Sunday, 7 January 2018

Part 5:Kuch pal (mini ss)

As the sun started to rise over the sleepy country; Riddhima and Armaan made their way back beside Nisha's bed. As she sat down on the stool that awaited her, Armaan picked up the charts and had a flick through, "sab kuch theek hain?" she asked at him in a whisper, he gave a nod and smiled at her returning his warmth she smiled back, "coffee chaiya? Its to early for the caf to be open" she nodded negatively, "main theek hoon… but you! Go home and rest you haven't slept for nearly 24 hours I know you worked a whole shift yesterday…" "Ridz.. im fine…" standing up she walked over to him, "no NO's chalo get your stuff and go home main tumhein afternoon main dekhoongi…" "but.." "no buts… chalo abh ghar jao…" "par Nisha?" "Armaan main hoon na…itne saalo se tumhare bina theek hoon toh kuch ghante life changing nahin honge…ok? Now go…" he finally gave into her and gave her a kiss on the forehead and one to sleeping Nisha as well, picking up his coat he walked out.

As she looked at him walking out a smile played on her lips, touching the necklace he had gifted her she sat back down on the stool and stroked nisha's hair.

A couple of hours later, she walked back in the room with a cup of coffee In her hand and a magazine, to see Nisha up in bed watching Dora the explorer on the TV, "Nisha!" Nisha bit her lip and closed her eyes at the sound of her mums voice,  "maine kaha na… no watching TV… your not okay yet…" "par mama… sirf sar thoda sa dhook raha hain… and anyways I was getting bored…" "if your heads hurting then you can't watch TV…ok… and if you rest then you wont get bored…chalo… so jao…" "par mama…" "no mama… c'mon…" letting out a sigh Nisha fell back in bed and Riddhima turned the TV off, "bechari ko dekhna toh do…" said a voice, as she turned around she saw Armaan dressed once again in his hospital scrubs, holding a file in his hand; "tum! Maine kaha na ghar jake so jana…" "if I slept imagine how many patients lives could be lost? Huh?" she shot him an eye of daggers at which he laughed at, "mama yeh koun hain?" "Dr. Armaan malik… at your service princess…" he said as he held his hand out towards her, "hi!... aap mama ko kaise jante hain?" "woh hum…." He replied looking at Riddhima, "beta woh hum dono bahut purane dost hain…" "ohh…. Toh aap atul masa ka bhi friend  "ho?" Armaan nodded smiling, "Nisha… don't ask too many questions chalo so jao…" "but mum…." "ridddhiiimmma…." He said whining, "fine… but only until atul comes in then u  have to sleep… OK?" "yes" they both replied nodding their heads like good little kids; Riddhima smiled at them while they talked and played, they were so much alike…

"mama will be back in an hour max… if you want anything ask masi ok?" "yes mum…." "Riddhima jao na… bachi nahin hain… we'll be fine…" riddhima just smiled and gave a i-know-look to Anjali, giving a kiss on the forehead to Nisha, she left.

Armaan walked her out to the car, "bahut sundar hain… bilkul tumhari tare…" Riddhima looked at him confused as she unlocked the car, "Nisha…" he said leaning on the bonnet, "meri tara? You should of seen how much you two are alike when you were talking, tumhari carbon copy hain…" "really? Isliye itni saal mujhe miss nahin ki… meri carbon copy thi…" he said laughing as he closed in on her, she leaned on the frame of the car as he took hold of her waist, "I love you…" he said whispering in her ear, "I love you too… promise me you'll never leave…" "I promise… not after all that's happened…. Nothing can separate us now…" she gave a faint smile and got in the car, saying she will be back soon.

"LEFT LEFT!! Nooo… turn right…arghhh…superman gadi chalana nahin ati…" she said as she threw her hands in the air, Armaan cracked up laughing putting the PSP down beside him, "really?? Nahi ati mujhe… c'mon show me… its not as easy as it looks.." he said sticking his tongue out, "fine I'll show you… PSP do…" "see… control hona chaiye…." He looked on beside her and smiled at her playing the game, how much he had missed all these years, seeing her walk for the first time, hearing her talk for the first time; all the firsts had he missed and he promised him self that he would never miss anything in his daughters life from now on, he was brought out of his thoughts when he heard her voice calling him, "superman…superman.. kya hua?" "huh?" he said looking back at her, "kuch nahin princess aise hi…kho gaya…" "aab yaha dekhiye… see how I'm playing… I even beat your highest score…" he smiled and looked on.

