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part 4 : Change Of Heart

They rush towards Armaan, Riddhima was crying vigorously and shaking him up “Armaan, Armaan plz get up Armaan, see Rohit is dead Armaan plz utho na” she was crying which make Rahul and Muskaan cry.

“Ridzi, shuhh,,,,, relax, let us rush towards hospital first.” Muskaan said holding Riddhima while Rahul took Armaan towards his car.

Police was taking goons body and Rohit’s body in charge.

In hospital,

Doctors were running here and there to save Armaan as it was a government order. Moreover they were having problem as Armaan lost much blood. Riddhima was standing near the window of hospital looking towards lifeless body of Armaan with lots of wire, her eyes were continuously shedding tears.

Rahul and Muskaan was also moving here and there, meeting doctors. Rahul don’t have courage to loose his best buddy, his brother as he was still not recovered by his dad’s death.

“Ridzi” Rahul kept his hand on Riddhima’s head.
She turn towards him and hugged him “Bhai, Armaan, plz use bolo na wo uth jaye, I can’t see him like this.” She was crying while Muskaan sooth her, she hugged her also.

Rahul said “he will have to wake up Ridzi, don’t worry, mai use kuch nhi hone dunga, mera bhai mere sath rahega, tumhare sath rahega, he loves you, he’ll have to recover for us hmm,” and she nodded.

Armaan was shifted in operation theatre, while Riddhima was standing infront of it, praying inside to save his Armaan. Operation went almost four hours as it was quite difficult to remove bullet from his body and stop blood.

After two hours, doctors came out.

They rush towards the doctor “Doc, how’s Armaan now?” Rahul ask.

“Operation was successful, we will shift him in private room after sometime” Doctor said and they took relief.

Muskaan hugged Riddhima as she was crying till now “Ridzi he’s fine now hmm,,,, relax” and she nodded.

In Doctor’s cabin,

“See Mr.Rahul, it was really very critical case, we were not sure about this but surely some special power gave us way to success. He will be fine but as you now, he lost much blood coz bullet shot him very close to his heart, just keep him away from any risk, he need complete rest for few days.” Doctor said to which Rahul agreed instantaneously.

“Doctor, could we take him home?” Riddhima asked for the first time.

“yeah sure but not today, we will keep him under observation for 24 hours, you may take him home tomorrow.” He said.

“Thanku doctor” she whisper.

After that doctor gave them advice how to handle his wound with care and left his cabin for another operation.

“C’mon Ridzi, ab aansu nhi dekhna hai mujhe, Armaan is fine okay, and he will be coz now you are also here for him.” Rahul said to which she didn’t replied and bend her head down.

Armaan was shifted in private room and they left to meet him, he was still unconscious. Riddhima was standing at the door and remember the moment when Armaan took the bullet saving her, she remember his words “Mai tumhe kuch nhi hone dunga Riddhima” and become very emotional.

Rahul slowly put his hand on his head and rubbed it gently “Get well soon buddy, jaldi se theek hoja ab, hame bahut se kaam karne hain and you know na, I can’t do anything until you stand by me” and wipe his tears off being high on emotional he left the room so that his tears remain unseen.

But Muskaan rush behind him, she knew very well how much they love each other.

Riddhima move towards Armaan step by step with racing heartbeat, she stood beside his bed and look towards unconscious Armaan, she was crying inside, blaming herself for his condition, she was cursing herself badly as she put his life in trouble just to fulfill her revenge.

Her mind was not allowing her to stand beside him as she was responsible for every single thing. But her heart was dying to hug him, to take away his every pain, she was crying inside.

She slowly hold his hand and care his forehead with all the love she carry for him. Armaan feels some sensation inside him and open his eyes slowly only to see the face for which he fought this battle with death. He wanted his life just to be with Riddhima and his family.

Riddhima was crying bending her head down on bed while he smile as she was worried for him, really means they were sharing the same feeling.

“Ri,,,,Riddhima” he utter in a weak voice while she jerk up instantly and look towards him.

