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part 7 : TO FEEL LOVED mini (ARss )

When they dropped off the gifts at the door step and ran to the car. Instead of getting in, he grabbed Ridhima's hand and ran the opposite direction.ridzi  was confused, but she just let him take her away. They ran until they came upon a beautiful garden. Ridzi had never been there before. She had always drove past it, bu it never occurred to her to go in and check it out. Armaan smiled at her and led her into the beautiful garden. She followed him until they reached a little bench in the middle of the garden. He made her sit down on the bench and walked away from her. She stared at him total confusion.

A few minutes later, he returned with a flute. She smiled as he played 'Ice Pound' for her. She closed her eyes and naturally lift up her arms. As if she was playing the piano, her fingers matched the notes to his flute. He watched as she was 'playing' the song with him. When the song came to an end, Ridhima opened her eyes. She smiled at Armaan   He walked up to her and sat next to her.

"This is a beautiful garden," she said, staring at the sky.

"It is, isn't it?"

"How did you come to know of this garden?"

"My grandmother made this garden."

Ridzi turned to face him and noticed that he was staring at the whole time, "your grandmother made this?"

"Yea, she made it for my grandfather. You see, my grandmother is just like you. She lost my grandfather in an accident too. She took forever to get better. We had tried everything to get her out and happy. At the end, I came upon this little yard here. I was, what, in high school. Everyday after school, I would come here sketch a little image in my head. One day, I came here and thought of my grandfather. He loved to garden with my grandmother and it gave me an idea. I ran home and asked my father to buy this land for my grandmother. He thought I was crazy, since he had never seen this part before, so I brought him here. He loved it and asked the owner if we can buy. The owner was nice enough to give it to us for free, since she was living by herself and she wasn't a gardener. That's her house," he said, pointing to the house, "she lives her and she agreed to water the plants for us. So, we bought it for my grandmother and she loved it. Since then, she would always come here and plant beautiful flowers."

"Wow, so your grandmother is a landscaper?"

"No, she is a normal gardener. She planted many flowers, since my grandfather loved flowers. She had all types of flowers. After I graduated from high school, I took my grandmother here one last time before she died. After her death, no one comes here anymore, well, except for me. This is the only place in town that reminds me of both my grandparents. During my second year in college, I met a friend who's really good with these things. So, I asked him to turn my grandmother's garden into a landmark and he did it for me. It was for free, but I did give him some money for helping me with this task. That person was Raj. He was the one who made my grandmother's garden my own," he watched for Ridhima's reaction, before continuing, "so…I brought you here, because it has my grandmother's memories for me and Raj's memories for you."

Ridhima listened to him and smiled when he told her that Raj made this in remembrance of his grandmother, "you know what?"


"I really appreciate you bringing me here today, but the memories of Raj  lives right here." She pointed to her heart and he followed her finger. He smiled when she said that.

He kept his gaze on Ridhima , "did you know that this is his favorite place in this garden?"

Ridhima turned and came face to face with him. She didn't know that. She stared at him and he smiled brightly at her. "This is what?"

"This is Raj's favorite place. He wanted us to meet. He wanted me to meet his beautiful fianc. He said that you were special to him and that he loved you dearly. Without you, he would not know what to do. He asked me to take care of you when he's not around. I thought that he was crazy for saying that. It wasn't only me, but Rahul, Calvin, Jiro and  Rahul. We all thought that he was crazy. Did you know that the night he died, he came here to give you a surprise? He had asked all of us to come and help him. He was going to give you the biggest surprise ever, but who knew that he was going to die.Ridhima  did you know that he was an hour late, because he was doing this for you?" he asked her.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she heard this, "but…but…he told me that he was at the office."

"We made him say that to you, so that it will be a bigger surprise."

"I feel so stupid now. It was my entire fault that he died. I caused him his death," she cried. Armaan  pulled her into a hug. He knew that this was what raj would have wanted. He would have wanted Armaan to bring him to the garden. He would have wanted him to tell Ridhima  the truth.

Ridhima  it wasn't your fault or anyone's. It was his time to go. I know that he had not been here for long, but it was his time to go. He can't be there for you anymore. Did you know that Calvin applied to work as your assistant so that he can watch over you? We are all worried about you. We want to keep your promise toRaj. Ridhima, we will continue watching over you until you find someone else to do it for you," he said. He wanted to be that person, but he knew that she can't love him. She can't open her heart because of raj . She had been with him for so long; she had loved him for so long. This is the least he can do for her; he could only love her from a distance.

They were in each other's embrace, until her phone rang. She had forgotten about their plan. She pushed him away and wiped her tears. She fished out her phone and muffled a 'hello.'