He put the cup the coffee down and looked on at Atul who sat across him astonished, he had told him the whole truth. Not like Atul didn't know after Anjali informing him but he didn't know about the night before and what he and riddhima had just did.

In Indian tradition he was married but according to the laws no marriage is legal unless they have a registered marriage. "toh ab kya hoga?" "pata nahin champ; but at least the truth is out… I have daughter… a beautiful gorgeous daughter…" Atul smiled looking at Armaan's happy face, after to so many years he saw the smile that he had lost when he lost riddhima, "nisha ko pata hain?... that you're her father?" "nahin… but I want to build the relationship with her… how would it feel that out of no where some guy you don't even know claims to b your dad…. Its not fair…" "I understand…" "well what about uncle…" leaning back on the couch he sighed, "lets hope that he doesn't come to know…" hearing a voice he looked at the door, there stood riddhima in a simple top and jeans but she looks utterly gorgeous, "tumhare dad hain armaan… he needs to know…" "nahin ridz… usne bahut kuch kiya hain… I don't need him any more…" "armaan he has the right to know…" "sorry ridz… I'm not letting him interfere in my life now…" saying so he stood  up picking his coat and left leaving riddhima and Atul sitting there.

"masi… superman kitne ache hain na?..." Anjali looked at her confused, "superman?" Nisha giggled, "woh… uhh Dr. Armaan…." "ohh… par tu usko superman kyun bulati hain?" hugging her teddy bear, she leaned back on her pillow; "superman toh sabko bacha the hain na? toh Dr armaan mera superman hain… mera hero hain…" Anjali looked on with her eyes starting to water, giving a faint smile she tucked a lose strand of hair from her face and patted her to sleep.

Leaning against the frame of the door, riddhima wiped a lonely tear from her cheeks she gave a smile and closed her eyes opening to see Armaan standing beside her, "kya hua? Ab kyun ro rahi ho?" "kuch nahin Armaan… aise hi… khushi ki aaso hain… tumne nisha ko jaan bachi… aur mera bhi…" "mera bhi nahin?" he said looking on with a frown, "woh meri bhi jaan hain…" riddhima smiled and hugged him resting her head on his chest, "I love you Armaan…" "love you too.."

"tumne mujhe phone kyun nahin ki?" Padma walked in Nisha's room with anger, "ma… woh…" riddhima said standing up watching Padma put her bag down and run to nisha's bedside, kissed her forehead she pulled another stool across and patted her on the head while she slept, "sab log yaha the… isliye… and I didn't want to worry you… kitne dino baad… chacha aur chachi ko milne gaye thi…" "phir bhi… good Atul ne mujhe phone kiya…" "uhh Riddhima yaha pe sign karni hain…" there heads turned to see Armaan walking in heads buried in a file, lifting his head he saw Padma sitting near nisha with Riddhima; "uhh…" Padma looked from Armaan to riddhima and back, "ma yeh.. Armaan hain…" "pata hain…" "hi aunty…" he said slowly, she gave a faint smile and went back to nisha. Riddhima and Armaan walked out the room, "sorry… mujhe pata nahin tha…" "nahin… no need to say sorry…" "ma ko bataya?" he said sweetly, she nodded negatively; "aaj raat bataongi…" "you want me to be there?" he said holding her hand, "nahin… its ok…" he looked deep in her eyes and saw all they pain in which THEY had gone through, all that she had sacrificed just for him.  "Armaan… woh papers…" "uhh haan… just sign here they are to try a new medicine…" she nodded, singing the paper she gave him a sweet smile and walked back in the room.

 Standing there he looked through the window remembering all the bitter sweet moments he had had with her.


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