Tuesday, 9 January 2018

part 65 : An Arranged love Marriage

The ambience was not so great early morning, Billy Mallik had already had an early breakfast and left for a meeting, while the rest settled at the breakfast table but two people seemed to enjoy it a lot. Rahul and Nikki... and the reason was sitting right in front of them. The love birds had been fighting since a while now more like in a debate and obviously it was a treat for the audience. Riddhima looked quite upset with Armaan right since they had settled on the breakfast table and the two had
just been arguing about every little thing throughout the breakfast while Rahul and Nikki were totally enjoying it. Apparently that was why she sat opposite him today rather than her usual seat that was beside him. Armaan groaned as he relished the yummy salad that was prepared specially for him, of course by his one and only wife. A health freak that he was he had a habit of having only some light but nutritious breakfast most of the times, but that habit was somehow disturbed post marriage since she made such delicious parathas and what not for breakfast. Though he used to break his rules sometimes before too when Ananya made his favourites, but recently Riddhima had decided to actually put in some efforts so that she could take care of the nutrient factor just the way he had been doing it earlier, just adding some great taste to it now. It had turned a little difficult to argue with all that yummy breakfast, when did salad ever taste so good he wondered. So he dropped the argument leaving her all the more annoyed;
"Fine... keejiye jo man kare. Vaise bhi aadat kaha hai janab ko kisi ki bhi sunne ki.
Armaan simply smiled giving her a "that's-still-not-going-to-get-you-what-you-want look and she groaned continuing with her breakfast defeated.

Just then Ananya was back to the table from her room to find her son and dearest daughter in law in another argument yet again;
"Uff... main tang aa gayi hu tum dono se ab. Humesha bacchon jaise ladte rehte ho, subah subah chalu ho gaye. Pata nahi tum logon ka bachpana kab jayega.

Nikki giggled as Riddhima shifted in her seat growing all quiet like a kid who was just scolded while Armaan was least affected too busy with his breakfast;
"Rehne deejiye na Aunty, hum logon ka utna hi entertainment ho jata hai. Tv ki jaroorat hi nahi padti.

Armaan rolled his eyes knowing that she actually meant it, they really did enjoy their banters and Rahul very much agreed with that too. Riddhima still sat with a pout which made Ananya smile and she patted her head;
"Chalo ab jaldi se naashta kar lo dono aur Armaan beta mujhe jate jate D'souzas' ke ghar drop kar doge beta?

"Mom aap mere saath chaliye, unko vaise bhi jaldi hoti hai bohot subah, mujhe bhi company mil jayegi.
Riddhima quickly suggested before he could answer making him frown.

"Wait... Tum mere saath nahi chal rahi?

"Kyunki I don't want to go with you!

"And why is that?

"Because I don't like you!
She whined like a kid and his reply was almost instant;
"Uh-huh say what??!
He gave her a look only she knew was meant not to mess with for her own good, and he did not appreciate her words which could only mean trouble later. Knowing what the consequences could be she hid her gaze from him to stop her cheeks from growing colour and sealed her lips. Happy that the message was very well received he threw his napkin at her with a smirk to annoy her further, because she looked too cute right now and unfortunately he could not kiss her.

"Armaan behave!!
Ananya snapped as they were back to square one.
"Whattt!???? She started it Mom.

"Then you end it, aur ye kya tareeka hai----

"Well then tell her ki mujhse bematlab ki behes na kare.

"Chuppp... dono ekdum chup. Main Riddhima ke saath aa jaungi tu aage chala jaa. Vaise bhi kaafi dino se maine apni bacchi ke saath time spend nahi kiya.
Riddhima instantly took her in a side hug happy by her suggestion. Armaan was a little upset as he never liked to go without her, but he stayed mum looking at the happiness in their eyes.  The rest of the morning went away quickly with their usual routines.

Armaan was busy with his cell phone waiting for the presentation to start when the rest of the team joined in, including Riddhima. That brought an instant smile on his face as he had not seen her since after breakfast, but she looked a little annoyed as only the last seat right across the table was available other than his seat. That meant she had no other choice so she simply took her seat and he smiled taking his own seat knowing pretty well that she was still upset. Amidst the presentation which she was very much attentive of, a hand crawled up towards her fingers and the pen that she was busy playing with fell down startled by the sudden move. His thumb made patterns against her palm and she tried her best to free her hand out of his hold but his hold was too tight. She looked up at him irritated by the disturbance, with an unappreciative look in her eyes but his eyes stayed glued to the screen though a smirk settled on his lips which only she could notice thanks to the turned out lights. She made another attempt to pull her hand away only to have it locked in his placed safely in his lap while he played with her fingers.

The presentation lasted for another 10 minutes and she tried her best to stay focused but he kind of made it difficult. The lights were turned on and she hoped (half-heartedly) her hand would be set free but that did not happen as their hands were hidden from anyone's view anyway. Instead he threw in another surprise as he exclaimed;
"Well... I do have some reviews but does anyone else wants to add anything to that? Any suggestions? Umm... Mrs. Mallik?