 Ridzi , where are you and Armaan ? We are all waiting for your guys. Also, we had a change of plans and forgot to tell you guys," said Muski . Ridhima turned to look at Armaan and stuck her tongue out at him. He laughed at her.

"Um…where are you guys?" she asked.

"We are at rahul's apartment. Meet us in ten minutes or we'll think that you and Armaandid something dirty," said Muski. Gui gasped and shut her phone closed. She grabbed Armaan's arm and dragged him out of the garden. She put her hand into his pockets and took out his car keys. She unlocked the door and pushed him to the passenger seat. She shut the door and walked over to the driver said. Armaan was confused by her sudden change of character.

'Raj , how do you do it? She's so weird. One minute she's crying, the next she's happy,' he said to himself. Ridzi  buckled her seat belt and started the engine. Within seconds, they were speeding down the road. Armaan  had never seen this side of ridhima  before, and he was getting a little worried. She was flying through the yellow lights and barely stopping for stop signs. He griped onto the door and sat quietly.

When they arrived, she got out of the car and dragged Armaan out with her. They ran up the flight of stairs and came upon Rahul's apartment. She banged on the door and Muski opened the door. She laughed at a breathless Armaan and Ridhima She looked at her watch and laughed loudly at them.

"Wow, I never knew that you two can be here less then five minutes," she said, leading them into the apartment. They walked into the living room and everyone else laughed at them, surprised to see them in less then five minutes.Radhima  sat down and caught her breath, while Armaan  walked over the guys and put his hands on his knees.

"How fast were you going?" asked rahul.

"I wasn't driving, she was," Armaan said, pointing to Ridhima .Anji widened her eyes and laughed. Muski  joined in with the laugh. Everyone else, besides Rahul and Atul  were confused.

"Why are you two laughing?" asked Calvin.

"Because…because…" Muski  said, holding onto her stomach.

"Rid…hima …she's….it's…because…of…" said Anji

Rahul shook his head at the girls, "it's because of Radhima. If you give her a time limit, she would try to beat it and make it before time. She would speed and fly through yellow lights just to make it. She hates being late and when she's driving, you guys better buckle up."

Ridzi smacked him in the back of his head, "that's not true." Everyone laughed at her and pointed to Armaan .

"Oh, really, just look at poor Armaan. He's scared to death right now," teased Rohan. Ridhima  looked at Armaan  apologetically. She didn't mean to scare him, she just doesn't want anyone to think that she did something dirty. She glared at them and they stopped laughing. Rahul cleared his throat and announced the amendments made to their original plan. Everyone agreed to the changes and started on their new plan.

Ridzi  and Armaan were paired up again. She was starting to think that her friends only did that on purpose, but other than Armaan, she wasn't comfortable around the other guys yet. They walked out of rahul's apartment and drove to his parents' house. His father already knew that they were coming to decorate the place for Mrs. Grewal surprise party. When they arrived, Mrs. Grewal and Mr.Grewal had just left for their day at the spa. She was already happy from the little gifts that she had received that morning.

They walked into the house and smiled at the maids. They had not seen Ridhima  for a really long time. They ran up to her and hugged her. She smiled and hugged them back. They were really close with her. She dropped the things onto the table and looked around the house. She was picturing of how she was going to decorate the place. When she had an idea, she smiled at Armann  and grabbed the decorations. She told him where the put the things and they started decorate the place.

The rest of the gang was watching from outside. They gave each other hi-fives and walked away from the house. They continued on with their plan. Four hours later, everyone met up at the Grewal house and did the finished touch. They all smiled and hi-fived each other for a job well done. They fell onto the couches and sofas.

"We finally finished," said rahul wiping a sweat off this face.

"You two did a great job," said Anji

"Yea, I love how you two decorate the place," agreed Muski

"It's wonderful," said rohan .

"Well, do you think Aunty will like it?" she asked them, particularly Rahul

"Don't worry. My mom will love it," said Rahul

They were just sitting in the leaving room, waiting for the guests to arrive and Mr.grewal phone call. Thirty minutes later, the guests slowly arrived one by one. By the time, Mr. Grewal called them telling them that they were on their way, the guests had already positioned themselves and ridzi  had turned off the lights. She was standing next to Armaann  and holding onto his hand. She was nervous, and Armaan could sense it through their bond. He squeezed her hand and whispered something into her ears. She relaxed a bit, but she was still nervous.

Two minutes after everyone had settled down, Mr.  and Mrs Grewal  walked up to the door. He text rahul  to let them know that they were at the door. Rahul  passed the message to everyone and they all quiet down. When Ridhima heard this, she was more nervous than ever, but she relied on Armaan  to help her calm down. He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly, hoping that she would relax.

