Wednesday, 10 January 2018

part 8 : Kuch pal (mini ss)

"aap mere dad hain?" hearing her voice they turned to the stairs to see Nisha standing there.
holding her teddy she walked over to where riddhima and Armaan were sitting, "ish…." "princess…" Armaan called to her, standing next to riddhima she held onto riddhima while still looking at Armaan, "aap humein chod kar kyun gaye the?" he looked at riddhima, "beta… not nice things happened…" "ish.. jab tum badi hogi na… mama aur papa dono milkar tumhein batayenge ke kyun papa gaye
the…ok?" Nisha nodded, walking over to Armaan she took his hand in hers and gave a small smile, "aap humein kabhi chod ke nahin jaynge…." Armaan held onto her tightly and smiled, "kabhi nahin…." "promise?" she said pulling out of the hug, "promise…" "pinky promise cross your heart?" smiling he nodded once again pulled her in for a hug, kissing her on the forehead he whispered to her, "never again will our family be separated…." Looking at riddhima he took hold of her hand, tears formed in her eyes never in her life did she believe that the dream she had seen so many times would become a reality.

Still she felt bad about Armaan's Dad, what he had done wasn't right but sometimes parents do what they think is the best for there kids and still unknowingly they hurt those surrounding there child.


Looking down at the patients file he walked through the corridors of the hospital, mumbling notes to himself for his surgery later that day he was lost in his own world not realising someone was calling his name, "Armaan…" the man called for the hundredth time, listening this time he turned around to see his father turning back to the way he was walking he ignored him.

Something kept burning inside him, he went back to the day where he had told Abhay the truth; remembering he's words about riddhima being 'un-educated' he kept finding reasons to make that statement not true. She was a well educated doctor, she had worked hard enough to give herself that status, then why un-educated, could it be because at the start riddhima and padma came from a poor family? Riddhima's father Shashank Gupta had died when riddhima was at the tender age of 4, leaving behind no money apart from debt Padma worked day and night to give her daughter the best life possible, and riddhima payed this back by becoming one of Seattle Grace's doctors, could It just be because they had no status? They weren't like the Maliks whose names appeared in the newspaper every day, was all this breaking of relationships just because Padma and Riddhima had no status in society, just because there status in society was classified as 'normal' ?

Feeling a heavy hand on his shoulder he turned to see his dad once again, moving his shoulders so Abhay's hands would fall down he looked at his father with rage, "Armaan listen to me…" "Armaan! I'm sorry…" turning around he clutched his fists, "please leave… I don't want you interfering in my life anymore…." "Armaan mere baat to suno…" "I have listened enough…" "I'm your dad beta…" "no your not.. you have no right to be… you not only ruined my life… but riddhima's as well…you were never my dad, saying so he left in the other direction leaving his father standing shocked at Armaan's words.

"I said I wanted 50 milligrams of morphine… can't you do anything right…" "sorry doc… I must have picked the wrong one up…" said the young intern who was working under him for the day, "you're little mistake could kill someone…" Armaan was angry and he was taking it out on innocent people, hearing her voice he stopped from saying anything else, "us bechare par tumhare gussa kyun utar rahi ho?" he said nothing just kept looking down at the file, "Dr Jones… go fix the prescription…" nodding the intern left, "Armaan talk to me…" "riddhima ab nahin main tumhein rounds ke baad miloge…" "theek hain Armaan… par please doosro par apne gusa mat utaro…" nodding he went back to his patient.


"hey Ridz…." Looking up from the book she saw Anjali walking towards her, surprised at why she was here because Anjali wasn't a doctor she was a interior designer; she had found all the procedures to gruelling being more artistic she had taken up interior designing and not once had she ever regretted not becoming a doctor, "hey di….kaise ho?"

"theek hoon… aaj bahut kaam nahin tha… oh socha ke kyun nahin tumhare saath lunch par jao…" riddhima's expression changed as much as she would have liked to go out for lunch she needed to see if Armaan was coping,

 "nahin di… aaj nahin… par kyun nahin aap aur atul aaj raat dinner ke liye aye…"

"atul ko poochonge…by the way ridz… ek khush khabri hain…" "kya?" riddhima asked in curiosity,

 "tum masi banogi…" a deep smile came upon her face, she was so happy for Anjali and Atul; they had gone through many up's and downs trying conceive, finally God had listened to their prayers,

"congrats di…main bahut khush hoon…"

 "thanks ridz…" pulling out of the hug, they sat and chatted for a while, As riddhima explained what had happened between Amraan's dad and Armaan the night before she asked for any idea's to pull the father son relationship back together, though Anjali's answer was the same as riddhima's all they had to do was talk.

 They were interrupted when Armaan walked in with atul,

"Anjali tum yaha?"

 "woh main Muskaan ko dekhne gaye thi… phir socha ke ridz ke saath lunch par jao par woh toh busy hain…" atul nodded, he too was ecstatic at the news he was going to be a father finally was the words that came to him when they first found out, "congrats Anjie…" Armaan spoke hugging her,

"thanks Armaan…. Umm atul kyun nahin hum tum lunch par jaye…." Indicating quietly to atul to leave Armaan and ridz alone, nodding they left leaving Armaan and riddhima alone.


Later that night as riddhima slept in bed, Armaan's words from earlier that day kept replaying in her mind.

'he doesn't deserve forgiveness…. He not only ruined our lives but imagine about Nisha? What if I never found out about her?.... not ever will I forgive him…'

Every person needs to get forgiven for their mistakes, there's no point in holding grudges when the person apologises then you do know they have realised there mistake, but you also have to have trust; trust in them to know that they know what they did was wrong because there is no point in wasting your energy over being angry at someone you can love.

Turning the light on she hugged her knees and let out a sigh, seeing the door knob turn she looked up to see Padma walking in; looking at the time on her bedside table it read 2:30, before she could ask why she was up at this time Padma spoke, "I saw your light on… can't sleep?" nodding her head in agreement she made space for Padma to come and sit, "tum Armaan ke bare main soch rahi ho?.... he was quiet at dinner" "pata hain mum… but how do I make him understand to forgive his dad?" "isliye main ayi thi… how about we get you two married… sab ke samne… maybe it will give him the confidence and the strength to believe that abhay can't do anything anymore…and in the end forgive him…." She looked at her mum in astonishment, this could actually work and they needed to make there 'relationship' public and maybe this could work, smiling she nodded now all she had to do was tell Armaan about the wedding.


"Armaan…" he turned around to hear her sweet voice calling him, giving a deep smile her heart melted, running up to catch up to him, "main soch rahi thi… ke kyun nahin hum sab ke smane shaadi kare? With Nisha knowing the truth maybe its time for 'us' to be made public…." He nodded, "sure…." He was stopped when he's pager rang, giving an apologetic look he started walking in the other direction, "anything for you…."


"ready to go home?" she asked putting on her jacket looking at Armaan,

"yeh… just forgot to sign some papers… come down to admin with me then we'll go…" nodding they walked down to the lobby area.

The doors flung open and ambulance officers pulled in an old man who laid lifeless on the stretcher, "Old man… around 50 or so years old… sever heart attack, needs help now!" yelled one of the officers to the doctors in the surrounding area, Armaan ran over to him and froze at who it was, riddhima asked the officer for any proof of identity from the reception, "license says Abhay Malik…" it hit her like a bulldozer  she too froze on the spot, dropping the pen in her hand.


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