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part 7 : Change Of Heart

Next morning Riddhima wake up stretching her arms but stopped feeling something near her, she open her eyes fully and saw Armaan lying beside her without his shirt drowning his face under pillow and keeping a hand on her waist so that she can’t move either.

She smile on his act and lay in same way remembering their ignorance, fighting, confrontation, love and romance, so much in a single day. She don’t want anything else in her life. In reality she was fed up of suppressing her emotion by her straight face, she want to live happily, freely with Armaan. After her parents death she was living a life which was full of revenge, she embedded herself in making strategies to catch and put Rohit khanna to an end. Now she want to be happy once again, to stand by Armaan’s side, live a life with her husband his family, the way she always dreamed of before her parents death.

She was busy in her own thoughts when Armaan turn to her side and slowly open his eyes to see his life in his arms, he smile cutely showing his dimples. She also smile keeping her hand on his face caring his dimples making it more deeper.

“Good Morning Armaan” she whisper slowly.

“Good Morning baby” he too wished her kissing her forehead.

“Ab dard kaisa hai?” she asked.

“ummm” he act to think and hugged her sidewise both of them staring ceiling “jab tak aap hamare sath hain dard ki kya majaal jo mujhe dard de” he said and look towards her.

“Very funny” she mocked.

“Achha chalo abhi utho, get fresh, mai kuch lati hu tumhare liye” she said getting up.

“itni kya jaldi hai” he drag her close to himself and said “Waise Riddhima, mai kya soch raha tha, see we will get married soon and uske baad tumhe kuch aadatein daalni padengi right, so why not you start practicing from now” he said making Riddhima boggled.

“Really, like what?” she asked innocently making him fall for her again.

“Like ,,,,,,,, umm,,,,,,, ya like my morning kiss” he act to think and said making her shocked.

“Armaan, you are really shameless, kuch v” she said shoving him away from her.

“Kya kuch v, arey tumhe try karna chahiye really” he said getting up.

“Really?” she asked pretending to be sweet.

“ya” he said coming close to her.

“See, Mr.Mallik, jo cheeje mujhe shadi k baad karni hain na, I’ll do them then only okay, you need not to worry” she said keeping a distance between them.

“Arey but Ri,,,,,,” 

“Not now Armaan, get fresh, beejie v aane wali hongi, I’ll have to go, see u” saying so she left but stop at the door.

“Not fair yaar Riddhima” he said like kid.

“Everything is fair in love and war Armaan, ye to suna hi hoga tumne” she said left winking at him.

“Oye hoyee, I so love her yaar” he fall on bed saying this.

After sometime,

Beejie was arranging breakfast on table, they came and he signed beejie that everything is fine between them and beejie smile thanking God in heart. They had their breakfast with each other and with beejie.

Soon they sat in drawing room, Armaan called Rahul to give the news but his phone was switched off, Riddhima also tried on muskaan’s number but got the same reply. They wonder what happened but before they could react somebody ring the doorbell.

Since beejie was in kitchen, Riddhima herself went to open the door.

She left shocked happily when she open the door, before she react Muskaan came running and hugged her tightly “OMG Ridzi, I really missed you so much isiliye ham tujhe yaha se le jane aa gaye hamesha k liye” se utter in excitement making Riddhima confuse.

“Muskaan, control ha, andar to chalo pahle” Rahul said making her frown.

“hieeeeeee Bhabhi” Nikki too hugged her.

“hello Nikki” she blushed when she called her bhabhi.

I mean she knew that it will be coming but it was pretty soon for her. Armaan came hearing the voice and become happy to see his family over there.

Riddima took blessing of his parents, they were really happy to see Riddhima, they heard a lot about her by Rahul and Muskaan and now in reality they were impressed by her beauty and nature, they blessed her and came inside.

Armaan hugged them as he was very happy to see them there.

“Mom, Dad, aap log achanak yaha” he said being excited.

“Ha , kyu nhi aa sakte? Waise hamare paas do reason the aane ke, ek to teri chot but us kahi jyada Riddhima, hame us se milna tha” she said keeping her hand on her head.

“Mom, itni jaldi aap uski side me ho gai” Armaan winced like kid.