The door slowly opened and everyone was getting ready. When the door was completely open, Ridzi turned on the lights and everyone shouted 'Surprise!' rahul and Muski walked out with the cake and they started singing 'happy birthday' to Aunty . She was so surprised, yet happy at the same time. By now, she was crying tears of happiness. Rahul laughed at her mother and handed the cake to Muski . He pulled his mother in for a hug.

"Ma, happy birthday," he said.

"Ma, happy birthday," said Muski . Rahul took the cake away from Muaki  and his other pulled her into a hug. Ridhima and Armaan walked up to them and she gave them both a hug.

"Happy birthday, Aunty said AR in unison.

"Thank you," she said to them, "thank you all for coming to my birthday party and celebrating my birthday with me."

"Ma, make a three wishes and blow out your candles,"Muski said. Rahul  put the cake down on a rolling cart that was brought out by Muski  and Anji  His mother walked up to the cake and put her hands together.

"My first wish is for," she said, turning to Ridhima, "I wish that you will find your happiness and love within Armaan . I know that these last two and half years had been really hard on you, but I just want you to know that the person next to you is the one who's really to give you all of his love and happiness to you."

"Aunty ," Ridhima said, hugging her and crying. Mrs.Grewal  pulled her away and wiped her tears.

"My second wish is for Rahul  andMuski," she said, turning to them, "I wish to have a granddaughter as beautiful as Muski and Ridhima" Everyone laughed at her comment. Muski and Rahul hugged her.

"Ma, don't say your last wish," said rahul. She closed her eyes and wished Ridhima the best of luck in her future and that Ra would watch over her and let her be happy with Armaan. When she was done, she blew out the candles and everyone applauded.

Ridzi was having so much fun, that she wasn't aware of someone watching her every move. That person was mad at Ridz. She was mad that Ridz had found someone else to rely on, after Raj's death. She glared at the happy Ridz and wanted to run up to her and slap her, but she was stopped by someone familiar. She turned around and saw her brother staring at her. She sighed and controlled her anger. He smiled at her and walked up to ridhima. He tapped her shoulder and she turned around. Her eyes widened and she let go of Armaan's hand.

"Ah Dev, how have you been?" she asked, hugging him.

"I'm doing fine. How have you been? I heard that you are moving on now," he said.

"I'm doing okay. I'm trying," she said.

Ridz, I'm glad that you are you moving on. Time does not wait for anyone. You need to move on and find your happiness, just like Aunty i said. If you need anything, just contact me," he said.

"Ah Dev, when did you arrive from Holland ?" she asked.

"I just here this morning, but I'm leaving tomorrow morning. I only came for Aunty's birthday," he said.

"Ah Dev, did you bring Neha?" she asked.

"Yea, but she's mad at you," he said.

"Why?" she asked.

"Because you're with him," he said pointing to Armaan , "she doesn't want you to be with him. She thinks that you should mourn for RAj more. But, I disagree with her. You should move on. I believe that my cousin is watching over you. Remember, time does not wait for anyone. The more you mourn, the longer it will take you to overcome this. Just look at Neha She's been grieving since Raj death that she's not happy."

Ridhima  nodded her head and smiled at him. She knew that he was right, but she also understand how Neha feel. "Ah Dev do you think neha would want to talk to me?"

"Not right now. Wait until she stopped grieving first," he said. She nodded her head and smiled at him. Neha walked up to them and asked him to leave. They had a flight the next morning and it was getting late. She turned and glared at Ridhima and Dev just shook his head and waved to her. She watched as they walked over to the Grewal family and said their goodbyes. Armaan  walked up to her and hugged her from behind. She turned around and faced him.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

Neha hates me for moving on and not grieving for him, but I am grieving. I'm still grieving. It hurt so much. Armaan , tell me what to do. I'm still grieving. It hurt so much to face reality and I'm trying so hard to move on, but I just can't," she said, tears rolling down her cheeks. He pulled her into a hug and kissed the top of her head.

"Ridhima , you need to be strong when facing the truth. You need to find comfort in someone who understands you," he said to her. She pulled away from his hug and smiled at him.

"Thank you for always being here for me…but I don't know if I can open my heart to you just yet. Give me some time," she said. He kissed her forehead and smiled at her.

"I understand that it takes time to heal," he said.

"Time does not wait for anyone," she said to him. He playfully hit her forehead and smiled. Yes, time does not wait for anyone. Time is cruel and it only cares about itself and no one else.


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