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part 8 : TO FEEL LOVED mini (ARss )

The next day, Ridhima  walked to her office. As she was walking pass the reception desk, she overheard them talking about someone. She ignored them, when she heard her name. She stopped in her tracks and turned around. They didn't notice her, so she hid behind a plant and eavesdrop on their conversation.
"I can't believe that girl came here and asked for Miss ridhima   said on receptionist.

"I know right, she acted like Ridhma had stolen her boyfriend or something. Just because she is an actress, doesn't mean she can come here and start trouble for Miss Gupta," said another one.

"I heard that she dumped Armaan Malik for her stupid little dream, and she's back to win his heart, but apparently he is in love with Ridhma ," said the first lady.

Ridhma covered her mouth. She was in total shock. She never knew that Armaan  loved her. She thought that he was just being protective of her. She thought that he was trying to help her move on by sticking with her. This was such a big shock to her. Then everything came to her senses. He wasn't being nice to her; he was showing her his true, sincere heart. Being by her side, lending her a crying shoulder, watching her as she learns to heal her heart; he did everything because he loved her. It was as if everything had just come to place. His hugs, his little kisses on her forehead, his playful ways, they were all his sincerity.

Tears form in the back of her eyes. She couldn't believe. She never knew that his feelings were that strong for her. What about her? Does she love him too? This she was sure. She wiped her tears and walked into the lift. She went to her office and heard arguing. She entered and saw the girl that she had seen at the mall. The one that made Armaan  feel uncomfortable. She stopped in her tracks when she saw that she was arguing with Calvin.

She knew that she had to stop them, so she walked in, "ahem, this is a working environment, if you are not an employee, you must leave." Heer turned and faced Ridhima . She glared at her and watched as Ridhma  walked to her desk.

"You little--"she tried saying, but Calvin had stopped her and dragged her out of the office.

"You need to leave, or I'll tell Armaan ," he said.

"You can't tell me what to do!" she shouted at him and went back inside. She grabbed onto Ridzi and dragged her out. Ridhma  looked at Calvin. She was pleading with him. She was asking him to help her. He fished out his phone and called Armaan . He watched as they turned the corner. He apologized to her in his heart. He wants to help her, but he didn't know how.

Heer  dragged Ridhima  out of her office and into the lift. She pressed the button to the first floor and dragged her out of the lift once they hit the first floor. Everyone turned and stared at them. The receptionists from earlier picked up their phone and called security. Heer  let go of Ridhima's arm. Ridzi  looked at her arm and knew that she was going to bruise.

"What are you doing with my boyfriend?!" she shouted at Ridhima

"Your boyfriend? Who's your boyfriend?! From what I heard, you dumped him for your stupid dream!" she shouted back. This Heer girl was annoying her.

"What?! It wasn't a stupid dream. It was the perfect dream!" she shouted back. Everyone just watched. Calvin ran out of the lift and watched them in awe. He never knew that Ridhima had a temper, but then again, he wasn't close to her. Armaan  ran in, but stopped when he saw Ridz and Heer arguing in the main floor. The security guards, too, stopped and watched them. They had never seen their young madam angry before.

"If it wasn't a stupid dream, then why are you back to ruin my relationship with me?! He's mine, now so you better back off," she shouted.

"You little brat, get away from my man!"

"Your man, when did he become your man? I thought that you guys broke up!"

"He will always be my man. I have him my virgin!" she shouted. Everyone gasped, even Armaan , himself, gasped. Ridhima  open her mouth wide and stare straight into her eyes. She was speechless and too shock to say anything. This was so unexpected for her. She had never expected anything like this before. With this being said, Heer knew she had won. She watched a defeated Ridhima walk away from her, but she wasn't done yet.

She grabbed onto Ridhima's arm and turned her around. Ridhima came face to face with her and shouted, "what do you want?! Let me go!" Just at that moment, a slap sounded the first floor. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She had never been slap before in her entire life. At that exact moment, her grandfather came down from his office and saw the commotion. He walked over to them. Everyone had their eyes on Ridhima and Heer  Their mouths were wide open and their eyes were widened. They had never seen their ridhima  get slap before.

"What is the meaning of this?" asked her grandfather. Ridhima looked up and just ran away. Her grandfather turned and faced Heer. She just lowered her head and walked away. He looked around him and everyone busied him. He sighed and walked over Calvin.

He took a deep breath and answered Mr. Gupta question. Heer  stormed in here and demanded that she talk to Miss gupta. She wasn't in yet, so Heer waited in the office. She didn't only wait in the office, we got into a quarrel. When Miis Gupta came in, she grabbed her and dragged her here. I'm not sure, what had happened to them, but when I got here, they were arguing."

"Why were they arguing?" he asked.

Heer was accusing Ridhima for stealing her boyfriend," he whispered. Mr. Gupta sighed and patted his shoulder.

"You may go back to work now," he said, walking away from him. Calvin watched as Mr. Gupta walked passed Armaan , who was dumbfounded at the door. When Mr. Gupta's car pull out and disappeared, Calvin walked over to Armaan.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Yea, I'm fine. The one's not fine is--"

Ridhima ," he said, cutting Armaan  off. He knew that Armaan  was worried about Ridzi. "Don't worry about her. I'll talk to her. You, go back or your father will kill you for not being at work. I'll call you once I talk to her, okay?" Armaan  wanted to argue back, but he knew that Calvin was right, so instead of arguing, he turned around and walked the other way.

Calvin watched as Armaan got into his car, before he went back to fourth floor. He walked in and found that ridhima was missing. He scanned the room and sighed.Mr pandey noticed that Calvin was scanning the room. She knew that he was looking for Ridhima She didn't know what had happened, but she had a feeling that the Heer girl that he was arguing with, had done something to Ridhima , because she came back crying.

"You won't find her in here," she said.

Calvin turned and saw a smiling pandey , "what do you mean by that?"

"She left already. Didn't you see her? She came in and grabbed her things. She's not working today," she said. Calvin raised her eyebrows.

"What do you mean?"

"Whenever she's in a bad mood, she doesn't show up. I'm not sure where she goes, but she's not at work today. So, we will have to work on whatever we still need to work on," she said. Calvin nodded his head and walked over to his desk. When he was about to sit down, he saw a note on his desk. He picked it up, while sitting down and read it to himself.

'Calvin, I'm leaving. I can't stay here. I'm really not in the mood for work. On my desk there are some files that I need to look over. I want you to read them and make changes to them. Also, tell pandey that she needs to finish the proposals and posters by tomorrow afternoon.RG'

Ridhima went to her favorite park and sat on her favorite swing. She would always go there when she's in a bad mood. She hasn't been there since Raj's death. This playground was her soul reviver. She had come upon this playground when she got into a fight with raj Since then, this was her spot. She cried her heart out. She never knew that Armaan  was that kind of person. She thought that he was innocent. She had never expected this from him. But'was she really falling for him? If she wasn't, why did it hurt so much? Why did it affect her if she didn't love him? She didn't know. Can she really love him? Can she really open her heart to him? Was he the one RAJ had sent to love and care of her? She looked up to the sky.

Raj if he was the one who want me to love, please give me a sign,' she whispered to herself. 'Raj , it hurt so much. Please give me a sign. I need to know. It hurt so much. I'm in so much pain. Raj please tell me something. Please.'

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she tried to find answers to her many questions. She was lost and confused. She wasn't sure if she loves him or not. Her heart is shattered into many pieces when RAj  died, and she just covered it up with excuses. Can he really be the one who will lift her up from her fall? This'she didn't know. It was just too much for her take in'


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