Saturday, 27 January 2018

part 6 : Change Of Heart

Riddhima was standing keeping her hand on her heart controlling her heartbeat and Armaan on other side, she open her eyes on his voice.

Mile ho tum humko
Bade naseebon se
Churaya hai maine
Kismat ki lakeeron se.

She smile on him and slowly open the knob just to see him looking towards the door with love in his eyes. She slowly come forward.

Mile ho tum humko
Bade naseebon se
Churaya hai maine
Kismat ki lakeeron se.

Armaan move around her while singing and she was lost in him. he came close to her and put his index finger under her chin and make her look towards him while he smile mischieviously winking at her.

Teri mohabbat se saanse mili hai
Sada rehna dil mein kareeb hoke.

She move to other side smiling on his act, her heartbeat was racing like hell, she was having this feeling for the first time in her life which was giving her goosebumps.

Mile ho tum humko
Bade naseebon se
Churaya hai maine
Kismat ki lakeeron se.

Riddhima shove him little away and turn around while Armaan hold her hand when she tried to leave.

Teri chahaton mein kitna tadpe hain,
Sawan bhi kitne tujh bin barse hain,
Zindagi mein meri sari jo bhi kami thi,
Tere aa jaane se ab nahi rahi.

Armaan sang with all his feeling which make her emotional, she turn towards him and hugged him tightly making him smile cutely. She knew very well that coz of her previous act Armaan goes through a emotional turmoil.

Sada hi rehna tum
Mere kareeb ho ke
Churaya hai maine
Kismat ki lakeeron se.

He also hugged her tight trying to believe that she is with him, near him for him, his eyes get moist. 

Baahon mein teri ab yaara jannat hai
Maangi khuda se tu wo mannat hai
Teri wafa ka sahara mila hai
Teri hi wajah se ab main zinda hoon.

She came out of hug and smile looking towards him, she slightly wipe his tears and make him smile by kissing his cheeks.

Teri mohabbat se zara ameer hoke
Churaya hai maine kismat ki lakeero se
Mile ho tum humko
Bade naseebon se
Churaya hai maine
Kismat ki lakeeron se.

She make him sit on bed and look towards him lovingly. She thought to bring some water for him and turn around but he hold her hand making her look towards him. he shook his head in “no” means not to go to which she smile on his act. 

Teri mohabbat se saanse mili hai
Sada rehna dil mein kareeb hoke.

But he suddenly drag her towards himself making her fall over her but during that his wound hurts, although he posed as if he was fine but he got hurt while fighting.

“Ouch,,,ahh!” he said lightly.

“Oh! Sorry Sorry Armaan, I’m sorry, let me see” she said slowly getting away from him.

“Nah, it’s okay” he said holding her hand, he don’t want her to leave.

“Armaan, I’m not going anywhere, let me see” she said strictly making him leave her hand with a pout. 

She observe his wounds and get angry as he was not fully recovered till now and start fighting already in that condition.

“Why you are always trying to act like superhero ha? Puri tarah theek v nhi hue ho and start fighting with goons.” She said making him scared, that strict Riddhima was back.

“Wo,,,,Wo mai to bas,,,,,,,” Armaan tried to say something but stop in middle.

“Mai to kuch nhi Armaan, just stay like this okay” she said making him gulp hard.

“okay,,,,,,,,” he murmured keeping his hand up.

She bring first aid box while Armaan sit like that keeping mum, she open the box and apply ointment on his wound while blowing air and he kept staring her but still not saying anything.

Riddhima apply lotion and look towards him “what?” she asked through eyes.

“Nothing” he just shook his head and turn his face to other side.

She smirk with an idea and kissed his cheeks making his frown vanish in a second.

“Tum na Riddhima, jab bolta hu to mana karti ho aur nhi bolta to khud majbur karti ho bolne pe” he said dragging her towards himself and she again fall over him.

“Wo isliye Mr.Malik coz its my right” she said ruffling his hairs.

“Really?” he ask with a frownish look.

“yeah” she giggle on his act.

He tried to come close to her but she roll beside him “Armaan, no masti, chalo mujhe dawa lagane do pahle” she said looking towards him.

“Chikk, tum kitni unromantic ho Riddhima” he said huffing around.

“Really now” she rolled her eyes “Now shut up and let me do my work” she sit near him and apply medicine on his forehead.

“Riddhima, I’m fine now” he said.