Her eyes grew wide as all heads turned towards her and she cursed him mentally knowing he did that on purpose having an idea that she was probably a little too lost thanks to his not-so-decent antics. Rahul who sat on the other side looked at her confused as she stuttered since she was never nervous- types when it came to presentations or any suggestions. But then as he turned towards Armaan the look on his face told something was cooking between the two and rolled his eyes, these two were just unbelievable he thought.
"Umm... Well *clearing throat* the charts look fine, I think the framework needs to be looked into again... ug----
She was about to continue trying to think as she stared at the screen but that annoying idiot of her husband still wouldn't stop the play against her palm giving her a tough time. He smiled at her poor state and finally cleared his throat showing some mercy;
"Hmm... well I guess I will agree to that. Also the last two slides look a bit off to me, and the design kind of needs to be worked on again. I don't think it's going with the whole idea that we are trying to put ahead as per what he (the client) had suggested. So yeah... Do look into that points and the rest... Rohan please see me in my cabin for some minor points that we would need to discuss.
While he said all that with a straight face and completely into the meeting mode, he still had her hand in his hold leaving her a little too surprised. He had been so adamant on holding her hand and playing with her fingers yet he had heard every minute of the presentation. Not only that but had also pointed out what changes he needed, all this while still continuing his innocent play down the table. This guy really was something; maybe people weren't intimidated by him for no reason. Though a bit embarrassed due to his small act she still couldn't deny how irresistibly perfect he looked. She loved the authority and power he always held, as if he owned the place AND the people around. But he was no joke as a boss, agreed he maybe had turned a little lenient after her arrival in his life, but in the past 2 months of being in the company; she had observed him as 2 entirely different people. Not that he changed his behavior deliberately, but somehow the stress of having a huge company and that status to handle with not even a scratch to the name, apparently did bend u in certain ways to be stern about what you need.

The little stunt in the conference room had left her even more upset than before, but then again how long was she gonna be upset, ultimately she would just melt as soon as he would take her in his arms he knew, so he wasn't bothered. Anyway she wasn't even really upset-upset as there was no serious topic to be mad about so he just let her be. As it was weekend eve; as Muskaan was out of town and Abhimanyu was busy with some surgery so just the rest four (Armaan, Riddhima, Rahul and Nikita) had decided to have a nice dinner and catch up.

Nikita had turned best of friends more so with Riddhima while her mini stay at Malliks' and so she would often visit them, and as they had just met in the morning for breakfast but since they Armaan had to leave soon Nikita they had planned for the dinner.
"But yaar kuch bhi kaho tum dono na sacchi Tom and Jerry ho. Kabhi bhi, kahi bhi, kisi bhi topic pe shuru ho jate ho par fir bhi ek dusre ke bina ek din bhi reh nahi sakte. You guys are just too cute.
Nikita commented nudging Armaan who was right next to her while he just looked up at Riddhima who did sense his gaze on her but pretended to look away in fake anger. He smiled knowing the exact reasons himself a bit upset, but then let it go as they were out for some fun. That's when the waiter interrupted his thoughts as he asked for their order making the gang realize that "FOOD was what they were basically there for and started looking at the menu. They placed order for appetizers and were deciding on main course; Rahul had already decided what he wanted so he was just reading out options for others to help them choose quick, when a platter caught Riddhima's attention and she squealed about to go for it as it sounded delicious but then stopped which left the others puzzled while Armaan simply smiled.
"Kya hua Jerry? You want to order one? Actually... sounds good.
Rahul suggested reading the ingredients but Armaan purposely pointed out;

"But platter kisi ek ke liye thoda jyada nahi ho jayega?
He spoke eyes still glued to the menu card as if too busy deciding on what to have. Riddhima just narrowed her eyes at him as she was very much thinking about the same and knew pretty well that he acted so innocent just to irk her. It was pretty much always that she couldn't finish any of the main course after having any appetizer so most of the times when they were out they usually shared it, but ofcourse she won't ask him to do so amidst their cold war! Rahul nodded unaware of their silent war agreeing with him;
"Hmm point! Tune kuch decide nai kiya na ab tak... you want to share with----

"I don't know if I feel like having a platter though!
Riddhima could have asked Nikki but she knew she wasn't going to have any heavy food as she was about to meet Abhi as soon as he would be free so she just groaned at his act and snapped;
"Nahi Rahul I will just get some rice.
The waiter was called, Rahul placed his order and turned to Riddhima when Armaan spoke up;
"Excuse me... Yeah so...umm...  I will have one creamy Cajun chicken platter with umm... rice?
Saying the last bit more like a question he looked at her to find an instant frown on her face making him chuckle and he instantly corrected;
"Actually make it spaghetti. Thanks.

"Anything for you ma'am?
Nikki simply denied and then Riddhima just stuttered looking at him cuz obviously she was not ready to give up;
"Umm... y--yeah I... umm----

Armaan shook his head and finally spoke up clearing his throat pretty sure she wasn't going to give up;
"Riddhima tum mere saath share kar lo? I mean it's gonna be a bit much for me anyway...

"Well... aisi hi baat hai toh ... I guess... umm... theek hai. I can share!
She said breezily pretending to have thought about it making him roll his eyes while she bit her cheek to stop her smile and blush. They continued to have their dinner enjoying themselves when something caught Armaan's attention. He just twisted his neck a bit to have a look and saw a group of boys sitting diagonally behind smiling among themselves. They had talking since a while and since he was sitting on the outer edge he could hear a bit but had been trying to ignore. But once again when one of them passed another comment did he realize they were actually talking about Riddhima; since they sat on a curved sofa and she sat opposite him, she was in their clear view.
"Riddhima... umm why don't we switch seats!?

