Monday, 8 January 2018

Part 6 :Kuch pal (mini ss)

Two weeks had passed and slowly Nisha was getting better and closer to Armaan, she would wait every day for him to visit her and play games with her; she grew on him and not only did she get attached to him he got attached to her; he would miss her during the day her laugh and that cute smile which reminded him of riddhima. Here relationship was the same and due to working around and Nisha in hospital it was near to impossible to get alone time, but every now and then she would join him in his lunch break when he wasn't with Nisha. It was as if they were all normal and nothing had happened, but the truth was it wasn't like this and how was she going to tell Nisha that Armaan was her father? The question was on replay in her head, and still she didn't have the answer.

She remembered the night when she told her mother of what had happened in the short amount of days that she had been gone in. Mixed with emotions padma didn't know whether to be happy, or to be sad; one thing she knew was that her daughter was happy and slowly she was getting her life on track, back to normal but then good things will not last forever.

Looking out the window, he saw the dark black sky filled with clouds pouring their heart out onto the city bellow. Thunder shook the night sky and filled the city with loud bangs of noise every few minutes. God was certainly angry tonight.

Feeling arms hugging him from the back he turned his head to see riddhima leaning her head on his back eyes closed; he kissed her forehead making her open her eyes, smiling she let go of him and went and stood in front of the window. "its bad out there…" no reply came from him as he just kept looking out the window, "Your not thinking of going home are you?" she asked, nodding his head negatively he went and sat on the couch leaning his head on the wall; "kya hua? Everything ok?" she said sitting down beside him holding his hand, "bas thoda sa thak gaye hoon… its been a crazy couple of weeks…" "I know…" taking his shoes of he lay his head on Riddhima's lap and closed his eyes. The "den" was close to empty at this time of night, everyone had gone home and were tucked up warm in bed, she massaged his head as they talked to each other about anything; from work to Nisha to other colleagues to simply daily life, it was just them; it was their "ALONE" time.

Seeing him close his eyes and fall asleep in riddhima's lap she gave a cute smile, kissing his forehead she lifted his head and placed it under a pillow, grabbing a throw over from one of the cupboards she placed the blanket on him, caressing his cheek she closed the lights and made her way over to Nisha, silently praying to God wishing for no harm to come to their relationship, wishing that nothing could tear apart what they longed to have after so many years of separation.

Outside still black and pouring with rain, thunder struck as a black Mercedes drove up the hospital drive way. Turning the lights of, dressed in a black coat he stepped out not caring about the rain; each step he took the water rippled, the trees blew from side to side as if assign of saying something dark was going to happen.

Using his handkerchief he wiped his face as he went to the receptionist, taking his coat of he spoke to the sleepy lady at the desk; "could you please tell me where Dr Armaan is?" "sorry sir, I can't give any information to strangers….." chuckling he assured the lady that he wasn't a stranger, "sorry sir but may I ask what relation you have to Dr Malik?" "I'm his Father…" "Dr Armaan has left for home, his duty was over hours back maybe you should come back tomorrow… sorry…" nodding his head, he headed out back to the car stepping in he drove of to his hotel.

Waking up to the sun shining in his eyes, he covered them sitting up; realising his surroundings he went into the male change room's, freshening up he made himself a cup of coffee and went towards Nisha's room.

Walking In he saw riddhima asleep on the edge of the bed, while Nisha was tucked in bed; blinds still closed they looked like angels sleeping. Not wanting to disturb them he left saying to the receptionist he would be back in an hours time.

Unlocking the apartment door he stepped in, he chucked his bag on the table and walked into his room; the photo on the table caught his eye. It was a picture of him and riddhima at their end of internship part. Smiling he walked into the bathroom and had a shower, coming out he heard the bell ring thinking who would be there he went to the door wrapped in a towel.

Opening the door he was shocked to see that man standing in front of him, he was lost for words while the man stood in front of him with a smile on his face Armaan's face was blank  no expression nothing.

"dad…" was all he could get out, "beta… kasie ho…" said Armaan's dad coming forward to hug his son; not knowing that Armaan knew the truth about riddhima telling Armaan everything. "wont you invite your old man in for tea?" "uhh yehh sure… " blinking a couple of times In shock he gulped, what was he going to do now?, "I'l just be back…" walking back into the bedroom taking out clothes he looked at the picture of him and riddhima; picking it up he hid it in the bedside drawer, he needed to know why his dad was hear before he say anything about Nisha, riddhima and their marriage.

Back at the hospital riddhima had woken up when the nurse had come to check the charts, seeing that Nisha was still asleep she left to go to the den to see whether Armaan had woken up or not, when she entered the blanket and the pillow were still on the couch but no sign of Armaan, walking back out she went and checked in his cabin not there either thinking where he could have gone without telling her, her heart raced. Running to the receptionists desk she asked where he was, "he said he'd be back soon, but its been nearly an hour and half and still he had not returned. Walking out to the front of the hospital she took out her phone and dialled his number.

"so dad… what brings you to seattle?" said Armaan nervously sipping his coffee, "can't I visit my son and see how he is doing in a new country…" "offcourse you can… but the hospital?" " Sapna's looking after it…." He remembered Sapna, his dad had wanted him to get married to sapna but he always thought of Sapna as a sister never anything more never anything less; and anyways Sapna was in love with someone else but how come our parents couldn't see this? "how is she?" "just how you left her…." Armaan gave a faint smile, he was quiet nothing was being said between the two he looked at the lines on his fathers face. How much he had loved him, he looked up to him but there always was a limit in getting what you want. Because like they say you can't always get what you want.

Armaan let out a sigh when he heard the phone ring, seeing the caller he picked it up immediately hoping his dad hadn't seen it.

"hello…" "Armaan kaha ho tum? Sab kuch theek hain?" "umm…can I call you back later?" he said looking at Mr Malik, "Armaan?" "thanks…bye…" hanging up he ran his hand through his hair, "work people…" "ohh…." "sorry  but I have a long shift… mujhe lagta hain mujhe jana hoga…." "sure beta…aaj raat me and you dinner ke liye milte hain…" "uhh… ok…." Standing up he lead his dad to the door. Closing the door he picked up his phone and dialled riddhima's number, not getting an answer he picked his belongings needed for the hospital and left.

"Armaan…" he looked at her running towards him, "what happened before? Kya hua?" he looked at her not knowing what to say, he knew that she would tell him to tell his ad everything but he needed to know what the real reason of his surprise visit is, and only if he met his father for dinner. "kuch nahin tha ridz, bas koi markerter aagaya tha… and I didn't want to talk in front of him…" riddhima looked unsatisfied with his answer but before she could say anything he spoke up, "I have patients to see, I'll come around later…" picking up his files he left in the other direction leaving riddhima there, she knew there was something up but what?

"dad?... where do we meet for dinner?" "spring gardens, 8 pm…" "ok.. see you there…" hanging up he looked up at the sky wishing for some strength.


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