“Chal oye, bada ho ja ab, warna shadi v nhi hogi teri” Rahul murmured near his ear.

“Bhai not you atleast” he said glaring him.

“Aap log fresh ho jaiye, mai aaplog k liye nashta lagwati hu” Riddhima said and ask beejie to show them rooms after introducing her to Armaan’s family.

Armaan came towards kitchen when everyone left with beejie, Riddhima was preparing tea, he hold her with waist and put his chin on her shoulder making her startle.

“Armaan, kya kar rahe ho tum, chhodo mujhe, koi aa jayega” she tried to get away but he hold her tightly.

“Wo, I thought to help you” he said getting close.

“Really, uski koi jarurat nhi hai, mai khud kar sakti hu” she said making him frown.

“Kya yaar, waise tumhe kya jarurat hai ye sab karne ki sab to pahle se hi tumhare deewane ho chuke hain” he said in a complaining tone.

“Oh! Someone is feeling J. kuch jal raha hai kya?” she asked sniffing around.

“ji nhi, kuch nhi jal raha hai, waise kuch v ho I really liked it when mom took your side” he said with a smile.

“Hmmm, pata hai Armaan, after my parents mujhe nhi laga tha ki kabhi mom dad ka pyaar milega mujhe but jab unhone mujhe blessings di to mom dad ki yaad aa gai, I’m really thankful to you ki tumne fir se mujhe ek family de di, ek aisi life di jo mai hamesha chahti thi.” She said being emotional.

Armaan hugged her sidewise to sooth her and everything was heard by Ananya, who was entering inside the kitchen, she felt Riddhima’s pain and her eyes get moist, she wiped her tears and enter inside.

“mai v tumhari mom hi hu na, we are also your family hmm” she said keeping her hand on her head and Riddhima hugged her being emotional.

“Bas bachha, bas hmm,,, ab no rona ha, ab to bas khushiya hain tumhare liye” Ananya said.

Armaan left the kitchen leaving them together, they talk for few minutes and came with tea and snacks for everyone. They had tea in happy environment and everyone left to rest for sometime.

Riddhima gave Armaan’s medicine and ask him rest for sometime.

He hold her hand when she tried to leave and she become shocked coz anyone could come at anytime.

“Armaan chhodo mujhe, koi aa jayega” Riddhima said trying to free her hand.

“chikk, koi nhi aayega Riddhima, jab se sab log aaye hain tum mujhse bhaag rahi ho” he said pulling her close to himself.

“Armaan,,,,,,” before she could say anything else Rahul enter inside and Armaan left her hand immediately.

She rolled her eyes on Armaan’s act, how he left her hand.

“Bhai aap yaha?” he asked being innocent.

“Ha Armaan, kyu main nhi aa sakta kya?” Rahul asked suppressing his smile.

“Nhi Bhai, mai to bas aise hi you know, Riddhima tum jao na, I’m fine abhi to dawa v le li hai maine” he said showing his teeth.

“Okay, see you bhai,, aap v aaram kariye” Riddhima said and left.

“Bhai I missed you” Armaan hugged Rahul.

“Ha I can see that” he teased him.

“oh bhai, wo to bas aise hi, you know na kya hua tha” he said and Rahul nodded.

“chal abhi rahne de, Chachu wants us to get married together isliye yaha aa gaye, itna mana karne k baad v ye log nhi mane” he said and they lie down talking to each other.

On the other side Riddhima and Muskaan were having there own time with Nikki, they were discussing about engagement and marriage making Riddhima blush.

They have a very pleasant time with Riddhima while she smile whole heartedly feeling blessed to have love of family again. 

They roam around the city having a great time, Riddhima was unaware of their plan that they were here to get them engaged. Armaan observe her happiness being lost in her, he was mesmerized by her beauty and forget every other thing. He was feeling happy coz now Riddhima got back her smile, she don’t wear her rough attitude now.

They had dinner in a family restaurant where Armaan continuously gazing her making her nervous. She was trying to deviate her mind but Armaan being himself sometimes wink at her, sometimes touch her hand, touching her feet under table without being noticed and poor Riddhima can’t help blushing around.

