Saturday, 6 January 2018

Part 4 :Kuch pal (mini ss)

She looked at him, the colour on his face was drained she took a deep breath and closed her eyes. "my life… our life turned upside down on that day of our 3 month anniversary, we had just met each other on the terrace…"


Armaan led her to the terrace, she was pulled out of the corridor while going on the rounds, "Armaan… kya kar rahi ho…" "shhh…." "par…" "shhh…." He stopped and let go of her hand, he smiled and ran his hand through her hair gently caressing her cheek, "yaad hain na aaj kya hain?" he said, pretending as if she didn't know she lied "aaj? Aaj kya hain? Kuch khaas hain kya?" she said putting on a confused look, "nahin.. kuch nahin hain…" he said turning his back to her and walking over near the edge, she walked over towards him and hugged him from the back, "happy anniversary…" she said hugging him tightly, he turned around with a smile, "yaad hain tujhe?" "how can I forget? These have been the best three months of my life…" he smiled and made her face the other way, "aankhe band karo…" she did as she was told to, taking out a silver heart shaped necklace he put it around her neck, feeling something cold she opened her eyes to see the beautiful necklace, in little diamonds said AR on the middle of the necklace she turned shocked looking at him with tears in her eyes, she was so lucky to have him, "pasand aya?" "bahut khoobsurat hain Armaan… par maine toh…" putting his finger on her lips she became quiet, "tum hi meri gift ho… you're my life…" " I love you Armaan…" she said hugging him, "I love you too…"

As they stood their in each others arms they were brought back to the reality when Riddhima's pager rang, "what a way to ruin a perfect moment" she laughed giving him a quick peck on the cheek she left to go to her patients, he ruffled his hair and smiled turning back to the view over Mumbai, unaware of someone watching them from the other side of the terrace the guy shook his head, 'I'll have to do something about this…' he said to himself.


"I still have that day crystal clear in my mind, as if it only happened yesterday…" he looked at her with a look saying please-can-we-continue?? "sorry…" to himself he thought that you're not the only one who can not forget that day Riddhima, he looked at her waiting to continue, "my rounds had finished and I was on my way to the canteen to meet all of you…"


Her pager vibrated against her coat pocket, taking out she saw the message from Dr Malik saying to come to his office, wondering why he needed her now she shrugged her shoulders and went towards his office.

"Sir… aapne bulaya…" looking up from the desk Armaan's dad told her to sit down doing as she was told she sat nervously playing with her fingers, " I want to talk about something…." "anything sir…" standing up he walked over towards her, "tumhare aur Armaan ke bare main…" her eyes opened wide, stopping herself from opening her mouth in shock she looked at him, "don't be so shocked… I know everything…" she was confused, no one knew about them; " I saw both of you on the terrace today…." He continued knowing she had nothing to say, "you know something I always thought Armaan had better taste" that last remark made her look up, "better taste?" she said bitterly, "yes well… we have a status I never thought he would fall in love with low middle class girl… what's so special?" "excuse me sir… but I don't think its your place to decide who Armaan should like and not…" "well I want the best for him and I know that you wont be able to give him what he needs… we Malik's have a status…" tears were forming in her eyes, not believing what he was saying she took a deep  breath and just looked at him, "what do you want…." "that's very simple Dr Riddhima… you know that working in this hospital is his dream… and you know what I want as well…." "sorry?" "I never thought you were this dumb Riddhima… I want you out of Armaan's life and if not… I have the power to make Armaan lose his everything…. Starting from this Job! In fact I can make sure that any hospital in this country will no give Armaan a job…" what was she going to do now, she knew Armaan wanted to become the best neurosurgeon and Sanjeevani was the best hospital in all of India and the only place he could achieve his dream, "think about it Riddhima… you have until tomorrow…" with tears in her eyes she stood up and walked out the room.


Shocked filled his mind, DAD! He did all of this "dad…" he let out a little whimper, "I'm sorry Armaan…" "why should you be sorry Riddhima? its me who should be apologising…" "how did it not realise that night…."


"tum itni chup kyun ho? Food's not good?" he said looking at her empty plate which she had been playing around with for the past 15 minutes, "Ridz!" looking up she looked at him apologetically, "sorry…" "where's your mind lost?" "no where…" "come with me…" holding his hand out he waited for her to take hold, as he led her to the couch they sat down and he pulled her to his chest, "Armaan koi dekhlega…" she said imagining Dr Malik walking through the door any second, "dad kaam par hain… aur mum has gone to Delhi for the week… no one will come…" she sat back in his arms and as they talked he openly flirted with her making her blush every time but he knew her mind wasn't in the right place, "I have everything a man can ask for my dream job and a beautiful lady by my side…." She looked at him, 'dream job' Dr Mailk's threat kept running in her head, 'I have the power to make Armaan lose his everything….' It kept replaying over and over again, "Riddhima…" she looked at him, "I love you Armaan…" "I love you to…" "Armaan  mujhe jana hoga… main bahut thaki hui hoon…" getting up she collected her stuff as much as Armaan told her to stay she refused.

