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"Armaan" Billy's voice echoed in the hall but getting no response he himself came there and frowned seeing no one.
He walked into the kitchen and saw his favourite ladies making laddoo. He smiled and took one but Ananya smacked his hand " Abhi rakhiye. ...pehle pooja hogi". He pouted and kept the laddoo back..."Waise Armaan kahan hai"

"Ye Armaan abhi tak so hi raha hai...ye ladka " Ananya hit her forehead ...
Seemed like Mr Malik was completing his Sunday nap ...in afternoon...

"Papa...mai utha deti hun...laddoo toh ban hi gaye " Shilpa smiled and washed her hands.
"Ok...you wake him up...I will come to your room only " Billy smiled and winked at Ananya.

"Shameless" Ananya hit him which made Billy laugh...

Like Father Like Son Wink

Shilpa entered the room and at once snatched the blanket from Armaan and next second shrieked "Gross Armaan...atleast wear something while sleeping"

"Hmm..." finally the Kumbhkaran opened his eyes and said "Kya hua"
"First get up " she glared and walked towards the wardrobe.

"Arre" Armaan frowned seeing something coming his way from Shilpa's side...

He caught the thing and smiled naughtily "I knew you liked my superman boxers"
"Shut up and wear this...why do you sleep naked...tujhe sharam nahi aati" she showed her eyes...

"Huh...kisse ...Tujhse?? ...naah...ratti bhar bhi nahi" he shamelessly showed his teeth

"Tu nahi sudhar sakta...khair...Papa aa rahe hain...thode der me toh"

"Oh shoot...pehle batana tha na..." he threw the blanket away and immediately wore his boxers and got up to dress up.

He dressed up in a hurry. ...Shilpa was about to say something when Billy knocked the door and entered the room.

"Kya haal hai bhai...neend nahi puri ho rahi aaj kal aap ki " Billy said naughtily
"Dad...aise mazak aap ko shobha nahi dete" Armaan scowled making fun of Billy's age...

"Huh...budha hoga tu...mai abhi bhi jawan hun...kyun beta" Billy asked his daughter who smiled in affirmation.

Billy finally talked about the thing he came for and got up to go ...He reached the door but then turned with a teasing grin
"Agli baar jaldi jaldi me t shirt ulti mat pehen lena" saying this Billy winked and shut the door.

"Mil gaya inhe kuch zindagi bhar tease karne k liye" Armaan shook his head

"Chalo ab to aadat chhutegi...nange punge ho kar ghumne ki" Shilpa sighed

"Ab ek bar accident hone se insaan gadi thode hi chalana chod deta hai...bas extra careful ho jana padta hai " he hugged her from behind and kissed her cheek tight.
"Khana bana hai...don't eat my cheeks" she cupped her cheeks protecting them from the eyes of her husband.
"Jaise tu bach hi jayegi" he laughed evilly and bit her cheek.


"Armaan-Shilpa. ...aaj Padma aur Shashank bhaisahab aane wale hain khane par" Ananya broke the news making Shilpa happy

"Armaan remote pass kar na" Shilpa sat on the bed asking for the remote.
"Remote pass kariye" Armaan corrected her in a teasing voice..."Mamma k samne mujhe aise bulaya na..toh..u know better"

"Zyada smart na baniyo mamma k samne" she warned pointing her finger.
"Dekhte hain" he winked


In the evening. ...
Armaan-Shilpa came down hearing Padma's voice
"Mamma" Shilpa hugged her while Armaan came forward to touch Shashank's feet.

After sometime. ..the two families were engaged in an intimate conversation.

"Mamma hum next month trip par ja rahe hain Jammu" Shilpa informed about their trip cum honeymoon which they are going to take next month.
She then went to kitchen to bring the special dish she had prepared..

"Waah...kisne sikhaya" Padma praised

"Mamma ne " she pointed towards Ananya making her smile.

"Armaan...tum " she was saying something when "Ahhmm " Padma cleared her throat ...and her sweet daughter understood what she was trying to say
"Armaan aap bhi lijiye na" she corrected her sentence making Ananya shake her head...she very well knew how conservative Padma is in these things but didn't say anything.

And Armaan didn't leave the opportunity to involve Shilpa in a conversation with himself ...because it was fun to listen Shilpa addressing him "Aap " everytime .
"Le le maza beta...raat ko meri baari" Shilpa warned through her eyes but it didn't have any effect on her husband.

"Aur Armaan ..Shilpa ke liye agle week badhiya sa gift ka soch lena" Ananya smiled

"Kyu...bachi ka janmdin toh December me aata hai" Armaan laughed

"Agle week Karwachaut hai...aur usne kaha hai wo tere liye fast rakhegi "
Hearing this Armaan spitted out the water he was drinking.

