Friday, 5 January 2018

Part 3:Kuch pal (mini ss)

3 weeks later, Armaan had put that call behind him well not really all he did was try to put it at the back of all his thoughts, their relationship hadn't changed much though Armaan had made himself a bit distant from everyone, if his thoughts were right everything he knew would change, his life would change. Riddhima on the other hand had no clue about the call, she tried being normal with him but she knew something was wrong he became so distant from everyone even Atul, all Armaan did was do his work and then go home something really was eating him from the inside.

Looking up from the nurse station he heard the doors open and in came the ambulance officers carrying a young child on the stroller; running in behind the officers was Riddhima, crying her eyes out. Armaan rushed over, 'nisha…' he said to himself, fright took over his body. "What are the stats?" he asked the officer, looking at the little body between him his heart nearly stopped beating; Riddhima held onto the girls hand, "low bp, she was unconscious at the crash site, has a pulse and maybe internal bleeding…" "ok…Sarah get the OR ready…  call radiology we are coming up we need to see any internal damage…" nodding the officers handed her over to the nurses who took her up to the lift.

"Riddhima… kya hua?" she was still in tears, shaking she didn't know what to do, "Nisha…" "Nisha?" he asked pretending as id he knew nothing, "m…meri beti…" he nodded and tears formed around his eyes but he made sure she didn't see it, "how did all of it happen?" the nurse near by handed her a tissue, wiping her tears away she swallowed, "Lisa…the nanny… they were coming back from a play date and…." Tears came rolling down her cheeks again, Armaan couldn't see her like this, "Riddhima you need to tell me so I can make sure she is okay…" " some stupid guys ran a red and crashed into the car…Lisa is still at the site Ambulance officers are trying to get her out… but Nisha…please Armaan make sure she is okay…" he nodded, "Sarah (nurse) please page Dr Atul, take Riddhima to the waiting room lets see how the little one is doing…" running over to the lift he closed his eyes to focus on what was happening here, she had to be okay…

Running over to where she was sitting, Anjali and Atul sat down beside a red-eyed puffy Riddhima, "kya hua Ridzi…" she looked over at Anjali with a frown on her face, "Nisha…ka accident… Armaan uske saath Radilogy main hain…" "ohhh Godd….chachi kaha hain?" "ma… who New York main hain…koi relatives se milne gayi hain…di…Nisha theek hogi na?" Atul took hold of her hand and gave her a reassuring look, "Armaan uske saath hain na…." "Atul kya tum please… yeh case handle kar sakte ho?" she said with all her might, she knew if Armaan found the truth out in any way he wouldn't be able to cope and after finding out the truth so many questions were going to arise.

"sorry Riddhima…" "par…" "nahin ridz… main ek cardiologist hoon… aur Armaan ek neurosurgeon hain if Nisha has any brain injuries he will be the only one to fix it…" "atul sahi keh raha hain ridzi…" she looked at her cousin; why? she asked God after everything why did her last bit of Happiness have to be taken from her? How come God always did wrong to good people.

Sitting down quietly all prayed for Nisha, no news had come to see how she was, but like they say 'no news is good news' right?

Riddhima lifted her eyes to see Armaan walking towards them, it had been and hour since they had brought her in, she was feeling so restless she needed to be with her, holding her hand tight saying everything was going to be fine, even if it was going to be a lie she wouldn't let her daughter go.

Standing up, Atul walked over to him worried; "kaise hain woh?" he knew Armaan didn't know about Nisha, but after last night when he asked Anjali what was wrong between Ridz and Him she told him everything he couldn't believe no one had told him anything but he knew It wasn't fair to Armaan or Nisha if he didn't know the truth.

 "she has bleeding internally but we have no idea from where and only a slight fracture to her head were taking her into the OR now… hopefully we can find where she is bleeding from before its to late…" he looked at Riddhima, with tears in his eyes he walked away; she looked at Anjali and cried hugging her cousin she felt bad, everything she had done was for Armaan, not for her own selfish reasons but for the one she loved.