“Ar,,,Armaan, you wake up? Thank God Armaan you are fine now.” She smile in tears and kissed his hand.

“Mujhe kya hoga?” he asked being innocent.

“Ya right, tumhe kuch nhi hoga but tum hamari jaan jarur nikal doge aise karke, kya jarurat thi tumhe us bullet k samne aane ki, why you did this? Tumhe koi parwah nhi hai apne jaan ki ha” she was hell angry.

“Apni jaan ko hi to bacha raha tha” he said slowly but cutely which made Riddhima shut her mouth.

Rahul and Muskaan came and become happy as Armaan gained conscious, he hugged him atonce and get peace as his brother was fine now.

“Ammy, you scared us badly” Muskaan said patting his cheeks and he smile.

“Sorryyyyy” he said showing his dimples.

“Chalo maaf kiya but first and last time ok” she said with a attitude “Tujhe pata hai Ridzi kitna darr gai thi, being in this profession itna senti hote hue maine kabhi nhi dekha use”

“Really?” he asked looking towards Riddhima while she was standing bending her head down busy in her own thoughts.

“Ha, but abhi tujhe aaram karna hai ok, so you take rest, we will come after sometime” Rahul said “And Doctor ne tujhe jyada bolne se mana kiya hai”

“Ok Bhai” he said.

They left while Riddhima was still lost in her thoughts.

“Riddhima” Armaan called her.

“un?” she said coming out of her thinking zone.

“Come here” he said forwarding his hand towards.

She came towards him holding his hand and sit beside him, he lift himself a little bit up and care her face while she close her eyes feeling his touch, her eyes again become moist but she control herself.

“Ab to tumhara revenge pura hogaya na, now you’ll listen whatever I wanna say and you’ll say everything whatever you think about me, hai na?” he asked looking into her eyes.

She was sitting being puzzled and tried to avoid his question “Ar,,, Armaan, I think abhi tumhe aaraam karna chahiye, Doctor ne mana kiya hai hmm, baatein to ham baad me v kar sakte hain” she said making him frown.

“Don’t tell me tum mujhse baat nhi karna chahti is time” he said pouting.

“Armaan, kal ham ghar chal rahe hain na, fir baat kar lena, abhi tum aaram karo” she said and he closed his eyes and slept without saying anything.

Riddhima left the hospital when Rahul came during night. She was crying whole night being terrified of her own thoughts.

Next day Rahul bring Armaan at BGM where Riddhima and Muskaan were waiting for them.

He took him to a room where everything was arranged nicely, according to his choice. Rahul kept medicines on side table and help him to lie down, Armaan was feeling much better when he saw Riddhima.

Rahul don’t wanna inform his family otherwise they will rush to Bangkok without thinking anything. Meanwhile he got a call from India, it was commissioner he asked Rahul to come back immediately as those proofs were needed there with either of them, since Armaan was unable to travel he’ll have to go.

Rahul was worried that Riddhima will have to handle all these alone coz Muskaan will also leave with him.

“Kya hua bhai?” Riddhima asked him.

“Kuch nhi Ridzi, bas aise hi” he said.

“c’mon bhai aap atleast mujhse to jhoot nhi bol sakte” she said keeping her hands on her hips.

“Ohoooo,, fine listen,,,,,,,,” Rahul told her everything.

“Bhai, apko lagta hai ki mai Armaan ka khyal nhi rakh sakti hu?” Riddhima asked.

“nhi bachha, I know you’ll handle him perfectly but tumhare upar bahut burden badh jayega” Rahul said.

“Koi burden nhi, aur fir beejie v to hain yaha, and ek secret batau I’m a superwoman, so don’t worry” she said giggling.

“I wish tumhari ye muskurahat hamesha aisi hi rahe” Rahul said keeping his hand on her head.

“thanku bhai”

After that Rahul and Muskaan left next day at night spending quality time with Armaan Riddhima and explaining them everything.

