Thursday, 25 January 2018

part 5 : Change Of Heart

Riddhima went into her room and fall on bed, she was crying miserably whole night.

Next day when she tried to leave early she got Rahul’s call, he was quite doubtful towards them as Armaan also sound low, same with Riddhima.

“What happen Riddhima? All well na?” he asked.

“Ya Bhai, all well, I need to rush so can I call you back later on” she said to which he complies.

She disconnect the call and left informing beejie.

Armaan was watching her from a distance. He knew something was bothering her but what? He will have to find anyhow. He went in his room and start pacing around here and there, he was in deep thought.

“Mere se koi aisi baat hui nhi thi? Even Muski also said that Riddhima was worried for me when I got shot. Then kya ho gaya ki Riddhima aise behave kar rahi hai?” he was murmuring to himself when beejie came.

“Armaan beta have your breakfast, apko dawa v leni hai” beejie said keeping plate on table.

“Ji beejie” he had his breakfast silently and beejie was observing him lost in thoughts.

“beta ab apki tabiyat kaisi hai?”

“ab to kafi theek hai beejie, all thanks to you, apne bahut khyal rakha mera.” Armaan said.

“bachhe thanku nhi bolte”

“beta manti hain na? to ek baat puchu?” he asked.


“Kya Riddhima ko koi aur problem hai, kya koi baat hai jo use pareshan kar rahi hai?” he asked.

But beejie remains muted.

“Beejie I love Riddhima, I know that, she knew that, bhai Muski everyone, it’s just we didn’t gave words to our feeling but mere accident k baad achanak kya hua?” he was high on emotion.

“Beta, jaha tak mai Riddhima ko janti hu wo tumhari bahut care karti hai, aur itna insaan tab karta hai jab koi uske dil k bahut paas ho” beejie said making him smile “Lekin Armaan uske andar kisi baat ka darr hai, isliye wo tumse dur bhaag rahi hai, mujhe bas itna pata hai ki tumhare accident k baad wo ek baar Gupta Mansion gai thi”

“okay beejie, mai dekhta hu” he said.

Beejie was leaving his room but stood at door “Armaan beta, us bachhi ne bahut gam dekhe hain itni si umar me, mujhe tumse umeed hai, uska hath mat chhodna beta” she said to which he nodded with smile.

“Riddhima Gupta, tumne abhi tak The Armaan Malik ko puri tarah nhi samjha, ab to chahe jo v ho mai aaj pata laga kar rahunga ki tumhe kya cheej bother kar rahi hai aur kyu tum Gupta Mansion se aane k baad aise react kar rahi ho” Armaan said to himself and rested back.

At Night,

Riddhima came late at home as usual and went inside her room, Armaan was observing her from his room coz he didn’t took his pills till now, he knew she will come to look after him. So, he quickly rush towards bed and acted to sleep.

Riddhima came after freshing up, she was looking quite pale coz of ongoing condtions. Her eyes were showing her fear, she came towards him and stare him for sometime as if she was saving this moment in her heart. After sometime, she sit beside him and care his face with love and her touch was creating havoc inside Armaan’s body but he controlled himself somehow.

She get up and move out of his room but instead of going in her own room, she move towards the room where Armaan first saw her crying infront of her family’s pictures. She enter inside and sat down like a lifeless body, her eyes were moist.

“Dad, apki princess kamjor pad rahi hai, I can’t handle myself, I can’t live without him dad, he is my everything, m,,,,mai usko dekhe bina ek din v nhi rah sakti to mai us se dur kaise rahungi. Mai kya karu, please help me, mujhe koi rasta nhi dikh raha hai.” She was talking to her dad’s pic while crying.

Armaan listen everything whatever she said but she was unaware of his presence , his eyes were moist as she also love him a lot, he smile slightly.