Late at night they returned home, beejie arrange everything for them, Ananya and Billy in one room while Armaan and Rahul in other. 

Riddhima have her own room but she was thought to sleep with Muskaan and Nikki as they have a lot to talk about.

There Armaan and Rahul was talking about some case and Rahul slept being tired of journey but Armaan was missing Riddhima a lot. He was trying to sleep but her smiling face flash infront of him every time he closed his eyes, he can’t help.

Though his Mom Dad were frank with him, still he don’t want to create any situation in which they can feel embarrassed. 

“So ja Armaan, aaj na to Riddhima aa sakti hai aur na hi tum ja sakte ho ok, so sleep” he murmured to himself in his own style.

Suddenly he got her msg, his smile become broad when Riddhima’s name flash on his phone, he immediately open the msg.

“Tumne dawa li Armaan?” 

And Armaan’s face fell down, bas ye puchne k liye msg kiya tha.

“Nhi” he simply replied.

“see tum yaha yaad karte raho Armaan, waha unhe koi fark nhi padne wala, khud me hi busy hai” he talk to himself.

“Gussa ho?” another text.

“Nhi to, why would I ? tum nhi aai, fine. Tumhe meri yaad nhi aai, fine. Tumne dawa v nhi di aaj, that’s also fine. Mai kaise sounga tumne ye v nhi socha, ye v fine. Mai kyu gussa hone laga tumse” he text her.

Riddhima smile on his msg, she knew he was getting angry but she can’t help. How could she leave Nikki and Muskaan alone and moreover what excuse she will give them.

“Sorry Armaan, kaise aa sakti hu, Muskaan Nikki k sath hu and Mom Dad is also here, plz understand” she replied.

“Kiska msg hai ridzi?” Muskaan asked.

“K,,,,KUCH NHI, bas aise hi company ka” she said and kept her phone down.

“Achha, mujhe laga kahi Armaan bhai apko msg kar rahe honge, apko miss kar rahe honge nhi” Nikki teased her.

“Ji nhi aisa kuch nhi hai, Nikki tum jyada dimaag na chalao apna” she said suppressing her smile. They become frank with each other.

“hehe, kya pata Ammy khud hi pahuch jaye” Muskaan said winking at her.

“Muski, stop it yaar” she said getting red.

“OMG, the bold Riddhima Gupta is blushing on name of Armaan” Muskaan again teased her.

“Abhi tum bas karogi ya mai jau” she said getting up.

“Achha baba sorry, baith ja tu” Muskaan said holding her ears.

“Good” she said settling down.

“Kar lo drama abhi, shadi k baad to mere hi sath rahogi ghar me, tab bataungi” Muskaan said making faces.

“Hehe, okay bata lena” she also said making them laugh.

“Sorry Armaan, please gussa mat hona” she again text Armaan when he didn’t replied.

Armaan smile on her msg, he know she really have this problem otherwise she would surely be with him, but what to do he can’t hold himself. he was very happy when Riddhima refers mom and dad to Ananya nad Billy.

“Mere gussa hone se kya hota hai” he text her.

“Bahut kuch” she replied.

“Kya” he asked.

“Baad me bataungi, list kafi lambi hai” she replied back.

“I want to know” he demanded.

“Armaan, so jao, kafi raat ho gai hai” she text him.

“Nhi, pahle tumhe dekhna hai” he said being admant.

“Armaan, don’t get crazy okay, so jao” she replied him.

“Ridzi tu hamare sath busy hai ya kisi aur k sath” Muskaan asked.

“Nhi yaar bolo na, wo kuch jaruri case ka msg aa raha tha isliye, sorry” she said being lost.

“Oh, koi baat nhi, tujhe pata hai, jab meri engagement thi na to Nikki pure time mujhe tease karti rahti thi aur upar se Armaan v, waise to bahut strict banta tha but for family members he is just another kid like Nikki” Muskaan said making her smile.

“Bhabhi I’m not a kid” Nikki winced.

“But Armaan is surely behaving like kid right now” she murmured.

“Kuch kaha tumne?” Muskaan asked.