"Huh? Kyu?
She looked up at him confused at his sudden weird demand.

"Just cuz I am saying so!
She rolled her eyes at his attitude, why did he always want to have his way anyway. Just two minutes ago he was all sweet she thought, and just ignored him continuing with whatever that she was telling Nikki.

Armaan grew quiet for a minute as their comments stopped but he had still noticed them staring at her like she was an art piece in a museum. While his pretty little wife unaware of all of it was too busy telling Nikki and Rahul about God knows what but they seemed to be quite hooked. But obviously he was only feeling uneasy with every minute knowing that the guys were very much busy enjoying their view. For a brief moment he did think of just walking up to them and settling it in his own way, but he avoided creating a scene not wanting to get her upset as she looked quite happy after a not-so-good day. Anyway they were just some young immature college pass outs so he opted for an easier way. As the platter arrived he instantly spoke up getting an idea;
"Why don't we just shift one seat to switch, vaise bhi we are sharing so that would be easier.

This time he was interrupted by Nikki as she giggled at his excuse;
"Seedhe seedhe bol de Armaan kyu bahane bana raha hai. Teri hi biwi hai hum kuch nahi bolenge, we know you just can't stay away from her.

"Oh come on yaar guys, date par thodi aaye ho, we are still here you know!
Rahul too joined in while Riddhima just shifted in her seat not happy being targeted.
"Guys... just shut up yaar----  Riddhima... Atleast just switch, please?
He simply looked up at her raising his eyebrow. She simply frowned as his persistence only earned some eye rolls from both their friends so she just stayed adamant.
"Kyu... kya problem hai yaha baithne mein!? Mujhe nahi uthna yaha se, main yahi theek hu!
She pouted giving a final word but he just lost it, why couldn't she just ever listen.
"Riddhima kabhi koi baat bina behes ke bhi sun liya karo!
He warned in a low voice through his gritted teeth and his face potrayed pretty much how annoyed he was. Not waiting for her reply he just walked up and asked Rahul to shift a seat as anyway the sofa was too large for just the 4 of them. As he settled down beside her they she just kept looking at him surprised but the look on his face told him he was quite serious of what he said. Armaan just looked up and gave passed a hard glare towards the guys letting them know he was well aware of their filthy gaze, and they instantly looked away as she was anyway no more in their view now. Nikki rolled her eyes at the two as she anyway couldn't just get them and had lost all hopes to understand anymore either. So she just simply wiped her face as she was done;
"Tum log ladte raho as usual, I'll leave now. Abhi ka message aaya tha 5 minute pehle, vo pohoch hi raha hoga so I'll get going. You guys carry on, agli baar Muskaan aa jayega tab mil lenge, sab saath honge tab!
After that Nikki left, for rest of the dinner it was more of only Rahul and Riddhima talking and Armaan was just involved as a formality as obviously Riddhima was in no mood to talk to him.
 Done with their dinner they walked out to head home, Armaan was inside as he left his phone on the table; meanwhile as Rahul and Riddhima stood across the street near the car; Rahul got a call and he walked a little ahead since he couldn't listen clearly. That's when the guys gang was out and they noticed Riddhima and stood still next to their bikes. Riddhima realized that they did stop there purposely, and since the restaurant was across the street the guards at the door also were a bit far which left the place a little secluded. Riddhima tried to ignore them, but as she heard their comments she got uneasy. Though they weren't loud but they were close so she heard them and decided to turn away and walk towards Rahul. But she was startled as one of them whistled at her;
"Aapko kahi chod de?
That instantly caught Rahul's attention and he turned to see the guys eyeing her. Riddhima stood beside him wondering why Armaan took so long, while Rahul cut the call and held her hand to calm her. But none of them noticed Armaan who had just walked out and had noticed all of it.

"Would you like to take that back... NOW!?
His demanding voice made Riddhima turn and she was relieved that he was here, but Rahul just shook his head not really happy about it cuz if he had heard it; it definitely meant trouble. Undoubtedly the guys deserved a piece of mind but Armaan would definitely give them a lot more than that was what he was afraid of. Riddhima looked up at Rahul and they both shared a look as Armaan stood staring at the guys with bot his hands in his pocket; which was most probably a way of holding himself. One of the boys finally spoke up;
"What's your problem dude? Andar bhi ghur rahe the hume, humari aankhein jaha chahe dekhe and anyway baat hi toh kar rahe hai!

Well definitely the guy had a little to many guts as his words mad even is friends a little scared as they could see it was just better too leave her alone, especially looking at Armaan it was clear it wasn't a good idea to mess with him. Riddhima stepped ahead towards Armaan just wanting to let it go but he looked up at her stopping her right away;
"Stay where you are!
And just like that Riddhima stopped dead in her track, obviously who better than her knew that it wasn't a good time to disobey him. Rahul simply leaned against his car just waiting for the scene unfold because good or bad there was no way the guy was going to listen to him now, so he just stood quietly holding Riddhima right next to him;
"Chodo Jerry, ab vo kisi ki nahi sunega. They are just kids so he won't go overboard don't worry and anyway they deserve it so just... watch.