Dad, you know mai b,,bahut khush thi jab Armaan ka operation successful hua mai use wahi batana chahti thi that how much I l,,,,love him but that urgent call from officer make me leave hospital, mujhe wapas Gupta Mansion jana pada aur waha pe jab mai pahuchi to kafi crowd tha, officer asked me to give my statement. When I tried to leave a goon of Rohit was in his sense, he was badly injured but still breathing, he hold my hand weakly but that scared me, I look towards him he was breathing deeply I asked inspector to call ambulance but he said “My men will kill that Armaan Malik Riddhima, he will be killed for sure, if u ever tried to be in touch with him he will be killed, my mens are keeping an eye on him and on you, Rohit bhai ka kaam ham pura karenge” he said and become unconscious.

He was send to hospital and I stood being shocked, there Armaan was dealing with life and death and here another risk on him, I didn’t want any problem for Armaan that’s why I’m trying to be away from him but I’m hurting him by this, u,,,,use bahut takleef ho rahi hai aur mujhe v.

“Mai to itni unlucky hu ki maine apni puri family kho di but apni khushi k liye mai Armaan ko nhi kho sakti Dad, atleast being away from m,,,,me he’ll be fine. Aur aj to wo goon v discharge ho gaya hospital se but he is in police custody now, I don’t know wo log kya karenge, un,,,,unka next move kya hoga, mujhe bas safely Ar,,,Armaan ko yaha se wapas bhejna hai anyhow. Mujhe pata hai wo nhi manega, but uske liye mujhe rude v hona pada to I’ll do that, shayad is se wo yaha se chala jaye” she said to her dad’s pic and cried bitterly.

Armaan was jammed on his place being shocked “what type of girl she was, she did all these things to save him, for him and here he was thinking God knows what.

Armaan wanted to hug her, to hold her, to say that he too love her so much but he knew her insecurities now and he want to remove her fear for always and for this he will have to be silent atleast for now.

He went towards his room, wash his face and lie on bed to sleep, he was thinking about the scene he saw few minutes ago. He heard some footsteps and closed his eyes quickly pretending to sleep.

It was Riddhima, she came towards him and sit beside him, ruffle his hairs and said “I’ll miss you so much Armaan, kal tum chale jaoge, pata hai tum aasaani se nhi maoge but still I hope mai tumhe mana lu. Mere paas bas aaj ki raat hai Armaan, bas aaj, kam se kam aaj mai tumhare sath rah lu fir puri jindgai bas tumhari ye yaadein rahengi mere sath.” She whisper slowly so that he don’t get disturbed.

She slowly slept beside him, holding his hand and look towards his face, he was sleeping soundly and his face was calm. She put his hand under her cheek and closed her eyes to get some sleep.

As she closed her eyes Armaan open his eyes and look towards her, she was sleeping beside him, holding him yet he can’t hug her, he just stare her with all his love “I promise Riddhima, tum hamesha mere sath rahogi, mere aur v paas” he said to himself before Riddhima could open her eyes feeling intense gaze on her but saw him with closed eyes.

Armaan got an idea and roll towards her with closed eyes and hug her like he hug his pillow.

Riddhima become shocked when he hugged her but felt relax as his eyes were closed. Her heart was beating very fast coz of the proximity they were sharing, Armaan could feel her sharp breathe her racing heartbeat with closed eyes, he was dying to see her face when he was this much close to her but controlled himself somehow. His face was slightly above her eyes giving her chance to hide her blush, he slapped himself mentally for thinking all these and tried to concentrate on sleep. Her sharp breathe become normal after sometime and she slept peacefully under the arms of her Armaan, the safest place on the earth.

Next morning Armaan wake up early and saw the most cutest scene, Riddhima was cuddling into him, holding his hand and her hairs were fallen on her face covering most of them. He slowly move away her hairs and saw her sleeping peacefully, he smile on her as she was looking like a kid holding her favorite teddy.

He slowly get up without disturbing her, and left the room after getting ready. He met police officer who helped them in Rohit Khanna’s case and enquire about that goon. After getting information he discussed his plan with him and he support him. Armaan strictly ask him not to come infront until he sign and he complies.