Going home she didn't sleep that whole night… what to do ran through her mind she would walk up and down her room thinking what to do, ending up crying she hugged her near holding that necklace in her hand she had made her decision.


"and the next day you left, just a letter saying we got to go our own ways you have no idea how much that broke me; dad had this sudden urge to get me hooked with some girl every day introducing me with someone else… all of this because he thought you were not good enough for me?..." "Armaan…" "no Riddhima… how would he know what's good for me and what's not? He was never there when I was growing up he was just doing it for his selfish reasons… just to show the whole world…." Holding his hand she once again apologised, "I'm sorry… I did this for you…" "I said before I'm the one who should be apologising… par ridz tumne mujhe pehle kyun nahin bataya?... wouldn't I understand? Wouldn't WE find a way to fix it?" he said emphasising the WE, "Armaan at that time I don't know what I was doing, but all I could think about was you…" "pata hain ridz… par itne saalo judai.. only both of us know how much it hurt…" she looked at him with tears in her eyes, "Nisha?" he asked questioningly, taking a deep breath she sat down properly and held onto his hand, "a week after I left I found out I was pregnant… I had fainted in the house and mum found me… taking me to the doc's we found out I was pregnant…" "phir bhi tum chaligaye?" "Armaan if uncle found out then? Everything would be finished and I didn't want that to happen… that day while coming back from the doc's I saw you and my heart broke… I didn't have the courage in my self to keep me away… I had to get away and then we came here… di and Atul have helped me through thick and thin… they are the ones that helped me build the life I have here…" "use pata hain?" he said wiping the tears that had fallen, "nahin… poochte hain… whenever she see's her friends dad's… but I don't know how to explain it Armaan she's to young to understand…" "you wont have to explain anything now ridz… chalo…" he stood up and put his hand out, pulling her up he got his keys and led her to the car.

The moon provided light on the road, no lights they were in the middle of no where, "Armaan it's the middle of the night… where are we?" "mujhe pe bharosa nahin hain?" "kaise sawaal, apne aap se zyaada hain… lekin bahut raat ho chuki hain… aur Nisha bhi…" she was cut of with the touch of armaan's hand on her lap, "this is for all of us ridz…" she looked at him and gave up there was no way getting out of this, but she kept glancing at her watch praying to God that Nisha didn't wake up when they weren't there.

After another hour or so driving he stopped in a deserted dirt car park, getting out he opened the door for ridz and both walked towards the entrance, stopping in her tracks she saw a huge white mandir at the top of the stairs where lights, taking their shoes off they walked up the stairs.

Ringing the bell she closed her eyes and prayed in front of Ganpati baba, he admired her beauty, thanking God silently for bringing her back to him.

"Riddhima?" she opened her eyes and looked at him, turning her shoulders to face him she looked at him questioningly,

He looked at her she was everything he had ever imagined and much more…what a fool he had been to have ever been apart from her… No Armaan  no matter what this evening you will make her mine.

 "Riddhima..I er…" taking a deep breath to compose himself. He looked at her questioning eyes and could see the hurt he had caused her but now he need to make things right as he moved forward and took her hand.

"In the past year I have just coped in my life…and I don't want to live my life just coping any more…Being a part from you I have realised that I was just simply breathing…I don't know if you understand what I mean but …" Feeling his emotions now taking over he sighed looking deep into her eyes as he saw nothing but his love.

"I don't want to breath anymore if its not without you….each pal of my life I want to share with you…I want to surrender myself into your love and I want to see my dream of a life with you… Will You Riddhima Gupta take this silly fool as you're husband!"

He looked at the tears brimming in her eyes as she lowered them…. "yes!" she whispered… feeling her in his embrace he kissed her…overwhelmed by his passion she closed her eyes …. As he released her he looked at her …still with her eyes closed wish he could capture this single moment for the reset of his life forever… out of her front pocket out she took a silver chain the exact one he had gifted her many years back, he smiled taking it from her hand he made her turn around and as he tied it around her neck he could feel her smiling.

As the sun's rays started to peep over the horizon both of them looked at each other, "Armaan abh jana hoga… before Nisha wakes up…." He nodded and as they sat in the car the late night radio show had played a last song, and as the words were sung both smiled agreeing to the lyrics…


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