Meanwhile Armaan raised his hand calling the guy ahead. Now as everything turned quiet the boys did get a little scared, but somehow the guy who was speaking to him mustered up some courage and walked up to Armaan;
"K... Kya?

The next instant there was a loud thrash as Armaan slapped him across the face making him stumble, and before he could recover from it Armaan already held his collar pulling him up to his level. His friends tried to approach him but Armaan just looked up at them; a clear signal to stay back.
"Just a minute guys, don't worry I won't do much relax... your friend is alright.
They were already intimidated enough to make any further attempt, while Armaan looked down at the guy who was not so happy with his treatment of course;
"My problem my dear friend is that... the girl you were talking to... IS MY WIFE YOU AS*****.
The slight raise in his voice and the fact that he happened to be the husband; shut the guy up completely;
"Bacha samjh ke jaane deta hu is baar, but that does not mean tumhari galti choti hai samjhe! You are lucky ki main jaldi pohoch gaya cuz if she had shed one tear, I swear future mein kisi ko shakal dikhane layak halat nahi rehne deta tum mein se kisi ek ki bhi.
Armaan warned all of that conveniently without any efforts with still his other hand in his pocket and the let his collar out of his grip and corrected his t-shirt walking him back to his gang. Riddhima just stood surprised watching him walk to them as he spoke to them all cool suddenly, but she couldn't hear a word anymore. They already looked pretty much scared so he cooled down;
"Ache ghar ke lagte ho and just because I could see you meant no harm I won't step any further. But a man to man... I know you guys were out there just "bird watching(he air quoted the words with his fingers) but would be better if you had stayed in your limits and not humiliate her!
The guys by now did look guilty enough; Armaan turned to the guy who he had hit;
"Tum!! I can see you must be their icon hence so much courage I suppose... Par agli baar inssan ko dekh kar fir aage badhna. Cuz trust me I am not somebody you should mess with, besides I did not wasn't to spoil the evening for her is liye chehre pe punch ki bajai sirf thappad pada hai. Varna we both know that it would have been a worthless fight, 2 minute nahi lagte mujhe to crush all your reputation in front of your friends. I hope that bruise will remind you to behave next time; afterall ek khoobsurat ladki ke saamne thappad khana punch se bhi jyaada insulting lagta hai, nahi!?
He asked suggestively while his friends stifled their giggles as they could see he was clearly mocking their friend now. The guy covered his cheek with his hand glaring at his gang who went mum but all of them had clearly received the message;
"Now I don't want to trouble your parents to release you off the eve teasing charges, so before I change my mind...
He snapped his fingers indicating them to get lost. The boys quietly settled on their bikes and zoomed away, and the poor guy who had been at Armaan's mercy made a quick apology halting his bike near her just for a second. Armaan walked back towards Riddhima unlocking his car as it was getting late when Rahul pointed out;
"Isi liye andar itni zid kar raha tha kabse Jerry ke saath switch karne ki!

Riddhima looked up at him now realizing what it was all about;
"Tabhi bol deta, acha sabak seekhate vahi pe thoda entertainment bhi ho jata.

Riddhima snapped him a look totally baffled by his suggestion but it only made Armaan chuckle;
"I just did not want them to stop it peacefully, chup chap nikal jaate ghar but then I guess they had to have it today. And I think koi bhi meri baat ek baar mein maan jaye aisa meri kismat mein likha hi nahi hai.
He said the last bit looking at her and she knew it was a clear taunt for her behavior but she decided to just ignore him and opened the back seat door and wishing a quick night to Rahul she got in quietly even before he could reply. Rahul just laughed at her reaction while she waited inside the car as the two of them got busy in some discussion. After about 5 minutes Rahul left and Armaan got in the driver seat but just sat still. There was pin drop silence with no movement at all for a few minutes.
"Mujhe bata nahi sakte the, main khud change kar leti seat. Lekin nahi... bata dete toh ghussa kaise kar paate! Huh... Bas attitude dikhate rehte hai.
A lot of mental cursing in the back seat was interrupted by his loud fake cough. Hough she looked up but did not say anything. Neither did he, but definitely gave her a look through the rear view mirror. Turning a blind eye she continued looking out of the window but felt his strong gaze still through the mirror. It was getting cold and she was really tired by now, but he wouldn't budge she knew so she once again looked up at him through the mirror and the stare game more like a war lasted for another minute before she gave up and opened the door. With a loud huff she closed the passenger door shut with a loud thud and he shot her a look;
"Hey hey careful... No harm to the baby there!
He warned setting his seat belt referring to the car while she locked her belt and sat with a frown all the way back home.