On the other side, Riddhima get up very late, she felt as she slept peacefully after many days for hours. She sit on the bed and tried to recognize where she was, she become shocked as she was in Armaan’s room and he was nowhere to be found.

“God, don’t know kya soch raha hoga Armaan, mai aise kaise uske room me so gai” she said to herself and get up quickly.

She search for him everywhere but he was not in house, she asked beejie about Armaan but she don’t have any idea.

Now she was hell worried about Armaan “beejie uski tabiyat v theek nhi hai aur wo aise kaise chala gaya bina bataye”

“pata nhi beta mujhe to laga Armaan so raha hoga” beejie said “khair tum fresh ho jao tab tak mai pata karwati hu” she said and Riddhima left.

Riddhima came after taking a bath and all set to leave, his life was in risk and here he vanished like moon in morning.

Armaan was checking cctv footage installed in goons chamber, yes since he was single person left from Rohit’s gang so police installed a small cctv camera before his arrival.

“Anyone came to meet him?” Armaan asked.

“yeah, just one person” and they saw that man, his face was hidden and they were talking something.

“Could we hear what they are talking?” he asked.

“yeah, little bit, baki ham lipsing expert se kara lenge” he said.

After sometime,

“okay so he think that I’ll come to police station and his men will cover me up near Riddhima’s home, cool, lets the game begin” Armaan said with a smirk.

“But Armaan, you are coming from BGM only, they might have seen you” cop said.

“No chance, I came from back side with hidden face, there was much crowd to spot anyone” he said.

“okay, but you are not fully recovered, why to take risk, we will handle this" he again said.

“C’mon , he put a fear in Riddhima’s heart and it will be finished by me only” he said in solid voice.

“Riddhima is one of the best officer here, but it seems like you are not going to leave her here” he said smiling.

“No chance, I can’t leave her here warna mera kya hoga, anyways we’ll leave when all these stuffs get over.” He said getting up as they were discussing the case quite long.

Now it was time to bring the action.

Riddhima was worried whole day and search him here and there but get no clues.

She got a call from an unknown number “bahut pyaar karti ho na us Armaan Malik se ab bacha sakti ho to bacha lo use, countdown began, reach near your house to receive his dead body”. And call get disconnect.

She tried to call back but no reply.

That call was made by a random person standing with Armaan and police.

She rush towards her home as she was quite away from there.

Armaan and cops waited for her but to their bad luck goons arrived early. Armaan move towards them with a Bluetooth connected with cops before coming out he ordered everyone “No one will come out until I ask”

“Ohoo, Armaan Malik without your girl Riddhima Gupta, chhhuck bad luck” one of them said move towards him.

He beat them black and blue in his own style but they were so many. He was fighting with them when he saw Riddhima coming towards them.

She was shocked to see goons, Armaan suddenly stop beating them and goons become confused but they start beating Armaan as ordered by his their boss.

Armaan fell down when Riddhima come out of car and ran towards him with tears in her eyes.

“Armaan ham aaye, you are injured” cop asked.

“No ,,,No guys, I’m fine, don’t come out” he said.

Riddhima came towards him and shove away the goons, she beat them badly standing near Armaan, they came together to attack Riddhima, Armaan saw them and decided to get up to help Riddhima but before he could do that Riddhima hold a bat kept there and start beating them with bat, they were badly injured by her lady Singham.

“Armaan, Armaan tum theek ho na? show me kaha lagi hai chot?” she make him stand up and ask being impatient.

“yaha” he said keeping his hand on his heart.

“Armaan, stop it okay. Kyu bahar aaye tum, kisne bola tumhe nikalne ko, bina kisi ko kuch bataye, tum samajhte kya ho khud ko?” she was hell angry on him.

“kyu? Tumhe kya fark padta hai, tum to din bhar bahar rahti ho?” he said making her more angry.

Not a single word Armaan, you did a lot today okay, tumhe samajh me v aa raha hai wo log kaun the wo tumhare sath kuch v kar sakte the Armaan.” She said on the verge of crying.