"Kya hua" Padma started rubbing his back..
"Kuch nahi"


"Seriously tu mere liye fast karegi...gajab" Armaan patted Shilpa's shoulder. ...

"Tujhse bada pyaar hai mujhe varna kisi aur k liye toh badaam bhi na chodu" Shilpa pouted declaring openly how much she loves him
He smiled "Oye...koi fast wast karne ki zarurat nahi hai...mai tera pichha waise bhi jaldi nahi chhodne wala...fikr na kar"

"Mujhe karna hai..mai karungi...aur tune roka toh tujhe maar dungi" she showed her fist

"Phir mere marne k baad vrat rakhegi?" he scoffed

"Haan...tu swarg me jaye uske liye...kyuki karam toh sare tune Narak wale kar rakhe hain " she peeved making him laugh.


Next week...

A distant relative of the Malik clan came to the house for 3 days. She was some bua who used to find out faults in every thing.

On Karwachaut day...

When Shilpa was keeping the pooja thaali...by mistake her hand hit the glass in which some oil was kept ...and then the jaljala came

"Hey Bhagwaan apshakun kar diya ladki ne " that bua started screaming bringing everyone in the hall...

"Bua ji galti se ho gaya" Shilpa said in a soft tone apologising for her fault.

"Galti se kaise ho gaya...dhyan idhar tha hi nahi tumhara" She scolded her in a loud tone...

"Bua ji usne kaha na usse galti se ho gaya " Armaan defended Shilpa in a soft tone

But no...the stubborn lady was going on and on when a loud roar echoed in the hall
"Armaan...shaant " Ananya tried to stop him but Billy asked her to leave him through his eyes. He knew this was needed. ...

"Kya aap tab se apshakun apshakun kiye ja rahin hain...apshakun toh aapke aate hi shuru ho gaya tha...jis insaan k muh se kabhi kuch acha nahi nikalta...usse hi sabse bada apshakun hota hai " Armaan blasted...

"Is ladki ne tumhara dimaag bhrasht kar diya hai"

"BIWI hai meri ...izzat se baat kariye ..." He peeved making her shut up at once.
"Aur agar aap ko itni takleef ho rahi hai is ghar me toh...raat ki flight hai..." but he was cut short...
"Aisa nahi hai beta...mai toh bas...keh rahi thi bahu se ki..." the aunt blabbered something but at the end pretended she was all happy.

"Huh...apne ghar me lale pade hain ...aur yahan aa kar " he murmured walking towards his room.

After the tamasha ended ...

They were all the terrace for completing the rituals...

Shilpa did Armaan's aarti and saw his face through the sieve...

He smiled and made her drink the water but was surprised when she also offered him the sweet "kha le nahi toh sach me mar jayega"

"Not bad haan Mrs Malik" he ate the sweet and drank water from her glass.

"Chal ho gaya" Shilpa sighed

"Abhi kahan...mere paaon kaun chhuega" he lifted his eyebrows teasing her..

"Tu khud" she smacked on his back making him bend towards his own feet.
"Jeeta reh" she giggled and ran away.


After finishing all the chores ...Shilpa entered their room and found Armaan standing in the balcony all changed. His back was facing her.

She made her way towards the washroom and came out all changed .

Armaan smiled feeling a kiss on his back ..."Ahhan bada pyaar aa raha hai"

"I love you...I love you so much" she hugged him from back resting her hands on his chest.
"And I am sorry ...meri wajah se aaj..." but the dear husband didn't let her complete..."Bhul ja us baat ko...sorry kisi ko bolna chahiye to unhe"

He kissed her hands "Chal ab senti mat kar..." and hugged her.

"Waise there is a saying...Actions speak louder than words... toh...apna pyaar action se dikha do" He winked ...making Shilpa smile seductively. ..."aaj toh reward milna banta hai"

He picked her up in his arms and made her lie down on the bed...
"Kaha ja rahe ho"
"Darwaza band karne...told you need to be extra careful"

Pulling his shirt out he hovered on her kissing the hell out of her..."Mera vrat toota"

He pulled down the straps and started placing wet kisses on her shoulder making her heave in pleasure " Armaan"
She hissed feeling love bites on her upper chest...

Covering themselves with the blanket ...he undressed her completely and caressed her bare body...
"Armaan" she moaned feeling him getting all aggressive ...he moulded her curves making her sigh in pleasure...she fisted his hair making him hiss this time.
He clasped her hands with his finally making her his..once again.

The two lovers were busy exploring each other for the umpteenth time...with all the love they had for each other.

"Love you" he kissed her forehead breathing heavingly...
She kissed his jaw lovingly reciprocating in silence that...he is her husband. ..her best friend. ...her everything.

Natalya Bedi

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