Tired of waiting, he just gave up and decided to freshen up in the guest room. This girl could take forever to have a shower sometimes, but he wasn't complaining since he had noticed she loved late-night bath especially on weekend nights, and indeed they were a great treat for self after a long week. Armaan was back in a while when he noticed she still hadn't stepped out, so he just decided to go through his phone to check for is any important messages/ mails. Unaware to his presence Riddhima walked out to the walk-in closet still in her bath robe as she had left her night dress on the bed. Now usually it wouldn't have been a problem otherwise, but the robe she had today was a little too short so now there were two options; get another night suit from the closet and walk out dressed OR quickly just grab the one that was lying on the bed in case he wasn't yet back. She definitely chose the latter option cuz that was her favorite night suit. Firstly it was a pretty cute-mint coloured suit and it was sooo comfortable. There was complete silence as of yet, so apparently he wasn't here but she still sneakily peeped out to scan the room; the door was still closed and he was seen nowhere near the door, the bed was empty as well so there was no sign of him. Her gaze then caught the night suit lying on the bed and she quickly stepped out. Happy at her little victory, she grabbed the suit about to head back to change when she heard a whistle from behind and she froze. How was that even possible!!? Her eyes tuned wide, she turned to the door it was closed yet she had checked but then she realized it wasn't only closed but locked as well as he was already inside! Uh-huh... and he had to stand near the table right against bathroom wall doing God knows what, obviously the only place which wasn't visible from bathroom door. The suit slipped from her hands while she stood rooted to her spot.
"Well hello there wifey!
Armaan placed his cell phone away and stepped closer to her;
"Aa... aap... andar kaise... I mean ... kab aaye?

"That's not really important when my wife decides to step out looking like that you know!
She made an attempt to pull the robe down when she suddenly realized something and snapped turning around;
"Did you just whistle at me?

"Well... That was just a reflex... You look HOT! Aur ab tum mujhe itniii der intezaar karane ke baad aise bahar niklogi toh----
Riddhima avoided his gaze as her cheeks turned pink, anyway she was supposed to be angry at him and he was not to forget that! She stopped adjusting her robe and shot him a look before picking her suit with no intention of entertaining him.
"Hatiye mere raaste se, and try that on someone else kyunki ye cheesy lines mujhpe kaam nahi karnewali.

"Ooo... someone's really reaaallly upset; is it? Main kuch kar sakta hu ghussa dur karne ke liye?
He asked cheekily to get a harder glare in response and she rolled her eyes heading towards the walk-in to change but was pulled back and trapped in his arms.
"Aur kitna ghussa karogi meri pyari phulandevi. Ab ghussa thuk do...

Riddhima put in all her efforts to break his tight grip against her waist as his soft nuzzling against her neck was making her weak;
"Achanak bada pyaar aa raha hai, chodiye mujhe... subah se toh bade ladne ke mood mein the!

"I know you are not upset because of that. Tum isi liye naaraz ho na kyunki aaj mujhe tumhe bahar le jana tha but sara plan flop ho gaya. But baby what I can do tell me, ab mere doston ko kabab mein haddi banne ka shauk hai is mein meri kya galati!
The guy had a point, he couldn't help it she knew but the plan was still ruined and that was upsetting. She enjoyed her friends' company no doubt, but lately it was hardly that just the two of them could do anything. Either, one of them was too occupied with work (mostly him), or they were too tired to even have a nice long conversation leave alone going out on dates or anything for that matter.
"I don't care... mujhe bas baat nahi karni aapse, just leave me alone.
He loosened his grip slightly to turn her around;
"Acha suno.

"Kya hai?
Riddhima replied in quite un-interested tone; but his demand almost caught her off-guard;
"Give me a kiss.

Riddhima looked at him baffled, this guy was just unpredictable. How could someone be just so straight forward and that too out of no-where when they were in the middle of an argument!? Yeah yeah he was her husband, alright... SO??
She gasped with her eyes opened to their full size.
"What? Ab main apni hi biwi se kiss nahi maang sakta!?
The delicious smirk was back on his face seeing the flushed cheeks;
"Ma----main... aap aap haath chodiye---- main, mujhe change karne jana hai.

"Rehne do na you look sexy in this.
It was getting impossible to stand in front of him already under his gaze, the proximity that he had held her in, his warm fingers that were busy caressing her waist and he had to open his unfiltered mouth too, to add to her misery;
"I am...  not ------ going to give you anything, aap mera haath chodiye-----
The tight hold was released and he let her loose out of his hold but then he did something even worse. He started walking towards her with small steps and a smirk on his face, that look he held was enough to pin her down. It was just capable of leaving her completely dysfunctional. She hated that look... Actually she was terrified of it because she knew it always got him what he wanted and that was just out of her control.
"Ohh, is that!!!! No? Are you sure... tum mujhe mana karna karna chahti ho!?

"Ar... Armaan? St----op! Just-----
There was just a narrow escaping chance and she gave it a try but as expected she was caught and pinned to the wall behind in a second. His hands just caged her from both the sides letting her hands free to be settled against his chest to create the much-needed distance... by her atleast;
"Ab tum keh rahi ho toh chalo nahi do kiss!

"Huh?... umm----- aap kya...
She looked up at him puzzled and he just nodded taking a step closer, now that was definitely a little difficult to believe that he was just gonna give up;
"Armaan aap... ye kya...?

"You know how I hate it when you deny something just to tease me right!?
She gulped hard as he almost gave her a silent warning but now there was no backing out either so she just stood awaiting whatever he meant;
"Well let's see if it really is fun?
She was surprised when his head suddenly dipped down in the hollow of her neck, initially just running his sharp nose-tip against her skin but soon it was replaced by his lips. Before she even realized it, her eyes shut with pleasure. That was just unbelievable, her body had always betrayed her for that stupid, annoying, egoistic husband of hers. She put in all her efforts to keep her hands fisted and not hold onto him, he had no right to control her like that, shouldn't that be illegal! Though she wanted get out of his hold so badly to let him suffer, but she was incapable of moving. She did finally make an attempt to push him away reluctantly when he left a mark on her neck on purpose;
"Arm----an please... Don't do that.

