I should come or not, but at the end I decided to come because I thought that I was strong enough to face them. After meeting up with Atul, I know that I can't face them just yet and that this was a mistake," she explained to Arman. He faintly smiled at her and sighed.

"You know, going through something like this really hurt, but you have to face the truth. Even though I haven't been down this road before, I understand how you feel. Rahu; is my mutual friend and he set me up with one of his close friends' cousin and we have been together for a few years, but two years ago, she decided to end her relationship with me because she wanted to pursue her dream. I was just like you. I couldn't face Rahu for a while because I was afraid. But, after a few month of hiding myself, I learned how to let go and move on. Time does not wait for anyone and mourning won't do any good. You need to let go and just move on. Find comfort in those who are close the person you lost because only they can help you overcome this obstacle," he told her. She stared at him and smiled for the first time in a long time. It wasn't just any smile; it was her most genuine smile.

For some reason, this stranger had affected her. He had made her smile in a way that no one else could. She felt his pain and understood what he was telling her. It was as if fate wanted them to meet at this wedding. He helped her up and took a hold of her hand. She stared at him and he wiped her tears off from her cheeks.

"You won't look pretty anymore if you keep on crying," he said. He wiped off more tears with his fingers and grabbed on her hands. Together, they walked into the wedding hall, hand in hand. Before entering the chapel, he led her to the bathroom and helped her re-apply her makeup. He took the strand of hair that was covering her face, and put it behind her ears. For some weird reason, he leaned in and kissed her forehead.

"Are you ready to go in now? If not, I can stay here with you," he said. She took a deep breath and nodded her head.

"I'm ready," she said. She walked off ahead of him, but he grabbed her arm and stopped her.

"Let's go together. You'll be my date and I'll be yours," he said. She smiled at him and together they walked into the chapel, hand in hand. Atul & anji saw rid walking hand in hand with Arman and they smiled. They were glad that she had found comfort in Arman. They motioned for them to sit with them, as the ceremony was about to begin. ridztightened her grip on Arman's hand and he just squeezed her hand. He leaned in and whispered in her ear.

"You can do it. I'll be right here with you," he said. She nodded and they walked over to atul and anji  Ridhima  flashed them a weak smile, as she placed herself between Anji and Arman. Atul  nudged Arman and he smiled at her. He was about to say something to him, when his friends walked up to them.

"Arman, why didn't you tell us that you were attending rahul's wedding?" asked Jira, who was wearing a white suit.

Calvin, who was wearing a black tuxedo, smacked Jira's head and smiled at Aaron, "you don't need to mind him. So, can we join you guys?" They nodded and the three of them placed themselves next to Anji and Atul , who was wearing a blue tuxedo, just smiled at Aaron, as if he understood him.

As soon as it started, the ceremony ended. Everyone gathered outside of the wedding hall and wished the two couple a happy honeymoon. Rahul saw Rid and Arman and a smile appeared on his face. His plan of getting them together was working. He secretly patted his back as he saw them walking towards him.

"Congrats," said Arman, who was still holding Ridhmia'a hand

"Thanks," he said to Arman. Ridzi I'm glad that you can make it. I was debating if you'll come or not."

"Congratulations," she said, and then she turned and faced Muski  , "sorry for running out on you earlier today. I didn't mean too."

"It's okay. I understand how you feel. Rid, if you need anything just call us. We are all here for you; giving you our comfort. If you want to cry, we'll cry with you. Just give us a call and we'll be there," she said, as she pulls Ridhima in a hug

"Okay, I'll just do that," she said, "take care and have fun." Arman and ridzwaved as they got into the car and pull out of the wedding hall. rid took a deep breath and Arman squeezed her hand for comfort. After everyone was gone, Arman dropped ridzoff at her house and watched as she got in. he didn't know why, but he couldn't help but feel like he must protect her. When she had walked inside, he pulled out of her driveway. He was just a few blocks away from her house, when he decided to make a u-turn. He pulled up on her driveway and got out of his car. He walked to her door and knocked. Her maid opened the door and let him in.

"Who are you looking for?" she asked him. He had forgotten to ask for her name, so he had no clue how to answer her question.

"I'm looking for the girl that had just walked in," he answered her.

"You mean,  riddhima   ?" she asked him.

"I think that's her name," he answered her.

"If you're looking for ridhima   she's in her room. Do you want me to go and get her?" she asked.

"Um, no, I'll just leave her a note," he said. He asked her for a pen and paper. She left and returned with a pen and paper. He wrote a little note and handed it to her. He turned and left ridzi house.


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