"scalpel…" he said, in his blue scrubs and face mask he looked at the little body in front of his eyes, she still hadn't regained consciousness before  given the anaesthesia, "lets find where this bleed Is coming from…hows the heart rate?" "steady… we need to find the area where it is bleeding she is losing a lot of blood…" getting down to work they needed to make sure she was okay.

Pacing up and down the room, she would look at her watch every five minutes. 3 hours had passed and nothing, Armaan's face kept flashing in her mind; the look he had given to her when he had come down, she could see the pain, the hurt in his eyes. She was brought out of her thoughts when Atul came in holding 3 cups of coffee, handing one cup over to her she gave a faint smile; "any news?" he asked, shaking her head she went and stood beside the window sill looking out at the sky, the sun had just set over the horizon shades of red and orange filled the sky.

Taking his mask of he went to the scrub station and washed his hands, it was a  close call, we nearly lost her how would he say that to Riddhima? thank god nothing like that happened she had pulled through she was a fighter.

Putting her into a bed he check if everything was ok, seeing it was all good he made his way over to where everyone was waiting. Turning the handle he stepped in to see Riddhima's head on Anjali's shoulder and Atul speaking into the phone. "Armaan…" said Anjali hearing his name she sat up and walked over to him with that look in her eyes saying please tell me she is okay, he gave a faint smile and she started crying, not of sadness, but of relief silently she thanked God a thousand times for saving her life.

Giving the rest of the details to Atul, Armaan left wanting to clear his thoughts he walked out onto the terrace. Not knowing how many hours  he had been there but the sky had become pitch black now, stars filled the sky and the moon shone brightly over the city. He came out of his messed up thoughts when he saw her come out and stand near the railing, "sorry… I didn't know anyone was here…" turning to leave, she was stopped by his voice, "ruk jao… its alright you can stay…" she turned back around and walked over to the railing.

Awkward silence filled the air, it was broken when Armaan spoke up; fed up of all the secrets he needed to know everything.

"tumne mujhe bataya kyun nahin?" she didn't say anything, he came closer to her, "kya Nisha meri beti hain?" she looked at him and then turned away, "nahin…. Tumhari beti nahin hain…" "sach batao mujhe Riddhima…" his voice was getting louder and anger was boiling within him, "woh tumhari beti nahin hain Armaan…" closing her eyes, she took a deep breath, "mera paas inta bhi haq nahin hain ke tum mujhe bata sakti ho ke tumhari paas ek beti hain?" she said nothing, he took hold of her by the shoulders and held her tight, "theek hain… kiski beti hain woh Ridz?" tears were coming out of her eyes now, she turned to leave but was held back by Armaan taking hold of her wrist, "nahin Riddhima…" "Armaan… meri beti abhi kuch waqt pehle zindagi aur maut ke bheech thi…I need to be with her…" "nahin Riddhima today you're going to answer all my questions" he held tightly onto her wrist, she squirmed, "Armaan chodo mujhe…dard horaha hain…" "DARD?... tujhe pata hain ke tumhare jaane ke baad how hurt I was? You left without saying anything… not even a reason?" "Armaan sometimes in life things are best not said…" he loosened his grip and turned back to the railing, she gave a look at him and with tears in her eyes she ran back inside.

Holding tightly onto Nisha's hand she looked at her daughter lying helplessly in the bed, Lisa had been taken to another hospital hopefully she was alright; God never seemed to want to see happiness in Riddhima's life, because whenever she had happiness it was always taken away from her.

When you left,
You took a piece of me.
I constantly find myself
Down on bended knee.

I see you in my dreams
Every night and day,
I run to be in your loving arms
But you slowly walk away.

Why do you do this?
Why do you run?

I love you dearly,
And I wish you could see,
What in the world,
You're doing to me.

As she fell asleep beside her daughter when she opened her eyes, everything was dark checking her watch it was late; some how she had a feeling Armaan hadn't left she knew it, she knew he was still waiting.

Going up to the terrace she opened the door to see if he was there, in a corner he sat hugging his knees, she ran towards him and kneeled down beside him.

"Armaan…" he lifted his head and she saw his eyes puffy and red she felt guilt within her, she had broken his heart not only his but she had broken her own heart as well. "tum sahi the Armaan… tumhare paas haq hain ke main tumhe sach batado…I'm sorry Armaan…"


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