"Do what?
He asked innocently and she wanted to snap back with some smart words but her brain apparently froze when he stepped the only step responsible for any distance that was left between the two and decided to nibble on her skin.


She groaned annoyed at him for two reasons; one - he purposely made sure her neck which would be exposed contained some marks and two she just COULD NOT stop him, because her heart refused to budge away from his touch.
"Ni----- Nishaan reh jaayega.
She tried her best to push him away but could not succeed;
"Hmm... I know!

 He moved to the other side of her neck not sparing a single spot untouched. She could feel his lips turn into a smile against her skin, of course he knew. That was his intention, how stupid of her! He knew how conscious she was whenever she found any mark on her skin, especially if was on her neck, or anywhere where anybody could see it. The marks made her feel so loved, she always cherished them... of course she did, they were the proof of his love, passion, most importantly a reminder that she belonged to him. But she did not like to display       The fight to keep her hands still and run away was getting harder and he smirked, heck she could feel that against her skin but then he spoke between the kisses;
"You said you don't want to kiss, so we won't then... Tell me to stop, and I will!
He finished off in an innocent voice but looked up with a challenge dancing in his eyes. Oh how she hated him, how could he do that to her, he couldn't do that everytime and get away with it. She wasn't supposed to be giving in, it had to be the other way round that's what she tried to remind herself but heck his not-so-innocent actions did not let her think straight. He let his hands loose around her body and jammed her against his heard chest through her waist in a swift pull. The knots had already fallen loose so he easily pushed the fabric off her one shoulder before continuing to devour her skin. His attention was back to a previous mark as he sucked, nibbled and kissed it roughly. Was he planning on killing her? ... Because this definitely felt like heaven.
She bit her lower lip to hold back her moan feeling his lips trail up kissing all over her shoulders, throat, neck and her entire face except for her lips while his hands played their own game caressing her curves. Who was she kidding, that jerk knew his way too well around her body, he could literally hypnotize her in his own way and she wouldn't have any complaints at all. She was anyway fighting a lost battle, so she decided to let her shield down and let her hands ruffle his hair pulling him closer as he was busy kissing her neck passionately. The smile that appeared on his lips as his actions took a halt for a second didn't go unnoticed but she didn't care anymore. She clutched his shirt in a tight grip, other hand caressing his nape; she finally letting out a moan. He moved up kissing her cheeks lighting and then slowly pecked her lips once, twice... looking up in her eyes testing the waters when he earned the desired moan;
Giving in so easily was no fun and then she had purposely denied him too; exactly why he still continued to place tiny kisses all over her lips, just pecking the skin near her lips, teasing her skin.
"Oh I really wanted to, trust me... par tumne hi mana kar diya Riddhima.

The torture was just too much to handle, why couldn't he just kiss her!? He was just being a jerk now she knew but she was at his mercy so she held his nape and complained... Almost whined, looking up in his eyes she pulled his face a little closer making him smile;
"Armaaan!!!! Please...

He held her eyes captive for a minute staring deep, sketching her flushed face, quivering lips and trembling breath in his memory to preserve it there forever. It felt good to read "love, passion and the need just for his attention, it was hard to catch that look in her eyes considering she always shied away or averted her gaze. But moments like this, set his heart on fire... it made her look his and only HIS and he loved that feeling! It made him wonder though, how did it turn out this way? How did the tables turn suddenly!? Wasn't he almost winning? But then for a fact; her eyes, her sweet innocent calming voice was capable enough of doing that to him. He could charm her, maybe even hypnotize her, get her to anything that he wished in his own way; but then again; Just one word from her, rather even a mere blink of an eye and she would have him where she wanted him... Just like that.

"Whatever you wish Baby!
His fingers lightly stroked her lower lip; he crushed his body against hers pinning her hard to the wall; he finally placed his lips down on hers. The magic his fingers did to her skin was inexpressible as they caressed her nape. Biting down on her lower lip he then kissed her upper lips switching back down. It was just insane how just the meeting and detaching of their lips left her all jittery. But before she could utter or even think of any other complaint he clutched her nape and kissed her ferociously but with a sweet-gentle passion. For a minute it was as if he wanted to taste her all and another minute he was suddenly all gentle and that just left her gasping. While his one hand gripped her waist helping her stay steady on her feet, his other hand did just the opposite; melting her with his thumb's soft caresses on her cheek. As he tilted his head and switched to the other side in a better angle to kiss her deeper, her clutch against his shirt grew loose and she slowly traced his arm up finally resting her hold on his wrist as he had cupped her face.

Intoxication messed up their senses from that passionate kiss, he broke the kiss as they ran out of breath but his lips still left tiny soft wet kisses against her lips. A little bit to calm themselves and bit more to still not wanting to let go off her. He interlocked her fingers playing with them lightly as her other hand was still at his nape raking his hair. A sweet smile played across his lips seeing her eyes still closed while she stood trying to catch hold of some air almost panting. He planted a soft kiss against her nose tip but then she opened her eyes and a tear trickled down her cheek. He instantly held her face to make her look up;
"Hey... Riddhima? Kya hua, you alright?