“Kiya to nhi na, you saved me, aaj tumne mujhe bachaya hai Riddhima, you are my savior to tumhare rahte mujhe kaun choo sakta hai” he said being emotional.

“Don’t, just don’t say anything, you’ll have to go away from here, and that’s final” she said in a final tone which irked Armaan and he become angry atonce.

He hold her hand tightly and said “Move guys” she was boggled what he was satying but soon the cops came and arrest everyone.

“A,,,,,Armaan ye,,,,,,,,,” she was about to say something but Armaan drag her towards car.

He drove her back to BGM, and bring her inside almost dragging her, beejie was not there coz Armaan knew either he will blast on her today or she will and he didn’t want beejie to be worried for them thus he asked her to go to guest for that day.

“Kya lagta hai tumhe Riddhima,ha?” he asked with anger in his voice.

“M,,,,maine kya kiya?”

“Really, tumhe aise hi kisi random goon ne dhamki de di aur tumhe laga ki wo mujhe maar dega, I mean seriously bas itna hi bharosa tha tumhe mere upar? Are nhi tha yakeen to bol deti Armaan Malik, tum mera trust nhi jeet sakte so don’t try but nhi tumhe mujhse chhupana better option laga, tumhari family k sath jo kuch v hua usme tumhari galti nhi thi but wahi cheej mere sath v hogi agar tum mere sath rahogi to ye sochne ka haq tumhe kisne diya? Tumhare paas rahne se nhi balki tumhare dur jane se dard hota hai, takleef hui jab tumne mujhe ignore kiya, aur aaj, aaj tum meri savior ban k aai fir v tumhe lagta hai ki tum mere paas rahogi to mujhe koi maar dega?”Armaan was not in his sense right now.

Riddhima decided to leave him pained him a lot.

He hold her tight near wall standing deadly close to her.

“Ar,,,Armaan mai, bah,,,,,,” he again cut her in middle.

“Bhaut kya Riddhima, bahut darr gai thi tum, itna ki tumne mujhe batana v jaruri nhi samjha” he said with burning eyes.

“Kya batati mai tumhe ha,” that was enough for Riddhima “kya bolti yahi ki mujhe us goon ne kaha ki wo tumhe maar dega, inspite of being a police officer mai darr gai thi Armaan, ha mujhe darr laga kyunki apni family k baad mai tumhe nhi khona chahti thi, us goon ne jo kuch v kaha but kaha to sach na, aakhir usne attack karwaya na, kya jarurat thi tumhe bahar jane ki, mai aaj hi tumhe India bhejna chahti thi, waha kam se kam tum safe to rahte, mai isi me khush rahti ARmaan, tum kyu nh,,,,,” Riddhima sais pushing him away. With her every sentence she shove him behind in anger.

Till now he reach near bed, one push and he was about to fall, in attempt to hold him she too fall over him and he hit the bed with Riddhima over him. his face was covered by Riddhima’s hair by both side and their face were close to each other.

“itna pyaar karti ho mujhse?” he asked looking towards her continuously.

She closed her eyes being shy and tried to move away from him but his hold was tight over her waist.

“Pahle jawaab do” he demanded.

“What, just leave me Armaan” she said slowly tugging her hairs behind her ears.

“why would I ?” he said in husky tone.

“k,,,,kyunki mai bol rahi hu” she said looking away.

“Aise kasie abhi to kitne hisaab pure karne hain tumse” he said rolling over her, now she was under him.

“Ar,,,,,,Armaan, plz” she utter looking towards the door.

“Waha koi nhi aane wala, so don’t worry” he again said near her ears making her blush.

“Armaaaaaaan” she shove him away on bed and rush towards the washroom as it was near the bed and closed the door quickly.

The door was locked before he reach, he was quite surprised by her shy behavior but was loving it, she was really a sweet heart. While Riddhima was standing other side of the door controlling her heartbeat and blush of her face.

She kept her hand on glass door and Armaan too place his hand there from other side as it was visible from other side also.

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