Tuesday, 23 January 2018

part 5 : TO FEEL LOVED mini (ARss )

"It's 'Ice Pound', right?"

"Yea, he taught her how to play it. She's really a marvelous pianist. I mean, she learned that song in one day, as for you and RAj, it took like what, four months?"

"It only took three months. And wow, she learned it that quick. I'm impressed."  Rohan led Armaan  to his office and took out Rajand Ridhima's duet recordings. He put the CDs into his five disc player and played them for Arman  to hear. They were so engrossed in the music, that they didn't notice ridhima standing at the door. As she listened to the songs, she had her eyes closed. Memories of raj came back to her, memories that she tried so hard to forget.

When they were done listening to all five CDs, they turned and saw a crying Ridhima  on the floor by the door. She was kneeling down and holding onto her chest. Armaan  and rohan  panicked. They got up and ran to her side. Armaan  pulled her into his embrace, as rohan  watched in amazement. He had never seen ridhima let anyone embrace her like that, except for Raj . He knelt down beside them and touched ridhima's shoulder.

"What's wrong?" he asked her.

"Its'it's'the songs that Raj and I played'together'" she muffled out her words.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't know that you'll be coming back up here," he said apologetically. "I just wanted Armaan  to listen to your duet with Raji. I'm so sorry." Arman stared at him and flashed him a faint smile.

"Ridzi  okay. I know that it hurt, but you must learn how to face those memories someday, somehow," he said.Ridzihad stopped crying when she heard those words. She looked up at Arman and stared straight into his eyes. For some reason, he was always there when she needed a lending shoulder.

"Thank you," she said to Arman. He pulled her into a tight hug and stroked her hair. He never want to her let her, but he knew that she was not going to open her heart to him. From what he had heard from her friends and rahul , she had not let anyone into her heart since raj s death. Being with her was just his wishful thinking. He let her cry into his chest, until she fell asleep. He piggybacked ride her to his car and put her in the passenger side. He fastened her seat belt and walked over to the driver side. He waved bye to rohan  and drove off.

When he reached her house, he piggybacked her to her front door and rang the doorbell. Her maid opened the door and panicked. Arman signaled for her to quiet down and asked her to lead him to way to ridzs room. He followed her maid to ridzs room and placed her onto the bed. He pulled the covers for her and walked out of her room, shutting the door behind her. When he got downstairs, her parents were waiting for him. He smiled at them and told them to send someone to pick up her car at the local music shop. They waved as he left their house.

Arman drove home, thinking about rid. He was worried about her. He hadn't seen her cry since rahul 's wedding. Once he got home, he walked up the stairs to his room. He lay on his bed and thought of raj and ridzii's past. It's hard to believe that he was gone with a blink of an eye. He had met raj  in his first year of high school. He had just gotten back from the States and didn't have many friends. Raj   was the first one to talk to him and befriend him. Soon after his meeting with raj he met jiro ,rohan and Calvin. Together they were inseparable. A year later, he met rahul , who was raj's 's brother and Anji and  who was muski 's friend. He had never met ridz but he had heard of her existence. After high school, raj  had chose to go to a different college from the rest of them. There he met rid and they instantly fell in love.

Even though they were madly in love and on the brink of tying the knot, he was gone. Everyone had missed him dearly, especially his smile. Arman had missed his generosity and kindness. He sighed and thought of how much it must hurt ridz He had never lost anyone to death before, but he couldn't somewhat understand her pain. Thinking of her makes him smile. He had found out so much about her in so little time. A smile crept on his face as he thought of her and dozes off to sleep.

For the next two months, Arman has been visiting Rid and lending her a crying shoulder. Eventually, she was smiling more often and going out with her family and friends. She had also been visiting the grewal's  and she visited raj's grave. They were happy that Arman had helped her heal the pain inside of her, but can she really open her heart to him. They could feel that love between them, the strong connection that they hold, but they weren't sure if ridzcould feel it too. This is the greatest change they had seen since raj's  death. They were grateful to Arman and hoped that she will let him in her heart and let him sure the burden with her. Her parents loved him and his parents loved her. The only problem to the relationship is ridz Everyone, including Arman, knows that raj   is still taking up a big chunk of her heart. Arman was taking things slowly and one step at a time. He wants ridzto face the memories of raj, before she could move on.

He knows that she had been hiding from the truth for two long years and he wants her to face it. Face the memories, face the truth and face his family. He was doing everything for her. He had loved her since the day he met her at rahul's family. He didn't know what attracted him to her, but when he saw her crying for the very first time, he knew that she was the one who will help him find true love. That she was his true love. She was everything to him. He never told anyone, but she was also his crying shoulder. Helping her overcome this is also helping him overcome an obstacle. Sometimes, he wonders if she was the one that Fate had sent to him.


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