She looked up in his love filled eyes which held care and a little worry seeing the tears in  her eyes; but couldn't say anything, instead a beautiful smile settled on her lips;
She mumbled it almost inaudibly not meant to be heard but he did... crystal clear;

But that was followed by a long silence and he knew there was not anything more she wanted to say, she just wanted to chant his name which he assumed was just an involuntary reaction and that just touched his heart so tight, that he almost felt she had tightly hugged his heart; all of that again... just with a name... HIS name that she had called out straight from her heart. That automatically bright his lips down to her cheek and he sucked her tear away. There was a loud thunder as he was planting kisses against her eyes which made her grip his shirt tight, startled by the sudden voice. But that's when both of them realized that it was the sound of the thundering of clouds that had kept falling on their ears since a while now, but the kiss had them so lost that it has not bothered them until now. Armaan looked down at her with a smile as it began to drizzle soon raining heavily, and all the while she had her eyes looking outside the window. The untimely rain had as always tagged along strong winds which were busy playing with her hair, kissing her skin, keeping the smile intact on her face. She inhaled deep as the wet soil smell felt heavenly. As she moved out of his hold and stood by the window he just followed her through his eyes. Her hands held out of the wind feeling the tiny drops against her hands and some making it on her face as it was raining quite heavily making her giggle. Though the gushing winds strongly engulfing her made her shiver and realization dawned that she was still just in her bath robe.

She had just thought about it when she felt his presence next to her and then remembered the moment they had just had. His gaze made her conscious, she was mad at him at least supposed to be but after that kiss she really doubted that either of them cared. Though she kind of felt betrayed by herself cuz she had every right to ne mad at him but he never let her be, and that made her feel powerless.
"Mujhe... change karna chahiye!
The slight shiver in her voice made her realize that it was actually cold and she really needed to change. She looked up at him as she had already turned but he still looked lost, she had a doubt if he had even heard what she said. That just darkened her cheeks but she looked away as he simply kept smiling. She bit her lip nervously seeing he kept his gaze steady with her as he picked up her suit and walked back to her. She waited for him to hand it over as he looked down at her lips, it left her jittery but she stood still. He brought his hand up to give her the night dress but then stopped mid-way, his eyes moved up to the window behind her as if noticing something and then back down to her. She frowned as he looked as if in some thought his eyes drifting back and forth from her to the window when suddenly a smile lit up on his face;
"Aap muskura kyu rahe hai? And give me----

She stepped ahead to grab her clothes but he pulled back;
"Wait... I think I have a better idea.
Before she could even ask or retort, he tossed the clothes back on the bed and pulled her along holding her hand. Her eyes turned wide and she tried to stop him as he opened the door as she was still in her robe but he cared least;
"Itni raat ko koi nahi aane wala tumhe dekhne... Bas chalo mere saath.

"Nahi... lekin Armaan... Aap kaha----
She dug her heels in the floor, trying to pull her hand out of his hold but wasn't listening. Where was he taking her in the middle of the night, that too when she was just in a robe!! She was a little surprised at first because it would have bothered him more than her any other time, but apparently he had a point as nobody would come up to check on them this late. While she thought to herself, she found the perfect opportunity and picked her up as she looked lost and wasn't even complying. She somehow wanted to retort but it just felt too good, and his smile just did not allow her to deny something that he looked so excited about; so she just gave in and clasped her hands tight around his neck; after all he wouldn't do something that would get her in a tight spot she was sure of that.

NOTE: You might skip the below part as it contains slightly mature content, so do read at your own consent!

Riddhima smiled brightly as she twirled around feeling the rain soaking her. He had carried her up to the terrace and placed her down on her feet before locking the door making sure nobody interrupted them, not that anybody was awake in the middle of the night or stupid enough like them to walk up to terrace in such rains. Much to her surprise he was even letting her dance around in the rain. She turned to him as he suddenly caught her arm making her bang hard against his chest due to the sudden pull;
"Aap mujhe yaha apni marzi se laaye hai? Barish mein bheegne ke liye!!?
He just chuckled as she tried to confirm his action in an amused voice as if it was unbelievable. He nodded making her frown but then she said thoughtfully;
"Kyu? Ohhh... Main naaraz thi is liye? Vaise idea bura nahi hai manane-----
She was shushed with a finger on her lip;
"Shhh... Sabse pehli baat, I don't think mujhe tumhe manane ki filhal jaroorat hai... I guess I am already very much forgiven!
She dropped her gaze as he made a point but he held her chin chuckling at her to make her look up;
"Exacty... But I do need to give you something else. Actually I remembered something about... a kiss under the open sky, in the rains. Kisine mujhse kaha tha that's it's apparently quite romantic, so...? Wanna give it a try?

For a minute there her heart sank wondering why would somebody have such a discussion with him and more so why was he sharing it with her. But his smile looked a bit suggestive and then it rang in her mind;

" Main humesha chahti thi ki kabhi aise hi kisi din; when I fall in love toh khuli hawa mein, completely drenched in rain enjoying the weather and the sweet fragrance of wet soil; we share a kiss."

She uttered nonchalantly as she remembered what he was talking about, her own words. It just left her red in the cheeks, fumbling in his arms as the meaning of his words sunk in and sent shivers down her spine.
He mimicked her words chuckling at her red face and cupped her cheek. His eyes ran all over her face studying her features as if reading every word of a book page carefully; memorizing it, not wanting to miss anything. When his eyes finally landed on her lips, he inhaled a sharp breath and let his lips crush onto hers. It was a good idea that she hadn't changed because she would definitely need to now, as they were completely drenched. Somehow, even under the pouring rain her throat went dry as he claimed her lips like never before.