“I know that, ye jo apke wounds hain na wo clearly bata rahe hain that you are fine. Now just be like this mai kuch khane k liye lati hu and don’t you dare to get up from bed” she said while pointing finger towards him and he bend his head in agreement.

“Good boy” she smile and left.

Armaan closed his eyes and smile rewinding whatever happened that day, how he convinced Riddhima and their closed moments. He was happy beyond limit as his heart was favoring Riddhima in every way, she was making him mesmerized by her beauty, her caring nature, her love, her rights everything. She didn’t afraid of showing her rights on Armaan. 

After sometime, Riddhima came holding a tray of food and saw him smiling with closed eyes. 

She knew very well that Armaan was lost in her thoughts, she smile observing his composed and innocent smile coz now he was sure that she will be with him, his dimples attract her towards him but she resist herself somehow. 

She don’t know how she get shy on his comments this was really new side of her. 

“Stop staring Riddhima else I will do something which will make you blush more” he said keeping his eyes closed.

“Gosh this guy, aankhe band kar k v dekhta hai” she murmured to herself “I wasn’t, chalo abhi have your dinner” she said coming towards him and sit beside him keeping plates on side table.

“Really? you wasn’t staring me?” he said really close to her ears making her close her eyes.

She was rubbing her hand trying to control her blush while Armaan hold her hand and kissed when he get a chance, she gasp and he smile looking his effect on her.

“Riddhima, open your eyes I won’t eat u” he said and she open her eyes jerking up.

“Armaan, stop kidding” she said smacking him.

“I’m not, sach me, see” he said with a serious face.

“Ya , I know that very well” she said rolling her eyes.

“chalo , ab khana khao” she said placing plate on bed and forward her hand with a morsel.

He look towards her lovingly and eat.

She feed him food and he was just observing her expressions and suddenly hold her hands.

She look towards him to ask what happen but before that he took a morsel and forward towards her to feed her, she smile and have it. They feed each other.

After that Riddhima went towards kitchen to keep plates there. 

Armaan was trying to sleep but his wounds were aching, Riddhima was entering inside when her eyes fall on Armaan, she thought to give him a warm water bath before sleeping so that he could relax himself.

Armaan was looking towards her but she went inside washroom to switch on the gyser. She came out and stood beside him, “What?” he asked her.

“Armaan apni shirt utaaro” she said and he look towards her being shocked.

“Kyuuuuu?” he asked being surprised while Riddhima wonder what happen to him.

“Kyu kya, just open your shirt, kaam hai kuch” she said casually.

“Riddhima baby, control yourself, ek baar mujhe recover ho jane do fir,,,,,” he said being naughty.

“O God Armaan, stop your drama, kuch v sochte ho tum, I was just saying so that you could have warm water bath before sleeping” Riddhima said slapping him playfully.

“Ouch Riddhima, waise idea bura nhi hai, tum mujhe company de sakti ho, I won’t mind” Armaan said mischieviously .

“Armaan would you plz open your shirt now, kitna bolte ho tum” Riddhima said shaking her head.

“okay baby, as you say” he said getting up while she stood beside window.

He was opening his shirt when again an idea struck into his mind “ouch, Riddhima help me yaar, you are just standing there” he said.

“Armaan” she shake her head and came to help him, she was opening his shirt button looking here and there but not towards him, he smile knowing very well that their proximity was affect her badly.

She was trying to deviate her mind from his hard rock well muscular chest with perfect abs, his well toned body was attracting her, she resist herself somehow and control her state of mind.

Once she was done with buttons she slowly remove shirt from his shoulder revealing his well marked tattoos. She sometimes wonder being a police officer how he got addicted to tattoos but of course she didn’t asked him.

“Riddhima, kya hua?” he thought to bring her out from her own thoughtful land.

“UN,,? Kuch nhi, chalo” she said being lost.

“Oye hoyee, you are really accompanying me, not bad” he said mischievously.

“Armaan , kuch v, I’m just helping you till washroom okay, don’t flatter around” she said making him pout “ab chalo”

She filled bath tub with warm water and ask him to sit there and she wash his wounds slowly with wet towel.

“Armaan, tum thodi der baitho is tub me, you’ll feel better hmm,” she said.

“okay” he simply said.

“okay, to mai bahar hu, tum mujhe batana agar koi help chahiye ho to” she said and left.