Next morning, Armaan was lying in his room when beejie came with his coffee. He was expecting Riddhima at that time but smile weakly when bejie came.

“Good morning beta, kaisa feel ho raha hai ab?” beejie asked with love.

“Good morning beejie, much better” he smile and took his coffee.

“Ye apki beti kaha gayab ho gai hai kal raat se?” Armaan asked her.

“beta wo use call aaya tha, sab police officers ki statement chahiye thi isliye wo jaldi chali gai” beejie said.

“kamaal hai, mujhse mili v nhi” he was thinking about her while sipping his coffee.

Riddhima spend whole day out, avoid returning home but take care of Armaan in every way. She called beejie for his medicines and even told her what to give him and what not.

She came back very late and went towards Armaan’s room slowly without making any noise.

Armaan was sleeping due to effect of medicine in sitting position taking support of bed crown may be he slept waiting for Riddhima. She went towards him, her eyes were filled with tears looking towards him, he was laying uncomfortably holding his phone. She slowly take away his phone and saw her pic on display and a visible tear line on his face broke her heart in million of parts.

She make him sleep comfortably, cover him with blanket and kissed his forehead.

“I’m sorry Armaan” she whisper slowly with moist eyes and turn to leave as she was getting weak infront of him.

She turn to leave the room but stood shocked feeling a tug on her dress. She turn behind assuming Armaan might got up due to her touch but he was sleeping soundly and her dress got struck in bedpost. She remove it and left the room wiping her tears.

Next day, she left early before Armaan could wake up, she didn’t even receive his phone calls. She just advice beejie what to do, she was like invisible for Armaan while Armaan was wondering what’s going on.

During night, when beejie came to give him medicine, he didn’t took it not even eat his food.

Beejie understand his condition and didn’t ask anything, she just informed Riddhima.

She came running at home and directly went into his room. He was standing near window, she make him turn towards herself “What’s going on Armaan? Why you are avoiding your food and medicine?” she asked straightly.

“there are many things which are supposed to be much more important than food and medicine, anyways I also have the same question why you are avoiding me?” Armaan asked holding her hands.

“I’m not, I just,,,,”before she complete her sentence Armaan hold her hand and drag her close to himself by putting her hands on her back.

“Don’t you dare to lie Riddhima” he said with burning eyes.

“I’m not Armaan” she said with moist eyes which make him calm down his anger, he left her hand.

She tries to go but he again hold her by shoulder and push her on nearby wall standing infront of her keeping his both hands on either side of her staring her closely. He got her glimpse after whole 2 days and it seems like ages for him. His eyes were filled with lots of questions but Riddhima don’t have any answer.

“Why Riddhima?” he asked with moist eyes tearing her heart.

“First have your food” she said composing herself.

She hold her hand and bring him near bed, she made him sit on bed and feed with her hands, she gave him medicines and apply lotion on his wound then look towards him, he was staring her continuously without saying any word, her expressions and her act shows her love as if he belongs only to her but what was bothering her, why she was avoiding him?

His eyes were becoming sleepy due to effect of medicine but he was still holding her hands as if he will leave her hand then she will vanish like previous days.

“why Riddhima, just tell me na baby what is bothering you? You are not only hurting me but yourself too? I’m worried for you coz you are suffering with me. Ek baar bol do kya baat hai?” he said slowly with his husky tone making her weak again.

But she control herself “you really think Armaan mujhe koi cheej itni bother karegi ? batane k liye koi baat honi chahiye, so don’t think about me, concentrate on yourself.” She said and stood up leaving him behind.

After sometime, she again came back to his room when he was fully slept, she cover him and came towards him, he was blabbering something in sleep, she tried to listen “I really Lo,,,, Love you Riddhima, why y,,,,,,you are doing this, don’t go away,,,,, plzz,, it hurts,,,,,, it re,,,,really hurts more than that b,,,,, bullet, it’s killing me.”

She stood up being shocked and wipe hers tears, switch off the lights and went into her room.


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