“nhi to, kyu kya hua?” Riddhima asked.

“Mai na to sone wala hu aur na hi dawa khane wala hu jab tak tum nhi aaogi, bye” Armaan replied.

Now Riddhima gets worried what to do but Armaan to Armaan hai, problem me v khud hi daalta hai aur nikaalta v khud hi hai.

He called her, she hesitate to receive his call but when he was calling again and again she received his call. 

Before she could say anything Armaan himself asked “Miss. Riddhima Gupta, I need an urgent information regarding the case you are handling now”

She suppress her smile on his act “Really? which information?” she tried to act innocent.

“its written in a file kept into your room, so please go there and tell me” he said.

“I don’t remember any information like that and I’m busy with my family so call me during working hours.” She don’t have any idea what blunder she did.

“Ridzi koi jaruri kaam hoga to bata de na, ham waise v ab sone ja rahe hain”Muskaan said and Nikki too nodded.

“Nhi yaar, you know they just try to fulfill their wish anytime” she said mocking at Armaan.

“Riddhima, do hell with everyone else, I’m coming right now in that room, I don’t have any problem with anyone, you don’t want to come, fine mat aao, mai khud aa raha hu aur tumhe utha k le jaunga waha se”Armaan said and his footsteps were heard by her.

“Wait, I’m giving that information, ummm file is in my room, just hold on” Riddhima said getting up coz she knew Armaan could do anything.

“Nikki, Muski, sorry yaar its urgent, tum dono so jao, will see you tomorrow, good night” she said and turn to left the room.

“Good night Ridzi, bhabhi” Nikki and Muskaan said and went to sleep.

Riddhima ran towards her room and stop infront of the door, her heartbeat was racing faster, she closed her eyes to compose herself and open the door. Everything was dark, she switch on the light and got a pleasant surprise Armaan decorated her room with wire lights and scented candles creating a romantic environment.

She smile and search for Armaan, as she turn around got bumped into someone who hold her securely, of course it was Armaan, she felt his touch.

“Armaan” his name came out of her lips automatically and he smile.

“hmm” he said being lost in her face, he was counting seconds to see her.

“I missed you, but ye kya tareeka tha” she said hugging him.

“Achhaji, miss kar rahi thi to itne excuses kyu de rahi thi waise shayad tumne hi kaha tha aj everything is fair in love and war” he asked holding her tight and she bit her tongue.

“Wo,,,,,,,, wo to mai” she stopped in middle coming out of hug.

“wo to mai kya?” he asked coming forward and she move backward.

“I was just teasing you” she murmured.

“Really?” he asked with a frown.

“Hmm” she bend her head down.

“Why?” he asked looking into her eyes by keeping his finger under her chin.

“Aise hi, mera mann” she said looking in different side trying to act cool but in reality she was melting like ice under his gaze.

“Achhaji, aisi baat hai” he came really close to her, pick her up in bridal style and move out of room.

“Armaan kya kar rahe ho tum,chhodo mujhe kisi ne dekh liya to, chikk kya kar rahe ho” Riddhima said trying to free herself from his hold.

“Terrace pe le ja raha hu” he said simply.

“Why?” she asked being surprised what all these all of sudden.

“Mera mann” he gave a simple reply making her shut her mouth.

“Armaan” she just look his name.

“I know my name Riddhima” he said making her frown.

They reached on terrace and he make her sit on swing kept there, she smile looking at him but his eyes were making her blush more, his eyes conveys his feeling, his love, his desire everything that he couldn’t say.

He sit beside her and look into her eyes “Pahle mera answer do” he asked.

“Kaisa answer?” she looks here and there.

“Yahi ki mere gussa hone se kya hota hai?” he asked making eye contact with her.

She get drowned into his eyes and lost herself, she don’t remember anything else than his eyes, and said being lost in him “Tumhare gussa hone se mujhe problem hoti hai, mujhe bechaini hoti hai jab tak tumhara mood sahi nhi ho jata, kuch v achha nhi lagta, yaha dard hota hai jab tum mujhse gussa hote ho to” she said pointing towards her heart “aur mai tumhe gussa nhi kar sakti Armaan, not even in my worst dream, you gave me everything in my life, love, support, care and most important a loving family I can’t even dream of anything else.” She said getting tears in her eyes.