“Arey yaar, itni jaldi chali gai” Armaan was behaving like a lover boy, he don’t know why he was making excuses to be with her, near her even after knowing that she love him dearly but he couldn’t control himself.

He slip some water near bath tub while playing with water and called Riddhima for towel.

“Armaan its kept beside tub” she said from outside.

“Arey yaar they got wet” he said cheekily.

“Armaan tum v na” she said entering inside with towel but slips due to water.

She tried to hold herself but fell inside the tub with Armaan as he also get up to hold her before she fell. But to Armaan’s good luck they fell inside the tub together.

“Armaan, kya kiya tumne ha” she said getting angry.

“Maine kya kiya” he said making a puppy face.

“Tum na, tum bilkul bachho jaise behave karte ho kabhi kabhi” she said getting up but again slip down over him.

He was looking towards her deeply and she also get lost in his oceanic blue orbs forgetting the whole world. They were just looking towards each other eyes showing love for each other.

Armaan's eyes observe her face closely, her wet hairs, water droplets on her hairs, her face making her so tempting, her wet lips which were shivering due to their closeness. He badly want to kiss her, slowly he kept his hand on her face tracing her face with his thumb and slightly rub near her lips making her shiver under his hold.

She was observing his expressions when his eyes were checking out her face, when his eyes stop on her lips, her cheeks were showing deep shade of red, she look towards his eyes while Armaan was trying to end distance between their lips.

She knew Armaan was lost in her now, but she was becoming shy all of sudden, being so bold and tough cop she was getting shy infront of Armaan.

“Armaan” she took his name slowly which was a mere whisper breaking magical spell around Armaan even though she don’t want him to stop but his name came out automatically.

Armaan gain his sense when she took his name and realize their position, their lips were deadly close to each other, he sit back and Riddhima sit in bat tub slowly.

She came out of tub slowly so that she could not fall again.

She want to go out so that they came out of that close moment which was really special for them.

She was about to go when Armaan hold her hand “I’m really sorry baby, I didn’t want that, it was not intensional, it’s just that I couldn’t resist myself but if I hurt you by this I’m really sorry” he said and move out of washroom while she was standing behind looking towards his innocence.

Armaan mentally slap himself and change his clothes, he was wondering what Riddhima would be thinking about the moment they share, even they both don’t regret anything but still something was there which hold them.

Armaan lay down on bed trying to sleep while Riddhima went itowards her room to change her clothes.

Armaan thought may be Riddhima won’t come now, as it’s too late but his heart really wants her by his side. Don’t know how he will live without her now, she was getting over his head, he can’t even think of any moment without her.

Soon he got Rahul’s call and get busy with him, Riddhima also get Muskaan’s call when she was in her room. After talking their respective bro and friend they lie on bed.

Riddhima was blushing remembering the moment they shared, she was sure enough to spend her life with Armaan, she can’t even think of anyone else. She was in delimma whether to go in Armaan’s room or not but she move towards him leaving every other thought behind.

Armaan was lying there with closed eyes but not sleeping, she came near the bed and lay beside him, still she was getting restless she slightly move towards Armaan. Armaan was aware of her presence, he was happy that that they both want to be with each other, they can’t even think of living alone.

He stretch forward his arm and turn towards her with closed eyes, roll his hand towards her, keep one on her waist and hugged her softly “ab theek hai?” he whisper in his husky voice making her smile.

She pecked his lips lightly making him open her eyes.

“oye hoyee, fir mai khud ko resist nhi kar paya to complain mat karna, waise hi kisi tarah rok k rakha hai khud ko” he said hugging her more tight.

“kisne bola rok k rakhne ko?” she said mischievously.

“Achha ji, batau?????” he asked getting more closer.

“I love you Armaan” she said closing her eyes.

“I love you more baby” he said cupping her face and kissed her forehead.

“chalo let me sleep now” she said hiding her face in his chest.

“hmm,,,,,,, to isliye aai hain aap mere paas” he again teased her.

“Armaan” she come out of hug and look towards him.

“Love you” he said pecking her lips and hug her lightly in a comfortable position and said “ab theek hai, now I can sleep, so jao aur mujhe uthaana nhi, let me sleep holding my life.” He whisper slowly and closed his eyes.

Soon they were in deep slumber, with each other after so many ups and downs and fights, they came together. They slept peacefully after few horrible days. 


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