It was undoubtedly different every time that they kissed, each kiss held a passion, and a new experience altogether. She did not remember a single time when she was not left mind blown and weak with any of his kiss, but this time it just felt insane; like there was no comparison to what she felt right now. Maybe it might have been because of her own anticipation of how she had always wanted this to happen, and he was all set to not only make her wish true to its word, but make her live every moment of it in a way that she could never forget even if she had tried to. Because he wanted it to be real, but still as good as a dream; i.e magical, mystical and everything that her heart could have desired of.

He tugged at her lips amidst the kiss, and having no wall or any other support around seemed really bad. His hot lips seared not only her skin, but her mind and entire body with the intense heat. As if reading her mind his grip tightened around her waist but his next move earned him a loud moan. His hands that were holding her firm had slowly moved down to her knees and she was picked up soon straddling his waist. The position caught her off guard; if the intense kiss wasn't enough; the sudden proximity only left her breathless. He broke the kiss for just a moment and gave her a heated look as his hands trailed a path from her knees all the way up, back to her waist pulling her more into himself if that was even possible. She was already a puddle in his arms, and his look only added to her soaring heartbeat. She was now exactly eye to eye with him as he had placed her up in his arms, his hot breath kissing her lips, she studied his features closely. Armaan smiled as she was lost looking at him closely, following the path of the water droplets starting their journey from his hair to his perfectly sculpted face, sharp cut jawline and disappearing into his almost half-opened shirt which currently couldn't hide much of his amazingly toned body as it stuck to him being soaking wet in the rain.

On purpose he cleared his throat to bring her attention back to his eyes and she squirmed realizing she was caught red handed;
"Like what you see Mrs. Mallik!?
That smirk was enough to render her scarlet red but he interrupted her blushing session as his head dipped down to her neck and he was lost, hidden in her dark black hair. He placed open mouth kisses sucking the dripping water through her neck. Still having a tight grip against her, he fused their lips again to continue the interrupted kiss. Her body shivered in his arms considering the pouring rain and he let he guided her hands around his neck so that she was close, getting the needed warmth from him and before she could make sense of what was happening his hands invaded her robe. She broke the kiss jolted by the feel of his warm hands against her skin but he was quick enough to muffle her retorts under the kiss. Everything soon faded, nothing made sense anymore and she did not care either as all she could feel was the tantalization rushing through her body. She could only sense his lips moving against hers, licking, sucking, teasing and pleasing her in all the ways she couldn't have imagined. Her mind was in a state of absolute havoc currently. She was sure she was drowning, she could literally feel it, she wasn't aware how exactly he was able to make her feel that way but it seemed like he was definitely pulling her into a deep sea and she was drowning. But what scared her was she couldn't care less, she was happy to be drowning into the pleasure, she was happy that she was probably about to die with the intense pleasure and drown in his love!
The harsh sound of the rain slapping against the roof was back, that's when she realized his lips and his hands had stopped the sensuous torture bringing her back to reality. But she couldn't care to open her eyes because she did not wish to snap out of it, and definitely wasn't ready to look down into his eyes which she could feel were boring at her right this moment. Her lips quivered as she could still feel his lips;

He whispered against her lips waiting for her to open her eyes but she simply cupped his cheeks;
"Baby... please?
He requested knowing well she kept them closed knowingly, but she didn't budge so he simply pecked her lips softly.
"I am not going to let u down until you look at me.
Not that she made any attempts to move out of his hold, but his words suddenly made her realize that she was still in his arms and she knew that was on purpose. He stated the obvious so that she knew he wouldn't let her run away because he knew she wanted to be right in his arms but just wouldn't admit. So finally he uttered once more with all the love in a voice she couldn't ever ignore;
With no voluntary permissions of her brain her eyes opened and she was looking down at his smiling face. There was some power his voice held when he spoke to her like that, she just couldn't deny. He just allowed a tender touch against her lips to maintain the touch and finally placed her down on her feet not losing the hold around her though.
"I hope that's was at least close to your dreams; if not better!

What was she supposed to say to that!? Nothing she guessed, he wasn't anyway hoping for an answer, and even if he was she was sure her flushed cheeks very well gave away the answer.
"Now you must know; this was just the first one... there are a lot more wishes to come. You just say it and you will have it, I promise!"
She dropped her gaze biting her lower lip to contain the smile when he held her chin not letting her look away;
That was for both her gaze and the lip-biting she had concluded, neither did he wish to break the eye-lock; nor obviously her lip-biting was much appreciated by him as far as she remembered. They continued the stare game as the rain had turned down too but there was still a slight drizzle. She finally decided to give up and placed a kiss on his cheek before hiding in his neck;


"Neeche chalna chahiye... hum bohot bheeg gaye hai. Aur is baar aap apni marzi se laaye hai mujhe, so you can't even blame me later!
He chuckled at her complaint knowing exactly what she meant and simply nodded.
"As you wish sweetheart!
In a minute she was up again in his arms as he carried her bridal style and though she was about to retort the look in his eyes left her speechless and her heart anyway did not allow her to speak anymore.

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