His eyes also become moist by her confession, he so wanted to kiss her so that he could sooth her, make her feel special but before that he had something else to do, something very important.

He get up and walk towards the railing of terrace, she too get up wiping her tears and follow him, he stood like that and turn around after few seconds “Tumhe pata hai Riddhima, mere bahut se bachpane wale dreams the, kafi aisi cheeje thi jo maine kabhi kisi se nhi kahi, mujhe raat me beach k kinare ghumna hai jab sirf chand aur tare ho khule aasmaan me aur har taraf thandi hawayien lekin wo dream pura karne ka mann tab hua jab tum meri life me aai, ek isolated island pe jana hai sirf tumhare sath, aadhi raat me chupke se bahar jake ice-cream khana hai tumhare sath” she giggle on his demand. 

He hold her hand and bend down on his knees while she stood there in a awe condition “So, Miss.Riddhima Gupta, kya tum mere in secret dreams ko mere sath pura karogi? Will you accompany me when I want to run with sea water, when I want to hold you, hug you standing anywhere anytime and will you allow me to be your partner in every way, in every happy and sorrow moment partner, I know I’m not the best but this Armaan Mallik promise you that he will do anything for your happiness, for your love, Will You Marry Me Riddhima?” he asked and she was lost in his words.

“yes” she nodded her head and hugged him tight making him smile broadly “buddhu, pagal ho tum pure but I love you and your dreams usme kuch cheeje aur badh jayengi ok” she said being his arms.

“Achha wo kya?” he asked caring her face looking towards her making themselves comfortable on swing.

“Tumhe mere liye ek gana v gana hoga beach pe, raat me, jab bas ham dono ho waha aur dance v karna hoga mere sath, bolo manjur hai” she asked looking into his eyes and he smile giving agreement “Anything for you baby, I love you sooo much”

“Aur tum mujhe India leke chaloge” she said.

“Jiase ki mai tumhe yaha chhod k jata ha” he said looking towards her face.

She smile and looks here and there then came close to him “ek baat to tum bhool hi gaye Armaan” she said in secretive way making him frown.

“Mai kya bhool gaya, I said everything na” he said remembering whatever he did.

“Buddhu” by saying so she kissed him on his lips while Armaan took few seconds to register what’s going on. He smile when he really realize that her lips were on his manly lips and they were sharing their first kiss, he too repond back, it was the promise of their love, to make them believe that they belong to each other.

After few minutes they departed and she hugged him being shy, he wanted to see her red cheeks but knew she will be getting shy so he just hugged her and they stay like that for sometime feeling the moment they share few seconds back.

After sometime, she get up and tried to leave but he hold her hand and pull her towards himself “Oyee hoyeee” he blow some air on her blushing face making her smile.

She slowly open her eyes and look into his oceanic orbs “leke mai aaya tha Madam apko to aise akele kaha ja rahi ho” he said and till she register what Armaan said he took her up in bridal style once again and move forward while she encircle his neck taking support of his chest.

He make her lie on bed and sit beside her looking towards her face, she was still closing her eyes, she knew Armaan was staring her continuously thus she turn to other side “Armaan ab jao so jao” she whisper.

“Chikk yar, I thought to be with you” he said again like a kid.

“Armaan, sab log ghar pe hain na, be nice atleast infront of others” she shake her head.

“Ha to abhi yaha pe kaha koi aa raha hai” he said coming close to her.

“Armaan No, abhi tum jao aur so jao theek se, ham kal milenge ok” she said holding his face.

“Arey yaar” he tried to say something.

“Armaan, ab kuch nhi bologe tum, go and sleep” she said in a stern voice.

“chikk, fine, good night” he said and get up while she hold his hand.

“What?” he asked.

“ek minute” she bring his medicines and gave him, he smile on her concern and took his medicines. 

“Ab jao” she said.

“Hmm,,,,,, love you” he said kissing her forehead.

“I love you too” she replied hugging him.

He left and she also lay down on bed, soon she receive his good night msg and replied him back and slept.


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