Sunday, 21 January 2018

part 4 : TO FEEL LOVED mini (ARss )

He repeated her name in his head. 'Ridhima , Ridhima .  ' He felt like he had heard that name before, but he didn't' remember where he heard hear name, when it suddenly hit her. She had told him that her fianc was Rahuls brother. So, that means that he had heard her name from Raj  . He gasped at his new discovery. She was Raj 's fiance. She was the girl that he was supposed to meet, but since she was busy with exams, he never got a chance to meet her. When he got home, he went straight to his room and jumped onto his bed and fell asleep.

Rid walked outside to her balcony and stared at the sky. She let out a sigh and smiled. "Raj, I love you." She would always say those words to him, in hope that he will hear her words. She took one last look at the brightest star and went back inside for bed.

On Monday, ridhima got up extra early and got ready for work. She had on her work clothes and her hair pulled up into a ponytail. She took one last look before heading out of her room. She went downstairs and joined her parent for breakfast. She sat opposite them and ate her breakfast in silence, as her parents talked about the business. She wasn't in the mood to talk about the business with them, so she just sat there and listened to them. After she was done eating, she got up and walked out the door. As she was about to leave, she saw a note on the mantel by to door. It had her name written on it. She took it and walked out the door. She got into her car and unfolded the note. She read the note to herself.

'Ridhima, thank you for accompanying me at the wedding. I know that it was hard for you and I just want to congratulate you for a job well done. You were brave enough to face his family. Good luck in the near future. I'll see you soon. -Armaan-'

She started her car and pull out of her driveway. She parked her car in the car park and walked into the company. As she was walking past the reception desk, the receptionist stopped her.

"Ridhima, you have a delivery," she said.Ridz walked over to her desk and took the box from the receptionist. She didn't recognize the sender. When she got to her office, she placed the box down and started on her work.

"Ridhima, did you forget? Today, you are interviewing people for the assistant Planning manger," her co worker, told her.

"Shoot, thanks, I totally forgot," she said. She got up and grabbed the files that were on her desk and walked to the interview room. She sat down and waited for her grandfather and cousin to arrive. Soon enough, the interview started. After interviewing thirty applicants, it was time to make a choice. They talked about the applicants and reviewed their resumes. Among thirty applicants, only one will be hired. When they had come up with the one they wanted, they called in everyone one by one to tell them of the news.

"Mr. Calvin Shaw , welcome to GORE Incorporated. You will start tomorrow. I'm a please to have you to be my assistant. I will have Mary, show you around the company," she said with a smile. Mary came in the interview room and greeted Calvin. Ridzi  watched as they left the room. She looked back down on the resume that was on her desk. She looked closely and recognizes the person. She had seen him at the wedding. She couldn't quite remember his name, but she knew that she had seen him with Armaan. She shook her head and left the interview room. She got back to her office and saw the box on her desk. She sighed and opened the box. She took out the snow globe that was inside it and placed it on her desk. She picked up the note and read it to herself.

'Ridz this gift is from us. We are happy to hear and see that you are doing better. Bless You. Sign, Mr. and Mrs. Grewal

Ridzi  smiled and put the card next to her globe. She sat down and busied herself with the many documents that she was supposed to read and look over. She had called Muski and  Anji  and asked them out on a date. She had missed these times and she only asked them because she was in a good mood. They planned to meet up after work at their favorite restaurant.Ridhima  hadn't been there for two long years.

She was waiting for them at a reserved table for three. She looked at her watch and was becoming nervous. It was almost time for their date, and no of them had arrived yet. She took another sip of her water and closed her eyes. A few minutes had past and her friends weren't there yet. She sighed and took another sip of her water. At seven, her friends were still not there yet and she was getting very annoyed. She fished out her phone and tried calling them, but no one had picked up their phones. She took a deep breath. She waited for another thirty minutes and left the restaurant. She was walking to her car park when she had a flash back of what happened between her and Raj . Tears rolled down her cheeks as she thought of their fight that night.

She got into her car and closed her eyes for a few minutes, before driving off. Instead of going home, she went to the local music shop. One of Raj's friends works there and in the stock room there was a piano. Ridzi had come to know of that place because of Raji. He would always bring her there when she was in a bad mood or after an exam. He would play her a few songs on the piano and she would play a few songs for him. Sometimes, they would play a duet together. She, too, haven't been there since Raj death. She walked in and the doorbell rang.

His friend walked out from the storage room and saw Ridzi standing at the door. She smiled at him and walked towards him. He smiled at her and hugged her. It had been way too long since she had last seen her.

"What are you doing here?" he asked her.

"Can I play with the piano?" she asked him. He nodded and led her to the back room where the piano was. She sat down and lifts up the cover. She placed her fingers on the keys and closed her eyes. She was hesitant for awhile. She didn't know what song to play. It had been forever since she last touched a piano. She took a deep breath and played 'Ice Pound.' It was Raj  favorite song.

Armaan  had walked into the local music shop and heard someone playing the piano. He had been there for so many times and never knew that there was a piano inside the store. He stood at the door shocked. He had heard that song before. She had played that song for him. She dedicated that song to him. He froze in his spot. Just then, his friend came out of the storage room and saw him standing there. He walked towards Armaan  and shook him. Armaan  snapped out of his daze and smiled at his friend.

"What are you doing here at his hour?" he asked Armaan .

"I was bored at home, so I came here to listen to some of your new songs. Who's playing the piano?" he asked.

"Miss Ridhmia ," he answered Armaan .

"You mean, Raj's fiance?" he asked.

"Yea, how did you know her?"

"I met her at Rahul's wedding. She was crying because she couldn't face his parents. Anyways, why didn't you attend his wedding? Jiro, Calvin showed up."

"I wanted too, but I was out of town for another wedding. How was it?"

"It was awesome. By the way, , when did you buy a piano?"

"I didn't. Raj  did, but he didn't want to bring it home, so he brought it here. He always come with her and plays her a song whenever she's in a bad mood or after an exam. They were so good together. Want to hear their duets?"

"Sure, I mean, she's wonderful. And that song…it's so beautiful."

"That's RAj'sfavorite song."


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